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Husband Makes Wife’s Fantasy Become Reality
Sexylovergirl1979 & robertl

Husband Makes Wife’s Fantasy Become Reality

Contributing Authors: robertl 

Husband arranges for wife to fulfil a joint fantasy with a bbc in a hotel.

Let me tell you a little about Rick and me.  I am Diane, a forty-two-years-old natural blonde, 5'2" and 49 kg. I have 32A breasts with very sensitive nipples, and I'm trimmed but not shaven. I have been married to Rick for twenty years and we have two children. After our second child was born, Rick had the snip which allowed me to come off birth control pills - and I became even hornier. Another important fact, I hate condoms, so we have never really used them.

Rick is 6'2", 100kg, forty-years-old, dark and handsome with everything a woman could need, including in the bedroom department. We were brought up in very religious families and it has taken some time to break out of the various taboos. We lost our virginity to each other just before we married -- our one act of rebellion.

For a number of years, Rick and I have had a very active and satisfying sex life, trying lots of things, such as toys, of which I have several, dressing up, role play, porn, outdoor sex and so on. However, for quite a few years, two recurring fantasies have been the mainstay of our pillow talk and they always get me off quickly.

The first is for me to have two men fuck me. This stems from an old porn flick we saw many years ago about a dinner party where everyone is very well dressed in black ties or gowns and sitting in a boy, girl, boy, girl, formation. The two men on either side of a blonde beauty start lifting her breasts from her dress and ultimately have four hands, two mouths, and two cocks exploring her body. This being an old film, there wasn’t much to see other than buttocks, tits, and open mouths.

Whenever Rick and I stay in hotels and manage to watch some DP porn, where we can see everything, I come very quickly and multiple times. It really does a horny number on me!

The other fantasy involves a black man fucking me bareback, possibly impregnating me, and then I become his slut whilst continuing to be married to Rick. This scenario was sparked by two events:

The first -- I was in a crowded tube on the London underground and a gorgeous black man pushed into the tube and stood in front of me. My head was level with his magnificent chest and he smelled delicious. I could only think about whether what they said about men like this was true!

Secondly, a few years later, a friend of mine who was recently divorced told me how she'd deliberately gone out on the town looking to experience a black cock, and that she'd had an awesome time. Regardless of the rumors being true or a myth, the whole experience she described sent electric shock waves through me, especially to my pussy.

Variations of these often fill our fantasy sex life.

Whilst having sex, as opposed to making love, we will push each other to say that we really want to do this for real, rather than just talk about it. Sometimes, I call Rick by another name to make it seem more real. I even phoned his mobile once while fucking him doggy style and pretended I was being fucked by someone else. I left him a very naughty message, which he loved.

Anyway, about three months ago, Rick started looking on swingers' sites, trying to encourage me to try one of our fantasies for real. At first, I was a little cross with him. Truthfully, I was nervous and scared that we might actually do it because it was so radically different from our upbringing. But I was also curious and I started looking at the site and messaged a few nice-looking men, flirting harmlessly and swapping photos and fantasies. One day, after I'd been working from home, Rick and I consumed nearly a bottle of wine in the evening and I showed him some messages from that day.  That's how it started.

"Rick," I said, "I've been messaging this guy who saw our profile on the swingers’ site and he sent me some of his photos. He looks really nice. He has been polite and not just sent photos of his big cock... though he looks to have a nice package," I rambled on, nervously.

"Does this mean you might actually be getting ready to take the next step, Di?"

"Mmm, I think so. We’ve been flirting quite a bit and I sent him some of the photos you took of me. He told me some very sexy things he'd like to do to me, either with or without you. He made me so wet today! Do you want to see?"

"Of course I do." 

So it began. Rick read the conversation history whilst I sat on his lap. I don't remember who started first, whether it was him rubbing my nipples or me rubbing his cock, but it wasn’t long before we were fucking like crazy and I was screaming out this man's name, Derrick. Rick had never fucked me so hard!

Unfortunately, when we met Derrick, the chemistry wasn’t there and we weren't comfortable with him. However, unknown to me, Rick had found someone else, and when we were away for one of our 'play weekends', which was also my birthday, this is how it ended up.

Rick and I were having a drink in a hotel lobby in a city not too close to home. We always try to stay far enough away to enjoy the full weekend but not too far that we can't get home for the kids. We had reservations at a nice restaurant and were being quite flirty with each other, trying to prolong the anticipation of a night of hot hotel sex.

