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Indian Volleyballers Part II

The Indian girls get much more than a volleyball game on the island sand.
The four of them then walked down the beach in search of a flat area to set up the volleyball net. Ritu held Jay's hand as they led the way. After walking about ten yards, Rick tentatively reached for Naina's hand. She smiled at Rick and firmly grasped his offered hand.

About one hundred yards down the beach from the boat, they found a perfect spot for a volleyball game. The guys had the net up in about ten minutes and the girls began practicing. The way they were warming up, one would have thought they were about to play in a championship game. The guys just did a little stretching.

Rick proposed they divided up into teams, “OK guys. What do you say Naina and I take on Ritu and Jay?"

"Ritu and I play together all the time. I think we can beat the two of you." Naina challenged.

Rick and Jay looked at each other in mock surprise. Jay laughed, "Surely these two girls don't really think they can beat us?" He had emphasized the term ‘girls.’

Rick laughed too. "Ladies, if you're sure, that will be good with us. Remember, we play together too." Rick tossed the ball to Naina and said, "Here you go. It's your serve."

"Girls?” Naina questioned. “Jay, you boys are going to regret that choice of words. Sir, are you ready?"

When the guys went into what could be described as a war stance and nodded indicating they were ready. Naina fired an ace past a diving Rick. He never touched the ball and hit the sand with a thud. Everyone laughed, except Rick. He had just been aced by a 'girl' and was busy brushing the sand from his chest.

Naina second serve was another ace. Rick did get a hand on it before hitting the sand again. With a broad grin, Rick jumped up and said, "OK girls! So, that's the way it is, huh? Come on Jay, let's get serious."

Jay chuckled and said, "Sorry partner, but hasn't it been you that missed the first two serves?"

Naina served again, but this one blazed past Jay. The next serve was returned. The guys' lifetime of beach volleyball skills and experience were put to a hard test. Naina and Ritu showed why they wanted to play on the sand. They were really good at pairs beach Volleyball. In fact, they won the first game.

Ritu teased Jay, “The ‘girls’ have just won the first game, boys.”

Jay bowed deeply to the victors and said, “My apologies for such a poor choice of words, but there is more to come.”

The boys rallied to win the second game. The third, and tie breaking, game was won by the guys by a thin margin. The girls had endured their second loss of the day, and the day was still young. The winners received victory hugs and a kiss on the cheek from their vanquished opponents.

Following the game, everyone was covered in sweat and sand. Rick suggested, "What do you say we go for a swim and get rid of all this sand?"

They all ran toward the water. Just as the girls were splashing into the edge of the lake, Rick yelled to them from shore, "Watch out for the sharks and gators!"

Both girls screamed and practically walked on water getting back to shore. The guys had kept going and were several yards from shore and laughing loudly.

Ritu looked at Naina and said, "Sharks don't live in fresh water lakes. I'll bet alligators don't live here either."

Naina thought about it for about two seconds. "Hummm, I think you are right, Ritu. Let's get them.” As the girls ran back into the water, Naina yelled. “You are going to get it now!"

Still laughing, the guys turned and swam further out into the lake away from Naina and Ritu. The girls were not only good volleyball players, they were excellent swimmers as well. They soon caught up to the guys, and climbed onto their backs. With the added weight on their backs, the guys sank below the water's surface. The girls rolled off as soon as Rick and Jay were fully submerged. The guys surfaced and continued laughing at the beauties that had sunk them.

Jay looked at Rick and asked, "Pay back time?"

Rick nodded yes. The guys slowly closed the distance between themselves and the girls. When she was within reach, Jay grabbed Ritu by the wrist and pulled the willing girl close. Rick did the same with Naina. The girls were then scooped up into the strong arms of Jay and Rick.

Rick asked, "On three?"

Jay agreed, "On three!

Ritu and Naina looked at each other somewhat bewildered but not concerned. That is until Rick and Jay began swinging them back and forth.

"One!" Jay shouted.

“No!" Ritu pleaded.

"Two!" Rick followed.

"No, no, no!" Naina begged Rick.

"THREE!" Rick and Jay shouted together.

"Nooo!" Ritu and Naina screamed as they left the boys arms, flew through the air, and landed with a splash in the clear water of Lake Hartwell. Both girls came up squealing and laughing. A splashing war immediately began. All four of them splashed each other and laughed heartily.

Once again the guys closed the distance between themselves and the girls until they were once again within reach. The splashing suddenly stopped.

Jay reached out and took Ritu by the hand and pulled her toward him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her tightly to his chest. Ritu eagerly returned the hug. Jay could feel her pressing her breasts firmly into his chest.

Meanwhile, Naina came up to Rick and wrapped her arms around his waist. She laid her head against his muscular chest.

Rick thought to himself. 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained. ' He reached down to Naina, put a hand on each of her butt cheeks, squeezed, and lifted the beautiful girl up his body. He raised Naina until they were face to face. As Rick gently kissed Naina, she wrapped her arms around his neck. When Rick's kiss became a little firmer, Naina raised her legs and encircled Rick's hips.

When they broke their kiss, Naina softly sighed, "Oh Rick. I have never had so much fun." She laid her head softly on his shoulder and nuzzled into his neck as Rick held her up by her butt.

That's when Rick and Naina noticed their friends, Jay and Ritu, were in a passionate embrace and kiss of their own. Without saying a word, Jay and Ritu broke apart and slowly waded, hand in hand, back to the supply of towels and blankets on the beach. Ritu bent over to pick up a towel and Jay gave her butt a gentle little pat.

Jay expected to be slapped. Ritu abruptly stood, but, instead of the expected slap, she grinned and kissed him. She bent over again and wiggled her butt in front of Jay.

Jay, instead of just patting Ritu's cute butt, used both hands to squeeze her ass' cheeks. As Ritu stood again with two towels in her hands, Jay slid his hands between her legs and briefly stroked Ritu's crotch. Jay then put his arms around Ritu from behind and firmly squeezed both of her breasts. She crossed her arms over Jays hands and hugged them tightly to her chest.

Jay released her breasts, and Ritu wrapped one of the towels around her model's body. Jay grabbed one of the blankets, and he and Ritu walked off. With Jay's arm around Ritu's waist, they walked down the beach until the curvature of the island took them out of the sight of Rick and Naina.

