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I got all I could handle- A Summer Night of Sex #2

Deep throating his friends big black cock, he watched as they cum all over my face one at a time!!!

With my husband standing in the door way watched as Frankie inserted several inches of his black snake into my throat. It was too late to stop, as Frankie's cock was quickly disappearing. I was not looking to stop, as Maria had my pussy in a frenzy with her skillful tongue working masterfully on my exposed clit.

My body was thrashing against Maria's face, but the only sounds of pleasure coming from my mouth were muffled by the gurgling sound I was making. Attempting not to choke on my thick salvia as I swallowed his thick meaty black cock around into my throat. Maria began to softly stroke the muscles along my throat and neck allowing them to relax as I continued to suck his rod. I could feel his thick cock pressing against all sides of my throat as he pressed it deeper. Desperate for air, I found myself gagging as I slowly pulled the shaft from my throat. 

My man tugged Maria by the hair, turning her around so we were laying shoulder to shoulder with her head leaning backwards over the edge of the bed as well. Maria's hand found my open wet pussy as her lips nibbling at my neck. I returned the gesture by inserting two fingers into her damp cum coated pussy as she began arching her pelvis onto my penetrating fingers. I didn't care, I just wanted to be handled by anybody, and i was ready for them to do whatever they pleased.

My man positioned his knees on each side of Maria's hungry mouth, allowing his erect cock to dangle in front of her face. Maria quickly sucked the knob between her lips and I smiled as I watched her fondle his swollen nut sack. She was sucking my mans huge cock like a street ho,  pulling his cock and nut sack in different directions while Frankie stroked his fucking big cock to another full erection.

I could hear somebody on the phone saying, "that's right, get over here and see what's up" as Helen and Lisa joined us on the bed.

Lisa sprawled out on top of me, pressing her face into my fiery love box as she spread her pussy lips wide and lowered them onto my wanting mouth. Covering my mouth completely, she began to slide up and down my face as her razor like tongue parted my own pussy.

"Mm" I moaned as she worked the extremely sensitive area around my clit hood, as she continued to slide her wetness all over my face.

Helen had joined Maria, but was laying face to face as they kissed and slurped each others nipples and tongues nastily.

My pussy was about to explode when Frankie grabbed Lisa by the ankles and pulled her backwards until her feet were on the floor. She was bent over eating my pussy like a piece of desert with her juicy pussy secreting all over my face. Reaching up I spread her cheeks fully apart, until I could see her tightly closed asshole, when I heard "hey guys, what's up? Yep here they are".

Unable to move my head as Frankie's muscular black legs were planted on each side of my head. I wondered who else was in the bedroom when Frankie plopped his black erection in my face again.

Immediately I was bobbing the snake head as Lisa sucked my cunt to another cum squirting orgasm. "Mm" I moaned with the big black cock knob again in my mouth only inches away from Lisa's drenched pussy. Frankie's long dark fingers spread Lisa's pinks apart revealing the droplets flowing freely. I worked the shaft with my lips allowing the knob to rest between her opened lips and began to lick the salvia coated head and her pussy at the same time.

With my lips engulfing the head, I pressed it into her hole allowing my tongue to follow. His swollen head allowed me to explore her opened inner walls easily.

"See what I mean" I heard Frankie say to others, "she can really suck a big cock"

"We can see that 4 sure' another deeper voice replied. "But can she take these big cocks anywhere else" another voice inquired?

"Why don't you guys just try her out and see for yourselves" I heard my husband reply from across the bed. "Take her, she loves big black, and she loves it nasty".

I wondered how many others there were, as I got more excited thinking about it.

Things got a little bit darker, as a mass of dark bodies surrounded my side of the bed, and another big long thick uncut cock was tapping against my parted lips. I knew he wanted me to suck it, as he pulled the foreskin back and exposed a plum shaped cock head. I felt another cock tapping my face on the other side while I was pressing Frankie's cock into Lisa's hole. I squeezed on the base, watching the shaft well in size as I pushed it in and out of her juicy pussy.

These two new cocks were thicker than Frankie's, and the uncut one seemed as if it was even longer. It looked like a long piece of veined tubular leather as he told me "to open my mouth wide" and pressed it between my lips while Frankie began heaving his full length into Lisa.

"Oh God" she screamed as he bottomed out in her, as I felt my legs being lifted up and spread apart.

