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Letting Go

Judy's terror turns to passion as she starts to discover herself

It was his lucky day.   His ex-wife, sitting at the bar, looked ravishing.   She was obviously alone.   OK, she didn’t want to talk, but that was only superficial.   Surely?   Everyone knows that women say “No” when they really mean “Yes”.   He had to hand it to her, that shuddering act she was doing looked quite convincing.   The way she looked sitting there at the bar he would love to give her the shag of her life.   Even a quickie for old-times’ sake would be good.   He turned to catch her wrist but was stopped in his tracks by a voice that cut through his alcohol haze with just two mono-syllabic words.

“Do one!”

He turned.   The moment he saw the man at his side he realised those two words were non-negotiable.   He slunk away and out of the hotel.

Judy’s eyes were closed and she was shaking as she sat on the bar stool.

“You OK?”

Judy’s eyes remained closed.   She nodded, and a muffled grunt escaped her lips, followed by a very quiet “I just need a cuddle.”

Hal did not hesitate.   He took her arm by the elbow in his huge hand and helped her off the bar stool.   He guided her towards the hotel reception and then into the lift.   He propelled her from the lift along the corridor, and stopped at the door to his room.   With the plastic card he swiped the lock and opened the door, led her inside, and quietly closed the door behind them.   Her eyes had remained tight-shut throughout.   He pressed the button beside the head board, and the curtains glided across the window to shut out the light.

He carefully slipped the jacket of her business suit from her shoulders, and hung it neatly on the chair beside the bed.   He scooped her up in his powerful arms and deposited her gently on the bed.   He slipped the kitten heel shoes from her feet, and gently laid her back on the covers.   Next he kicked off his own shoes and socks and lay down beside her, wrapping strong arms around her and drawing her close to him.

She was sobbing intensely and silently.   There were no tears, just the convulsions of her body told him how upset she was.   He held her firmly against his own body.   He lay still but was enjoying the warmth of her breasts through her blouse pressed against him.   Very slowly the sobbing subsided until there was the occasional shake of her body against him.  

He now let the palm of his hand caress her back.   He smoothed her shoulders, over her shoulder blades, down to the small of her back and then back upwards.   Little by little her body started to relax beneath his hand.   He continued the soothing movements, but now he added his other hand to the motion and was pleased to feel her body draw a little closer to his warmth.

“Your clothes are going to be really crumpled”.   He spoke gently with a voice that made Judy think for some reason of walnuts and honey.   She offered no resistance as she felt his fingers loosen the two buttons at her waistband, draw down the zip of her suit trousers at the side, and then slide her trousers down her legs and over her feet.   Once again he carefully folded them and placed them on the bedside chair.   There was no resistance from her as his fingers carefully unbuttoned her blouse and took that off to be laid over the trousers.   The waft of her fragrance as he did so gave him a frisson which he felt deep within his loins.

He returned to the bed and smiled as she snuggled in to him.   His fingers traced gentle patterns over her back and her waist, just occasionally straying to glide over the smooth fabric of her bikini briefs.   Her body was now still and he judged she was able to talk again.

“Who was that guy?” he asked in that same rich voice.

“Used to be my husband, and…” her voice choked as she started to sob again.

“It’s all right.”   He drew her closer still to him and held her firmly once more.   His hand was now against her bottom, pressing her towards him.   He felt her begin to relax against him once more as her sobbing   gave way.   Did he dare?   Of course he dared.   He allowed his fingers to slip beneath the cotton of her panties and glide along the soft firm flesh of her cheeks.   Good girl – she hadn’t forced his hand away.   He followed his instincts and slid the covering down over her thighs, down her legs and ankles and over her feet.   The testosterone within him also told him to unclasp and remove her bra.   He obeyed that inner voice, and felt her breasts tumble from their cups.   His fingers brushed her nipples.   Nice and plump, not overly long, but responsive to his touch.   They hardened beneath his fingers and stood erect.