We were sipping our large amarettos when a tall, dark, handsome black man walked up and asked if we would mind if he sat in the armchair opposite our sofa. There was some kind of conference going on and the lobby was quite crowded. He introduced himself as Pete, explaining that he was a doctor and visiting from out of town for the conference. He offered to buy us another round of drinks and we accepted.

While the barman took our order, I squirmed in my seat. Rick had told me some very dirty things he wanted to do to me and I was already more than a little damp ‘down there’ before Pete' turned up. As I wriggled, my skirt rose and I accidentally flashed my stocking-topped thigh to our new friend. I noticed his gaze on my thighs and I felt he could see up to my tiny panties.

Chatting, Pete told us he was single, divorced, and in town only for that night as his conference finished the next day. We talked for quite a while and soon found ourselves warming to each other. Rick excused himself to go to the bathroom and Pete took the opportunity to lean forward and flirt with me. He complimented me on my athletic body and said he thought Rick was a cradle snatcher. Little did he know, I am actually Rick's senior by nearly two years! I flushed a little and felt my nipples get hard. And I got even damper to the extent I think he could probably smell my moist pussy.

Rick returned and I tried to gather my thoughts. Then Pete excused himself to go to the bathroom and, while he was gone, Rick commented that I seemed quite agitated.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm absolutely fine, baby," I replied, maybe lying just a little.

"Are you sure?" he persisted. "You seem flushed. Are you horny? Do you want to get upstairs and watch that DP movie on the adult channel?"

The previous night, Rick had made me choose an adult film and I selected one where a gorgeous blonde had been taken simultaneously by two men. I'd heard about this but never seen it. It turned me on, and I had knelt up on the bed and put a vibrator into my pussy and one in my arse while Rick stood in front of me and fucked my mouth. I couldn’t stop coming. I don't think Rick could believe what a slut I'd been, but we had both talked excitedly about while shopping that day.

"Mmm, maybe," I said, "but we've just ordered fresh drinks from Pete." 

"Were you flirting with him while I was gone?" 

"Yes... a little," I said, lowering my eyes. Rick lifted my chin and I couldn’t hide my guilt or excitement.

You see, since the New Year, we'd agreed that in order to test if we would really live out our ultimate fantasy, we would openly tell each other who we fancied or who caught our eye. We agreed to be totally honest if we thought someone would look nice sucking my nipples or sinking into my pussy or another woman taking Rick’s cock or even playing with me. One rule: we both had to be turned on by that person, or at least the thought of that person being with the other.

I was caught and told Rick I was very wet and that my nipples were very sensitive. I said Pete was a lot like Derrick but with a much warmer personality and thought he could probably have any woman he wanted. I told him I thought Pete probably had a harem of women at his beck and call, and it quite intrigued me to see if I could attract him alongside the many younger women he must have. I also told Rick that thinking about Pete’s big cock all the way inside my pussy made me feel really horny.

Rick said that if I was turned on enough to take our bedroom fantasy to the next level, I should excuse myself and go to the bathroom, remove my soaking panties, and hand them to Pete on my return. So, scared to death, I duly left for the bathroom.

I sat in a cubicle and felt how wet I was. My clit was on fire and throbbing. I needed a good fucking urgently… and I wanted it from Pete.

Rick and I hadn’t had sex for a week before this weekend to ensure we were both up for it. I also loved it when he saved his cum for me because I like to be fully loaded and then feel it dripping out of me the following day.

Rick's suggestion had me all in a fluster. Yes, I was very turned on, but also incredibly nervous. Anyway, to test him, I thought I would play his game. So, I removed my panties and wiped my pussy dry with them. After staring at myself in the mirror for what seemed like ages, I walked back to where Rick was sitting. Pete's back was toward me.

As I approached, I caught Rick's eye and mouthed, 'Are you sure?' and I saw him nod. But was he nodding as part of his conversation with Pete?

So, I mouthed again, "Do you want me to fuck him?" God, I hoped he’d say yes!

"Absolutely," Rick said loudly, as if answering something Pete had said but looking directly into my eyes. A nervous flutter shook through my body and my pussy gushed as if my waters had broken. Emboldened by Rick's response, I leaned over Pete's shoulder to take a sip of his drink and, at the same time, dropped my damp, black lace panties into his lap.

"As I was saying, I think we would be more relaxed if we had a nightcap in our suite," Rick said, as Pete realized, with a shocked look on his face, what I'd put in his lap.

