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How we want a BBC! Chapter 4

She rides him like it's her last ride
After we had our first meeting with D, my wife was glowing and horny all the time. We fucked more than we usually did. She would set my alarm 30 mins ahead in the morning just so she could wake up and crawl on for a ride before work. She would surprise me at lunch and show up to take me out to lunch - just so she could suck me off. She would wait for me to get home from work and would be lying on the bed with her big fat dildo just pounding away at her swollen pussy. We would spend most of the evening naked fucking and playing.

We were really enjoying our last date night and our memories of our new friend. We would talk about and fantasize about frequently. I would always let her bring it up to begin with, so there was no pressure from my end. One Friday night we had just started the evening off partying. We had a bottle of Jameson and I made us some drinks, she came out of the bathroom. She was dressed in a slutty stripper outfit from the toy store and a bowl in her left hand. She was stroking her strap-on with her right hand with a devilish look in her eye. I knew that this was going to be the night that she pushed the envelope towards meeting D again.

I handed her a drink and a lighter, she took a sip and we went out on the balcony and shared the bowl. We lounged in our chairs enjoying the evening and silence of our surroundings. I could tell she was getting so horny, she started stroking her cock again and licking her lips. I took my que and slowly started to strip for her, with each article of clothing she pounded her meat more. She kept teasing me with her cock, telling me how much she wanted to see my suck it and wanted to fuck my tight ass.

I stripped down to only my red silk thong that she had bought me. I approached her and dropped to my knees. She didn't wait for me to play, she grabbed the back of my head and forced me down on her cock. Burying it deep down my throat, she thrust and thrust as if she was fucking my mouth like it was a fresh pussy being penetrated for the first time. She started moaning and telling me how much she wanted to see me suck on a cock - A big fat cock - D's cock!! She exploded into an orgasm that was mind blowing. Convulsing and shaking, muttering and begging me to suck her cock harder and harder. I sucked her cock with all I had, licking and stroking, taking it all the way down my throat. She started to come down from her first orgasm when the second one started with no break in between.

At this point, I had 4 fingers buried in her sloppy wet pussy fucking her as hard as I could while she had the back of my head forced down on her cock. I could not hold on anymore with the erotic site in front of me as she pinched and squeezed her nipples hard to push her over the edge. I reached down with my left hand and stroked my cock. I started to explode and shoot cum all over us, I shot load after load onto her stomach and her clit. She erupted like a volcano, squirting all over me.

Screaming how she wanted more cock, give more cock, please I have to have more cock!! She released the back of my head and I looked up at her with her cock still positioned at my lips. I licked the head a couple times and stared her in the eyes and you want to call D and set up a little fun date???? She immediately started orgasming again.....I will take that as a yes!!

We moved the party back inside and continued to pleasure each other beyond the brink of what was real and fantasy. We fell in a heap of sweat, lube, cum and toys to wake up a few hours later. She joined me in the shower and we relished our latest fuck session and how hot it was. She started stroking my cock in the shower and looked me in the eyes and want that fucking cock buried in me deep don't you? You want me to get fucked over and over? You want to suck the cum right of that fucking monster cock don't you? Make the fucking call, I want some fucking black cock tomorrow!!! I exploded all over her tits and she picked up a big glob of my cum and smeared it all over my lips and she licked them clean. I sent D a text before I went to bed to give him a heads up that I would be calling in the morning.

That morning I could not wait to talk to D about hooking up later and how she was so fucking hot for cock. I called D and talked about getting together, I apologized for the short notice. He was cool with it, he knew how much a challenge it would be to get her to give in to her inner desires. He was gonna make some calls and cancel his plans that he had. He did not want to pass up an opportunity of getting a hold of that hot pussy. He said he had been fantasizing about it himself after our one on one session and then our encounter at the club. I made plans to meet up at the same club and then let the night flow and just see where it actually ended up.