Naina lifted her head off Rick's chest and they kissed again. As they kissed, Rick kneaded her butt's cheeks and worked his fingers to Naina's nether region.

"Wait a minute, Rick. Let me down, please," Naina asked.

Rick, of course, did as she asked.

Once back on her feet in the waist deep water, Naina reached between her legs, pulled her swim suit's crotch aside, and rinsed the last bit of sand from her body. She then asked, “Can we go to shore, please.”

"Anything you want my beautiful princess."

Rick bent over, gently kissed Naina's waiting lips, and led her by the hand to the remaining blanket on shore. Before sitting down, Rick briskly shook the sand from the blanket and laid it out beneath a large shade tree at the edge of the sand. He sat down and offered his hand to Naina. She took his hand and sat close to him on the blanket.

Putting an arm around her shoulders, Rick gently kissed his beautiful princess. His kiss became more and more passionate. He slipped his tongue past her lips. Their tongues did a lover's dance with each other.

Naina moaned and eagerly returned the passionate kiss. She practically melted in his arms. When they broke the kiss, she breathlessly whispered into his ear, “Oh yes, Rick.” She then leaned back.

Rick slowly laid Naina onto her back and cradled her head and neck in his strong arm. He returned to kissing her luscious lips. With his free hand, he began gently caressing the inviting breasts before him. Naina did not protest. Quite to the contrary, she lifted her chest as if to offer more of her charms to Rick.

When Rick firmly squeezed one of her tits, Naina groaned, “Oh yes. Please don’t stop.”

With the arm under her neck, Rick rolled Naina to his chest and began slowly pulling on the two strings that held her swimsuit’s top to her body. With the strings loose, Rick laid Naina back onto the blanket.

Still cradling Naina in his arm, Rick grasped her suit top between her breasts. Naina quickly placed her hands over her breasts and held the top in place.

Rick and Naina each gazed deeply into the others eyes for a short time. A silent and loving communication passed between their eyes. Rick leaned forward and gently kissed Naina’s lips. She then put her arms around his neck, and he again gently pulled on her top. It came free from her body and Rick tossed the top to the side.

Naina’s ample tits were very firm. Even with her laying on her back, they stood proudly out from her chest. They were just a slightly lighter shade of tan than her body. Her erect nipples were the color of golden wheat ready for harvest. Her tits and nipples seemed to just beg to be kissed and sucked.

Rick was only too happy to oblige them. Gently at first, slowly building in intensity, Rick kissed, licked, and sucked all over Naina’s tits. Her nipples received special attention. For long minutes, he covered each of them in turn with his mouth. Each was suckled and licked until they became even harder. Naina was rolling her head to and fro with her eyes closed. She was constantly moaning.

As he continued to alternately suckle her tits, Rick slowly slid his free and down Naina’s firm young body. When he reached the top hem of her swimsuit bottom, he traced the line it made back and forth across her flat belly.

Naina began rocking her pelvis and seemed to follow Rick’s hand with her hips. Rick slid his hand over the suit bottom’s hem and over her pubic mound. When he gently squeezed her mound, Naina gasped. Her legs parted slightly. Rick let his hand drift lower and covered her entire crotch. He found the crotch of her suit wet with her personal juices.

Naina gasped when Rick ran a finger up her suit covered slit, “Oh Rick!” She tightly hugged his neck.

Rick took his hand away from Naina’s crotch and pushed it under the waistband of her suit. When he again cupped her crotch, he was pleasantly surprised to find Naina had shaved. Her pubic mound and labia were completely devoid of hair. “Yummy! I love bald pussy, my sweet Princess.”

“Please be careful, Rick. No boy has ever touched me there,” Naina softly said.

“Whoa! You mean you’ve never....”

“Yes! No boy has ever touched my privates.”

“Then you’re a vir....”

Naina interrupted again, “Yes! I am a virgin.”

Rick asked, “Are you sure about doing this, Naina?”

“Yes! I am sure. Please keep going. I want you to be the first to have me.” Naina then tightly hugged Rick’s neck and kissed his lips passionately.

As Rick slid his hand back into her suit bottom, he said. “Okay, Honey. If that’s what you want, who am I to argue with such a beautifully wrapped gift.”

Rick petted Naina’s virgin crotch until she was rhythmically rocking her hips on the blanket. Rick pulled his hand out from her crotch, untied the strings holding her bottoms on. Again, Naina hesitated. She pulled her legs together as if to grasp the bottoms to her crotch. Slowly, she relaxed and Rick pulled them from her body. He couldn’t believe such a beautifully exotic creature was about to give him her most precious gift.

“Sweetheart, a fresh virgin pussy deserves to be eaten before it’s opened.” He then pulled his arm from under Naina’s neck and tenderly kissed her lips. He proceeded to kiss, lick, and suck his way down her luscious body. He made stops to give oral attentions to each nipple and her belly button as he kissed his way down Naina’s body.

All along the way, Naina stroked and pulled Rick’s head and hair.

When he reached her shaved pubic mound, Rick gave the entire area broad licks before moving onto her awakening pussy.

Several pussy lip parting licks soon had Naina writhing on the blanket. As she seemed to rapidly build toward an orgasm, Rick firmly sucked her clit between his lips and repeatedly flicked it with his tongue.

Naina’s hips shot into the air as she twisted hands full of his hair in her fists. She cried, “OH YES, RICK! Eat mee!”

Rick silently chuckled and thought to him self, ‘I’m about to be snatched bald headed while eating a bald headed snatch.’

As Naina’s orgasm faded, Rick got up on his knees and knelt between her widely spread legs. He loosened the string holding his trunks and pushed them to his knees.

Naina gasped and stared wide eyed at Rick’s fat seven-inch cock standing proudly before her.

Rick bent forward and tenderly shared a kiss with Naina. He then placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her virgin hole. With gentle pressure, Rick pushed his cock’s head inward and parted her labia.

Again, Naina gasped.

Slowly and gently, Rick withdrew his cock and pushed forward again. Deeper and deeper he pushed his cock into Naina.

She gasped and yelped when he bumped into her hymen. It would resist his entry for only a short time more.

He could feel her tense beneath him. Without pushing through her hymen, Rick kept pressure on that protective membrane. He could feel Naina’s virgin pussy trying to adjust to his cock. When she seemed to relax a little, Rick pushed through and into her depths.

