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Life-Altering Encounter with a Black Transvestite

I meet who I think is an attractive black woman at a nightclub and end up sucking her huge cock.
The job of a traveling salesman can be very lucrative, but being a road warrior can also be exhausting. This type of job is usually handled better by younger men, but I have been very successful. It is hard to give up the commissions and bonuses for a mundane desk job back home at our Minneapolis headquarters. I have been on the road an average of four days a week for the last twenty-five years. My name is Ed, and now at forty-nine years old it has taken a toll on my marriage.

With me being gone so much, my wife Holly has grown apart from me emotionally. She has little or no interest in sex at this time in our lives, although at one time we were very active sexually. I happen to have a high libido, so it was hard for me to handle her frigidity, and I missed the intimacy. Despite all of the opportunities I had with other women in the bars and hotels around the country, I had never cheated on her. My last trip to Atlanta changed everything that I thought I knew about my sexuality.

I was in my hotel room in Atlanta one evening, getting horny from the soft-porn movies. Several of the movies depicted interracial relationships between black men and white women, but also a few with white men and black women. It seemed appropriate that the hotel would have those types of movies since Atlanta’s population is about fifty-four percent African-American.

I traveled to Atlanta often and always stayed at the same downtown hotel. Minneapolis has a black population of only about nineteen percent. The increased exposure to black people and the black culture in Atlanta, as I made my sales calls, sensitized me to some of the attractive black women that I saw around town.

So I decided to find an interracial nightclub within walking distance of the hotel. I was mainly just curious about the club scene, and at that point didn’t really expect to hook up with anyone, especially not a black woman. I asked the night doorman, who happens to be a ruggedly-handsome, middle-aged black man named Jeremiah, if he could suggest a nearby nightclub that catered to an interracial crowd and might have some available women. I knew his name from my frequent stays at the hotel, but we had never talked before that night.

Jeremiah gave me a knowing, mischievous smile and replied, “Yes sir, I can help you with that. A lot of white couples and single, white men and women ask about those types of clubs. It’s not always clear to me what type of action they are seeking. The Galloping Zebra Club caters to all tastes, if you know what I mean. The club is only a short, two block walk from here.”

I felt a little uneasy with his demeanor and ‘if you know what I mean’ comment, but followed his directions to the club. Most of the tables were taken, and since I was alone anyway, I took a seat at the bar and ordered a rum drink. There was good music being played by a disc jockey, and it looked like a mix of maybe fifty percent black men, a few black women, with the rest being mostly whites couples.

The lights were very low, but I saw that the typical small table had a white couple with one or more black men. The black men took turns dancing with who I assumed was the white man’s wife. I had read somewhere a little about black-on-white cuckold relationships, but was still surprised to see those black men aggressively kissing and fondling the white women on the dance floor, while the husbands sat passively watching at their tables.

There were also a few black and white men dancing together and kissing, as well as a few black and white women who were kissing and fondling one another on the dance floor. It was becoming clear that Jeremiah was trying to tell me that this was a club where any and all sexual persuasions were accepted.

As I continued to watch the crowd my eyes got more accustomed to the darkness. I noticed every now and then a white couple would leave with the black men, for what I assumed would be a fuck-fest with the white wife. After watching all of the interracial interaction on the dance floor, and the white couples leaving with the black men, I found myself becoming aroused by the possibility of having interracial sex.

I had been at the bar for an hour or so and was on my third drink, when an attractive, middle-aged black woman sat at the bar next to me. She is a tall, athletic-looking woman, at maybe five feet and ten inches tall and about one hundred and fifty pounds. Her breasts were also huge and bulging against her tight blouse, and her perfume was intoxicating. She had long, straightened black hair and an attractive, mocha-colored face that was vaguely masculine, but not in a bad way.

There are some women who are unquestionably pretty, yet still have some masculine features. For example, Jessica Simpson is absolutely beautiful, but still has a rather masculine jaw line. She can look either feminine or more-masculine; depending on the way she dresses and wears her makeup.

I assumed that the black woman must have been an athlete because of her atypically muscular physique. She was, I must admit, kind of intimidating to me. I’m a pretty normal guy at six feet tall and one hundred and seventy-five pounds, and was used to being around my petite wife.