How delicious she both felt and smelled against him.   His fingers wandered over her body at will, and with each passing moment her body sank into a deeper state of relaxation.   Now his fingers were brushing the insides of her thighs and to his joy he felt them yielding beneath his touch, parting to allow his hands between and beyond.   He discovered the hair of her pussy, trimmed to a heart shape.   He spread her outer lips with his finger tips and was surprised to feel how moist she was.   His fingers explored her wetness until they coaxed squelching sounds from her.   The tip of one finger drifted upwards to her clitoris and gently rubbed her with a circular motion.   Her breathing grew heavier and she pressed herself ever more closely.   Her body tensed briefly and he was rewarded with a clitoral orgasm beneath his finger.

He couldn’t prevent himself from tasting the juice of her orgasm on his fingers.   Sweet, and scented with her body fragrance.   Again he felt that stirring within his loins, but now a degree of urgency had been added that made him slip from his shirt and trousers, leaving just his boxers.   He returned to lay beside her.   She snuggled up against him and he felt her press against the hardness in his pants.   Involuntarily her hand moved downwards to explore the mound.

“Don’t go starting something you can’t finish” he murmured playfully.   She paused for the briefest of moments, and then her hand found its way inside his boxers.   He heard a sharp intake of breath as her fingers discovered his dick.   He eased himself from his underwear as she clasped the shaft of his dick with both her hands.   They were small, and the tip protruded beyond.   Her fingers did not even come close to meeting around his shaft

He coaxed another orgasm from her with his finger then rolled her onto her back.   Gently he spread her legs and settled himself between her thighs with the tip of his dick against her wet lips.   He allowed it to open them, their wetness assisting him.   Very gently he pressed against her and she started to open to his head.   She caught her breath as she now became truly aware of just how thick was his dick, but she clung tightly to him and he slid into her wetness smoothly and with sensitivity.

He paused his initial entry into her, allowing her pussy to adjust to the presence of his dick.   He was not an insensitive man, but at the same time there was an urgency within his loins that had to be satisfied.   He pressed inwards a little and then withdrew.   Each time he pressed into her he ensured he plunged slightly deeper until he was perhaps two thirds of the length of his shaft into her.   Now he paused before drawing back.   He lifted her legs back so that the backs of her legs rested against his arms.   He also pressed the switch on the bed head that turned on the mirror lamp above the dressing table.

She took stock of the situation.   To this point her eyes had either been closed or the room had been in darkness.   Now she was seeing him for the very first time.   As she lay there she was startled by the contrast between her legs against his arms.   How pale her skin was in comparison to his black skin.   She looked downwards between her thighs and saw his huge, black dick partly buried within her.   It glistened with her juices.   The sight took her breath away.   It was so stout that it was as if she had been impaled.   She felt another uncontrollable orgasm working its way up from deep inside her as she gazed upon his magnificent shaft.   It wouldn’t be held back.   Her climax burst from her in an unstoppable rush, flooding her juices down onto her lips.

Hal took this precise moment to press more deeply into her.   She groaned and she whimpered.   She also gasped, unable to decide if it was pain or ecstasy she was feeling.   In a single thrust he plunged his complete dick to its full length into her welcoming pussy.   He paused at the extent of his penetration so she could take account of his presence filling her to the point of almost being unable to breathe.   She felt him possess her, hard and hot within her.   She felt his strength within her, straining to be unleashed.   She felt the blood coursing through his dick, pumping within his shaft, causing her lips to twitch to every one of his heartbeats – and   she wanted him to possess her and unleash himself within her.

She was not disappointed in her wishes.   Hal pressed himself hard against her, striving to reach even further into her.   He then withdrew almost to his full length and thrust back deep within her pussy.   In and out, deep and shallow, hard and long he thrust.   Her groans and whimpers become an almost continuous moan as he ploughed his furrow deep within her pussy.   Orgasm after orgasm was snatched from her and she was powerless to do anything but submit to this excruciating pleasure.   All strength had gone from her legs, but he had strength enough for the both of them.   He stole more orgasms from her.   Was he making love to her?   Was he fucking her?   Who cared?   She could only give herself totally to his dick.

