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Karen and the Tow Truck Drivers

What Karen had to do to keep our car from being towed.

I was working in the garage around ten pm when my sexy wife Karen walked into the garage, naked. She told me that it was a beautiful moonlit night and she wanted to go to the park and enjoy me and the night. Karen knows just how much I appreciate leaving her naked in different parks in the colored part of town.

Those of you that have been following us know that she has gone exposed and vulnerable for as long as it takes to park the car outside of the park and for me to walk into the park to find her. I never know if she will be alone or with a group of young black studs. Either way, it is a delightful night for me, and cum filled night for her.

I asked her where she wanted to go, and she said that she wanted to go to the park that was behind the liquor store and the apartments. We had been there many times before, and it was the first place that she had been caught out naked by a group of five young black studs. That is the riskiest of all the parks that we have visited because the picnic tables are in a pavilion about 250 feet to 300 feet from the back of the liquor store and apartments.

Since Karen had not participated in a gangbang since she ushered in the 2017 New Year with a sizeable impromptu party at the theatre that lasted for well over four hours. Karen fucked everyone that was there at least once, some two or more times, all bareback. I was the last one to make love to her in 2016 and the first one to plant my seed deep inside her womb in 2017.

Karen sat in the car naked as we drove to the park. I let her out just as we always do on the street corner near the pavilion. After she strutted her sexy naked body in front of the car, I drove off to park the car outside the park on the liquor store lot. Karen then walked up the street towards the pavilion, not knowing what she would find when she got there. It takes about twenty minutes for me to return to her, leaving her naked and very vulnerable.

I parked the car and removed a blanket from the trunk for Karen to lay. When I returned, she was standing just outside the pavilion illuminated by the moonlight. She was alone. I hugged and kissed her. We laid the blanket on the top of a picnic table. Karen then laid down on the blanket with her butt cheeks at the edge of the table. She spread her legs wide and held them in the air with her hands behind her knees exposing to me her always inviting pussy.

I mounted Karen, giving her all I had, diving deep into her womb. I took my time making love to her, making it as enjoyable for both of us as I could. She climaxed several times as I stopped to let her recover after each time. I then started all over again. After about a half an hour I could hold back no more. I injected my full load deep into her womb.

As I helped Karen to sit up, she saw that there was a tow truck hooking up to our car. I ran to the car with Karen, still naked, following behind me. When I approached the two large black men with the wrecker, I told them I at least needed to get my wife’s clothes out of the car. They asked why, and I said to them that my wife was naked in the park. They laughed and said that was a new one to them and they would have to see her naked.

By then, Karen had made it up to the back of the liquor store and was standing in the shadows, still naked. After hearing, what the wrecker driver said, she stepped out of the shadows and walked up to them. She put her arms over her head and slowly turned around giving them a full view of her naked body.

"Is this what you wanted to see?" She asked.

She knew the answer before she asked but asked the men what she would need to do to keep them from towing our car.

The man who said he would need to see her naked looked at her and said, “I can see that you have already been fucked at least once tonight by the cum that is leaking from your pussy, so how about we both add to that collection of cum in your cunt?"

Karen looked at me, then said," okay, the more, the merrier, two more loads wouldn’t hurt."

Karen walked to the front of the truck, bent over and spread her legs wide as she grabbed hold of the push bumper on their vehicle. She said, "who’s first?" 

They said they wanted to do her in the park, but Karen told them, “here right now, or never.”

The first and most significant of the two men mounted Karen. He rammed his sizeable black dick deep inside her womb. She then told him she wanted it rough and fast; her pussy could take it. She knew that they would cum faster, the rougher they were with her. He then grabbed hold of her large breasts that hung down and started to ram his dick in and out of her very roughly. She had to hold on to the bumper to keep from having her head bump into it. He was ramming his dick into her that hard. It did not take long for him to plant his seed deep inside her womb.

After the first man finished filling Karen, he pulled out of her as his and my cum gushed from her pussy. His partner mounted her next, and as he did, more cum poured from her pussy as he rammed his dick into her. He was as rough with her as his partner was. He was so excited after seeing his partner fuck Karen that he did not last as long as his partner did, filling her again with a full load of his cum.

When he pulled out, Karen stood up as more cum gushed from her pussy and ran down the insides of her legs. She turned to them and told them; "you got what you wanted, so unhook our car."

They let the car down, thanked Karen for a great ride and said to us that if they saw the car again on the lot, they would just come into the park and fuck her again. She looked up at the security cameras and said they would have a surprise when they viewed the tapes in the morning. She then gave them a hug and a kiss as they got into their truck and drove off.

Karen walked into the park and retrieved our blanket. She squatted down and urinated to flush as much of the cum from her pussy as possible. She then returned to the car, still naked, and wiped off with a towel before entering our car for the ride home.

On the ride home, I asked her if she enjoyed our visit to the park. She said it was not what she expected but was enjoyable. Karen reminded me that it was about time to plan her sixty-fourth birthday gang bang party which was in about three months.

That is a whole weekend down at our clubhouse by the river where Karen stays naked all weekend and is available to be fucked bareback by everyone in attendance. The party gets bigger each year. There were more than forty young black studs that enjoyed her last year.


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