She sat next to me for a few minutes, and then said in a sultry, almost whispery voice, “Hi, sweetie, my name’s Brianna. What brings an attractive white boy like you to the Zebra tonight? I’ve been watching you for a while and can see that you are here alone. Would you like to buy a girl a drink?”

I was immediately attracted to her appearance, voice, perfume, and easy manner. I turned on my stool to face her and said, “Hi, Brianna, my name is Ed, and I’d love to buy you a drink. I’m staying at a hotel down the street for a few days on business, and was getting bored in my room. The doorman recommended that I check out this club. What would you like to drink?”

Brianna smiled, reached over and picked up my rum drink and took a sip. She did it in such a matter-of-fact and sweet way, that it didn’t seem at all forward or offensive to me. It was actually sexy the way she licked and mouthed the rim with her long tongue and thick, black, red-lipstick-covered lips. Then she batted her eyelashes, and responded, “You don’t mind me drinking out of your glass do you, Ed? I just love your drink and I’d like one of them too.”

We got her a drink and continued sitting at the bar to talk. We were turned towards one another and our knees were slightly intertwined. She was constantly rubbing her knee and part of her leg between my knees, as her skirt got pushed farther up on her thighs. I couldn’t help glancing down at her smooth, mocha skin trying to see as much as I could. After sitting together there for about twenty minutes, we noticed that a table in a dark corner of the club had become available and we moved to sit there.

After another couple of drinks, Brianna was swaying to the music as our legs rubbed together, and she said, “Aren’t you going to ask me to dance, Ed? I just love this slow music.”

I got up and took her by the hand to the dance floor. I was very attracted to this black woman, but everything was evolving so quickly. I was a little too shy to hold her close, but she made the first move and pulled us together. Her huge, bulging breasts were pressed against my chest as we held one another and moved to the music. Another slow song started after the first one finished and we continued dancing.

Her body felt so good being pressed against mine, and on the third song she looked up slightly into my face. Then she placed her hand behind my neck and pulled me down towards her face. Her lips were so big, full and soft as we kissed. She pushed her tongue into my mouth, and I could hardly believe that I was on the dance floor, in front of all of the other people, passionately kissing this attractive black woman.

We continued to dance slowly, even when the music was fast, and kissed lustfully. I reached down to rub her big, but firm protruding ass as she rubbed my ass and back. Then she reached down to rub my thighs, moving ever closer to my crotch. My dick was getting hard and I was reluctant to have her touch me there. I knew the reputation that black men have for being well hung, and I was afraid that I would be a disappointment and turnoff for her. My dick is a respectable, thick, six and one half inches long, but still no match for those big, black cocks I had heard about.

As she got closer to my dick, I tried to move my hand to her crotch. She apparently wasn’t ready for that since she took my hand in hers and placed it on her breast. Then she moved back from me slightly so her hand could reach the bulge of my hard dick. Before I met Brianna, I had been watching with some amusement the other interracial couples on the dance floor, thinking that I was somehow above it all. Now I was out there with a sexy black woman, becoming more and more aroused by her charms.

We continued kissing as I rubbed her tits and she rubbed my dick. I looked over at some of the black men sitting near the dance floor, and they were smiling at me, raising their thumbs, and cheering me on. It was almost as if I had made a great conquest of this sensuous black woman. It would be the next night that I would find out what they were really cheering about.

After almost an hour on the dance floor, we went back to sit at our table. We continued kissing as she rubbed my dick and I fondled her big tits. I started unbuttoning her blouse when she began to unfasten my belt and lower my zipper. I tried again to run my hand up her thighs to her pussy, but she kept moving it back to her tits.

She finally pushed my pants and underwear down on my thighs and I was sitting there with my hard, white cock sticking up. I was still a little embarrassed about the size of my package, but Brianna continued stroking me as she said, “Damn, sweetie, you’ve got a really nice cock for a white boy. I’ve just got to have a taste for myself.”

Before I could object, she scooted back her chair and leaned down to suck my dick. It had been years since my wife had sucked me, and I loved the feeling of Brianna’s thick lips and tongue on my meat. She moved up and down aggressively sucking me as I fondled her bare breasts. With all of the sexual stimulation I had that evening; it didn’t take long of me to reach the point of no return. I tried to warn her to pull her mouth off of my dick, but she held tightly onto me and continued sucking as my dick throbbed and my cum flooded her mouth.