Naina cried out with the pain of Rick’s entry. Her hymen had given way, and a single tear from each eye rolled down her cheeks. She hugged Rick tightly. She could feel the head of his cock resting against her cervix.

Rick too could feel her hymen give way as his cock passed through. He had taken her cherry. He could feel her glove tight pussy trying to adjust to the invader in its midst. He could also feel his cock resting against her cervix.

He asked his new lover, “Are you alright, princess?”

“That hurt, but I will be alright. Please give me a few minutes.”

“Of course, sweetheart. The first time always hurts, but I don’t want to hurt my princess any more than necessary. We can just lay here until you are ready to go on.”

Rick then kissed away the tear on each cheek of Naina’s face.

In the mean time, Jay and Ritu had walked to the opposite side of the island. There they found a small grassy clearing in the trees. Jay spread their blanket, sat, and reached out to assist Ritu to the ground.

Ritu smiled down at Jay, and slowly reached behind her back and untied her swimsuit string. Holding her top in place so it still covered her breasts, she reached behind her neck and released the tie there. Ritu slowly lowered her hands and let her top fall to the ground. Her pert C-cup tits didn’t sag at all. They stood firmly on her chest.

Jay licked his lips in anticipation of suckling the tits displayed before him.

Ritu then pulled the strings at her hips and released her suit bottoms. Her bottoms fell to the ground next to the matching top. Ritu stood nude before a very appreciative Jay. Her dark tanned skin highlighted by a triangle of black hair on her pubic mound. She broadly smiled at Jay and knelt beside him.

Jay sat up, encircled Ritu with his arms, and pulled her down to lie beside him. After passionately kissing her lips, Jay told her, “Wow, Baby! You are absolutely beautiful.”

He then kissed his way down to her pert tits. While he nibbled and sucked on one tit, he firmly fondled the other. He switched from one tit to the other several times.

Ritu’s breathing became rapid and she moaned and groaned as Jay continued his attentions to her tits. She gasped sharply when Jay reached down and stroked her furry mound as if it were a favored pet. As he continued sucking her tits and petting her bush, Ritu slowly spread her legs. She gasped again when Jay pressed a finger into her snug slit.

Ritu breathlessly asked, “Go slow, Jay. I have never done this before.”

“Are you sure you want to do this, Ritu?” Jay asked.

“Yes, but I am a little frightened it’s going to hurt.”

Jay was amazed a creature such as the beautiful young Ritu was still a virgin at 21. Jay kissed Ritu’s lips tenderly and crawled atop her model’s body. She was so beautiful laying there waiting for him to take her. She had spread her legs wide as Jay rolled onto her, but he felt her tense as their hips met.

To ease her fears, he rolled off her and lay beside her. He then pulled Ritu on top of his body, hugged her, and said, “Ritu, honey, you can be in control of your first time.”

“How? I have seen pictures of the man on top, but not with the girl on top. Will you show me what to do, Jay?”

“It will be more than a pleasure to show you how to do yourself. Sit on your knees over my hips.”

When Ritu stood astride his hips, Jay quickly pushed his trunks down and off his legs. His 6-inch cock laying ridged on his belly. He fondled her tits when Ritu knelt into position. Her cherry pussy settled directly over his cock.

Ritu didn’t need further instructions. As Jay fondled her tits, Ritu began squirming her hips over his. She was soon grinding her horny wet pussy up and down his cock.

“Ritu honey. Whenever you’re ready, raise up a little and put my cock’s head at your opening. Then slowly sit on me.” Jay instructed the naive beauty.

A few moments later, Ritu did as Jay had instructed. When she pressed down on Jay’s cock, it pried open her labia and poked its head into virgin territory. Ritu gasped loudly, but did not pull back. Slowly, bit by bit, she lowered her hips and took more of Jay’s manhood into her body.

When she bumped her hymen with Jay’s cock Ritu winched and softly whimpered. She bumped into her hymen several times, but just could not break through. Holding Jay’s cock to her barrier, she told him, “I am so sorry, Jay. I really am trying.”

“I know, Baby. It’s Okay. Take your time. There’s no hurry. I know it hurts. It’s supposed to hurt the first time, but it will get much better soon.” Jay tried to comfort her.

Ritu seemed to get a look of determination on her face. After several more aborted attempts, she simply relaxed her legs and let her body’s weight settle. Jay’s cock shot through her hymen deep into her core and hit her cervix. Ritu’s hymen was swept away as she settled on Jay’s cock.

“Iiiieeeeee!” She cried out as the pain of losing her cherry registered in her brain. She fell forward onto Jay’s chest with his cock still fully imbedded in her tender flesh.

Jay tenderly kissed her tears away and stroked her curly black hair. He knew she needed a few moments to get used to a cock filling her freshly opened cavity. He could feel the vaginal walls of her pussy trying to adjust to the invader in their midst.

In a short while, Ritu sat up again. She smiled down at Jay and wiped the tears away with the back of her hands. “I think I will be OK. Now what?”

Jay resumed fondling Ritu’s tits and told her, “Just let your body guide you. It knows what to do.”

He was right. As Ritu began enjoying Jay’s attention to her tits, she felt a stirring deep inside. Each time Jay tweaked her nipples, she seemed to feel a twinge in her pussy. When Jay firmly squeezed her tits, she lifted her hips and lowered them back down. She groaned from the jolt she got when her cervix again bumped into Jay’s cock. She liked the jolt so she did it again. She was still sore, but she liked the thrill she was getting more than she disliked the pain. The pain even seemed to add something to the pleasure she was beginning to feel.

Over and over, Ritu raised and lowered her hips. She repeatedly impaled herself on Jay’s hard cock. She quickly realized that if she leaned forward and supported her upper body with her arms on Jay’s chest, not only could he better manipulate her tits, but she could grind her clit on his pelvis. The pressure built in Ritu. She could feel an impending explosion from within.

Just as Ritu’s orgasm seemed about to overtake her, Jay tightly squeezed both of her tits. While filling his hands with tit meat, he captured both hard nipples and pinched.

Ritu screamed, slammed her horny pussy down hard on Jay’s cock, “Aaagh!” She roughly ground her clit on his pelvis. She then began bouncing violently on Jay’s cock buried in her freshly opened pussy. “Oh shit! Do me, Jay. Give it to me! Damn, I love it! Aaah yes!!”

