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Karen Bet Her Body On The Game, Conclusion

Karen Bet Her Body On The Game, Conclusion

What happened when Karen's team lost.

Karen had bet her sexy body on a ball game. She was so sure her team would win. If they lost, she had agreed to allow everybody that bet against her to fuck her in the middle of the dance floor, bareback, and gangbang style. She guaranteed that each one would get to fill her womb with cum once.

It was the bottom of the ninth, and her team was winning three to nothing with the bases loaded. There were two outs. The next batter hit a grand slam home run. Game over, four to three and Karen's team lost. She knew now what she would be doing for the next couple of hours.

Karen got up, and the four of us give her a huge group hug. She told us that she expected us to provide her with the best loving she would get that night. 

We knew that we were the only ones that were important to her. She would be allowing all the other men to just use her body for meaningless sex and a depository for their cum.

Karen strutted her beautiful, sexy, still naked body across the dance floor and walked up to the DJ stand as the two bouncers set a large table in the center of the dance floor. They covered it with a couple of heavy blankets and a tablecloth to make it more comfortable for her.

The DJ turned on the spotlights, illuminating the table. He then told her, “For your sake, I wish your team had won.” 

Karen just smiled as he gave her a hat with the numbers in it. The twelve of us walked up to her and picked our numbers. We lined up by the numbers we picked. I knew she would keep a smile on her face regardless of who was fucking her.

Karen looked over at the line of twelve men she would offer her body to for their pleasure. I could see she was not happy with the order, but she still smiled. The first two in line were two of the three construction workers. I knew she was hoping that they would be the last to have her. They had already removed their bib overalls and were standing there naked. Besides being huge men, they had giant dicks.

It was going to be embarrassing for Karen. She knew what she had agreed to and that the twelve of us would watch while she was being fucked. She did not feel anyone that had not bet should be allowed to see her perform; they had already enjoyed seeing her naked all night. She wanted the owner to close the club early and have the others leave.

Karen walked over to the table and laid down. She positioned her butt cheeks on the edge of the table, spread her legs wide, and held them up as high as she could with her hands, holding the back of her knees. Now tota accessible and offering her pussy to us all. She looked over at the DJ and told him to start the clock as she called for number one to mount her.

We could hear Karen ask him to please go slow and be gentle with her because he had such a giant dick. She took a bottle of lube that she always carried in her purse and used it to coat the entrance to her pussy. She grabbed onto his dick and covered it with the lube, then started to help him insert his enormous black snake into her pussy. First, the head went in and then about an inch at a time, pumping his dick into her with slow and gentle strokes. I could see on her face that this was uncomfortable to her.

After a while, her pussy devoured his entire manhood. He grabbed hold of her large breasts and held on tight. He then rammed his dick in and out of her at a faster pace. Just before his five minutes were up, he lunged forward, going deeper than he had been before. Karen let out a muffled scream as he filled her with a full load of his hot cum. He then slowly rammed his tool into her five or six more times until he was finished coming inside her. As he pulled out of her, we could see his cum trickling from her pussy. Karen sighed after he fucked her

Before Karen could ketch her breath and relax, the second guy rammed his dick into her. He went deep inside her and started to ram his dick in and out of her at a fast pace. She seemed relieved that he was not as big as the first guy. 

In his haste to fuck her, it took only about two minutes before he exploded inside her. He dove deep and deposited his hot seed inside her. Cum now gushed from her pussy as he pulled his dick from her. We could see that Karen was not happy that she had just allowed these two strange men to deposit a full load of cum deep inside her.

Karen saw that the DJ was number three. She smiled as he walked towards her. He mounted her and immediately complained that the first two guys had stretched her pussy out so much that he did not feel he would get as much enjoyment out of fucking her.

Karen laughed and told him, “You made up the rules, you should have made yourself the first to fuck me.”

She then started to flex the muscles around her pussy to tighten it up and asked him, “Is that better?” 

He said, “Yes.” 

He rammed his dick in and out of her for the full five minutes without coming. 

She told him, “His time was up, and he would have to go to the back of the line. He was not happy but pulled out of her. Before he went to the end of the line though, he reached down between her legs and grabbed a hand full of cum and rubbed it all over her now sweat covered body

Numbers four and five were the bouncers. They were gentle with her and took their time. I could see that Karen appreciated this and took extra care to make sure that it was pleasurable for the two of them. They were each enjoying fucking her, and playing with her tits. They each used up the full five minutes before they dove deep and filled her pussy with their hot cum. As they each pulled out of her, more cum gushed from her pussy. There was now a large pool of cum where she laid.