She continued sucking me long after my ejaculation had subsided, and finally sat back up. Before I could resist, she pulled my mouth to hers in another passionate kiss, and I tasted my own semen and sperm in her mouth. I so badly wanted to fuck her before my ejaculation. But I was losing interest due to the post-orgasm blues that usually affected me after an orgasm. She wasn’t giving me any signs of wanting to be fucked anyway.

We talked for a few minutes, and I was feeling ashamed and embarrassed at what I had done, right in front of all of those people. I just wanted to get out of there and go back to my room, knowing that I would want to be with Brianna again after my blue period was over.

I was just getting ready to say something about leaving when Brianna said, “Mmmm, that was so tasty, Ed. I like your dick and your big load of cum for me to eat. I can see that you are a little uneasy right now and probably want to leave, but I’d sure like to see you again tomorrow night. Maybe we can meet here for a while, and then go back to your room. Would you like that, Ed?”

Brianna was buttoning up her blouse as I said, “Yes, Brianna, I’d like to meet you here tomorrow night, say about 9:00 pm. It’s after midnight now though. I need to go and think about everything that happened tonight. This is the first time I’ve ever cheated on my wife, and I have to come to terms with it. So I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Some of the black men were smiling and pointing at me as I left the club. I walked quickly back to the hotel and saw Jeremiah standing by the door. He opened the door and said, “Good evening again, sir, did you find the Zebra Club to your liking? You were there a long time and certainly look more relaxed now than when you left here.”

It was almost as if he knew what happened at the club and was trying to bait me into admitting it. I just smiled at him and tried to tease him back saying, “Yes, Jeremiah, I liked the club a lot. I’ll be going back there tomorrow night too. I had some new and interesting experiences there tonight. Thank you so much for the recommendation.”

I went to my room and was enjoying the satisfied feeling of having been sucked off by that attractive black woman. The whole situation of meeting a black stranger in a nightclub and being sucked off in front of others was exciting to me. I could barely sleep that night, and was anxious the next day anticipating meeting with Brianna again. I loved feeling her tits and firm ass, and wanted badly to bring her back to my room to fuck her.

Jeremiah was at the door when I left the hotel heading for the Zebra Club a little before 9:00 pm. I couldn’t help bragging a little saying, “With a little luck you should see me coming back here with an attractive black woman tonight. No offense Jeremiah, but she sucked my cock last night, and tonight I hoping to get my first piece of black pussy.”

He smiled at me and said, “That doesn’t bother me in the least, sir. In fact, I really enjoy black-on-white sex. I sure hope that you will tell me all about it and what a unique experience it was for you.”

I was a little surprised that he admitted to liking black-on-white sex, and wasn’t totally sure what he meant by that or his ‘unique experience’ comment. He was so friendly and helpful to me and I had developed a kind of fondness for him. So I responded to him, “Jeremiah, I really appreciate how helpful you’ve been to me. If I get some black loving tonight, I owe it all to you. And by the way, please call me Ed.”

The club wasn’t very busy when I got there and I took a seat at the bar. It didn’t make sense to sit at a table when my plan was to have a couple of drinks with Brianna, and then invite her back to my hotel room. She was fashionably late and showed up at around 9:20 pm. She looked hot, with a low-cut blouse and short skirt that showed off her long, muscular legs.

We had a few drinks and danced for a while. She was rubbing my dick again, as I fondled her tits and ass. She was being coy and teasing me, still not letting me get my hand close to her pussy. Whenever I tried to touch her pussy she leaned in and breathed into my ear whispering, “Be patient, baby, you’ll be getting a taste of Brianna’s black hole soon enough.”

I replied, “Oh yes, Brianna, I definitely want to taste every inch of you.”

We left the club at about 10:30 pm, and it felt strange walking down a public street, arm in arm with a black woman. Some of the white people driving by just looked over at us and smiled, probably thinking that I had picked up a whore and was headed somewhere to fuck her. Of course, that is exactly what I had in mind.