As Ritu ground her clit on his pelvis, Jay released her tits, grabbed her hips, and thrust deep into her tight core. He bathed her cervix with his load of cum while holding her tightly down on his erupting cock.

Finally, Ritu collapsed. She was panting on top of Jay’s chest with his cock still firmly stuffed into her pussy. While gasping for breath, Ritu said, “That was wonderful, Jay.”

“Yes it was, Baby. Yes it was.” Jay held her tightly to his chest and stroked her hair and back as his cock soaked in her still tight pussy. As he softened, Ritu sat up and pulled off of Jay’s cock. When she stood, they saw Jay’s cum running down her inner thighs. His cum was tinged red with her cherry's blood.

Jay handed Ritu one to the towels they had brought with them. She used it to wipe up the mess between her legs. She then put her swimsuit back on while Jay picked up their blanket and towels. As they walked back toward where they had left Rick and Naina, Jay held her close with an arm around her waist.

At about the same time as Ritu lost her cherry, Naina had lost hers as well. Rick held still with his cock pressed against Naina’s cervix for several minutes. When he felt her relax beneath him, he began slow short strokes deep in Naina’s deflowered hole. Slowly he increased the length and speed of his strokes. When she began rocking her pelvis in response to his thrusts, he increased the speed and force behind his thrusts. Harder and harder he thrust into her the core of Naina's body.

“Umph, umph, umph.” Naina grunted each time Rick’s cock bumped her cervix. She soon raised her knees and locked her ankles behind Rick’s legs. She then had her freshly opened pussy spread as wide as she could for their mutual pleasure. She used the leverage of her legs on his to return each of his thrusts with one of her own.

As her orgasm washed over her, Naina lifted her knees to her chest and held them there with her arms. Her heels were firmly planted in Rick’s ass. As he thrust into her, Naina thrust her hips up and pushed down with her heels. Her tilted pelvis allowed Rick’s seven-inch cock to burrow as deep as it could into her ravenous pussy. Naina found she not only like to fuck, she loved being fucked. “Damn Rick! Give it to me. I want all of you.” She then hissed, "Oh yes.”

Rick happily complied. As Naina vibrated beneath him, he rapidly pounded her tight hole. His own orgasm soon burst forth. He slammed his cock against her cervix. His cum was pumped out to bathe Naina’s depths. Her cervix got its first taste of cum.

As Rick bathed her cervix with cum, Naina used her athletic legs to hold him tightly to her freshly devirginated pussy. She moaned and breathlessly spoke into his ear. “Ummm. Oh Rick, I can feel you shooting in me. It feels warm and sooo nice.”

Naina slowly unclasped her legs from Rick and lowered her knees. Rick’s cock remained deep in her until he softened. He then pulled out and climbed off of her sweaty body. They lay quietly and cuddled for some time.

Rick then helped Naina retie her swimsuit and offered her some of the wine, cheese, and crackers from the picnic basket. They had finished about half a glass of wine when Jay and Ritu appeared walking toward them from down the beach. Jay had his arm tightly around Ritu’s waist.

As Naina watched her childhood friend walk toward her, she noticed something was different about Ritu. Was it her mussed up hair? Or, maybe it was the pleased look on her face. No. It wasn’t her hair or broad smile. Was Ritu walking a little differently? Was she slightly bow legged? Then it hit her. Her friend Ritu must have done the same thing she had just done and she was sore too. They had grown up together, attended the same school, played on the same team, and now, both had lost their cherries at about the same time on the same day on the same island in America.

Jay and Ritu joined Rick and Naina for some snacks and a glass of wine. When the wine was finished, the sun was settling lower in the western sky.

He knew he could find his way back to the house after dark, but it wouldn’t be much fun. The boat was equipped with G.P.S. and it could guide them home over the dark water. However, Rick much preferred seeing where he was going.

Rick suggested to his guests, “We should be heading back to the house soon. We should also probably go for a quick swim to rinse off the sand before leaving.”

The girls jumped up and ran into the water. The guys followed at a more leisurely pace. They looked at each other and chuckled. The girls were waist deep in the water and vigorously rinsing their devirginated pussies. Ritu said to her friend, “That sand gets in everything.”

Naina giggled and replied, “Yes, and it makes it sore too.”

Both girls giggled and dove into the water. They swam the few yards to where the guys were rinsing off. They then went back to shore. After they loaded their gear back into the boat, Rick and Jay pushed the craft back into the lake from where Rick had nosed it onto the beach. The girls then boarded. Rick stated the engine, and Jay untied the bow line from the tree and jumped aboard.

Rick idled away from the beach while Jay passed out the life jackets. As the Mercury warmed up, they all took seats. Jay sat near the stern and Ritu sat sideways on his lap with her arm around his neck. Naina sat on the carpeted deck next to Rick. It was dusk as Rick pushed the throttle forward and headed home. The Merc came to life and sang its powerful song as it smoothly propelled them toward the lake house.

After a few minutes, Naina looked back at Jay and Ritu to be sure she wasn’t being watched. She then rubbed Rick’s leg high on his thigh. Rick looked down and blew her a kiss. Naina reached up and gently rubbed Rick’s cock through his trunks. “I am sore, but I still want some more of this.”

Rick bent over, kissed her lips, and replied, “I think we can manage that after we get back to the house.”

Naina needn’t have worried about Ritu seeing her pet Rick. Ritu and Jay were themselves busy cuddling and petting. Jay’s hand was under Ritu’s life jacket and suit top as he fondled her tit. Ritu groaned loudly and squirmed in his lap as Jay firmly squeezed her hardened nipple. “Oh Jay, that feels so nice.”

After a while, Ritu stood and faced Jay. She spread her legs, straddled his lap, and sat on his hard trunk covered cock. She kissed him passionately, while grinding her crotch into his. Jay used both hands to firmly fondle the beautiful girls tits. Ritu’s loud moans and groans were conveniently covered by the sound of the Mercury as it pushed them across Lake Hartwell.

As Rick approached the lake house, he throttled back and idled toward the dock. Jay made his way to the bow. Rick eased the boat into its slip, and Jay leaped to the dock. He secured the bow line and walked to the end of the dock where Ritu tossed him the stern line. Jay quickly had the stern secured to the dock. Rick then shut the engine down and the guys assisted the girls out of the boat.

As they entered the house, Rick offered his quests the use the shower.

