How we want a BBC! Ch. 2

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Putting the plan in motion
Now knowing my wife's inner desire I started my search for the perfect BBC! I checked the regular sites and met a few guys. I explained in detail what my wife and I were looking for in a partner. That we wanted this to be a night of exploration, a night of wild kinky sex between 3 adults that want to explore each others body. That our motto (my motto) "if it feels good - I am going to do it" was where we wanted our fantasy night to lead.

A couple of the guys were not into what feels good - we are going to do. One guy was all about the pleasure what the night could lead to. We exchanged several emails and became to be very open about what we liked and what turned each other on. We went as far as setting up a time to meet and have a drink. I wanted to make sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that this guy would be able to provide exactly what we wanted.

He was only 25 miles from where we lived, this would perfect. This would be perfect, my wife and I like to go to the bars close to our area and have a night out on the town. We have talked about it during our fantasy that we would get a room, get all dressed up very sexy and head out for a night of playing.

So, the day arrived when I was to meet our potential partner. We met a smaller bar near his place and we got a drink. We talked for an hour about fantasies, experiences and how we would get the plan in motion. The place started to fill up and he asked if I wanted to head back to his house and work on our planning. I knew what he had in mind, I could read it in his face. I willingly went, I had to see his magnificent cock to make sure it was the right one.

He stopped at a liquor store and grabbed a six pack. We arrived at his house and we ended up in the living room. As we sat on the couch enjoying our beer, our conversation led to more discussion of our night and what would happen. I took my hint, I went right into the fantasy at the point where my wife and I were sharing his cock. How we would lick it and take our turns sucking his cock and taking his balls in his mouth. I knew that it would not take long for him to whip his cock out of his pants.

I was on the edge of pain and pleasure from the hard on trapped in my pants throughout our conversation. As I was detailing how my wife and I suck on our dildo together he finally had enough. He reached for his zipper and undid his pants. I did not miss a word as I was there to help him release his magnificent cock from his pants. I reached for his cock and took it in my hands, I could not speak. His cock was so fucking hard and I could see the pre-cum on the tip. I was ready to shoot my load in my pants.

I dropped to my knees in front of him and leaned down to taste him for the first time. His cock was so velvety soft in my mouth, yet so hard and throbbing at the same time. I was able to get half of it right away in my mouth, I knew my challenge was to get the whole thing in my mouth and down my throat. I grabbed his cock at the base and held it tight slowly stroking him up and down. I buried my head down on his cock and could not even make it to my hand wrapped around the base!

I knew I had found a solid candidate for our fantasy. I continued to work his cock in and out of my mouth, savoring the pleasure and desire I had for cock. His cock was 4.5 inches around and compared to my size 13 shoe, just as long. As I devoured his cock, my mind raced at the thought of this massive BBC buried balls deep in my wife's sloppy wet pussy. I stroked and sucked for 30 minutes, my jaw aching and my hand getting sore.

I was in total ecstasy and I hadn't even taken an article of clothing off. I worked his cock with my mouth for awhile more. Slowly making progress sliding his cock down my throat. He kept telling me to take it, take it all the way down so he could blow his load. I worked and worked and was nearing exhaustion from my ecstasy. With one last effort I forced his cock down my throat all the way. I had succeeded, I was deep throating this massive cock.

I felt like a new man, I sucked and sucked like a man with a mission. I worked his cock over with my tongue as I sucked on his dick. Waiting for my prize to cum. I felt him tense, his cock throb one last time before the first of six strong bands of cum shot deep in my throat. It was amazing, I had taken my first BBC and savored his load as it shot down my throat. Pulse after pulse came out of his massive cock as I sucked and slurped for my life to get every drop in my stomach.

He let out an aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhh! That was fucking great man, where did you learn to suck cock like that. I told him I had a little practice. We laughed and talked about the next step of our plan.

More to come soon. I hope you enjoy our fantasy as much as we love planning and living it out.