Lending A Hand

By KingFrank

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This story is about a black teen helping out his white mature neighbor
It was a summer day in Miami and I had just finished a basketball game with a couple of friends. Since it was like 90 degrees I decided to walk home shirtless. I didn’t have the best body a person my age could have but I was confident and that’s all that mattered in my head. I was 18 at the time and still a senior in high school as my birthday is late in the year. I stood just about 6’2 and weighed 230 pounds. I played football all my life so I have a decent build, no over bulging gut, but I wasn’t that muscular either.

As I was walking to my front door I noticed my neighbor, Mrs. Lewis, looking under the hood of her car. I didn’t know much about mechanics but I decided to go over and see if I could help. I approached Mrs. Lewis from behind and I couldn’t help but notice how great her ass looked. She was wearing what looked to be long jeans that’s she cut just below the fold under her ass. Being 18 and horny my cock started to twitch in my basketball shorts from that sight alone.

She must have not heard me approaching her because when I spoke she jumped in fear and her head hit the top of the hood.

“Oh, it’s only you,” she said while rubbing the top of her head.

“Yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. I only came over to see if I can help." As I offered my apology I couldn’t help but stare at her perky breast through her thin V-neck T-shirt. She must have noticed me staring because she abruptly turned around and went back under the hood.

“Umm, do you know what’s wrong with it?” I said trying to break the awkward moment I had created.

“I have no idea. It won’t start and my husband isn’t answering his phone, I’m supposed to be at my sisters wedding rehearsal tonight.” Her voiced was muffled coming from under the hood.

“Well maybe I can take a look at for you,” I said in sympathetic tone.

“Sure go ahead,” she said, she stepped to the side and allowed me to take a look. As I walked up to the car I took one more glance at the best pair of tits I had ever seen on women of that age. Mrs. Lewis had to be at least 40 but had a better body than most girls I went to school with.

Like I said earlier, I didn’t know much about cars but I noticed the cable connecting to her battery was loose. “Hmmm? It looks like the cable connecting to your battery is loose. Do you have a wrench or some pliers that I could use to tighten the bolt?” I said.

“I think my husband has some in the house, let me go look,” she said as she scurried in the house.

I was in a complete trance watching her ass jiggle up and down as she lightly jogged to the front door, my cock must have been watching too because it started to twitch again.

A moment later she returned with a pan full of tools. “I hope what you’re looking for is in here. My husband is a lazy slob and doesn’t know how to fix anything so he doesn’t care for many tools.” I grinned at the comment she made and looked inside the old pan full of dirty tools. I spotted at pair of wire pliers and thought I’d try them. They got the job done but I told her she should have a professional take a look at it so she wouldn’t have the problem again.

I offered to take the pan back inside for her, she opened the door and then pointed me to the back pantry where she retrieved it from. “It’s hard to find young people that are willing to give out a helping hand,” she said with a gentle smile on her face. She offered me something to drink and a sandwich to settle an unspoken debt she had with me.

Even though we were in the house I was still sweating pretty hard, she noticed and offered an apology. “I’m sorry it’s so stuffy in here, I have the air condition on 65 degrees but it’s still always hot in here. I had to cut up all my clothes just to keep cool,” she explained.

I once again offered to take a look and she guided me down to the basement. I opened the closet containing the unit and began looking around. I had no idea what I was looking for but I noticed the filter was very black. I tried to pull it out but it was stuck in there. I yanked on it with all my might it sprung free along with a cloud of dust. There was so much dust that it engulfed the small closet causing me and Mrs. Lewis to run out grasping for air.

“What the hell was that!” she exclaimed.

“That’s was the filter, it looks as if it has not been changed in years,” I said coughing through every other word.

“That lazy husband of mines can’t do anything but sit on his ass and drink beer!” She looked me up and down and offered me a shower because my face and chest were covered in dirt. We walked back up from the pantry and she guided me to the bathroom where I was to take a quick shower. Mrs. Lewis told me she would be right back with a towel and wash cloth. When she returned I noticed her nipples poking through her shirt, it must have been due to the cold air flowing through the house. My dick started to rise and I couldn’t hide it through my basketball shorts. Her face turned red when she saw my hard on, I tried to offer her an apology but she told me it was ok and that’s she was flattered that she could still get someone’s blood going.

Mrs. Lewis placed my towel and wash cloth on the sink and closed the bathroom door. I felt like an asshole for losing control of myself in front of my neighbor. I entered the shower and started lathering my body, the hot water felt so good on my skin but it wasn’t doing any good on my erection. I thought maybe if I’d stroke it real quick that would help, I put some of her shampoo in my palm and began stroking my cock. I pictured her sweet tits and juicy ass while jacking my dick, I started pumping faster and faster while whispering her name. I must have not been whispering low enough because when I turned around Mrs. Lewis was standing there full naked rubbing her pussy. She gasped when she saw how big my dick was and made a joke about the black man theory.

She joined the shower with me and placed her hand on my dick. It was the best feeling I have ever felt. I’ve been with a couple of girls before but nobody made me as horny as she did. She got down on her knees and started to slowly take my 8 inch dick in her mouth. She began licking and sucking on the head of my cock and I thought I was going to cum right then and there. I grabbed her long blond hair and forced my dick down her throat, she started to gag so I let go for her to catch her breath. I lifted her up by the joints of her knees and placed her on the shower wall. I slowly started to lick her pink clit, sucking and nibbling on it every now and then. She rubbed my head, pulled my ears and begged me not to stop. I stuck my tongue in her pussy hole and slurped up all her juices while keeping my nose in contact with her clit. She told me she was cumming and I was ready to suck up ever drop that seeped out of her slit.

I finally let her down and bent her over the edge of the tub, she asked me to take it slow because her pussy was sensitive from the orgasm I gave her. I took the head of my dick and rubbed it on her sweet pussy while she moaned in ecstasy. I couldn’t take it anymore and penetrated her with one thrust as deep as I could. I watched my black dick slide in and out of her pink pussy. I started pumping faster with her ass while hold her hips with both hands.

I laid down in the tub and told her to get on top of my dick. She lined her slit up with the head of my dick and slowly let herself down on it. She began riding my dick and I watched her big tits bounce up and down as she did. Her pussy was so tight and I couldn’t hold out any longer. I felt my cum build up from my balls and asked her where she wanted it. She pleaded for me to cum inside her pussy so I gave her what she asked for. Her pussy began to tighten around my cock and she told she was cumming too. I filled up her pussy with cum and we just laid there letting the hot water run over our bodies for what seemed like forever. We finished showering together and I went home a happy man.

Every time she needed something to be fixed she would call me over for the job.