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Karen and the Small Town Sheriff, Conclusion

Our first anniversary did not go as planned.

Karen is very competitive; bullheaded to a fault, but can also be entirely submissive. More than once, this combination has gotten her in trouble, and tonight would be one of those times.

When we got to the station, they paraded us handcuffed and still naked up the sidewalk and through the front door.

Inside the small station were an office area in front and two small and one giant cell in the back. It was sweltering as there was no air conditioning.

The deputy escorted me into one of the small cells on the right, and they removed my handcuffs. I could see that the more massive cell across from me contained a half dozen or so men. I figured that this was their drunk tank.

A third deputy was manning the station. The sheriff had him remove Karen's handcuffs. He then walked her over to the cell across from me. He had her bend over and hold on to the bars of the cell. The sheriff told the deputy that he and the other deputy had already fucked her and that it was now his turn.

Without being told, Karen spread her legs wide, offering herself to the deputy. She was in full view of me and the six men in the cell.

The deputy undid his pants and inserted himself into my wife as he started to fuck her. As her massive breasts dangled from her chest, the men in the cell grabbed them roughly through the cell bars. It did not take the deputy long as he plunged deep and filled her with his hot seed.

He pulled out of Karen. His cum trickled out of her pussy and started to run down the insides of her widely spread legs.

The sheriff decided that it was again his turn to fuck my wife. He started fucking her more roughly than he did the first time. He pulled out of her now well-used pussy and rammed his cum covered dick into her ass.

Karen was not happy with this as she does not like anal sex. She forced a smile on her face. She was not about to let him see just how much she hated fucking that way. He fucked her hard and fast, smiling all the time. After he again came deep inside her, then he pulled out. Cum now gushed from both her ass and pussy.

The sheriff told the first deputy he could have her again. He was quick to insert his dick into her and after a while deposited another load of his cum into her pussy. Even more cum now ran down her legs. Karen continued to smile.

The sheriff asked her how she was enjoying her evening, and if she had enough.

Karen would not admit that she had enough and said, “If that's all you have, then yes.”

The sheriff looked confused. He commented that apparently Karen had not had enough and wanted to be fucked some more.

I had watched as the three men fucked my wife. They had five times deposited their full load of cum deep inside her.

The sheriff walked her over to the door to the cell across from me. The sheriff ordered the six men to sit on the floor at the back of the cell. The men sat there, their eyes fixated on Karen's still naked body. He then opened the cell door.

I figured he felt that she would say “No,” so that the sheriff would have won when she had him stop. He was wrong. I knew that Karen would not let him win  To say no, would be her admitting defeat. Karen turned towards the sheriff and smiled at him as she walked into the cell and shut the door behind her. I thought that Karen felt that the sheriff would stop it now, that he would not let it go any further.

We were both wrong. The sheriff then locked the door to the cell behind her. Karen was still totally naked and now very vulnerable to the six men in the cell with her. She was covered in sweat and had the sheriff and deputies' cum running down the insides of her legs.

Karen had now allowed herself to be locked in a cell with six drunken men who had just watched her get fucked by the sheriff and his two deputies.

Karen was not about to admit defeat. She started strutted back and forth just out of the reach of the men.

The men were dirty and sweaty. The cell smelled of urine and sweat. I had a feeling that I knew what would happen next if the sheriff did not remove her. Karen just continued to smile at the sheriff.

She continued to strut her naked, sweat covered body around the cell. She still looked sexy and beautiful to me.

To all our surprise, Karen then walked to the front of the cell and bent over, grabbed the bars, and again spread her legs wide. She then wiggled her ass seductively. Karen looked at the sheriff and smiled.

The sheriff grabbed Karen’s arms through the bars and handcuffed her through the bottom half of the bars. She was now totally vulnerable to all the six men in the cell. He told the men that they all could fuck her. He was about to turn these men lose on my now helpless wife. I could do nothing but watch what they were about to do to my beautiful wife.

