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Jackson and Catalina

The Dumont's are at it again.......

This is a second version of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Dumont and their wild adventures.

Jackson and Catalina had celebrated with one another in the locker room. Drinking champagne, taking pictures with friends and teammates, laughing and joking around. After the locker room celebration, the happy couple went back to the hotel to have their private celebration. After walking in and getting settled, Catalina went into the bathroom to change while Jackson kicked back and watched highlights on ESPN of the game and all the plays he had made. 15 minutes later, Cat emerged from the bathroom in nothing but a black laced thong and one of his jerseys cut in half exposing her stomach. She had the most beautiful stomach he had ever seen and that was one of his favorite parts to play with. He was lucky to have found a woman so beautiful and exotic.

"Wow, you look beautiful." He said to her standing up with his 6'3" frame. Their eyes met and then their lips followed. He picked her up and he laid down onto the bed with her straddling him. He ran his hands across her chest while looking at her. She too did the same to him, pinching his nipples softly.

"That feels good....." He was lost in a buzzed state and her aura just made him lost in complete arousal.

"You haven't seen anything yet sweetie. This is part one of what I have planned for us...."she said to him, running her finger over her lips.

"I'm looking forward to that." He replied back.

She started to kiss his lips, cheeks, nibble his ears and neck, bite and kiss his chest, tickle his navel and when she got down to his jeans and unzipped them, his cock was completely erect with a little bit of precum leaking out. She flicked her tongue across the head and swirled it around before taking it inside of her mouth. One thing she learned well while being married to him was the art of deep throating and she became very good at it. Jackson had to grab the sheets real tight because he felt like he was going to burst right into her mouth. Luckily, she pulled out in time for him. She knew exactly what makes him cum quick and what makes him cum after a long period of time. He played 4 quarters already but she wanted overtime!

"Not yet baby, not yet." She said. She then got up and took the jersey and thong and threw them to the side. "Come here" she tells him and he follows.

She went to the couch and laid back spreading her legs apart, rubbing her clit. Besides his cock, she loved the wasy he went down on her. Some of her best orgasms came from his mouth alone. He went down and attacked her cunt with a ferocious nature. Her head was spinning from the oral treatment she was receiving. She knew Jackson had a tongue piercing, but the ring he had in his mouth was a vibrating one and she placed it on her clit which sent her into orbit.

"Yes,yes,yes I'm a cummmmmmm........." She screamed out. She then let out a stream of cum that shot straight into his mouth and he happliy swallowed it all.  He kissed her cunt some more, and now he wanted his dick inside of it.....badly.

"It's my turn now babe." He said to her. She stood up, turned around and bent over the couch sticking her beautiful ass out, her pussy was dripping cum and she wanted more cum to drip out. He took his cock and placed the head on the edge of her cunt lips, she felt him right there and she wanted it all in there right now so he slowly slid it inside of her and proceeded to stroke slowly. Another 5 strokes later, another orgasm.

"Oh yes, fuck me papi, keep fucking me..."her voice got louder by the second and Jackson quickened his pace on her so fast he felt like the road runner. His cock was pounding in and out of her so fast he was offin his own world. Cat damn sure did not mind at all, she loved it when he fucked her hard.

"Fuuucccckkkkkk, it feels so good. Don't stop" She cried out as he kept pounding away. Jackson was already one hour into the fun. He slowed down, pulled out and she sat on him and rode him for another hour. He played with her clit to have her have more orgasms. Jackson was ready to cum in her right now.

"Ah shit, I'm a cum right now.....AHHHHHH." His back arched on her and she squeezed him tightly. He then unloaded about seven hard shots of cum deep into her womb. She just dropped on him and held him, his cock still inside of her and they kissed and played with each other the rest of the night.

Cat was very happy and so was he, but Jackson was curious about her surprise.

"So what is your surprise babe?" he asked.

"Well baby, where we are going for our honeymoon you will get to meet my cousins. And I have a picture of them all. Trust me you'll like it." She reached for it and he looked at it and all of her female cousins were hot as hell.

"You know any teammates that'll meet us where were going?" She asked. He knew what she was getting at and he was happy to oblige.

"I know of a few that'll be perfect. I'll call them in the morning." He replied.

"I love you." She said.

"I love you too sweetie." He replied back.

They went to sleep side by side. Jackson knew he had to work and work fast. Cat on the other hand wanted to see how far his sexual desires would go with her cousins. What will happen????

Come back and find out.

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