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How we want a BBC! Chapter 3

Finally a little taste
After the amazing time I had "meeting" our potential partner, I proceeded on with my plan. Later in the week, I started with my wife during one of our sessions. We played as normal and I started a little conversation as she was sucking on my cock. "Just think how great it would be if he was here right now. You could have the cock deep in you as you suck my cock!" She immediately started rubbing her clit as she started to gag on my cock. She started to shake and thrust her hips as she moaned on my cock and started to orgasm. She wanted it so bad but would not give in yet, she slowly came down from her orgasm and let my cock slide out of her mouth. She pushed my to the bed and climbed on my throbbing cock. She rode me for all she was worth, thrusting deep inside her as she pinched and squeezed her tits. We exploded together in to a mind blowing orgasm and collapsed in pile of sweat and juices.

We laid together until my cock softened and slipped out. We talked about how great it was with our fantasy. She paused for a few seconds and then she spoke,

"I will not say yes to it......but, if we were out and someone caught my eye........"

"What babe, what are you trying to tell me?" I asked.

"Well, if someone caught my eye I might entertain the idea. He would have to be hot and erotic and I would most likely give in to his desire."

Finally, she is on the edge of giving it up.........

I called him up and told him the plan, we were going to the club in his town. He would be there and watch for us to arrive and then wait for his opportunity. When the time was right I would give him a sign and he could start making his move to draw her in. She loves to go out dancing and drinking, showing off what she's got and tease all the men and women in the club. So, it was set for the upcoming weekend to meet up with us at the club.

The remainder of the week seemed to drag on anticipating the upcoming opportunity. I had nothing to lose, if she did not give into the situation, I knew we would still have a great time together and have amazing sex with a face to put to our partner. She will be attracted to him, there is no doubt.....will she give in to her desires and let it happen, only time will tell.

The weekend arrived and we were having lunch together at a deli. I told her I had a treat for her tonight. Her eyes lit up and then she paused.

"What are you up to?"

"Nothing, I am just taking you out on the town drinking and dancing. I thought you would like to have a night out and blow off some steam from our hectic week."

She smirked and said, "ok, what time do you plan on taking me out?"

I said, Around 8 pm we will leave and head out to town."

She finished up her coffee and said, " gotta run!"

 "Wait, where are you going?"

"Shopping for a new outfit!"

"Oh really, what kind of outfit are you picking up?"

She smiled a devilish smile and said, "a skimpy, slutty outfit so everyone can see what you will be having later!"

Instantly my cock hardened and strained in my shorts. I told her to have fun shopping and we would meet up later.

I finished up my sandwich and paid the bill and left. I went home and picked out what I was going to wear and then headed to the bathroom to start getting ready. I shaved my head and face. I made sure to shave my balls and trim all my hair off so I would be nice and smooth on my balls. She loved to suck on my clean shaven balls and it drove me wild as well. I was getting so aroused thinking about the possibilities that the night could bring. Wanting to taste his cock again in my mouth, anticipating her first time he penetrated her with his massive cock. I could wait, my cock was hard and throbbing and I had to release my load. I stroked my cock and drifted off into my fantasy of what might happen. Watching her suck his cock and drooling over his shaft as she worships his manhood. I sent myself over the edge and started to shoot everywhere. Ropes of cum shot out of my cock as I stroked my cock faster and faster until I emptied my balls. Wow, just visualizing in my mind sent me over the edge.

What would happen tonight?

My wife arrived with both hands full of bags from her shopping trip. She ran right into the bedroom and locked the door. She yelled out that she would be ready in an hour to leave. I called him and said we were on, she just went an bought a totally slutty outfit for tonight. I went to the other bathroom and showered and dressed. 45 minutes later the door unlocked and out she came. I was speechless, she had on a skimpy silk top that hung loose off her tits and barely hung past her nipples. I could see the bottom of her tits hanging out. She had on a short skirt that came down to just cover her pussy and when she turned around I could see her ass hanging out. She had on knee high boots with 6" spikes. Total CFM boots to go with her out fit. Her hair was curled and ratted out like a porn star ready to ride a cock. Her make up was a little heavier and her total image screamed....I am here to get fucked so what are you waiting for!

We each grabbed a shot of whiskey before we headed to the car. We drove to town and were getting ready to party are asses off. I had a little treat packed to get her really in the mood. I pulled out my pipe and had a enough packed to for us to each take a few hits. She hogged it down and surprised me by packing it again. She brought her own not knowing where the night would lead.....

