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Karen Was Naked At The Car Show

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Karen cruised naked in the old Merc.

A few months after Karen bet her body on a game and lost, the club scheduled a private car cruise for members only on their back lot. We planned to attend with our '46 Merc.

Knowing just how competitive Karen is, and how she will do about anything that I dare her to do, I dared her to attend the cruise naked. Karen took my dare. She knew that there would be no one under twenty-one there to see her.

The night for the cruise came, and Karen walked into the garage wearing only her high heeled boots and a smile and said, “we should get there early so we can get a good parking spot.”

To my delight, she did not bring anything to change into later. She would be naked all night long.

When we got there, Karen set up a chair next to the car and sat down. She was getting more attention than the car.

Karen posed for pictures by our '46 Merc, and others as we walked around, seeing the other cars to the delight of everyone. As usual, Karen was the only white woman there, so all eyes were on her naked beauty.

I wanted to see just how far Karen would let it go that night. 

When one of the guys asked if he could have his picture taken with her, I said that he could if it was ok with Karen. Without saying a word, she stood in front of him and he placed his large hands under her breasts. I knew then that this was going to be a fun night.

Karen continued to pose for pictures. Her naked body was covered with black hands as the men took advantage of her. She even let some of them kiss her breasts. One guy decided that he was going to suck on her tits. She just stood there as he sucked hard on her left nipple, making it stand out even more. When he finished, Karen told him that someone needed to suck on the other nipple so that they would match. He did.

When a guy grabbed Karen and stuck his fingers into her pussy, she pulled away and told everyone that playtime was over. Karen and I returned to our car.

The owner of the club came over to us and told Karen that he was happy to see that she was naked and so open minded with letting the guys take pictures with her and grope her sexy body. It made the show a success. He told us he had something he wanted to talk over with us after the show. 

Ever since the night Karen lost her bet at his club, he has wanted Karen to do a private show at his club. He wanted to have the only black organization in the area that had a very sexy white woman that would put on a show.

I had been telling Karen that since that night I had a new fantasy for her to do for me. I wanted to pimp her out to see just how much she could make. I would set a dollar amount of one thousand dollars that she had to earn before she could come home. She could only sell herself at twenty-five dollars a fuck. I was sure that it would take her more than a couple of long nights to make that amount.

Karen always said, “No way!”

When the show was over, Karen and I went into the club for a drink. The owner joined us and told us just what he was proposing, wanting Karen to do a private show at his club. He would charge a cover for everyone to watch and charge extra for them to fuck her. She could keep all that she earned. He would need a couple of weeks to set it up
He knew that I wanted her to do it, but that we would have a tough time convincing Karen.

We talked for a while as I told Karen that it would fulfill my fantasy of me pimping her out and it would only be for one night. It would be safer because she would not be working a street corner on the strip. There would not be an amount that she would have to earn before I would let her go home.

After a while, Karen walked over to the owner and asked him to join us again. She told him, I had talked her into it and he should set it up for a Wednesday night June 12, 2002. That was her birthday, and the gangbang would be her biggest birthday party ever.

Karen commented that she was not doing it for the one-hundred dollars a guy, that was the fee when she lost. 

Karen knew that he needed to make money, so she was ok with the cover that allowed others to watch. She wanted him to make it more comfortable for her since the last time she lay on the edge of a table in the middle of the dance floor. That night, twelve men gang banged her. She was ok with doing it again in the middle of the dance floor under the lights.

After some talk, back and forth, they both agreed to a fifty-dollar cover, and two hundred-fifty dollars for each man she fucked. Karen felt that this amount would keep the crowd manageable and limit the number of men that would be planting their hot seed deep inside her womb. Karen agreed that she would be there.

The owner took Karen up to the DJ stand and showed Karen off. She was still totally nude for all to see. He told everyone that Karen’s birthday was on the fourteenth and that the club was throwing her a large birthday party. 

The owner told everyone that Karen had agreed that it would be a stag show for all the members. He had to work out the final details, but it would start around seven and go on until one in the morning. Karen would be naked all night, and for the extra fee, they could fuck Karen and be guaranteed the right to fill her pussy with your Cum.

Karen then lifted her arms above her head and slowly turned around, showing everyone her sexy tanned body. She bent over, spreading her legs wide, exposing her always inviting pussy.

Karen told the owner that she was not going to be fucked all night long, she was going to take periodic breaks, not be fucked continuously as before and there would again be a time limit on how long any one guy could fuck her. He needed to tell them what the charges were and that her part would be in cash, and a one-time deal.

After working out most of the details, Karen agreed that the owner and bouncer would be free. We walked out to the car and headed home. As I drove, Karen asked me just how we talked her into doing this. 

I did not want her to back out, so I told her that she had committed to it and I knew that she had never backed out of anything she had committed to in her life. Karen said that she was going to do it but hoped that the two-hundred-fifty-dollar fee to fuck her would limit the number of men she would have to fuck.

I told her that we would find out at her birthday party.

The only thing we knew for sure was that she would be a single white woman, offering herself to a group of black studs. She would leave with a fist full of cash, and a sore, cum filled pussy.


Footnote: Karen enjoys reading your comments, good or bad about her stories, so please comment. She also likes to see suggestions of what you think she can do. If they excite her, your idea may be her next adventure.










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