Jeremiah was at the hotel door and opened it up for us. He smiled at Brianna and me, and I thought I saw him wink at her. I guessed that was just his way of showing that he knew what we were up to for the evening. As we headed for the elevator Jeremiah said, “You two have fun now.”

When we got to the room I fixed us a couple of rum drinks from the convenience bar, as Brianna began taking off her blouse. With her top off I was amazed at the sight of her big tits on her athletic body. I was surprised when she pulled down the covers and laid back on bed with her short skirt and panties still on. I could hardly wait to see and taste her black cunt.

I turned off the lights and quickly took off all of my clothes, and felt much less self-conscious since her positive comment at the club regarding my dick. I lay down next to her and leaned over to take her large, brown areola and thick nipple into my mouth. Her tits are so much bigger than my wife’s and I enjoyed sucking and fondling them, especially given the contrast in our skin color.

After only a few minutes sucking her breasts, she pushed me away and turned partially around in the bed to suck my cock. Just before she took my white meat into her mouth she said, “I just have to have another taste of your nice dick, sweetie. You can taste me after I get started on you.”

She was positioned a little sideways to me on her stomach, hungrily sucking my cock. I couldn’t rub her crotch from that position, but I could rub her nice ass. After she sucked me for a few minutes I was breathing hard and getting very aroused and anxious to feel and taste her pussy.

Brianna knew that I was turned on. She twisted around until we were in a side-by-side sixty-nine position and said, “Oh yes, sweetie, I can tell that you are excited about me sucking your nice, white dick. Now I’m ready for you to get a taste of Brianna. That’s it, baby. Take off my skirt and push down my panties and get a good look at me.”

I reached around to unbutton and unzip her skirt, and pushed it down as she helped by lifting up her ass. As she continued sucking my dick and even my balls, I gripped the waistband of her black panties and started to push them down. I couldn’t see much since the room had only ambient light from the street below. As I pushed down her panties, I was surprised to get some resistance from a lump as she said, “That’s it, sweetie, push them down and get a taste of Brianna’s big, black clit. Don’t even think about it, baby, just suck it for me and make me feel good like I’m doing for you.”

With her panties pulled down to her thighs, you can imagine my shock at seeing what looked like a thick, soft, uncircumcised black cock that was about seven inches long, and a huge set of low-hanging balls. It became readily apparent that Brianna was a transvestite and had tricked me into being intimate with him. Under normal circumstances, I would have pulled away in disgust. However, with him sucking my dick and me getting ever closer to orgasm, I was aroused to the point that I didn’t want to pull away.

I just lay there staring for a few seconds until he lifted his leg over my head to hold me in place with his muscular thigh. He pulled me closer to his cock as he stopped sucking me for a moment and said, “Come on, Ed, show me how much you appreciate me sucking your dick. Go ahead and give my big clit a little taste. Then, if you don’t want to continue, we can call it a night and part friends. Some men get really angry when I reveal myself, but you seem like a nice guy who might want what I have to offer.”

My mind was buzzing with confusion. I had definitely been heterosexual my whole life, and can’t ever remember even looking that hard at other boys in the showers in high school and college. Now here I was with my face only inches from a black man’s cock, getting turned on by the musky aroma of his hairy crotch.

I had already been kissing him passionately, sucking his tits, and rubbing his ass. I couldn’t deny the passion I felt for him when I thought he was a woman. My mind was playing tricks on me. I was starting to feel the raw sexuality and intimacy I missed with my wife, even if it was with a man.

Brianna, or whatever his name was, kept up the pressure, holding my face right in front of his groin, as he moved down to suck my perineum and balls. No one had ever sucked me down there before, and so close to my ass. I decided to at least try sucking him and leaned in to take his cock head and foreskin into my mouth. It felt so strange because I was still thinking of him as a woman, yet I had his very thick cock in my mouth. I started sucking and going farther down on his cock as it hardened right in my mouth. The taste of his cock skin and precum were even more arousing to me.

He continued to hold me in place as he swiveled his hips, fucking my mouth with what now had to be a hard, nine inch cock, that was over six inches in circumference. I had only been sucking him for a few minutes when he suddenly rolled over on top me, fucking my mouth as he sucked my perineum. Then he pulled my legs up behind his arms and slid farther down to lick and suck my asshole. In that position his balls and ass we’re right in front of my face.

