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Knock And Enter

Cleaning his house leads to rampant sex
Elvira was a cleaner. That wasn’t her only claim to fame, and it wasn’t how she thought of herself, but it’s what she was known as in her home town. She cleaned houses for people with too little time, or inclination, to do it themselves.

What she really was was a sensuous woman. Tall, black, nicely put together with sizeable breasts that were her favourite feature. She wasn’t stupid either. Not much education but a good brain and she wanted to become a sales girl in a furniture store. That was ambition enough for now. At twenty-one there was plenty of time. For now she was earning a living in a humble job but enjoying her spare time, hanging out with friends.

One of her clients was an old white guy. Man, this guy must have been fifty if he was a day. He was a little overweight but not gross and he looked after himself. His house was untidy but Elvira could see he lived right. He drank a few beers and ate a few pizzas but there was also fruit juice and vegetables around the place.

She had been working for him just a few weeks and he was always there, in the little room he used as an office doing something on a computer. She would knock on the door when she needed to mop the floor and he was polite and put his feet on the desk while she cleaned below him.

A funny thing about him though was: he would always leave his underwear drawer open like he was trying to draw her attention to it. He wore jersey shorts, mainly black and large size. Of course, that meant his hips and ass were large, that’s all.

On the fourth week he answered the door wearing just jeans, no shirt, and let her in with a long, lingering smile before returning to his office. In the bedroom the drawer was open as usual but this time there was a pair of underpants hanging out of it.

His name was Bill and he seemed very nice. He also seemed to have a bit of money but Elvira wasn’t the type to be interested in that sort of thing. If something happened between them it would be purely physical with maybe a touch of emotion too. But he would have to make the first move.

Today she was wearing a loose sleeveless t-shirt with large armholes. She wore a skirt to travel to the house and changed into jeans to work. She changed in the room next to his office and wondered if he was aware that she was standing just the other side of the wall in just her panties. She hoped he was.

Fully clothed, she knocked on the door of his office and went in. She was going to dust the high shelves, but first the skirting boards needed doing. She bent low to reach them and felt Bill looking. Funny how you can feel somebody looking, she thought. She couldn’t read his thoughts but she knew they were based around the general idea of her naked body.

Tired from bending, she crouched and felt her jeans pulling in all directions. She knew they would be gaping at the back and maybe showing the black thong that was pulled tight through her crotch and ass. She grunted involuntarily and he said,

“You okay?”

“Late night.” she said. “Not feeling as fit as usual.”

“You look pretty fit to me.” Bill said, and she saw his face change to a kind of bashful look when he realized how flirty that sounded. He even blushed a little. Poor white people, when they were embarrassed you could really see it. She took pity on him and decided to change the subject.

“There’s something you might want to checkout.” she said, and he followed her out the door and into the bedroom. She pointed at the underwear drawer, which was still open.

“I think it’s stuck,” she said.

“Yeah, it is a bit stiff.” Bill said. “I’ll have a look at it when I’ve got time.”

Elvira picked up the shorts that were hanging out and said,

“These are nice. Where’d ya get them?”

“Oh, in New York.” he said. “They’re nothing special, just different. Got that shiny circle.” They did have a shiny circle right around where a man’s balls would sit. The design wasn’t clever. Elvira thought it was…, what was the word? Stupid would cover it. Designed to attract attention to what you were bound to be looking at anyway.

She had never had sex with a white guy. Kissed an Irish boy once and he had stuck his finger into her quite roughly but she hadn’t given him the satisfaction of touching his precious cock.

One of her friends had told her that a white man’s spunk tasted bitter. How this girl knew that she didn’t say but Elvira wasn’t afraid of spunk like some girls were. She would swallow it if she liked the guy. And if she didn’t like him she wouldn’t have his cock in her mouth, would she?

As these thoughts flitted through Elvira’s mind she saw Bill hold the shorts in front of his jeans, modelling them for her.

“Yeah, they suck don’t they?” he said, and physically flinched when the phrase emerged.

“Why do you get embarrassed?” Elvira asked. “We’re only talking.” He smiled gratefully.

“It’s not like we were… doing anything,” she continued.

“I would like to.” Bill said hesitantly. “Do something.”

She looked up in surprise at what for this man was such a bold statement. She held out her hand and he took it as they sat on the bed together.

“Put your arm around me.” she said, still on the safe ground of waiting for him to make a move. One little vocal slip like that wasn’t enough. Bill put his arm around her and she leaned against him, giving him a friendly peck on the cheek.

Bill twisted her around so her face was straight in front of his. He grabbed her with both arms and plunged his tongue into her mouth then pulled her so they were lying down, he on top of her.