We arrived at the club around 9 pm and it was starting to fill up. We order a couple drinks and headed to find a booth close to the dance floor but far enough off in a corner to have a little privacy. She stared out around the club scoping out the men as I did the same looking for our partner.

The music was thumping and the drinks were flowing, she was getting so horny sitting in the booth watching everyone dance. She grabbed my hand and tried to lead me to the floor, I told her to go on and dance for me as I sat and watched. She immediately got everyone's attention when she started dancing. Her skirt would ride up showing off her ass and she was getting lost in the music and starting to caress her body for all to see. I knew it would not take long, she was so horny being dressed so slutty letting everyone watch her.

I saw him and pointed to my wife and he made his way towards her. He approached close to her and started to dance. She did not see him because she was still putting on her show for me. She backed right into him accidentally, driving her ass right into his crotch. Her eyes opened wide as she must have felt that massive cock hiding in his pants. She looked at me as she started to grind her ass right into him on the dance floor. She did not even know what the man looked like, she just kept grinding in to him. She reached her hands above her head and reached back to pull him in closer. She laced her fingers behind his head and grinded on him He took the hint and reached right around and placed his hand on her sides. She backed into him hard and he reached up and grabbed her tits. My mind was lost in the erotic dance between my wife and her new friend. The song started to wind down and she walked away and approached me. She bent down to kiss me, as she did her ass popped out of her dress and he reached right in and grabbed her ass. She moaned in my mouth as we kissed, he felt her heat and went further in. Finding her wet pussy dripping around her g-string. He slid a finger in her right there, she started push back against his hand as she kissed me. She still has not even seen the man that is making her so wet.

She broke our kiss and pulled away from the strange finger that was buried inside her. She reached for her drink, as she placed it to her mouth to take a drink she turned to see who had been touching her. Finally she was going to see him, her eyes lit up when she saw his jet black skin. There eyes met and she immediately smiled and reached for him to come closer. She reached for his cock and he came right to her and they kissed. Their tongues going crazy as they kissed and touched each other everywhere. She broke free and led him to the booth, she pushed him down and slid right in next to him. She introduced us and told him that we were out looking for some fun. I was amazed, she was into it so that she just took right over. He introduced himself to us as Derrick....D for short. He thanked me for such a hot wife and for letting him violate her like he did for everyone to see.

We order more drinks and sat and talked. My wife was practically on top of him as we chatted. She was trying not to rip his clothes off right there. She took a drink and then blurted fucking big is your cock? Both of were surprised with her boldness. She said I have been wet since I backed into your cock and felt how big it was. He started to describe the size of his cock by comparing it to the beer bottle he had in his hand. Her eyes lit up and her hands went under the table, she could not wait. Her inner slut had taken her over and she had his cock out of his pants and was stroking it with everything she had right there. She just stared in awe as she stroked it with two hands. She finally broke her stare with his cock and looked at me. She gave me the look, asking me if it was ok. Obviously at this point, she had gone farther, faster than I could have hoped. I smiled and she bent down and kissed the head of his cock. She rolled her tongue around the head of it and could not get over the size of it. She came up for a second and was drooling with anticipation of taking it in her mouth. She went back down on it and started her task of getting it all in her mouth. We sat and checked out the crowd as she was in her own little world of BBC.

She sucked and sucked for 30 minutes when I noticed D was beginning to squirm. She had succeeded in getting it all in her mouth and down her throat and was bobbing her head like a woman possessed. She was relentless, she would not stop until she tasted his cum. D squirmed again and his eyes rolled back...he was shooting his load down my wife's throat right there. I lost it in the moment and pulled my cock out and started stroke it as I started to cum. My wife started to gag and could not handle all his cum down her throat. She raised off his cock just as he shot again hitting her in the face. She opened wide and tried to get as much as she could, he shot a couple more times and then was done. She sucked and licked all the cum of his cock and looked over at me. There I sat with my cock out and cum all over. She climbed over him and started to clean me up. She was a cum slut tonight and we were both loving it.

We ordered another drink and talked about meeting up again to party some more. I wanted to go right away and I could tell D did as well. My wife was so wore out from sucking his cock that she wanted to wait till another time. We exchanged numbers and headed to the car to go home.

As we drove home my wife sucked my cock on the way home. Furiously rubbing her clit as I drove home. As we pulled in to the garage and stopped the car, my wife climbed on my cock and rode my aching cock. She whispered in my ear telling me how fucking hot she was tonight and could not believe that she had done what she did. We climaxed together and relished in the moment. She told me that she loved me for letting her play out one of her fantasies of role playing the slutty bar girl.

Stay tuned for Chapter 4!

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