Brianna stopped sucking my ass for a moment to say, “Now that you’ve had a taste of my cock, suck on my balls for me. Then you can decide whether or not you want to taste my hole like you said at the club.

He flexed upwards and pulled his cock out of my mouth. Then he slid himself forward a little more until his heavy, egg-sized balls fell onto my face and mouth. I could hardly believe the size of his balls and the thick, hairy, black skin of his scrotum. I sucked one and then the other testicle into my mouth. I just loved being under him like that and sucking his balls.

After a few minutes sucking him there, I moved below his balls to suck his long, bulging perineum like he had done for me. From that position his big, muscular ass was right in my face. When he felt me sucking his perineum, he almost imperceptibly started sliding farther up. That placed my mouth closer and closer to his ass. I had never even thought about sucking a man’s cock and balls, but I had obviously already done that on this night of firsts for me. The idea of sucking anyone’s ass had definitely never crossed my mind, yet here I was staring at his hairy, black ass, thinking about sucking it.

When Brianna felt me so close to his ass, he moved down a little farther to aggressively suck and tongue my asshole. It was apparent that he wanted me to mimic his actions. I was so caught up in the lust of the moment that I moved my mouth the remaining couple of inches and began to lick and suck his ass and asshole. I tried to pretend it was a pussy as I pressed my tongue against his tasty sphincter.

He then stopped sucking me for a minute and sat up on my face. He moved his ass and balls back and forth across my face, pressing even harder when he felt me sucking his asshole. He finally leaned back down to take my dick into his mouth as he said, “Damn, baby, no others have been as easy to train as you are. Now let’s finish this first round.”

Brianna took my dick back into his mouth as he swiveled his hips to thrust his big, black cock back into my mouth. Being so aroused and with all of the new experiences of the evening, I was close to ejaculating almost immediately. Brianna must have been very aroused too, because in only a couple of minutes my dick was pulsing and shooting into his mouth as his big cock throbbed and filled my mouth with my first ever load of cum.

He stayed on top of me, slowly fucking my mouth and sucking me, even as his cock softened. I found out that I just loved the taste and feeling of his massive load of cum shooting into my mouth, and I swallowed every bit of it and was sucking for more.

Brianna finally rolled off of me, and we lay in the bed recovering from our huge ejaculations. I was the first to speak and said, “Holy shit, Brianna, you sure tricked me tonight. And after experiencing having sex with a man, and especially a black man, for the first time, I can’t say that I’m angry about it. You need to tell me a little more about this situation though. I need to know your real name and how you picked me out at the club. Some of Jeremiah’s comments were a little suspicious, so I suspect that he might be involved somehow.”

He laughed and said, “First of all, my name is Lionel, and I am a childhood friend of Jeremiah’s. He is a very macho black man who loves to fuck and be sucked off by white men and women. As you learned first-hand, I have a more feminine side and like to suck cocks and to be sucked off, especially by white men. We have an arrangement where he calls to tell me when he has directed lonely white men like you to the Zebra Club, and describes what they are wearing. Then I can dress up as Brianna and bump into them at the club. We know that some white men will suck black cocks if they are introduced to it in the right way. My Brianna persona works out over half of the times we try it.”

He thought for a moment and continued, “It’s just a matter of getting you turned on enough to want to try sucking black cock. White men that go far enough to experience it, like you just did, usually become addicted to our black meat and cum. Jeremiah has other friends that he notifies after he suggests that white couples from the hotel go to the Zebra Club. He can usually tell by their descriptions of what they are looking for and the way they look at him if the white couple is looking for black men to fuck the wife. It works out well for Jeremiah too, since he usually ends up fucking the white wives after his friends are through with them. He gets a lot of white cunt here in the hotel that way.”

I then said, “I understand why Jeremiah helps with those black-on-white cuckold situations, but what does he get out of setting you up with white men like me?”

Lionel smiled at me and replied, “Whatever happens between you and Jeremiah is your business, but it usually works like this. He calls to tell me about middle-aged white guys like you who are regular customers of the hotel. It’s common knowledge that some wives become less amenable to having sex as they get older, while at the same time the husbands are getting even hornier. He’s become pretty good at assessing those types of sex-starved men, probably evidenced by the way he picked you.”