The rest of the day was like a fog, the waiting, the anticipation, the desire to have such an erotic fantasy come to life that my wife and I could share together. She has always worried about keeping me happy and faithful. She knows that I can catch most any woman's eye and worries that I might just move on and sow my wild oats without her. I told my wife that she needed to be ready to leave about 8. I needed to take care of some things and get some party favors for the upcoming evening. My wife said she was going to take the day to get pampered and fully relaxed before our night out. If it was going to be half as intense as our fantasy play nights she needed to be fully relaxed. She called the spa and told them she was on her way and needed the full treatment. She ran out the door and said she would be back later.

She showed up around 6 and went right to the bathroom. She said gather your clothes and use the guest bath. I wasn't allowed to see her until she was ready to go. She disappeared into the bathroom and I headed to mine. I was so hard waiting to see her now, wondering what she had bought when she went shopping after our last night out. I shaved my head and had a shave, I hit the shower and started to prep for the night. I couldn't wait with all the anticipation and had to stroke it off in the shower, between the water running down my body and the shaving cream tingling on my balls as I shaved the clean to get rid of the stubble.

I finished up in the shower and got dressed. I grabbed my favorite dress shirt and a pair of my more comfortable gap khakis. Splashed on some of her favorite cologne, brushed my teeth and I was off to see if she was out yet. It was about 10 to 8 when she opened the door and entered the living room. She had on a semi full length leather trench coat that just came to her knees. Her new black stiletto 6" spiked knee high CFM boots was all I could see. Her hair was ratted and twisted and her make up was heavier than normal. She looked like she was heading to a porn shoot or ready to hit the street corner. I was so hard at this point and I hadn't even seen was underneath.

We arrived at the club and she broke the bowl. She said lets get this party started the right way. We finished smoking the bowl and headed in, we worked our way to the bar and got a couple drinks. We checked out the people around and found that our booth was open from the last time we were there. My wife had a wicked smile and headed to the booth. There was a Reserved sign on the table, she grabbed it and through it to the side. She had called earlier and had them hold the table. We enjoyed our drinks and some great people watching.

Across the club we saw D walk up to the bar and order a drink. He was accompanied by two other guys that we were not expecting. My wife saw him and said she was going for another drink. She still had not removed her coat at this point, she was still catching the eyes of the men and women in the club as she walked through. She walked up to the bar ordered a shot and a drink. She slammed the shot, grabbed her drink and turned to D and his friends. She handed him the drink and started to untie her coat, she slipped out of it and handed it to him to carry. She unveiled the most slutty fucking outfit I had ever seen.

I was instantly sporting a throbbing hard on sitting there watching her and the people around react to her. Her top, what there was of it, came down from her neck and just covered her tits. It was more like a scarf draped around her neck. She had on knee high stockings and a skirt that was more like a small wash cloth that hung down to hang over her ass and pussy. Split clear up to the sides, as she grabbed D's hand and led him to the table her skirt moved freely giving everyone a few of her pussy.

They sat at the table and D's friends stood as he introduced them to us. My wife invited to sit before I could even say hi. D smirked and winked at me, and the guys had a seat. My cock was straining to be released at this point from my slutty wife sitting there just drooling over at all the cock that was around her. She excused herself to the restroom and another drink. D reached under her skirt as she stood and slid his finger in her pussy.

It was so fucking wet when he slid his finger in, she stopped and actually grabbed his hand and grinded against it right there. She pulled away and looked back with a devilish grin. D said that she called him earlier and asked if he had some friends that like to fuck slutty white wives and get there dicks sucked by a great cocksucking husband. My head was swimming at this point, D said, you think you worshiped my cock....wait till you get a hold of these two.

My wife returned to the booth and slid right in between the other two guys. She sat with one leg straddling one guys leg and the other straddling the other guys leg. Her ass was perched up and her pussy was spread open wide and accessible. She put her arms around each of the guys and that caused her "shirt" to raise up and allow her tits to be exposed.

Both guys were smiling as one played with her nipple as the other one started feel her slippery pussy. I was just lost in the moment of my wife being the ultimate slut that I did not see the Club manager approach the booth. He bent down and whispered something to my wife. She nodded and looked across the table at me, she said are you ready to have some fun. I smiled and nodded, I said I don't know what you are up to....but I want to see it now.

