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Karen Toured The Construction Site Naked, Part 1

Fun time had by all

Karen loved the old farmhouse with its beautiful landscaping. It sat on a hillside about four-hundred-fifty feet off the highway and was starting to get run down.

As we were passing the old farmhouse, we noticed a sign saying that a new subdivision was going to be built there. The windows and doors had already been removed from the old farmhouse, and a bulldozer was parked next to it.

Karen asked if I would stop and dig up some of the beautiful mature plants for her before they were destroyed and she wanted to see the inside of the house before it was bulldozed.

Karen was fifty-six years old at the time but looked much younger, putting women much younger than her to shame. Knowing how much I enjoyed getting her naked, she told me that she would strip naked for me if I would do it for her.   She would pose for pictures and would stay naked alongside me as I dug up the plants. We would then tour the house. This was an offer I could not resist.

We pulled into the driveway and parked the truck in front of the house. Karen stepped out of the pickup truck and started to disrobe, throwing her clothes into the pickup bed. She started a slow strip tease for me in the driveway. She removed her blouse first, then the skirt, and then the bra, exposing her beautiful forty-D breasts.

When she got down to just the panties, I told her that the panties had to come off also, so she let me remove them from her.

Now completely naked, she started to strut her sexy, naked body around the grounds. We started with the plants in the front of the house. As she bent over to point out a plant she wanted me to dig up, I could not help myself and grabbed one of her breasts that hung so sexily from her chest. I put my other hand between her legs and inserted a finger into her pussy. She told me, “You can play all you want, but dig the plant first.”

After about a half-hour, the truck bed was full of the plants she had selected.

Karen said, “Let’s tour the house.” I continued to take pictures, but by then the battery on my phone was about dead.

I continued playing with her as we moved from room to room. She loved seeing the layout of the old house, loved the stone fireplace in the living room, and posed for pictures in front of it. We ended up on the second floor that had a large deck off the side that overlooked the highway.

Karen then told me, “I've never been as hot and wet as I am now. I want you to fuck me right here on the deck.” I undid my pants, showing her my rock-hard dick. She grabbed on to it and led me out to the front of the deck. She then bent over, grabbing the railing, and spread her legs wide for easy entry. She was offering herself for me to make love to her.

I mounted her, grabbing on to her breasts and gently started to make love to her. I then went balls deep in her, but teasingly pulled out slowly to make it last. I could hear her moans of joy as I made love to her. She had multiple orgasms until I could hold it no more. I went balls deep in her and filled her womb full of my hot seed. As I pulled out of her, I could see my sperm start to trickle through her now freshly fucked pussy.

We were in our little world now, and oblivious to what was happening around us. We were jolted back to reality when we heard a loud voice ordering us to come to the front door.

There were now five black construction workers standing below us looking up at Karen's naked body. We had no idea how long they had been watching us, but both of us had an idea what was going to happen next.

Karen and I walked down the stairs to the front door. She was still naked with cum dripping down the insides of her legs from her freshly fucked pussy with every step she made.  Karen smiled and greeted the men at the front door.

The man that was probably the foreman told us we were trespassing, and they would turn us over to the police. I had visions of Karen, naked, with her hands cuffed behind her back, being displayed to everyone as they walked her into a police station.

Karen looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. She now knew what she would be doing the rest of the afternoon. She was going to be fucked by more men than just me.

Karen told the foreman that she would be willing to do whatever they wanted if they would not have us arrested, but we still wanted to keep the plants. We both knew she had agreed to be gangbanged again, this time by a group of black construction workers. The only thing we did not realize was how many would take her up on the offer she was about to make to the men.

Karen stepped out on the front porch, and the five men surrounded her. They groped her tits and ass as she raised her arms above her head and stretched. She slowly turned around exposing every inch of her sexy, naked body for the worker’s enjoyment.

Karen stepped back into the house and invited the five men to join her. As they walked into the house, they again took advantage of the situation, groping her as they passed.

Karen bent over and grabbed her ankles. She then spread her legs wide, exposing her wet, cum filled pussy for all to see, offering herself to them so we would not be arrested. They took pictures of Karen as she led us up the stairs to the deck where we had just made love.

This is a true story that happened one afternoon in May, 2007, a few months before our marriage.

Karen enjoys reading your comments, good or bad on her stories, so please comment. She also likes to see suggestions of what you think she can do. If they excite her, your idea may be her next adventure.





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