As we rode in the lift, Rick turned me to face Pete and kissed my neck, slowly running his hand over my stomach. I could do nothing but stare straight into Pete's dark, sexy eyes, wondering if our fantasy would be as good in reality. While I was still dreaming in the glass lift overlooking the city, Rick eased me forward and suggested I should at least kiss Pete to be polite. With his hands gently touching my bare, I shivered as we kissed politely. Electricity shot through my lips and down my spine and to my pussy. Before I could gather my breath or thoughts, Pete pulled me close and kissed me with more urgency and passion. I felt Rick's hands on my back and arse, feeling my buttocks. Pete moved his hands up my arms, level with my breasts, but he only caressed up and down up my arms. I suddenly lost control and I melted into his body, feeling a bulge pressing into my abdomen. I would remember for the rest of my life!

The lift stopped and I broke my dreamy kiss with Pete. My two men held an arm each, walking me to our suite door. Once inside, Pete took the lead and kissed me again, but this time like a man possessed. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rick take off his jacket and get drinks. I reached behind Pete's neck and played with his hair and I smelt his body. He smelt of sex and need... exactly how I smelt!

Rick brought drinks and we sat on the sofa; husband on my left and my future lover on my right. None of us really wanted to drink any more alcohol.

"So, Diane," Pete said, "now that we are here, what would you really like to do to earn your panties back?" He dangled them on his little finger in front of me.

Flustered for a moment, I felt Rick sliding his hand up my thigh towards my pussy and also felt my dress being unbuttoned. Before I could answer, both men were kissing my neck and stroking my inner thighs. I was in heaven as they lowered their lips to my sensitive nipples, flicking hot tongues across them almost in unison. I felt one pair of lips sucking and the other biting my hardening nipples. I  wrapped my arms around both heads to hold their hot mouths on my breasts. God, it felt good!

All the while I could feel persuasive fingers inching closer to my burning pussy. Not long after, someone's fingers were flicking across my clit, making me gasp, and I didn’t know who was creating this sensation. Over the next few minutes, both men must have taken turns flicking my clit and sliding a finger or two into my pussy while they continued sucking and licking my nipples.

In this wonderful dreamy moment, I leant to my right and kissed Pete again. Rick kissed from my neck, breasts, over my flat stomach and eventually to my thighs. My dress was now completely open.

Pete's tongue was in my mouth and his hands, one wet with my pussy juice, caressed my nipples. I freed my trembling hands and reached for what I really wanted. I unbuttoned his belt and pants and delved inside to uncover the monster I'd felt pressing against my tummy. Soon I was staring at Pete's huge dark chocolate cock only inches from my face.

With Rick licking my pussy like there was no tomorrow, I took a short breath and rolled slightly onto one side in order to suck Pete's cock into my mouth whilst staring into Rick's eyes. I heard Pete gasp as I worked my magic. I've never been able to deep throat a cock, but I did try very hard that night. I felt Pete becoming impatient and knew I had teased him enough. My pussy couldn’t wait much more, either. I wanted that monster cock inside me!

Rick suggested we move to the bed and we all removed what little clothing we had left except my high heels and stockings.

I lay back on the bed with my feet flat and Pete bent to lick between my pussy lips. I arched my back and raised my buttocks before I screamed out my first orgasm and fell back onto the bed, holding his head against my pussy. Pete slowly kissed up my stomach to my nipples and eventually I tasted myself on his lips.

"Please, stir my pussy with your cock," I begged. He duly responded, rubbing the head of his monstrous cock on my clit and between my pussy lips. I was writhing beneath him with Rick lying to my side, stroking my arms to reassure me of his love

'I love you and thank you,' I mouthed to my husband as Pete drove his hard, long, thick cock all the way inside me. I gasped loudly. It was only the second cock to enter my body, and it felt so different, made me feel so full. Back arched again, I gasped till I barely had breath left. Pete kissed me to muffle my screaming and I submitted to his will totally as he thrust into me, rubbing my clit with his huge cock.

"Fuck me, fuck me," I begged, breaking our kiss to grab some air. "Fuck me, fuck me deep, fill me up with your cock. You're so big, so deep so ... ugghh."

My second orgasm of the night was pending and I knew what I really wanted. Pete was holding himself up on stiff arms, and I kissed Rick, panting hard into his mouth. As we kissed, I reached for his cock to find it harder than ever and leaking pre-cum. Pete was still pounding deep into me!

"Are you turned on, baby?" I panted. "Is this what you wanted to see, your wife getting fucked so hard by another man?"

It felt so good; I loved being the centre of attention with two cocks to please me. My speech came in short stabs as Pete kept thrusting inside me. I felt Rick get even harder and wetter with his pre-cum.

It was then, as I was rubbing Rick's bare cock, that it dawned on me - Pete had not put on a condom. That scared me for a moment but then turned me on even further. Here I was being ridden bareback by someone other than my husband, potentially being bred by a black stud! My pussy gushed and my body spasmed as my second orgasm erupted. Pete didn’t slow at all.

