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Karen Toured The Construction Site Naked, Conclusion

Fun time had by all

After being ordered to come to the front door of the old farmhouse, Karen stepped out on the front porch as the five men surrounded her. They groped her tits and ass as she raised her arms over her head and stretched. She slowly turned around exposing every inch of her sexy, naked body for the worker’s enjoyment.

Karen stepped back into the house and invited the five men to join her. As they walked into the house, they again took advantage of the situation and groped her tits and ass as they passed.

Karen bent over holding on to her ankles and spread her legs wide, exposing her wet; cum filled pussy for all to see. She offered herself to them, so we would not be arrested. They took pictures of Karen with their cell phones, as they led us up the stairs to the deck where we had just made love.

As usual, Karen did not bring protection and would be doing us all bareback.

Karen then told them she wanted to see what was about to be inserted in her. She knelt and sucked on each of their dicks until they were fully erect, so she could see how large they all were.

There was one young man that looked to be at least, ten inches long and as round as a beer can. He was almost too large for her to get into her mouth.

Karen told him that he would have to go last because she needed to be well used and lubed before she could even attempt to have that monster of a snake inserted in her. She knew that she and anyone that followed him would not get much pleasure from her pussy after he stretched her out.

Karen could see the driveway and the cars driving by on the highway. She grabbed hold of the top rail, bent over, and spread her legs wide, exposing her very wet and inviting pussy for easy entry.

The workers gathered around Karen for a better look at what was going to happen to Karen next. They groped her large breasts and played with her pussy and ass.The foreman was first.

He inserted his massive penis into her, grabbed hold of her large breasts, and held her close. He went balls deep in her. We all watched as Karen's pussy devoured all his massive black cock. He repeatedly rammed it in and out of her until, with a grin on his face, he came deep inside her.

Cum oozed out around his penis as he pulled his dick out of her. Karen's pussy could not hold all the sperm he deposited in her, and it trickled out of her pussy and down the insides of her legs. She smiled at him, letting him know that she approved of how he had fucked her.

The second guy was quick to mount Karen; He was rougher with her than the first man. He rammed his dick in and out of her pussy at a fast rate; it is evident that he was not interested in giving Karen any pleasure. He just wanted to cum inside her. It did not take him long before he lunged forward and exploded deep inside her. He now took his time as he filled her with his cum. As he pulled out of her, you could see a look of disgust on her face. She was not happy with his performance.

The third man mounted Karen. He was also rough with her, but not as rugged as the second man. You could see how much he was enjoying fucking her. He was trying to give as much pleasure to Karen as he could. He fucked her for a bit longer than the first two men had before he also exploded deep inside her. As he pulled out of her, Karen again smiled at him, showing him that she was pleased with his performance. Cum now gushed from her pussy and continued flowing down the insides of her legs.

The fourth guy mounted Karen, and all I can say is that he was quick as a rabbit. He came almost as soon as he entered her. As he pulled out of her, Karen had a look on her face that said, what had just happened.

I was next, fucking Karen for the second time. I was rougher with her then I had been before. I rammed my dick in and out of her at a faster pace. After a while, I came deep inside her for the second time. Cum again gushed from her pussy.

They were all getting great enjoyment out of fucking Karen and seeing the show that she was giving us. We had all taken turns filling her with our hot seeds.

Karen allowed the four construction workers to fuck her a second time before she agreed to let the sixth guy try to fuck her. By now a large puddle of cum had formed under her as cum continued to gush from her well used, cum filled pussy.

It was now time for the sixth guy with his massive tool to fuck her. It was a real turn on for all of us watching the sixth guy trying to insert his enormous cock in Karen. We could tell that she was trying to relax so that she could take his dick inside her. Eventually, with her help, he did. He was slow and gentle at first until Karen moaned loudly as her pussy finally devoured it all. He started going hard, fast, and balls deep in her until he also came. We could see his cum gushing from her pussy as he filled her with his hot seed.

Karen was now utterly exhausted and said she could take no more and needed to sit down. I help her sit down on the deck to rest. Karen was sitting in the large pool of cum, leaning against the railing.

She had never had such a colossal dick inserted so deeply into her. She said her pussy was now very sore and starting to swell. She knew that it would be so for days. Her massive tits were painful and would be black and blue from the rough treatment they had also received.

The foreman decided that he was not through with her and told her she had to suck his dick and lick his dick and balls clean. Karen sat there sucked his dicks dry of all remaining cum and licked him clean

Now on wobbly legs, she walked to the truck and shivered as the workers used a hose to rinse off her sweat and cum covered body. It was well water and very cold. They inserted the nozzle of the hose inside her to flush the accumulation of cum from her well-used pussy.

They informed Karen that she would be welcome back on any of their job sites. They would love to spend more afternoons fucking her.

Karen was still naked on the ride home. She reminded me that she does these things for me and only me, so I know just how special I am to her.She then told me that the first four men were about average size, so she knew her pussy could accommodate them. She was scared that the size of the sixth guy was too big for her. It was painful at first as he stretched her pussy more than before. No man had ever cum that deep inside her. Although it became somewhat enjoyable at the end, she would instead not go through it again.

We have always had an agreement that she will never do anything like this unless I am with her. She only feels safe when I am there.

After seeing and participating in another five-black-men-and-me gangbang, fulfilling another one of my fantasies, Karen offering herself in the daytime to a group of black men, she promised to continue doing some, but not all, of them for me. With her competitive side, she still strives for each additional adventure to be even more risqué and dangerous than the last.

To this day, I still leave Karen naked and vulnerable in the different parks around the area to fend for herself. She knows that she controls what happens to her, not me. Each time, vulnerable a little longer than the last time before I get back to her. I never know how I will find her or if she will be alone. I just know she will be completely naked and ready for me to enjoy.

Footnote, Karen enjoys reading your comments, good or bad on her stories, so please comment. She also likes to see suggestions of what you think she can do. If they excite her, your idea may be her next adventure.









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