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Lady In Waiting Part One

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My first interracial experience
It was Monday evening and I had finished a long shift on the construction site in downtown LA. I was still getting used to the climate change and the pace of life change, being a guy from out of town, the company I work for bringing me down from my home town in Canada to take advantage of my special knowledge and experience that would be needed for the project we were working on.

I made my way to the little restaurant located on the ground floor of my hotel and sat at what had become my "usual" table in a quiet corner of the room. I was delighted to see that Jan the waitress was on duty tonight. Over the last few weeks we had got to know each other well enough to have a quick chat when she was on duty. She was 19 and a college student working at the hotel to help pay for her classes. I looked up as I watched her make her way to my table with the coffee pot in hand, her smile seemed to light up her face. I watched as she came towards me, her black, straight hair touched her shoulders, her brown eyes seemed to shine in genuine pleasure in seeing me at my table. The blouse was loose, but it could not entirely detract from her full breasts, nestling within the white top. Her hips swayed erotically from side to side, the way African American seem to have turned into an art form, she was one very sexy young lady.

She greeted me and we chatted as she took my order, asking how my weekend home had been, how my day had gone etc., the small talk of people who are comfortable in each others company. I asked her about college and how the course was going, the usual stuff, before she left for the kitchen with my order. Before she went, she filled my coffee cup and left me extra creamers as she had got to know my tastes fast.

"Some time you should try it without cream, black is a whole new experience, you don't know what you are missing". She told me as she headed to the kitchen. Something in the way she had given me that advice made me think, was it my imagination or did she refer to more than just coffee?

Jan had always given me good service at the restaurant and I always assumed it was due to the more than generous tip. After all, I remembered the days when my own daughter was at college and had to work tables to help pay her bills, I hated the thought and hoped that in some way by tipping Jan well, I was helping her get through college. Tonight though, she seemed more attentive than usual, she seemed so alive and her smile was infectious.

After my meal she came over to see if all was well and asked me my plans for the evening. I told her I was going to shower and see if there was any hockey on tv. She teased me about my Canadian hunger for hockey and then said she did not know what all the fuss was about, it was only a sport after all! I challenged her, saying that she had never seen a game so she did not know what she was talking about, I wasn't upset but wanted to tease her a little. She admitted that she had in fact never seen a game so on an impulse I said that she would be more than welcome to come up and watch the game. Before the words were out of my mouth I wished I had not said it, thinking what I would do if some stranger did the same to my daughter. I began to apologise but she put my mind at ease, saying that she might just take me up on it. I told her I would leave the door unlocked if she really did want to see the game and just to let herself in as I may be in the shower. She told me her shift was almost over and I left.

I headed up to my room, happy at the prospect of maybe having some company for the evening and went into the bathroom to shave before my shower.

I had just finished rinsing my hair when I heard the shower curtain pull back and a cool draught of air hit me as it closed again. "Would you like me to wash your back?" a voice purred from behind me. I was speechless, my mind whirling as it tried to absorb what was happening, I did not dare turn around. The next moment I felt warm, soft hands begin to caress my shoulders with shower gel. "Relax baby, Jan is here to look after you, just like I always do" she whispered in my ear. She then began to move down my back on and on down over my butt, all the way down to my feet. She did not rush but rubbed my skin gently, letting the gel cary away the grime of the construction site.

I felt her move in closer behind me, her body coming into contact with mine, her full breasts squished against my back and I could feel her nipples poking me. She kissed my neck and reached around, her hands full of gel as she began to circle my chest as the water ran off it. Her hands began to spiral lower as they moved down my chest, over my belly and finally to my groin, to where my cock twitched in anticipation of her touch. One hand closed around the shaft of it while the other gently cupped my balls, rubbing more gel into them. The feeling was so sensual as she slowly worked my cock, sliding her slippery hand up and down its length.

After a few moments she stopped and allowed the water to rinse the lather away. She pulled me around to face her for the first time. My eyes met hers and I lowered my head to kiss her full lips, they felt so soft as they parted and our tongues met, tasting and teasing each other before fully entering each others mouths. I was very aware of my hard cock pressing against her belly and her wonderful boobs pressing against my chest as we kissed, the shower water cascading off my back. She too must have been very aware of my member poking her stomach and she broke the kiss to sink to her knees before me, her eyes never leaving mine as she went. She took my cock in her hand and bent it down toward her waiting mouth, watching my face as her lips closed around the tip. I felt her tongue lick the tip and then she sucked me in further.

I had been separated from my wife for over a year now and had not had oral sex in that time so it was only natural that I was very trigger happy. Jan seemed to sense it and her eyes gave me reassurance that it was okay. I mouthed a "thank you" to her and let myself go. She bobbed her head up and down quickly now, her eyes on me all the time, her tongue snaking around my cock as she brought me to climax. With a grunt I felt myself unload, the cream erupting like lava into her mouth. Her lips remained tightly clamped around my cock, sucking and swallowing, her eyes shining as she did so. With one last quiver, I emptied my cream for her to swallow before sucking me dry.

I reached down and helped her to her feet. We kissed again and I could taste my cum in her mouth. This time I broke the kiss and pulled her gently to the front of the shower, turning her around so she was facing the wall. "Your turn" I whispered in her ear and took some shower gel in each hand, rubbing it into her shoulders, repeating what she had done for me. When my hands reached her ass, I stepped back to admire it, so full and smooth, rubbing the lather all over her cheeks. I then moved down her long, dark legs, until I reached her feet.

I moved in close behind her, kissing her on the neck and shoulders as I reached around with gel in my hands. I smoothed the gel over her full breasts, circling her nipples, feeling them harden at my touch. They felt fantastic as I washed them down, allowing the water to rinse them, tweaking her nipples, rewarded by the sound of her gasp in pleasure. I took some more gel and reached around again, this time her tummy my target and I rubbed it into her skin, my hands gliding smoothly over her body before moving lower.

She spread her legs and pushed back against me, her hands on the wall in front of her as my hand slid across the short stubble of her pussy, she must have shaven earlier but now her pubis was prickly with new growth. I moved my hand down lower and slipped my finger into her pussy, having no difficulty as it was slick with her juice. As I touched her clit she inhaled sharply and pushed back against me even more. I began to rub her clit with one hand and my other around her belly, holding her tight to me. She began to sway in and out to the movement of my finger and I matched her movement so we moved as one.

Her breath was coming faster now, her body moving quicker too as I continued to rub her clit. Suddenly her arms stiffened, her whole body jarring as she came, calling out as she did. I gave her no mercy as I rubbed her, feeling her quaking over and over again until she finally subsided against me, gasping for air.

All the excitement had turned me on and my cock had stiffened as we swayed together. She seemed all of a sudden very aware of my hardness against her body and she reached around to take it in her hand. "I know just the place to put that" she teased..........................

To be continued........

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