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Karen's Three Lovers Plan A Special Night For Her.

They pampered her.

Karen had formed a special bond with the three young men we sat with at the club. They made love to her in the parking lot of the club one night after closing. They were now more attentive to her and protective of her whenever we were at the club with them.

Karen was forty-nine at the time, with a body that put most women in their twenties and thirties to shame. She was more than twice their age, as they were in their early twenties.

Even though Karen had told the four of us that it was a one-time thing, the young men kept telling her they wanted to make love to her again. It had been the most enjoyable experience they had ever had.

They felt bad that what had started as the four of us making love to her in the bed of a pickup on the club parking lot, had turned into a larger and unwanted gangbang. They felt even worse that they later talked her into betting her body on a baseball game that led her to be gangbanged by a total of twelve men.

They felt that they had degraded her by not treating her with the respect a lady like her deserved. They wanted to make it up to her and treat her like the special lady they knew she was.

One night at the club, Karen finally agreed to let the four of us make love to her. She wanted us to set it up, not knowing what was planned.

Karen's only request was that it be on a moonlit night with the stars as her umbrella. She wanted it to be in a more secluded spot, unlike the parking lot and the dance floor where the first two took place.

One of the guys said he had a cabin in the woods that had a small cleared area that overlooked a highway. It was secluded and would be a safe place for it to happen. 

Karen agreed we should plan it for the following Saturday night, as there would be a full moon that night. Her three young men said they would make all the arrangements and would send us directions.

I talked with them at length as it got closer to Saturday night. They told me what they had planned, and I agreed that Karen would be pleased with the effort they were putting into this exceptional night. Karen and I would arrive around nine, just after sunset.

As Karen started to prepare herself for her special night, she had a glow about her that I had never seen before.

As she started to dress, I reminded her that she did not need to put on clothes as they would be removing them from her when she exited the car.  She put on a sheer white shorty robe that barely covered any of her, saying that she needed something to cover her for the ride to the cabin.

We drove to the location and parked in front of the cabin.

The front door opened and out came all three of Karen's young men. They were all wearing a white collar and a black bow tie, and nothing else. 

They walked up to the car and opened the door, as they helped Karen from the car. They gently removed the robe from her. Karen now stood there naked only warring her high heeled boots. One of them handed her a blindfold and told her to put it, on that they had a surprise for her at the end of the path. I followed them as he led her down the tree-lined path, into a small well-manicured field.

They guided her down the path to the center of the field and left her there. She was then told that she could remove her blindfold. Karen's eyes started to tear up, and she began to cry at what she saw. She could not believe what these young men had prepared for her.

There stood her three young lovers, all wearing just a white collar and a black bow tie. In the center of the field was a king-sized bed with satin sheets. There were bouquets of fresh cut flowers at each end of the bed and lit candles that surrounded the bed. About ten feet from the bed was a dressing screen.

They walked her over to the screen and on the other side of it was a dressing table with a lighted mirror and stool.

On the dressing table, they had a brush, comb and her brand of perfume. They also had an antique bowl and pitcher set with warm water and some feminine douches for her to use. They told her that they were there just in case she wanted to refresh herself after each one of us made love to her. That would be her choice. There was also a bottle of Astro-lube if she felt she need it. There were fluffy towels and washcloths too.

They walked Karen to the middle of the field again and gave her a lovely purse. They told her there were four cards in it, the ace, two, three, and four. We would each draw one card from the purse and whoever drew the ace, would have the honor of being the first to make love to her that night. I pulled the number four card, so I would have to watch my future wife enjoyed by her three young black lovers before I had my turn.

One of the men picked up Karen and gently laid her in the middle of the bed. The sun had now disappeared, and the moon was just starting to rise. Karen was now illuminated by the moon and the many candles that surrounded the bed.

The three of them started to gently massage and kiss her from head to toe. Two of them settled on her tits and started sucking and licking them as the third began to probe her pussy with his tongue. Karen had a smile that lit up her whole face. She was so turned on that her body started to quiver. Karen was having the first, of many orgasms of the night. She now begged for the first man to make love to her.