Now his pace slackened and once more she opened her eyes that had been closed in ecstasy.   This was not a slowing due to him being spent.   This was a slowing with declared intent.   it was a slowing to extract the very last ounce from her.   His strokes were now extremely slow, but very, very long.   His fingers played with her nipples, playfully pulling them in a gentle but meaningful way.   He was too tall to reach her breasts with his lips to kiss them from this position, but his fingers made them stand up ever more tightly and erect.   They were a joy to see, and that joy was expressed through the strength in his dick.

Now he allowed the fingers of one hand to play with her bottom, tracing a circle around the tight ring of her bum as his dick stretched her pussy and his body weight forced her legs backwards.   Her juices had dribbled down and he used these to lubricate his finger.   He placed his finger on her ring and pressed just enough to start to penetrate her.

The effect was electric.   Her body shuddered and a low curdling wail burst from her lips. It was as if she had been struck by lightning.     The orgasm that flooded over her held her rigid as her body tensed in a spasm of lush joy.   At the same time, his orgasm exploded into her pussy, filling her in a hot and gushing torrent as it burst from his dick, seeking release.   He held himself deep within her as he emptied himself into her.   Wave after wave of his sperm poured from his shaft into her already hot pussy.   It filled her, dribbling out from her lips and down around her bottom.   He looked down with satisfaction as his seed glistened white and sticky against her thighs.   But still he did not withdraw from her, and she was glad that he didn’t do so.   To have snatched his dick from her now would have made her feel so empty that her body would collapse without its support.

H e lay there, still for the moment within her.   He gazed down on her face, her eyes were closed once more.   Gently he prised them open with his thumbs against her eyelids.   Her eyes were unfocussed as if she was in a trance.   Her mouth was slack,

“RESPECT, sexy lady!   You started something, and you finished it.”

Judy snuggled closer.

“I’ve just had you, sexy lady.   Now I’m going to make love to you.”   With that he slid his hands beneath her bottom, drawing her up towards him.   All this while, his dick had remained within her.   His hardness had not diminished.   Now as he drew her up towards him, sometimes flairing the cheeks of her bottom, sometimes squeezing them, his dick drilled into her pussy with a rhythmic beat.   Long and steady strokes, each one reaching deep up inside her, each one probing her innermost depths.   His dick reached into her both bodily and mentally.   It made its presence felt throughout her whole being, and now she found herself looking at him as he gave himself to her.

No more did she notice the contrast in the colour of their skins.   Instead, she found herself noticing details....his dark brown eyes, the shape of his nose, the way his hair was cut very short, the faintest outline of a beard that was enough to prickle her face in a very sexy way.   She realised she was no longer limp beneath his body.   Now she was able to harden her muscles on his dick, clasping him between her legs, grasping his dick between her lips, and seemingly climbing her way up his thick shaft as he withdrew from her lest he slipped from her grasp in her wetness.

When her orgasm came it arrived in a shower of bright lights within her head.   But she was unprepared  for the intensity of his climax into her.   It was scalding, and felt like a fire hose had been turned on within her.   His sperm gushed up inside her, and she would not have been surprised if it had come out of her ears!   It filled her to overflowing, and it both drained her of her strength yet, at the same time, it also fortified her.   She clung to him, pressing upwards and wringing every last drop of his seed from him into her.

When she limped to the bathroom, yes, limped after the pounding she had received beneath this wonderful man, his juices spilled down her legs.   It didn’t go un-noticed by Hal.

She cleaned herself and returned to the bed.   He wrapped his arms around her.   “I don’t know your name, sexy lady, but you’re one hell of a good lay between the sheets.   I’m Hal, and I want you to know that you’re mine.”


“Mine.   You got a problem with that?”

Judy thought.   She thought about what might have happened just before Hal appeared.   She thought back over the sex she used to have with her creep of a former husband.   She also reflected on the sex she had just experienced.   Her mother would have gone berserk if she could see her now.  But what right had her mother to intrude into her thoughts at this moment of all times!

She lowered her eyes to his dick, still larger than any other dick she had seen, even when it was flaccid.   “I have no problem with that.”

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