Ritu and Naina eagerly accepted. Rick showed them to the large shower room and its linen closet. He pointed out the fluffy guest’s robes hanging one the back of the door. Naina and Ritu used the shower at the same time. They weren’t attracted to each other, but had been friends and teammates for so long it just seemed normal. Since they had been traveling with their volleyball team, they usually had to share the showers with a dozen other girls. The whole shower for just the two of them was a luxury.

As he closed the shower room door, Rick heard them chattering and giggling like a pair of elementary school girls. Rick chuckled to himself. He figured the girls were probably comparing notes on their day.

The guys unloaded the boat while waiting their turns in the shower. When the girls came out of the shower, Jay took his turn. Rick followed after Jay.

When the girls came into the living room, Jay was at the door looking at the sun setting over Lake Hartwell. The lake was glowing bright orange and appeared to have been set on fire by the sun. Ritu and Naina came up behind him. He asked, “Beautiful sight, isn’t it?”

A s she loosely put her arms around Jay from behind, Ritu replied, “Yes it is.” She then stepped back and asked him, “What do you think of this?”

Naina rolled her eyes and left the living room to get something to drink in the kitchen.

Jay turned to face Ritu.

She had taken a step back and held her robe wide open for him to see her body. She was nude under the robe, and Jay liked what he saw, and he said so, “That’s as beautiful as the sunset. No! It’s much better than that.”

He then noticed there was a little something different about Ritu. While she and Naina had been in the shower, she had shaved her bush. She was then as bald as a pre-adolescent. Jay reached out, and squeezed both of her tits.

Ritu smiled and groaned her approval.

He then took her nipples between he thumb and forefinger and pulled her body close. Releasing her nipples, he wrapped his arms around her under the robe. Grabbing her ass and pulling, Jay pressed Ritu’s pelvis tightly to his own.

Ritu could feel Jay’s inflating cock pressing firmly to her freshly shaven mound. When Jay tightly squeezed her ass, Ritu groaned again and ground her baby smooth mound against Jay’s cock.

Reaching between them, Jay gently petted Ritu’s bald pussy and asked, “How are you feeling?”

Ritu laid her head on Jay’s shoulder and said, “I am sore, but I don’t care. I want to do it again.”

That’s when Naina returned from the kitchen. Seeing Jay and her best friend fondling each other, she decided she would leave them alone. Watching Jay and Ritu had reawakened twinges of need deep in her core as well. She quietly left the room, and headed to the shower room to join Rick.

As Naina left the living room, Jay released Ritu’s ass. She softly whined and Jay realized she needed more than loving. She needed to be taken.

Jay firmly grabbed and squeezed both of Ritu’s tits. She closed her eyes and groaned.

“Loose the robe, Ritu.” Jay told her.

The young exotic beauty did as she had been told. She shrugged the robe off her shoulders and dropped her arms. The robe slid down her arms and back into a pile at her feet.

Ritu stood naked before Jay. Her pert C-cup tits and hard nipples stood firmly out from her chest. Jay gazed at her appreciatively. She again whined from the lack of the contact she desired.

Jay turned Ritu to face away from him. He gently pushed her from behind toward an adjoining bedroom. She needed no further prompting. With a wide grin on her face, Ritu walked toward the room. As she walked, Jay watched her taut ass sway with each step. His cock immediately sprang to full erection.

Once in the bedroom, Jay dropped his robe as well. From behind, he took her tits into his firm hands and hugged her back tightly to his chest. Using her tits as handles, he guided Ritu away from the bed and toward the end of a large couch next to a window.

As they walked, Ritu could feel Jay’s hard cock pressing into the crack of her ass. When they reached the end of the couch, Jay again pulled her back tightly to his body. As his cock nestled into the crack of Ritu’s ass, she groaned and pushed her ass back.

Jay firmly kneaded Ritu’s tits and hard nipples. She was moaning her approval and laid her head back on Jay’s shoulder.

Jay slid one of his hands down Ritu’s body to her freshly shaved pussy. As he cupped his hand over her mound, Ritu stepped out sideways with her left leg and spread her legs.

Jay slid a finger through her slit and Ritu spread her legs even wider. He fingered her slit and clit until she was soaking wet and moaning loudly.

Ritu alternated between pushing back to feel Jay’s cock in her ass’ crack, and thrusting forward to get more of his fingering. She breathlessly whispered into Jay’s ear, “Please, do it to me again, Jay.”

Meanwhile, Naina had gone to the shower room and softly knocked on the door.

Rick called out, “Who is it?”

“It’s Naina.” She answered.

“Come on in, Naina.”

She stepped in and closed the door behind her. Steam had made the glass shower door opaque and Rick was a blur to Naina. She stood quietly, not knowing what to say. Her stare was riveted on the obscured image on the other side of the glass.

“What is it, Naina?” Rick asked, “Is something wrong?”

She explained, “No! There’s nothing wrong. Jay and Ritu are busy with each other and I just wanted to come up her and be with you.”

A s he pushed the shower door ajar, Rick asked, “I know you’ve already had a shower, but would you like to join me for another one?” He extended his inviting arm to Naina.

She hesitated briefly, then hung her robe on the shower room door and stepped into the steamy shower with Rick. He was already aroused just by the thought of the beautiful Naina standing nearly naked on the other side of the glass.

She couldn’t help but stare at the fat seven-inch cock standing upright before her. She found it hard to believe that thing had fit inside her small body. The sight of Rick’s cock had her mesmerized.

Rick broke her trance when he held out his soapy wash cloth and asked, “Naina honey, would you mind washing my back. I have a hard time reaching back there.”

“Huh? Oh yes! I will be happy to wash your co... er... back.” She reached out and took the wash cloth from Rick.

He turned his back to her and chuckled at how she had been startled by his words.

Naina slowly, almost lovingly, lathered Rick’s back. As she worked the soapy cloth over Rick’s back, she too became more and more aroused. When she had his back thoroughly lathered, she leaned forward and used her large breasts and flat belly to clean him. She firmly slid her body all over Rick’s back.

Rick could feel Naina’s hard nipples against his skin as she moved her breasts over his back. He slowly turned and Naina continued washing his body with her own. Rick encircled Naina with his strong arms and pulled her tightly to his chest. She immediately felt Rick’s cock press into her abdomen.