She was not about to let the sheriff win. She turned her head towards the men and told them that she was looking forward to having them fuck her. She wanted to feel their hard dicks deep inside her. She enjoyed the warming sensation she got when a man deposited his hot sperm deep inside her. To my relief, the sheriff did not turn them all loose on her but told everyone that they could take turns fucking her.

The sheriff had the six men line up behind Karen.

The largest of the men in the cell was first. He grabbed Karen by her large breasts that hung from her chest and started fucking her. I could see that he was huge. He held her by her tits to keep her close to him. He roughly rammed his massive dick in and out of her. The other men stood in line, waiting for their turn to fuck my wife.

He went deep inside her one last time and came. When he had finished, the sheriff ordered the next guy to fuck Karen and continued until all six prisoners had filled Karen's pussy with cum.

A large puddle of cum had formed under Karen. There was no way her pussy could hold all the cum the men had deposited in her. As each man started to fuck her, cum squirted out around their dicks.

When all six had deposited their seed deep inside her, Karen asked if everyone had enjoyed fucking her. The men all said that they had. I could see in her eyes that she was getting exhausted.

Karen’s comment only made the sheriff madder, so he opened the cell door and added more men to the cell. They continued to fuck Karen until the sun was starting to rise. They continually filled her pussy and ass with cum until Karen had trouble standing up.The sheriff then ordered everyone to the back of the cell. He removed her handcuffs and told Karen to sit down against the bars and relax.

Karen then sat down in the pool of cum that had gushed from her well-used pussy and ass. Everyone stared at her as she sat there with her legs spread wide to balance herself. She was still fully exposed to them. The prisoner's eyes again fixated on her naked body, still covered with sweat and cum.

The sheriff admitted that he did not think she was capable of being fucked by as many men as she did, that she would have stopped him after the sheriff, and his two deputies fucked her. The sheriff commented that Karen was more woman then any man could ever handle. He thoroughly enjoyed her. He then told her that her night of fun was over.

It had been almost six hours since Karen had agreed to be gangbanged by the sheriff and his deputy. She had not expected it to go as far as it did, but since she turned it into a competition, she accepted what happened. To stop it would have had her admitting defeat. She was happy it was over. She knew that she had no control over what they had done to her, but willingly put herself in this position.

The sun was starting to rise when we were loaded into the cruiser and dropped off at the park. Karen still covered in sweat and cum that trickled down the insides of her legs as she walked to the stream.

Karen lay in the refreshing water, washing her body. I held her softly as the cooling water flowed over us.

Karen commented that she felt terrible that I was the only one that had not cum inside of her that night. Over a dozen different men had fucked her. Some had cum in her multiple times. She knew that she had allowed the degradation at the hands of the sheriff. The sex was just sex to her and meant nothing. Karen had allowed her womb as a cum dump for these men.

Karen reminded me that she had always enjoyed the way I made love to her. She wanted me to make love to her. She sat on my lap facing me. I gently inserted my manhood into her. We gently rocked back and forth as the cooling water soothed her abused body. I held her close as I came deep inside her. After a while, we got up and dressed. She wanted to go home.

On the way home, she said she knew she had won. Although it was one of the most disgusting and degrading night she had ever endured, it was the sheriff that said she had enough and not her. He was the one that stopped the gangbang from going any further than it did.

Karen still enjoys strolling naked in parks near our home.

We are always mindful of what happened in Mexico. We are very selective now. We check out each location in advance. We never use the same place two times in a row.

We know that there is always the slight chance that she will be seen or found by others, adding to the excitement for her and me.

My reward is that I get to make love to my beautiful naked wife in the park. If found by others, she will submit willingly to them.


Footnote, Karen enjoys reading your comments, good or bad on her stories, so please comment. She also likes to see suggestions of what you think she can do. If they excite her, your idea may be her next adventure.











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