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Karen's Fiftieth Birthday Stag, Conclusion

November Twenty-First, 2002

Karen took a name out of the hat and called out the name of the lucky guy who would be the first to fuck her. He would be the only one that night to get her fresh pussy and hooted as he rushed to the bed. He would be the first one to plant his seed deep inside of Karen’s womb.

Karen then picked the three names of the other men that would fuck her in the first show of the night. They lined up off to the side and watched as the first guy walked up to the bed.

Karen lay down in the middle of the bed. She spread her legs wide and held them up as she offered her always inviting pussy to all. The first guy was huge and had a rock-hard dick. He wished Karen a Happy Birthday as he rammed it into her pussy to the hilt, to the cheers of the others watching them.

He fucked her rough and used up almost the full twelve minutes before he rammed his dick as deep as he could into her womb. He kept pumping in and out or her until he had planted as much of his seed as he could. Without saying a word, he pulled his dick out of Karen and then yelled to the crowd, "that’s how you breed a white bitch!"

Karen lay there with his cum starting to trickle out of her pussy, waiting for the next guy to mount her.

The second guy immediately rammed his big black snake into Karen before she even had time to catch her breath. He also used up all his time. In all, Karen had now been fucked by four men, and after each one filled her with their seed, cum gushed out from her pussy as Karen got up from the bed.

The bouncer and I escorted Karen through the crowd to the ladies’ room so that she could freshen herself up for the next show. The crowd grabbed her tits, ass, and pussy, smearing cum all over her body. She was covered head to toe with cum and sweat before she reached the ladies’ room.

Karen told the owner that her treatment, so far, was unacceptable. He needed to find her a safer route so that she could freshen up before the next show. Karen reminded him that she had agreed to go on with the show even though there were way more men there to fuck her then she had planned.

Karen had fears that if things continued as they had so far, she would not reach the ladies’ room safely again. She feared that she would be pulled into the crowd of around fifty men and spend the rest of the night gangbanged by all in attendance. That was not agreed upon and was not going to happen.

The owner had his people put up a roped off isle that she could get from the ladies’ room back to the stage before she would come out for the next show. He then had the DJ announce that Karen was pretty shaken up and scared by her treatment. She needed time to calm down.

The DJ told the crowd that Karen had agreed to go on with the show even though when she arrived, she learned that there were way more men that had paid to fuck her then she had planned. Unless things changed, Karen would not continue with the show. Karen needed assurances that it would not happen again, or the show would end now. He reminded everyone that she was still a lady, not some street whore and be treated as such. If she were to continue, they needed to be gentler with her.

The crowd calmed down, and Karen walked out and took her place on the dance floor next to the bed. Karen had freshened up as much as she could, using the sink in the ladies’ room. Karen washed the cum off her that had covered her and brushed her hair. She picked the names of the next four that would be fucking her, then lay back down on the bed so the next man could mount her.

The first guy to fuck her in the second show was gentle with Karen. He treated her more like the lady she is. Everyone could see by the looks on their faces, that they both were enjoying each other. He did not cum by when his time was over, but Karen let him go a little longer until he dove deep and filled her womb with his seed. As he exited her, we could again see his cum trickling from her now well-used pussy.

The next three did the same to Karen but were much quicker to cum in her. Everyone watched the men mount her. They could see the cum oozing from her pussy with each stroke. When they pulled out, cum gushed from her.

Now we would see if Karen could get to the ladies’ room. She walked down the aisle unmolested, now having more time to freshen up than before, then strolled out of the ladies’ room, this time with a big smile on her face. She was ready for the third show.

The third and fourth show went off just like the second. The only difference was that a couple of the men fucked her doggy style. The men that fucked Karen did not use up the full forty-eight minutes. For this, Karen’s pussy took less abuse. I knew that she would continue to the fifth and final show.

Karen and I talked as she tried to relax before the last show. She was exhausted and sore. She decided to do away with the time limit for the fifth and final performance, and allow all four men to fuck her for as long as it took for each one of them to cum.

Karen was a few minutes late coming out for the last show. After drawing the final four names, Karen lay back down on the bed. This time she invited all four to join her on the bed while being fucked.

As one man fucked her, the others played with her tits, even allowing them to kiss her and suck on her tits. She played with their dicks to heighten their enjoyment of her. They all filled her womb full of their seed before the show was over. She then lay there, holding the last man tight against her body.

Karen got up and faced the audience. She smiled and bowed, and curtsied as cum gushed from her well-used pussy. She thanked the men for her birthday fucks and wishes and said goodnight as she left the dance floor one last time.

The DJ informed everyone that the show was over, that it was closing time, and everyone had to leave as the owner entered the ladies room to talk to Karen and me. He apologized to Karen for selling her to twenty different men but felt that Karen and I were partial to blame for not setting a limit.

We both agreed, and Karen told him that she was expecting no more than a dozen men. She felt that would have been much more manageable and easier on her body and pussy. He told us that the next time he would have a smaller crowd and limit it to a dozen men. Karen said to him that this was a onetime thing and she would not be doing it again.

It turned out that the owner of the club had circulated a flyer with a naked picture of Karen advertising the party, inviting more men than just the club regulars.

As the owner and security escorted Karen, still naked, and me to the limo, he handed her an envelope. He told her that there was a little extra there for her. On the ride home, Karen opened the envelope and found the agreed upon five-thousand dollars, but an additional, one-thousand dollars. As an apology. Karen would go shopping for a new wardrobe now. On the long ride home, Karen and I made mad passionate love.

Looking back on what had happened that evening, Karen felt lucky by not being pulled into the crowd, held down, and fucked by all the men there.

Karen’s’ competitive side and wanting to please me had gotten her into another risqué and dangerous situation.


Footnote, Karen enjoys reading your comments, good or bad about her stories, so please comment. She also likes to see suggestions of what you think she can do. If they excite her, your idea may be her next adventure.












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