She moaned and seemed to melt into Rick’s large muscular body. He stroked her hair as she laid her head on his chest. He gently pulled her head back by her hair tilting her face up. He looked deep into her dark eyes. They had that dreamy look again. Just as on the beach, another unspoken communication took place between their eyes.

Rick leaned forward and passionately kissed her waiting lips. Naina moved her arms from around his chest and wrapped them around his neck. She firmly returned the kiss.

Rick then bent slightly and grabbed Naina’s ass with both hands. He lifted her, as he had done in the water at the island. He lifted her until they were eye level with each other.

They continued to kiss until he pulled back and told her, “Put your legs around my waist, Baby.”

When she did as Rick asked, he slowly lowered her body.

“Aauh, ummm.” She gasped then moaned when his ridged cock found it mark and entered her pussy. She kept moaning as Rick slowly lowered her body until she was fully impaled on his cock. She groaned deeply as the head of Rick’s cock pressed solidly against her cervix.

For several minutes, Rick let Naina ‘sit’ on his cock. Only when she began wiggling her ass and squirming on the cock filling her pussy did Rick lift he a little. He then let her down again.

“Ummm, oh Rick! That feels so good.” Naina cooed.

“You sure do, princess. You feel great.” Rick then slowly and repeatedly raised and lowered Naina’s body. Her breath became raspy and she repeatedly clinched and relaxed her legs. Her vaginal muscles were rhythmically flexing as she worked her legs.

Rick gradually increased the speed and force of Naina’s impaling. He was soon rapidly bouncing her hungry pussy on his cock. His cock’s head hit her cervix each time he dropped her down.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh!” Naina gasped with each thrust into her core. Her orgasm washed over her and she pressed down as hard as she could on the cock filling her.

Rick pushed down on her hips and ground deep into her horny hole as he erupted. Her cervix was washed in cum for the second time that day as he filled the depths of her pussy.

As her orgasm faded, Naina melted onto Rick’s chest. Her own weight kept his cock pressed deep in her hole.

After a tender kiss, Rick lifted Naina off his cock and stood her on the shower floor. His cum and her juices were running down the inside of her thighs. As they tenderly hugged and kissed, Rick caressed her head and back.

He again soaped the wash cloth and thoroughly cleaned Naina’s entire body. She giggled as he gently cleaned the tender flesh of her pussy. When he had finished washing her, Rick playfully swatted Naina’s butt, and they stepped out of the shower. Rick took a fluffy oversized towel, pulled it over his shoulders, and wrapped Naina in his arms. The towel easily covered them both. Their eyes remained locked on each other as he toweled their bodies dry.

While Rick and Naina were bouncing their way through an orgasmic shower, Jay silently guided Ritu to the end of the large couch in a bedroom off the living room. He was still close behind her and his hard cock pressed into the crack of her ass. Without speaking, Jay placed a hand between Ritu’s shoulder blades and gently pushed.

Ritu obediently bent over the arm of the couch. When Jay slid his finger through her wet pussy lips, Ritu spread her legs as wide as she could.

Patting Ritu’s ass with one hand, Jay used the other to place the head of his cock at her pussy’s entrance. She moaned as Jay pushed his cock’s head into her horny pussy. She groaned and pushed back.

Ritu has such a cute tight little ass. Jay couldn’t resist. He gave her right cheek a firm swat just hard enough to make it crack.

Ritu stood partially up but quickly returned to her bent over position. She wiggled her ass and pushed back. She smiled over her shoulder at Jay.

Jay slid a little more cock into Ritu and swatted her left cheek.

Ritu moaned and pushed back again, taking more of Jay’s hard cock into herself. She was getting a strange pleasure from Jay’s swats to her ass. Even her father had never spanked her, and here she was getting pleasure from Jay’s swats to her ass while he fucked her.

Jay then roughly grabbed Ritu’s hips and drove his cock fully into her pussy’s depths. As he hit her cervix, she cried out, “Oh yes! Do it to me again, Jay.” She then groaned and pushed her ass back toward Jay.

Jay gave her ass a few more firm slaps and her cheeks started to turn red. He used her hips for leverage and pounded into Ritu’s cock hungry hole. Time after time, Jay drove his cock into her depths. Each time he pulled back, he slapped her ass.

“Umph, umph, umph, umph.” Ritu grunted each time Jay rammed into her and then slapped her ass on the out stroke. As her orgasm built, she grew louder and louder. With her ass glowing and Jay pounding her pussy, Ritu’s orgasm exploded within her. She screamed, “Yesss! Fuck me! I am not a fragile doll! I am a real woman! Fuck me hard, Jay!”

Jay was only too happy to oblige and gave Ritu what she wanted. He repeatedly shoved his cock into her depths as hard as he could. He rammed into her cervix with each thrust until his own orgasm took over. He slammed deep into her core and bathed her cervix with his cum for the second time that day.

Ritu moaned loudly and fell face first to the cushions of the couch. Her ass with its pink glow was held up by the couch’s arm.

Jay stood weak-kneed behind her letting his cock soak and slowly soften in Ritu’s hot pussy. When his cock softened, he pulled out of her and helped Ritu to stand. He turned her to face him, and they hugged tenderly.

She whispered into Jay’s ear, “I am sorry I yelled like that. I am so embarrassed. That was the most amazing thing I have ever felt.” Tears were streaking down her cheeks.

Jay kissed her tears away, and said, “It’s alright, Ritu. You can yell all you want if you like. I hope I didn’t hurt your butt too much with the spanking, but you did seem to like it.”

“It is strange. The spanking made me even more lustful than I have ever been before. I have never been spanked. It hurt, but you are right. I liked it. It made me want you even more,” Ritu said as they tightly hugged each other.

That’s when Rick and Naina walked into the living room. They could see Jay and Ritu hugging, but more importantly, they could see her ass glowing pink.

Rick called out to his friend. “Hey partner, was she a bad girl and needed a spanking? We heard her yelling, but it didn’t sound like she was being punished.”

Ritu kept hugging Jay and used him as a shield to hide her nude body from Rick’s view.

“Oh she was not bad at all. She was very very good. But, she did need a spanking.” Jay then gently patted Ritu’s glowing ass, and she grinned. “Please, hand me our robes, buddy.”

Picking up the robes and handed them to Jay, Rick told them, “OK, but you two might want to take another quick shower and get dressed. Jay, we’re taking our guests to dinner at that seafood place near the Anderson mall.”