He wasn’t fully answering my question, so I asked again, “I think I can understand and even agree with all of that, but what does Jeremiah get out of it personally?”

Lionel laughed and said, “What he gets out of it is a white man who I have taught to get in touch with his innate desires to be submissive to black men and suck their cocks. So his hope is that you, as a regular guest at the hotel, will have the desire to suck his cock, balls and ass whenever you are staying here. Like I said before, all of that is between you two. Please don’t tell him that I explained all of this to you. He likes to approach his white cock suckers in his own way.”

It felt strange being called a cock sucker, but I guess it was true. Then I was curious about some aspects of Lionel being a transvestite and asked, “So tell me, Lionel, what do you call yourself? I know that the term transvestite is just the French word for cross-dressing. I’ve also heard the terms transgender and transsexual used. Just where do you fit into all of that?”

He said, “Well, if you really want to apply a label, I’m probably a cross between a transvestite and a transsexual. Most cross-dressers aren’t really in it for any sexual gratification and aren’t trying to transform themselves. They just like dressing in a feminine way. Transsexuals may want to actually become the opposite sex. In my case, I don’t want to become a woman; I just have these breast implants because it helps me find white men to have mutually enjoyable, oral sex with. Most people like me do not fit nicely into any given label. The labels mean something different to everyone anyway.”

We talked for a few more minutes and then Lionel turned around and leaned over to kiss me. It’s hard for me to explain, but while I liked sucking his cock, balls and ass, it seemed a little too gay to be kissing a man in a romantic way. In my short time with him I had learned that I was in it purely for the sex, without the romantic entanglements. Although, I did enjoy kissing him when I thought he was a woman.

After I avoided his kiss, we got into the sixty-nine position again, with him on top, and enjoyed another round of cock, balls and ass sucking. The second time was so much better since I knew what to expect and I tried to improve my sucking skills. I was so turned on by everything that I was able to overcome the blues and enjoy sucking him the second time.

It was getting late by the time we finished sucking one another for the second time. I took Lionel, still dressed as Brianna, down to the lobby. I had made up my mind on the way there that I would be receptive to any suggestions Jeremiah made to get me alone. Lionel was right that I then had a taste for black cocks and I wanted more. Jeremiah and Lionel smiled and exchanged knowing glances as he left the hotel. I assumed that Lionel had given him some kind of sign that I became a black cock sucker for him.

I stood by the door watching as Lionel walked out of view. Jeremiah then looked my way and said, “Damn, Ed, from the looks of it you got some black lovin’ tonight. I’m going on my midnight lunch break in a few minutes. Would you mind if I came up to your room so you can tell me all about getting into that black bitch’s pants?”

He had no idea that Lionel had told me about their routine to find white cock suckers, and probably assumed that I would think he was implying that I had fucked a black woman. I played along and replied, “Yeah, sure, Jeremiah, come on up. This turned out to be a really strange situation that you might think is a little fucked up”

I went back up to my room and it only took Jeremiah a few minutes to follow and knock on the door. From the look Lionel gave him when he left, Jeremiah knew that I had already sucked a black cock. But it was apparent that he just wanted to play a little game to get me to admit it to him. We sat at the little work table to talk. He had a shit-eating grin on his face when he said, “Tell me all about fucking that bitch. She looked like a big woman and I’ll bet that pussy was big, fat and wet.”

My goal was to respond to all of his questions in a way that would get him excited and easily lead to me sucking his cock. I responded, “Yes, Jeremiah, she is very attractive and we enjoyed passionate kisses. I even sucked those big tits of hers. She loved that and began sucking my dick, just like she did in the club last night. Then I got the surprise of my life when she turned around in the sixty-nine position with her crotch in my face.”

Jeremiah interrupted saying, “Oh fuck, man, this is getting good. What was the surprise?”

I continued, “Well, I took off her skirt, and pushed down her panties. And oh fuck, there staring me in the face was a soft, but still huge black cock and a big set of balls. That’s when I learned that Brianna was a man dressing as a woman, and his real name is Lionel. I was so turned on with him sucking my dick, and didn’t know what to do. I had never even thought about having sex with a man before that moment.”