She climbed off the guys and started to walk away, She turned and looked back and said...follow me. She walked towards the other corner of the club towards a door. We approached the door and there the manager stood holding the door open. My wife walked and we all followed. The room had low lighting and several couches and pillows all over and had club music playing in the background. The manager looked at us all and said enjoy, that he would return soon to check on us to see if we needed anything. He introduced a waitress to us and said that she would provide all the party favors that we needed.

My wife immediately started dance and flow with the music that was playing. The guys were starting to undress and were telling my wife what a dirty little slut she was. I did waste anytime and stripped down as well. D took the lead and started to dance with my wife. She pulled him close and slid his massive cock right between her legs and started to grind against it.

The other two approached her and stood on each side of her. She looked down and saw there cocks, she moaned so loud and started telling me how big there cocks were. She said, my god they have horse see these fucking horse cocks that these guys have. She reached for both of them and took one in each hand. she looked as if she was doing jumping jacks the way she was grinding on D's cock and stroking the two horse cocks. I was in shock when I saw the size of these 2 cocks. She was not exaggerating about horse cocks.

She told me that I had better get busy sucking there cocks because once she got ahold of them she was not giving them up. I dropped to my knees and reached for a cock. He turned and almost slapped me in the face with it, it had to be 13" long and as big around as a beer bottle. I drooled as I grabbed a hold of it and started to stroke it. I had both hands around it and pumped away, I still had enough to put in my mouth and hit the back of my throat.

As I sucked and worshiped his cock, my wife took a hold of D and pushed him down on the couch she dropped to her knees and took him deep in her mouth. She was almost foaming at the mouth she was drooling all over his cock. She had her ass hiked in the air just going to town sucking his cock, his friend walked right up and pierced her with his horse cock. Her pussy was so wet and sloppy that he did not have much resistance. She instantly froze in ecstasy, she almost chocked on D's cock when he entered her pussy.

He grabbed her hips and started fucking her like a cheap fucking whore. She screamed and screamed about how fucking big his horse cock was. How fucking bad it was stretching her pussy and how she loved his horse cock. I sucked harder and harder, massaging his cock with my tongue as I sucked him in and out of my mouth. I worked and worked to get as much as possible in my mouth. I hit my end when I had 11" down my throat, his cock was so fucking big around that I could not get anymore in.

He grabbed the back of my head and started fuck my mouth uncontrollably. He was violating my mouth as he slammed his cock in and out of my mouth. He arched back and without much more warning unloaded down my throat. He shot load after load down my throat, I struggled to swallow and as he slammed his cock in me it shot out of my mouth around his horse cock.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I could see my wife and the other two guys. She was straddling the horse cock and D was standing behind her. She started to lower herself down on his horse cock when D pushed on her shoulders driving that monster horse cock deep in her pussy. She thrived in ecstasy as she orgasmed over and over. D step up and spit in her ass, he stepped back and started push the head of his cock towards her rose bud.

As she thrived in ecstasy she pushed back against his cock to willingly take it in her ass. She was stretched so by all both cocks stretching out her holes. She bounced up and down on his horse cock and the more she bounced the more she would force D's cock in and out of her ass. She was screaming more cock, more cock, get me more fucking cock. I stepped in front of her and she gobbled down my cock. Sucking my cock like a woman possessed.

She yelled for the other guy to stand next to me. She sucked both are cocks together, we were so fucking in to the moment and the dirty slutty whore my wife was....we all started cum at the same time. My wife had cum shooting out her mouth, her pussy and her ass at the same time. She could not take all the cum that was being pumped in her. She started to go into convulsions she was orgasming so hard. She almost passed out she was so fucking hot to me at that moment. She was a dirty fucking whore who wanted cock so bad that she let go of her fantasies and desires and just enjoyed all the cock she was receiving..........

Stay tuned for Chapter 5 and the remainder of the night........

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