“We don’t have the clothes to go to a nice place to eat. Please Rick, can’t we stay here? Naina pleaded.

Ritu added, “Yes! Please let us stay here. We will be happy with anything you have to eat. Remember, we don’t have to be back until Sunday. I can not speak for Naina, but I want to spend as much time as I can with Jay.”

Then Naina continued, “Yes! I want to stay here with you, Rick.”

“Nonsense! The clothes you have will be fine. You have to let us take you out to dinner. We may never see you again after tomorrow. Besides, how else can Jay and I show off our beautiful and exotic new friends.”

Naina begged, “Please, Rick. We really would rather stay here with you and Jay.”

Rick relented. “Alright, if that’s what you really want. Who am I to argue when such beautiful ladies want to stay home with us? Let me go see what I can find to cook for dinner.”

Rick headed into the kitchen followed closely by Naina. Jay and Ritu went to take a quick shower. The cum running down her legs was beginning to get a little sticky.

Rick and Naina rummaged through the refrigerator looking for something to cook for dinner. Rick told Naina, “We have steaks I can grill. I can make a pizza. There’s some...”

Naina loudly interrupted, “Hotdogs!”

W ith an amused look, Rick asked, “Hotdogs, Naina? You want hotdogs?”

“Yes! Hotdogs! Remember, we eat fancy meals all the time. Would you mind cooking us some hotdogs?” Naina seemed almost excited by the hotdogs.

With a chuckle, Rick agreed, “Your wish is my command, Princess. How about if I grill them?” Rick then added with a laugh, “McDonald’s for lunch and hotdogs for dinner. You Indian girls sure are cheap dates.”

Naina giggled then slyly grinned, “We can be very expensive at times, but are we not worthy of it?”

Rick hugged Naina and replied, “Yes you are, Baby. You certainly are worth it.”

In about 10 to 15 minutes, Jay and Ritu came from the shower. He had the same reaction when he found Rick grilling the dogs for dinner. “Hotdogs? You’re going to feed these two wonderful girls hotdogs?”

“I swear, Jay. That’s what Naina wanted.”

Ritu took Jay’s arm and chimed in, “Jay, hotdogs will be wonderful. We never get them.”

It was well after dark when Rick served the dogs and all the trimmings out on the deck facing the lake. “Jay, would you mind grabbing a bottle of wine?”

Jay agreed, “Sure. What kind of wine goes with hotdogs?”

Rick laughed, and said, “I’m not sure. Something red with a cork in it, maybe?”

Jay went to the pantry to retrieve a bottle of red wine.

After dinner, Rick dimmed the deck’s lights. As they sipped their wine, they enjoyed watching the lights dance on the surface of Lake Hartwell. The gentle breeze made little wavelets on the lake. The moonlight and other lights looked like a million diamonds floating on the surface of the water. The girls were nearly hypnotized by the twinkling lights on the water.

The young couples cuddled and gently petted until the second bottle of wine was gone. By then it was nearing midnight. It had been a long and eventful day for all of them.

“Ladies, I hate to break the mood. It is getting late, and you have a long trip ahead of you tomorrow. There are several bedrooms in this house. You may each take a room if you wish.”

Naina spoke up, “Are you kidding? I am sleeping with you, unless you object.”

Ritu added, “And I am sleeping with Jay.”

Rick and Jay, grinning from ear to ear, offered their girls an arm. The girls took the guys arms and were led to separate bedrooms. Rick took Naina to his room. Jay took Ritu to the room he always used on his frequent visits to the lake house with Rick.

Rick closed his bedroom door and took Naina into his arms and gently hugged her. “My beautiful Princess, you have had a strenuous day. If you’d like, we can cuddle a while, or we can just go to sleep.”

Silently, he removed his robe and hung it on the back of the door. Nude, he climbed into bed and flipped the covers back inviting Naina to join him.

She then removed her robe, hung it next to Rick’s and cuddled her nude body up next to him. She scooted up close, laid her head on his shoulder, and placed her hand on his hard stomach. Lying on her side facing Rick, she softly said, “Why don’t we just see what happens. I am awfully sore down there, but you never know. It is true we may never see each other again, and I do not want to leave you wanting.”

Rick pulled Naina up tight to his body, gently kissed her, and said, “Honey, you have already given me much more than I deserved.” As he spoke, he stroked her hair and fondled her ample breasts.

Naina smiled and cuddled closer to Rick. After a few minutes, Rick’s breathing slowed and deepened. He relaxed the hold he had on her breast. Trying not to disturb him, Naina reached down and placed her hand on Rick’s flaccid cock. As he dozed, she carefully petted the thing that had caused her pain. Yet, it had given her so much pleasure as well.

She lay awake on his shoulder watching as her hand slowly aroused Rick’s sleeping manhood. When it had reached its full 7-inch length, Naina wrapped her fingers around it as best she could and started stroking up and down its length. Quietly, she scooted down and laid her head on Rick’s solid belly. In the dim glow of the yard light outside the bedroom window, Naina saw a drop of something appear on the cock’s head. Precum! She remembered seeing it in an old porno one of her college friends had smuggled into their dorm.

Naina wondered to herself, ‘ Do some girls really suck their boyfriend’s penis’ ?” Then she thought, ‘ Why not give it a try. Who is to know? Besides, did not Rick lick my vagina on the beach?’

Carefully, Naina lifter her head and moved closer to the hard cock she was holding. She laid her head down again on Rick’s lower abdomen. Tentatively, she stuck out her tongue and flicked it over the cock’s head. She scooped up the drop of precum. Taking it into her mouth, she tasted it. ‘ It’s not too bad. It really does not have much taste.’

Another drop appeared and another flick of her tongue scooped it up as well. ‘ Not bad at all .’

She lifted her head again and moved a little further down Rick’s body. Opening her mouth wide, Naina took the cock’s head in and laid it on her tongue. It twitched. She then bathed the cock with her tongue.

Slowly, Naina took more and more cock into her mouth, just like she had seen the girl in the porno do. When the cock touched the back of her mouth, she gagged and pulled back a little. Again and again, Naina pushed her head down and took Rick’s cock into her warm wet mouth. When she tightened her lips around the shaft of the cock in her mouth, she began sucking.