“You are fucking gorgeous.” he said quietly. “I want to li…”

He stopped himself.

“You want to li…?” Elvira said teasingly. “You want to li what? Tell me. Come on. You’ve kissed me now.”

“From the first moment I saw you,” he began nervously, “I wanted to lick your ass.”

“My ass?” she repeated. “Not my pussy?”

“Your pussy as well.” Bill said. “But especially your asshole.”

“Why are you so nervous about saying it?” she asked.

“It’s not… some girls would…”, he stammered.

“I might just like it.” Elvira said with an encouraging smile. “Why don’t you close the door and the curtains and we’ll see what happens?”

He got off the bed and did the necessary while Elvira stretched out on her back and undid the button of her jeans. Bill lay on top of her again and kissed her uncontrollably. He kissed her lips and licked her lips and sucked her lower lip and licked her neck as if he hadn’t been near a woman for years. He put his hand inside her t-shirt and wrestled her breasts out of the loose brassiere. He pulled the shirt up and sucked her nipples.

“You have such beautiful tits.”, he said. “Your nipples are incredible, beautiful.”

“Better take your clothes off.”, she said. He obligingly leapt off the bad and pulled down his jeans and pants, facing away from her and lying down again quickly. She had removed her own clothes and her hot, naked brown body was touching his. She felt the ungainly shape and weight of his cock on her leg, tumbling and sliding as he jammed his knee between hers.

Bill parted Elvira’s legs and got both his thighs between them. She opened wide for him and he slid his rock-hard cock into her. She had had some big cocks, one or two monsters in fact, but she was of the opinion that once the initial impressed thrill had subsided there was still the performing to be done. And some of those titanic rods were not backed up by the skill and tenderness – sometimes a savage tenderness - it took to make her happy.

Bill pumped her firmly and hard and excitedly. He kissed her while he fucked her and his hands roamed her back and sides and into her crotch and then round the back down the fun-fair slide between her ass cheeks.

Elvira ran her fingers up and down his spine and stroked the hairs on the back of his neck. She loved the determined way he fucked her. This man really wanted to fuck her. She felt she was top of his list. She wasn’t just being banged by some stud with nothing better to do. She would have loved to feel him ejaculate inside her but fought the urge.

“Don’t cum.", she said urgently. “We’ve got other things to do.” At the back of her mind she was thinking that one quick fuck might mean the end of her weekly visits. It might just mean the nature of the visits changed but she couldn’t bank on it.

“What was it you wanted to do to me from the first moment you saw me?” she said, sly as a serpent. “Tell me again, I’ve forgotten.”

“I want to lick your ass,” he said happily.

“Then do it.” she said, licking across his lips. “You want me to pull my legs up?”

“I want you to kneel for me.”, he said firmly. She got into position and waited a few tantalising seconds while he seemed to watch her, mesmerized. Then he gripped her round the top of her thighs and ran his tongue sideways down the slide and into the hot, expectant centre. He straightened his head so he was licking her up and down with the whole of his tongue. She could feel him luxuriating in her, reveling in the experience.

Elvira moaned softly as waves of eroticism melted her flesh and made her the helpless beneficiary of Bill’s lavish tongue. Before long she knew she was going to cum and told him so.

“Cum.”, he said. “Cum, you fantastic woman." His thumb plunged into her pussy and it pushed her over the edge. She writhed with ecstasy and rubbed her exposed heartland into his face.

They both lay on their back panting and Elvira looked down at the glistening pink penis head that had been inside her, in her cunt, poking around in her depths and giving her such thrills.

“You want to cum in my mouth?” she asked. Silly question, perhaps. Had there ever been a ‘no’ to that?

She clambered down so her face was by his pubic hair. She could smell herself on him. He was uncut and had a cock that could almost be described as pretty. It was straight, full and firm and the hair around it gave it just enough of an edge, a sense of danger.

She sucked this white man’s cock and felt his balls and then lifted her head to concentrate on her hand job. She was good at this and was happy to possess the skill. With her clever right hand she could make an elephant cum, provided he had a nice foreskin to slide up and down.

Bill lifted himself up to get closer to her, or to make something happen – she didn’t know what but she knew he was getting close. She jerked him quicker and quicker and when she felt his cock begin to convulse she opened her mouth and put it close, closer, then over him.

She jerked lower down as his semen came racing into her cheeks. She swallowed contentedly and her first mouthful of white guy’s spunk made its cheeky, satisfied way into her. Bitter? That girl must have been unlucky. It depended on what they’d been eating she had read somewhere. Bill’s semen was lovely and was welcome in her mouth any time.

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