When I caught my breath again, I looked over at Rick with a delirious smile. He knew what I was thinking, "He's fucking you bareback, baby," Rick whispered quietly into my ear. "Does it feel good?"

"Mmm, yes," I whispered back, trying to find a way to tell him what I really wanted. I was in a dilemma. I was being fucked bareback by a man in front of my husband. Could I possibly ask him to let this man cum inside me? Could I ask that of my loving husband?

"Do what you want," Rick said into my ear, “Baby... beg him to do it. Take what you want. I love you."

"Are you sure?" I asked. He nodded and smiled, love shining in his eyes.

With that, Rick moved aside and stroked his cock very hard. Knowing what I was doing was turning him on so much, turned me on even more.

Pete was pounding away in my pussy and my third orgasm was approaching. I grabbed his neck and pulled him down to kiss him like I had only ever kissed my husband, with complete passion and abandonment. I was gasping for air when I bit into Pete's neck and felt him thrust even deeper into me, if that was possible. I whispered into his ear, "Fuck me, baby... give it to me! Uggh, fill me with your cock. Fill me till it blows. Cum all over me, inside me! Show me what you’ve got."

Pete's thrusts got deeper, faster, longer, more urgent, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came again.

As Pete manoeuvred his legs to thrust and then pull out of me, I grabbed his head again and said, "Don't pull out... I want to feel you come inside me.I want you to come inside me, fill my fertile pussy with your cum... knock me up. I'll be your slut forever, whenever you want, you can call and Rick will let you fuck me." I gasped between each statement. 

I was so close to coming but desperately trying to hold off so I could come when Pete came inside me.

I turned my head to look at Rick. "This is what you have wanted to see me do, isn't it Rick? To see me fucked... see me fucked bareback... see me bred... see someone knock up your wife. What will we tell our friends when I have Pete's black baby? They'll know what a slut I've been, won't they? At least I'll be able to prove to Eileen that I have also fucked a black cock like she did, won't I?"

"Yes, baby, you will, we both will! Enjoy it, do what you want... you’re making me so hot." Rick rubbed his cock so hard I knew he also wasn’t far from coming. I had never felt so turned on in my life, knowing I was making two men come at the same time.

Pete was still fucking me deep, and I knew he needed something to make him blow his load in my pussy. So I whispered into his ear. It was loud enough for Rick to also hear but, at that moment, I did not care. I was past being his wife for that moment: I belonged to Pete.

"Fill me with your cum. I'll let you have my arse! Would you like that, Pete? Would you like to take my arse too? I know you would... cum in all my holes? Would you like to DP me with Rick? Fill me with your lovely cum so it leaks out of me all week... make me your slut… I love your big cock; I love your cock so much. Fuck me, come in me, please... give it to me, all of it... you're so deep, so deeeep!"

With that, I heard guttural moans from both men. Pete, as he flooded my pussy with his hot, thick cum, and Rick screaming as he made himself come by watching. I reached out to grab his purple cock and felt his load spill on my hand as Pete fell on top of me, spent, our hearts beating in time with each other. I licked my husband’s cum from my hand while telling him, "I love you. Thank you, that was the best birthday gift you've ever given me."

Rick and I kissed while I felt Pete's cock soften in my hot, cum-soaked pussy. I lay wondering what else may happen, now that Rick and I had crossed this bridge.

The night wasn’t quite over. We tried DP, but with all the exertion of the first session, it was not as good as I had fantasized. Not even as good as the vibrators the night before. But I'm hoping we'll try that again with two fresh cocks.

Pete left in the early morning, leaving Rick and me to cuddle till late. Pete has been in touch intermittently, but he lives in Scotland and it’s a long way to travel. I was right, though, he does have a number of younger women who keep him very busy and we swap stories now and then.

I later found out Rick had done a lot of preparation to make my fantasy come true. He'd found Pete and told him a lot about my likes, dislikes, and fantasies. So, I am under no illusion that simply picking up someone in a hotel lobby will necessarily be as good as any fantasy. It's also created a quandary as Rick and I would like to do this again and fulfill more elements of the fantasy. But we're left with either swingers clubs, where we would love to watch and be watched, or even go to the extent of hiring an escort to ensure he plays the part.

I ought to arrange for Rick's other fantasy, which is an FFM. But I'll save that for another time.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my first attempt at writing a story and is based on a real event. I’d like to thank a kind member, robertl, for helping me edit this and making it an easier read and flow better than my clumsy first attempt.





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