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Karen and the unwrapping of the bride party, conclusion

Karen walked naked out on the rear deck. It was now time for the real party to start. Karen told everyone that she would make sure that they all would get a chance to plant their seeds deep within her womb, but only once. They should make the best of it. Since she would be fucking fifteen men, she would take a break and freshen up after every fifth man fucked her. The more pleasure they gave her; the more fun she would give them. Karen was guaranteeing that everyone would leave satisfied. She then drew the first five numbers out of the hat.

Karen called out the first number, and the lucky man walked up to her. She bent over grabbing onto the handrail at the corner of the back deck. Karen spread her legs wide exposing her always inviting pussy to him. He immediately rammed his big black dick into her and held her close by her tits as he dove deep inside her. He kept ramming it into her as hard and deep at a breakneck pace. Karen told him to slow down and that both of them would get more pleasure out of it. "Take your time; we have all night." After a while, he rammed his dick into Karen’s womb as deep as he could and deposited a full load of his cum deep inside it, filling it beyond capacity. Cum now gushed from her pussy and started to run down the insides of her legs.

As each of the next four guys fucked Karen, they were rough with her, but all took their time. They were all trying to get the most pleasure they could from her. A puddle had now formed between her legs as more cum flowed from her well-used pussy.

Karen retired to the bathroom to freshen up. The next guy would get a well-used but freshly cleaned pussy for his enjoyment. When she returned, she drew the next five names.

The next five guys fucked Karen just as the first five. The puddle of cum under her continued to grow larger, as more cum gushed from her pussy, as each guy filled her womb past its capacity. When all five men had finished fucking her, Karen again retreated to the bathroom to clean up.

When Karen returned, she saw that there were not as many men there. The beer had run out, and some of the men that had already fucked her had left. She drew the last five names and again bent over and offered herself to the next man.

The first guy became very rough with her. He grabbed her tits, squeezing them and pulling on them. He rammed his dick into her pussy rougher than anyone had been all night. He continued to do so until he finally came deep inside her. When he finished, she had the imprint of his big hands on her breasts, cum again gushed from her pussy.

The next four were as rough with her with the last two of them taking such long strokes that they pulled out and rammed their dicks into her ass. They each continued until they made their deposits in her ass. Karen figured, though uncomfortable that they felt that they could get away with more since they were the last ones to fuck her, so she just let them continue. When the last man finished filling her rectum with cum, Karen told everyone that the party was over and they should all leave as she was going to take a shower.

When Karen returned after her shower, she was still naked. She found me sitting on the back deck with three very handsome young black men that had arrived after the party was over. Karen wanted to get a robe to cover her naked body. I commented that she did not need to cover up, she had been naked all night. She then sat down and joined the conversation.

Karen told the young men that she did not remember giving them an invitation. They informed us that they were brothers, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty. One of them had seen a guy post her flyer above a urinal in the men’s room. He took down the flyer so no one else would come. They thought she was the most beautiful and sexy woman they had ever seen. They were very polite and hoped that she would allow them the privilege of making love to her. I looked at Karen and told her to go ahead and let them make love to her. I was sure that they would be gentle with her and make it very pleasurable for her.

Karen gave me a wink and went into the bedroom. She came back with a blanket that she spread out over the picnic table. My new wife lay back on the edge of the table with her butt cheeks at the side. She spread her legs wide and held them back. The three young men could see just what Karen had to offer.

Karen told them that this would not be a gangbang. She would freshen up before the next man made love to her. She then asked who wanted to be first. They agreed that the oldest brother would go first.

The oldest brother started to mount Karen, he was almost too gentle with her. She told him that he could be rougher with her and go as deep as he could. She assured him that she was capable of taking all he had to give her. He got rougher with her and soon was giving her every inch that he had to offer. After a while, he started to pull out of her when he began to cum. Karen grabbed him by the butt and forced him back inside her. She told him that it was a waste if he did not deposit his hot seed deep inside her womb. Karen held him tight to her chest, thanked him, and gave him a big kiss. After he pulled out of her his cum started to trickle from her pussy.

Karen went into the bathroom to freshen up. As she was in there, I told these young men that they should feel special. My wife had just fucked fifteen different men earlier that night. All the other guys had to fuck Karen as she bent over and held onto the railing. She only freshened up after five different men had fucked her. After the three young men had made love to my wife, she sat back down, and we all talked. They could not take their eyes off Karen as she sat in front of them, still naked, with her legs spread wide and the last brother's cum still trickling from her pussy.

They told us that they had all been virgins and would never forget just how thankful they were that Karen was their first. It was even better as she was a sexy white woman.

Karen thanked them and told them that she was fifty-six years old and probably older than their mother. They should make love to women closer to their ages and use protection not as the had done with my wife go bareback.

When it was time for them to leave, Karen got up and gave them all a big hug and kiss. Even though she still had the last man’s cum still trickling down her leg, she walked them to their car. They thanked her for giving them the honor of making love to her and told her that if she ever were to come back into town, they would love to party with her again. Karen waved goodbye to them as the headlights of their car iluminated her naked body.

Karen thanked me for the tremendously enjoyable party. She wished that her bachelorette party had been that delightful, not the disaster it was. I made love to her one last time before we went to sleep. The next morning, we packed up, checked out, and headed for home.




Footnote, Karen enjoys reading your comments, good or bad on her stories, so please comment. She also likes to see suggestions of what you think she is capable of doing. If they excite her, your idea may be her next adventure.







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