Who is at my pussy I wondered as the cock began pumping deeper into my cock loving  throat

His big dick shinned with my salvia, as I could see Lisa's pussy getting a big dick work out right in front of my face. I felt a thickness passing between my own pussy like I have never felt before, it was stretching my inner walls. I was afraid that he might split me, but then he drove it deep into me in a single push.

"Mm" I moaned with my mouth filled full of black sausage, as the cock in my pussy was fucking me in full lengthy strokes. His cock head, swollen, popped every time it withdrew from my petite pussy. He wrapped my legs around his waist, and I obediently locked my ankles together giving him a deep straight shot to my cervix.

I was cum ming so hard, as he gutted my insides. He bottomed out time after time, saying "dam girl, you really know how to fuck a big cock". "Ah...mmmmm" as my pussy jetted juices all over his cock while the monster in Lisa's cunt began to throb. I could see his balls heaving as he thrust deep and shot spurt after spurt of cum deep inside of her. As he continued slamming his cock into her, the  creamy cum started to ooze out.

Withdrawing his cum coated cock from her fuck hole, he immediately pushed it into her tiny asshole. The cock in my mouth withdrew and my head was pressed into Lisa's cum leaking pussy.

"Lick his cum up girl, don't waste it" one of them said.

Easing my tongue inside the sticky cum coated lips, I began to scoop his mega load into my mouth while Frankie continued to pound Lisa's ass. His ball kept slapping me in the face as I cleaned her pussy free of his creamy deposit.

Frankie blew the second load inside the opened brown hole, then withdrew his cock and began to jack it off while I tongued Lisa's slippery trail. He spurted another eruption against her asshole, than began to roll down hill onto my awaiting tongue. Again I was instructed to suck up every last drop, which I eagerly did. His cum smeared all around my lips, as my tongue darted inside her opened asshole, seeking remnants of his creamy load.

A third ebony man ordered me to roll over onto my knees and straddle Lisa's frame while spreading her legs fully apart. He told me to spread her lips while he inserted his massive cock into her sticky pussy. Pressing my head down until my mouth was on top of her opened pussy, he took turns fuck her pussy then my mouth while another cock forced its way up my ass.

"That's right, take you better take it he stated while stroking his pussy tasting cock into my mouth.

"Mm" I moaned, tasting the mixture of pussy and cum.

"You like that don't you" he asked in a nastily manner

Still sucking on his cock I replied "mmmhmmm" as he shot his load of creamy cum into my mouth and Lisa's opened pussy.

Without being told, I lapped up every pearly drop of his creamy cum as the cock in my ass was fucking me viciously.

""Ok guys, time for the grand finale" my husband announced.

With tired jaws, an over worked pussy, and a stretched out asshole, I wondered what he meant.

Frankie, sitting on the edge of the bed told me " to mount his cock, in a face to face position". I straddled him, and lowered my well exercised pussy onto his massive black cock. Gently he layed backwards onto his back and I began pumping my pussy up and down his shaft with my ass in the air.

The second person grabbed my head, telling me "to suck his big black cock into my mouth" Opening my mouth fully, I swallowed the fat knob and worked my lips down the thick shaft. He slowly began fucking my mouth, while pressing down on the back of my head as well.

I was cum ming, and couldn't concentrate on sucking the cock in my mouth. He continued to push the entire length into my throat and held it there. I was being fucked into a frenzy when the third cock entered my asshole, stretching it more than it had been before.

Unable to holler in pleasure or pain, they started their assault on me. All three holes were fully occupied and being used for their cum ming pleasure. All three of these black snakes were buried to the hilt as my husband looked on at his sluttish wife taking all they could give.

Tom and my husband stood on each side of Frankie, and started jacking off their cocks while these ebony savages had their way with me, but I didn't care nor did they.

I looked at them and nodded in approval as I cum time after time, unable to vocalize it. They stroked their cocks, watching me get all the dick I could handle. Leaning forward, they both ejaculated massive amounts of cum all over my face as my trio kept up the pace. I was almost delirious with pleasure when the cock in my ass withdrew and blew his load all over my face.

I could feel the cum running down my cheeks and chin, when the throbbing cock in my pussy withdrew, taking his turn to deposit more spunk on my face. Finally the cock in mouth was pulsating, about to cum. he withdrew his cock halfway and blasted several giant spurts that almost gagged me. His cum erupted from my mouth as he continued to dip his cock in and out.

The room had the heavy smell of pussy and cum, and my face looked like a cum rag for a jack off party.

Everybody left, when my husband turned on the dvd player and showed me how sluttish I was that night, noty even knowing that it had all been recorded.

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