I was number six. I walked up to Karen and kissed her. She put a big smile on her face as I mounted her. I asked her, “How are you doing and if she felt she was going to be able to fuck all twelve of us.

Karen told me, “It does not matter if I can, only that when I lost the bet, I agreed to submit to be fucked by all of you, and that was what I would do." 

I gently made love to her for the full five minutes before I dove deep and filled her womb with my cum. Karen moaned as we both climaxed together. I could see tear’s forming in her eyes as she thanked me, telling me that, “I was the only one to make her cum.” More cum gushed from her pussy as I pulled out of her and I kissed her again.

Karen could see that the next three in line were the three young men that she knew well, as they had made love to her once before. She knew that they would be gentle with her and this would give her much pleasure. As each one of them took their turn making love to her, they each started by kissing her. They talked to her in a gentle and loving voice. She even let one of them go slightly over the five minutes for him to cum. As with me, she climaxed with them as each of them deposited their hot seed deep inside her.

By now we could see that Karen was getting tired. She lay there covered in sweat and cum. She looked over and saw that the next two were the manager and the bartender. 

They took their turns fucking her; she tried to make it as pleasurable as she could for them. They both used up their five minutes before they came inside her.

The twelfth guy was the last construction worker. He was dirty, sweaty and wreaked of stale beer. Karen just lay there with a disgusted look on her face as he started to fuck her. He became very rough with her and pulled on her tits as he squeezed them. 

We all could see that this was uncomfortable for her, but she said nothing to him. Karen took the punishment he was giving her in silence. At the end of his five minutes, she told him to keep going till he came. She lay there for almost seven minutes as he rammed his dick in and out of her before he finally came.

Now the one-hour minimum that Karen had agreed to was up. She had fucked twelve different men with eleven of them coming deep inside her womb in a little over an hour. She had guaranteed that all twelve men could cum in her.

There was only the DJ that had not cum in her yet. He mounted her for the second time. She told him that, he could keep fucking her till he came. He made the most of it, as it took him over ten minutes to cum. Karen lay there amd tried to relax. As he pulled his now limp dick out of her, more cum streamed from her pussy. He again scooped up a hand full of cum and smeared it over her quivering body as she lay there trying to relax.

Karen had completed everything she had agreed to after losing her bet. She told everyone that, “The show was over, and wanted everyone to leave.”

Our three friends and I helped her to sit up. She still looked sexy to me even though covered in sweat and cum. We escorted her to the lady's room so that she could clean up. 

One of the bouncers gently picked her up and carried her in his arms to the lady’s room. He thanked her for allowing him the pleasure of fucking her. She gave him so much joy that he would always remember this night.

Karen rinsed her hair and tried to clean up as much as she could in the small wash basin in the lady’s room. She was still naked as she walked to the DJ stand to retrieve her dress. It did not bother her that she would be seen by the others again. They had all fucked her earlier anyway. 

The DJ handed Karen the envelope with the one thousand dollars in it that was the bet. He told her, “Everyone had agreed that she was well worth the one hundred dollars each had bet. She should use it to buy herself something nice. She should think of it as a gift, not payment for her services. They all felt that she was a lady and not a prostitute." 

Karen handed me the envelope, and told the DJ, “She felt he had disrespected and took advantage of her. He could have cum sooner”. He had fucked her two times for over fifteen minutes. She did not appreciate him smearing all that cum on her tits and body. 

Karen retrieved her dress and slung it over her shoulder. She walked out of the club, still naked with our three young friends and myself. We never returned to that club again. 

They escorted us to our car, again apologizing to her for even suggesting that she bet her body on the game. They knew it got way out of hand and she paid the price. They wanted to make it up to her. 

She told them that, “They did nothing wrong and we would talk later about it if they still wanted.”

I asked Karen how she felt after the abuse that she endured. 

Karen then said, “Her pussy and tits were sore and started to swell."

At first, she was not happy when she saw how big the first two men were. It was uncomfortable to have them fuck her. They were dirty, sweaty and smelled of stale beer. It sickened her that they were the first to fuck her. They made the first deposits deep inside her. When they came inside her, she thought they would never stop. As she got more used to having them inside her, the pain decreased. 

Karen realized that if she started thinking of her three lovers and me, she could forget what the others were doing to her. She had to try to make it as pleasurable as possible for the others so that they would cum quicker.

Karen knew that it was her competitive and bullheaded sides that got her into this trouble. It was not the first time, and would not be the last time she let this happened

We drove home were Karen took a long hot shower and then we went to bed and made love again.


Footnote, Karen enjoys reading your comments, good or bad about her stories, so please comment. She also likes to see suggestions of what you think she can do. If they excite her, your idea may be her next adventure.


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