She thought to herself, ‘Mmmmm. I am giving Rick a blow-job. My first blow-job.’ She almost giggled. She bobbed and sucked and licked and stroked. Naina was enjoying herself even if Rick was asleep. She thought, 'Too bad he is missing all the fun.’

Rick had awoken, but Naina wasn’t aware of it. She thought it was just a natural reflex when he rocked his pelvis to feed his cock deeper into her mouth. When he gently patted her ass, a startled Naina jumped and pulled off Rick’s cock.

“Don’t stop, Baby. What you were doing felt so nice. You were doing great,” Rick crooned.

“I was?” She asked. “I’ve never done this before.”

Rick pleaded with Naina, “You certainly were. Please don’t stop.”

Without another word, Naina returned to her first blow-job. She worked his cock with a little more vigor now that she knew Rick was awake.

Mean while, Jay and Ritu had returned to the bedroom they had been in earlier. She had gotten spanked and fucked from behind at the same time earlier in that room. They dropped their robes from their nude bodies and hugged before climbing into bed. They cuddled close and fondled each other.

Ritu said, “Jay, this had been such a wonderful day. I have learned so much about myself and my body. You are the first man to treat me like a woman, not a fragile doll they were afraid to break. I wish I didn’t have to leave tomorrow.”

“Ritu Honey, you are a beautiful woman that I hope to see again. The sooner I can see you again the better. I graduate in a month, and I have some very good job prospects. Let’s stay in touch and as soon as I can, we’ll get together again. If you want to, that is. Now that I‘ve found you, I don’t ever want to loose you. Who knows what the future may hold. And speaking of holding.” Jay took the tit he had been holding and squeezed firmly.

“Ummmmm,” Ritu moaned her approval.

Jay reached down and petted Ritu’s bald pussy. “How are you feeling, Honey?”

“Sore, but you can have me.” Ritu responded with a kiss.

Jay assured her, “I’ll be gentle.”

“Don’t you dare. I’ve been treated gently for much too long. Jay, please take me like you really want me. I will never be too sore to give myself to you, my lover. Damn it, Jay! Fuck me!” Ritu was horny and even a sore pussy was not going to keep her from getting fucked.

Jay kissed her and crawled between her legs. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her silt until she groaned and raised her knees. He was cradled in her crotch between her legs.

Ritu begged, “Take me now, lover.”

Jay placed his cock at Ritu’s juicy opening and drove in hard and deep.

“OH!” Ritu gasped and pulled Jay down hard on top of her body. She loved the feeling of his chest crushing her tits.

As Jay repeatedly drove his cock into Ritu’s tender pussy, she pulled her knees up to her chest fully offering her sore hole to his invading cock. “Umph, umph, umph. Oh Jay! Do me hard.”

Jay took Ritu’s ankles and shoved them over her head. Her pelvis rocked up a little more, and he repeatedly drove his cock into her hungry hole. He hit her cervix with each thrust. Jay drove into her faster and faster until he erupted. Driving as deep into her as he could, Jay pumped his load of cum deep in her hot horny hole. For the third time that day, Jay bathed Ritu’s cervix with his cum.

Ritu’s legs shot straight up. They looked like a giant V with Jay in the middle. As her orgasm rocked her, she yelled. “Yess! Give me your cum! Oh Jay, yes!” As her orgasm continued to control her, Ritu lowered her legs and rapidly and repeatedly thrust up to meet Jay’s cock.

All Jay could do was tightly hug Ritu, hang on, and enjoy the wildest pussy ride he’d ever gotten.

With her final thrust, Ritu’s feet and shoulders were the only part of her body still on the bed. The rest of her body and Jay’s were lifted into the air as they shuddered to the end of their mutual climaxes.

Jay could feel Ritu’s pussy walls constricting around his cock, then relaxing, only to do it over and over until she collapsed beneath him.

The two lovers remained locked together until they fell asleep.

Just as Naina was about to resume giving Rick her first blow-job, they heard Ritu yelling. Naina giggled and said, “Ritu is becoming a real sex addict.” She then went back to sucking Rick’s cock.

With light caresses and touches, Rick helped guide Naina through her first blow-job. As his balls tightened and his cock swelled, his orgasm approached. Rick quietly told Naina, “Honey, I’m about to cum. If you don’t want a mouth full of cum, you better quit.”

Naina bravely shook her head no and mumbled. “Hum umm!” She seemed to suck all the harder. When Rick erupted in the mouth, she quit bobbing and licking but continued to suck.

Rick could see her throat moving as she swallowed. When she finished and pulled her mouth off his cock, she kissed its head. She sat up and her wide grin indicated her mouth was empty.

“Wow! Baby, that was great.” Rick asked, “So, what do you think of oral sex now that you’ve tried it?”

She answered, “It was fun, and I liked it. Your cum was a little too salty, but I can get used to it.

Rick pulled her down to him and kissed her. They cuddled until dozing off to sleep.

They all awoke early Sunday morning. Rick made breakfast. It was a rather somber group that ate their pancakes. No one wanted to talk about it, but they all knew their time together was getting short. The girls would be leaving town in a matter of hours.

Rick opened the subject first. “Ladies, I think I can speak for Jay as well when I say we have loved having you as our guests and lovers. We must stay in contact. We must promise to see each other again as soon as possible. Especially you Naina. You have been so special to me.”

Jay added, “Rick is right. Ritu, you have made such a wonderful impression on me....”

Ritu interrupted, “Not as much of an impression as you made on, and in, me.” She rubbed her ass and everyone laughed.

“None the less,” Jay continued, “I will come find you as soon as I get settled in a good job.”

Hugging him tightly, Ritu whispered into Jay’s ear. “I’ll be waiting for you, my love.”

They all then exchanged phone numbers and email addresses before preparing to leave the house. Not wanting to make a scene in the middle of the university campus, they hugged and kissed each other there in the kitchen.

They then got in Rick’s Mustang and slowly drove back to campus. A brief hug and the guys watched Naina and Ritu board the bus that would take them to the Greenville/Spartanburg Airport. There they would catch a flight to Chicago O’Hare.

As the bus drove away and disappeared into the distance, Jay said, “Rick, old’ buddy, your going to think I’m crazy. I’ve only known her one day, but I think I’m in love with Ritu.”

“I know what you mean, partner.” Rick seemed to be off in a world of his own, “I know what you mean.”

Perhaps they were both in another world. Perhaps their thoughts were already in India with Naina and Ritu.

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