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Introduced to a new friend

continuing with Harvey
After we had fucked Julie, we didn't get together with her again for weeks. In the meantime my wife whom I shall call Sherry from now on, was still on the prowl. Sherry had not been very successful in finding anyone of interest until we were at the club and Harvey showed up and had a friend with him.

They joined us at our table and Harvey introduced us to Jake. Jake stood about 6' or so, and of course fit and trim and looked "inspection ready" with a shaved head. Very handsome with large guns that stretched his shirt sleeve.

Sherry gave me a knowing wink and I knew where this could head, and my cock got hard in my pants.

It was about 8 pm and we had already finished our dinner. Music was not going to start until 9 so we had a drink and sat there chatting. Harvey gave me a nod and headed to the mens room. I excused myself and left for the mens room too with Jake at the table with Sherry.

When I entered we went straight to the urinals, and I had a hard on and can't pee when my cock is hard. I noticed Harvey was hard too so we just stood there until our cocks got a little soft and peed. I asked Harvey what was up with Jake? He said Jake was an old shipmate and he had just run into him again, so they were renewing old memories.

Harvey looked at me and said "Jake is well hung but I have not told him anything about you and Sherry". "We were aboard another ship together and I have seen him in the shower". "I think Sherry would like him".

I told him we would see what the reaction and chemistry might be and maybe it could work out if she is interested.

The band was setting up as we returned to the table, and Sherry and Jake seemed to be in deep conversation. She looked up at me as we returned and gave me a little crooked smile, and I immediately knew she was interested in Jake.

Jake asked if I minded him dancing with Sherry, and I said of course. As long as she is willing I have no objections. I watched as they danced and I could see she had him in a close hold on the dance floor. When the song ended, Jake returned to the table, and Sherry went to the ladies room.
When she returned, she took my hand and under the table placed her wet panties in it. GAME ON!

Sherry looked at the two of them and said "Why don't you two come home with us"? It is too noisy in here and we can have a drink and be able to chat at home. We got in our respective cars and on the drive home Sherry was telling me she had felt his cock against her while they were dancing and she wanted it. I assumed that Harvey was filling Jake in on what could happen once we got to our home.

We arrived and I went to the kitchen to prepare a few snacks and get drinks for everyone. It took about 10 minutes and when I returned to the living room, Sherry was sitting next to Jake on the couch and her hand was on his thigh. I put the snacks down first and returned to the kitchen for the drinks, but stayed in the kitchen a little longer than necessary. I came back into the living room and was greeted by the sight of her holding Jake's cock in her hand, and what a cock it was. Harvey was not wasting any time either. He stood up and started getting undressed.

I sat the drinks down but no one was interested at this point. I decided I would just watch for a moment and started to undress also. Now Harvey and I are naked, Sherry has a double hand full of big black cock and is stroking it. The head appears from under the foreskin and it looks like an over ripe plum, shinny with pre cum. Sherry wasted no time as she got what she could between her lips and started sucking it. She could only manage to get part of the head in her mouth because it was just too big.

I reached out for Harveys cock and he took mine in his hand and we stroked each other as we watched. Sherry was doing all she could with what was in her mouth and I could see her tongue was bathing that cock and I knew she was sucking as much pre cum in as she could get.

Finally she took it out of her mouth and pulled her dress over her head. Since she had taken her panties off earlier she was nude instantly. Her big tits exposed and the nipples were like bullets. Jake stood and dropped his pants and underwear kicked his shoes off and stepped out of his pants puddled around his ankles. When he stood erect to take his shirt off, I saw and gasped at the size of his cock. He was about 9 inches, but the head and girth were what made it outstanding. It looked like a tree trunk, and black as coal. Sherry went to her knees and took the head in her mouth again.

Jake was moaning and told her to stop as she was going to make him cum and he wanted to fuck her not cum in her mouth. She sat on the edge of the couch and he knelt between her legs and licked her cunt. She was ready because her panties had been wet at the club, and her juices were evident on her thighs. He rose and sucked a tit as he moved his cock forward. Sherry moved her legs as far apart as she could, feet in the air and accepted his cock head at the entrance.

I was fascinated to see the head disappear little by little and she was squirming hard to try to help it slip in. Harvey and I were both transfixed at the sight, and had quit stroking, we were just holding each others cocks. Finally, the head popped in to her cunt, and she squealed a little. "Easy big boy, EASY"! I have to adjust to this. He stopped pushing and let her adjust to the size of that head in her cunt. After a minute he started to push in and pull out in very small strokes. She was gritting her teeth but I knew she was loving it too.

I couldn't stand it so I dropped to my knees and sucked Harvey's cock into my mouth. I was trying to get it down my throat, and his pre cum was flooding my mouth. Watching Jake's cock enter Sherry had him flowing. I was loving the taste and relaxed my throat and he slid in until his balls were on my chin and my nose buried in his belly.

Harvey fucked my throat and moved so I knew he wanted to lay down on the floor. I let him get flat on his back and maneuvered into a 69 with him. I again deep throated his cock and sucked like I was possessed. I felt him stiffen and knew he was going to shoot so I took it out of my throat to enjoy the cum as it exploded. I licked and sucked as he came, and swallowing was not a problem, as I have said before, he is not a heavy cummer.

Harvey stopped sucking me and we both sat in the floor and watched as Jake fucked my wife. Sherry by this time had him balls deep and her legs locked behind his back. Sitting in the floor I had a magnificent view of that cock going in and out of her. Her cunt looked like it was going to turn inside out when he backed out, but her juices were flowing and his cock was coated in pussy juice.

He fucked her gently but went to the balls on each thrust, moved back to about half way out and went back in again. I was fascinated watching that cock disappear. Finally I saw his ass clench and he stopped stroking. He just had it buried to the hilt and I knew he was filling her with his cum.

No movement for a minute or so and I saw Sherry relax her legs and move them down off his back. Jake slowly started to slide out of her cunt. I moved quickly to be there when he came out of her. I wanted the first taste of her and Jakes juices. His cock came out and I quickly got my mouth planted over her cunt and my tongue in her as far as I could. She was overflowing with cum, and I was getting it as fast as I could.

Meanwhile, Harvey had moved close to us and he took Jakes cock in his mouth as it softened and he was enjoying their combined juices as he cleaned Jake's cock. I moved some more so I was directly in line with her cunt and put her legs over my shoulders. I just didn't want any of this escaping. Sherry had not screamed while she was fucked but I knew she had orgasmed a couple times. I sucked and licked and her legs over my shoulders were just like wet noodles. She was just limp.

Meanwhile, while I am drinking at her fountain, I feel a finger beginning to probe my ass and a hand reaching under for my cock. I wasn't sure who was behind me, and didn't really care, but whomever it was they were not shoving a cock in me without some lube and prep. Especially if it was Jake, but I knew he was spent.

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