The first guy got back on the bed as Karen spread her legs. He lay on top of her as he started to insert his massive tool inside her. First, just the head, then deeper into her with each stroke. Eventually, her pussy devoured his whole manhood.

Karen held him tightly against her body as he made love to her. He took his time with her, enjoying every minute with her. We could hear her say through her moans of delight, not to stop because she was about to cum. Shortly thereafter he jammed his dick deep inside and filled her with his hot seed. He then kissed her and got off the bed as his sperm trickled from her pussy.

Karen wanted to stretch her legs, and freshen up before she made love to the next man. She disappeared behind the screen.

After a few minutes, Karen returned and lay back down on the bed. We could tell she had used some of the douche and lubed up the lips to her pussy so that the next guy could enjoy her with a clean, refreshed pussy.

Karen spread her legs and offered herself to the next guy in line. He mounted her, and she again held him close as he jammed his dick in and out of her. We could see that she was about to have another orgasm, but was trying to hold it off till he came in her. They both exploded at the same time.

As he planted his seed deep inside her, she screamed out in ecstasy. He kissed her, then got off the bed. Karen just lay there with a big grin on her face and stared up at the stars for a minute or two, then again disappeared behind the screen.

When my future wife returned, she again lay on the bed and spread her legs offering herself to the third young man as he mounted her and made love to her just as the other two had. Karen again held off having an orgasm until he came deep inside her.

Karen again disappeared behind the screen. She spent, even more, time preparing herself for me to make love to her. She had also fixed her hair and looked radiant as the moonlight illuminated her naked beauty.

This time it was different. Karen did not lie on the bed offering herself to me. She walked up to me, reached up and put her arms around my neck. She kissed me more passionately then she had ever done before.

Karen dropped to her knees and started to suck on my rock-hard dick. She then got up and grabbing me by my dick, guiding me over to the bed. She lay down on the bed and spread her legs even further apart than she had for her other three lovers. She offered herself to me.

I mounted her and started to make love to her. She made me feel like I was the only man that had ever made love to her. She was fantastic.

I was gentle with her at first, but after a while I became playful. I would ram myself deep inside her, then pull out slowly. She climaxed way before I was ready to. When I finally came in her, I jammed it into her as deep as I could. She screamed with delight as we both climaxed together. As I pulled out of her, we could see cum running out of her.

We laid there for a few minutes holding each other close.

Karen got up from the bed and told me that she was going to keep my cum inside her as long as she could. She wanted us to take her for a walk to see just how close we were to the highway.

As she walked, cum trickled down the insides of her legs.

When we got to the edge of the clearing, we found that we were at the top of a hill that overlooked the highway. There was a cyclone fence that the highway department had installed. She stood there watching the traffic illuminated by the bright full moon.

Karen told us that she now wanted us to fuck her again, and to be rough with her this time. Karen bent over and grabbed the top rail of the fence as she spread her legs wide, offering herself to us again.

We took turns fucking her gangbang style till we had each deposited another load of cum deep inside her. She had so much cum in her that when I started to fuck her, cum gushed out from around my dick. When I had finished fucking her, she told us that she was exhausted and wanted to go home.

We walked up to the cabin. It had an outside shower, so the guys helped Karen shower. They lathered her up and washed her off. They took their time drying her off with the soft, fluffy towels.

Karen thanked them for the most fabulous and rewarding night she had ever had. Karen had never felt so pampered in her life. She would always remember this night. Karen hugged and kissed the three young men before she entered our car.

Karen stayed naked on the ride home. She did not care now that she might be seen by others. She felt that with all the gentleness and love we had given her, we deserved the chance to be rough with her. That too was very enjoyable to her.

She now wanted me to take her home where we would make love again.

Since that night, Karen's young lovers have been even more attentive and protective of her when we are together.

We now go to a different club with them. We are all hoping that she will change her mind and give us another night like that.




Footnote, Karen enjoys reading your comments, good or bad about her stories, so please comment. She also likes to see suggestions of what you think she can do. If they excite her, your idea may be her next adventure.









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