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Karen's Fiftieth Birthday Stag, Part One

November Twenty-First, 2002

After we spent the night at the car show at a private club we frequent, Karen spent all evening viewing and having pictures taken of her as she strolled, naked, around the lot. The club owner asked us to stay and talk with him after the show.

After a long talk and much persuading, by the owner and me, Karen agreed to celebrate her fiftieth birthday at the club, to make it a stag with her being the entertainment. It was a hard sell.

Karen decided after I told her it would replace my fantasies that I was pushing her to do.

The fantasy was for her to stand on a street corner on the stroll, and sell herself to black customers for twenty-five dollars a fuck. She would have to continue working every night until she earned one thousand dollars before my fantasy was over.

Karen felt that a stag at the club would be much safer and a more controlled environment.

We agreed that it would be at the club on June twelfth, 2002.

Karen agreed to the owner charging a cover of fifty dollars to see the show and the owner would keep the money. Two-hundred-fifty dollars for each man that deposited his hot seed deep within her womb and that would be hers to keep. She would be performing this in the middle of the dance floor under the spotlights.

When the day of her birthday party arrived, Karen was both nervous and excited about the night. Karen would be putting her safety and body in the owner’s hands. She figured that it would be a big party, but hoped that the two-hundred-fifty dollars price, would limit just how many men she would have to fuck that night. All we knew for sure was that she would be the only white woman there that night and all the men who would see and fuck her would be black.

The owner had arranged to pick us up in a limo for the ride to the club. When the limo driver arrived, he handed Karen a note. The note told Karen that she should leave her clothes at home. He had everything she would need at the club. He had a blindfold for her to wear when she got out of the limo. He wanted her to be surprised when she saw how many men would be there to see the great show he knew she would put on.

Karen started to get nervous now. She would not know how many would be there until she removed the blindfold, and this was scary to her. Her competitive side would not let her back out, no matter how many there were. Also, she would not know just how many had paid to fuck her.

All we knew was that at the end of the night Karen would leave with a sore, cum filled pussy and a fist full of cash.

The windows in the limo were very darkly tinted, and as we pulled up to the front of the club, it was hard to see how many cars were in the parking lot.

Karen put on the blindfold before she exited the limo. The doorman guided Karen into the club and to the center of the dark dance floor. I stood next to her holding her hand as she stood there totally naked wondering what was next.

The DJ shined the spotlights on Karen as she stood naked in the center of the dance floor. He announced that Karen was there, and everyone should wish her a happy fiftieth birthday. With a loud cheer, they sang happy birthday to her.

The house lights were then turned on, and Karen was told to remove her blindfold. To her surprise, and shock, there stood what looked like at least, fifty young black men. All eyes were on Karen’s beautiful, naked body.

Karen looked over at me and commented that she was not expecting the party to be this large and hoped that only a small amount of the men there had paid to fuck her. She then realized that she had not set a limit on the number of men she would have to fuck that night.

I told Karen that, it was too late to back out now. If she tried to leave now, she would probably spend the night being fucked by everyone there. She knew that and was definitely not fond of the idea.

Karen told the manager that we needed to talk. It was a more massive gathering then she had expected. She wanted to know just how many men he had set her up to fuck.

The owner told us that it had gotten a little out of hand. He admitted that he had made up flyers with a naked picture of Karen that he took at the car show and posted them in the men’s room’s over the urinals at several bars and clubs near his club.

He was sorry, but he had sold twenty tickets for a total of five thousand dollars. He knew that was more than we were expecting. When the men saw that Karen was the same sexy white woman that had lost the bet at his club and took on twelve men earlier at his club, mingled naked with the guys at the car show, and danced naked with the men one night at the club, everyone wanted to see that. He would make it up to her at the end of the show.

Karen informed the owner that there was no way that she was going to lay there for the next six hours and let twenty different men take turns fucking her multiple times.

The owner assured Karen that he had extra security for the night and she would be safe.

Since Karen had agreed for it to be a stag show, she set up the rules under which she would still do the show. She would give five appearances, and that four men could fuck her at each show. It would be performed in the hour starting at eight. She would give each man no more than twelve minutes each, that would provide them with plenty time to cum inside her, give her time to relax and clean up after each show.

Karen would draw names before each show to see the order that she would fuck them. She was not going to spend the whole night with more than twenty loads of cum gushing from her pussy and running down the insides of her legs.

The manager agreed and told everyone how this would happen. Karen walked out into the crowd and mingled with the men. From the way they were all groping her, I knew that much more than her pussy would be sore before the night was through.

As it approached eight o’clock and the first of five shows she would be performing, Karen was very nervous about what she had agreed to do that evening. I told her to try to relax, and that after the first guy, all her fears would go away.

I reached into my pocket and gave her a bottle of Astro-lube to help lubricate her pussy for the first guy. I reminded her that, as sexy as she is, she would probably only be fucking the four guys for less than forty-eight minutes, she would have plenty of time to prepare herself for the next show. 

From past experiences, I knew that she was woman enough to take the punishment her pussy would endure that night, she would not be fucking all twenty men without a break.

The owner had a king-sized bed with satin sheets moved into the center of the dance floor. They turned the house lights down low, and Karen walked onto the dance floor. The spotlights now aimed at the bed and Karen’s sexy naked body.

Karen took a name out of the hat and called out the name of the lucky guy who would be the first to fuck her. He would be the only one that night to get her fresh pussy and hooted as he rushed to the bed. He would be the first one to plant his seed deep inside of Karen’s womb.

Karen then picked the three names of the other men that would fuck her in the first show of the night. They lined up off to the side and watched as the first guy walked up to the bed.

Karen lay down in the middle of the bed. She spread her legs wide and held them up as she offered her always inviting pussy to all.

The first guy was huge and had a rock-hard dick. He wished Karen a Happy Birthday as he rammed it into her pussy to the hilt, to the cheers of the others watching them. He fucked her rough and used up almost the full twelve minutes before he rammed his dick as deep as he could into her womb.

He kept pumping in and out or her until he had planted as much of his seed as he could. Without saying a word, he pulled his dick out of Karen and then yelled to the crowd, "that’s how you breed a white bitch!" Karen lay there with his cum starting to trickle out of her pussy, waiting for the next guy to mount her.


Footnote, Karen enjoys reading your comments, good or bad about her stories, so please comment. She also likes to see suggestions of what you think she can do. If they excite her, your idea may be her next adventure.








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