He shifted in his chair and looked intently at me as he said, “Son of a fucking bitch, man. That had to be a big shock. Here you thought you’d be sucking your first black cunt, and what you had in front of you was a big, black cock. What did you do, Ed?”

I said, “I know that I’m not gay Jeremiah, but I was so aroused by the musky smell of his crotch and the size of his cock, that I suddenly had a desire to suck him. So I leaned in and took his cock head and foreskin into my mouth and started sucking it. That’s when he started sucking my balls and perineum, I guess encouraging me to keep sucking him.”

Jeremiah started rubbing his crotch through his navy blue uniform pants and asked, “Do you mean to tell me that you sucked your first cock tonight, and it was a thick black one? Damn, boy, that makes me hard just thinking about it. What did you think about sucking him, and what else did you two do?”

He scooted his chair back from the table and continued rubbing his crotch as he began to unfasten his belt. I tried to ignore him as I responded, “I have to admit, Jeremiah, that I enjoyed sucking his cock much more than I could ever have imagined. He rolled on top of me and started fucking my mouth as he leaned down to suck my perineum, and even my ass. I was so aroused with all of those new sensations. Then he taunted me to suck his balls and ass.”

Jeremiah had finished undoing his belt and pulling down his zipper as he said, “Damn, boy, that’s some nasty shit. Did you do what he asked?”

He was pulling his underwear aside as I said, “I know that it sounds really nasty, but fuck, man, I was so turned on by what he was doing to me that I started sucking his balls and ass crack. By the time we finished, he sat up on my face, and I was actually sucking his asshole.”

At that point Jeremiah had pulled his cock out of his fly and began stroking it. It looked to be about half-hard and was already bigger than Lionel’s cock. It looked like a big, black python sticking out like that. He was watching me as I watched him stroking his big cock and he said, “Tell me how this all ended. Did he cum in your cock sucking mouth?”

I replied, “After he sat on my face that way, he lay back down on top of me and began fucking my mouth again. It only took both of us only a few minutes before we ejaculated. He filled my mouth with his thick, black cum, and I swallowed all of it, just as he swallowed mine. I’ve never cum so hard in my life. Then we sat around and talked for a while before doing it all again.”

Jeremiah’s huge, black uncircumcised cock then looked to be fully hard and maybe eleven or twelve inches long. It was even thicker than Lionel’s cock, and precum was running out of his foreskin. He looked at me and said, “It sounds to me like you’ve got a taste for black cocks and cum now. Isn’t that right, boy?”

I just shook my head yes as he stood up and walked towards the bed, letting his pants and underwear drop to the floor. He kept stroking his huge cock and fondling his balls as he lay his head back on the pillows next to the headboard saying, “Come on over and get you some more black cock, boy. I’m betting that my cock is bigger than that Lionel guy’s. You can suck my cock, balls and anything else you want, but I’m not a fucking cock sucker like you and him, and I won’t be sucking your dick. And don’t feel bad, lots of white women and men your age just love to take care of my big, black cock for me. Some of those fucking slut, white wives just love fucking me in front of their wimpy ass husbands.”

He was much more dominant and aggressive than Lionel, and it turned me on being talked to that way. I moved between his legs and took his oozing, huge cock into my mouth. His musky smell from being in that uniform all evening was intoxicating to me. I concentrated first on sucking his cock head and foreskin and then tried to move farther down on his thick meat. His thick veins and sliding foreskin felt good in my mouth, which was stretched to the fullest around his fat cock.

After sucking him that way for maybe ten minutes, he pushed my head away and said, “If you like black balls and ass so much, get on your back so you can work on mine for a while. I should be nice and ripe down there for you.”

I lay back on the bed with my head near the headboard and he straddled my face on his knees, holding the headboard for balance. His huge ball sack was in my face and I immediately began sucking his testicles. They were egg-sized and bigger than Lionel’s balls. The soft skin of his hairy scrotum was rubbing all over my face as I sucked him.

He must have been enjoying my mouth on his balls because he started moving back and forth across my face, getting me ever closer to his ass. He wasn’t as muscular as Lionel, but his ass is thick and meaty. As he slid back enough to envelope my face in his crack, he sat down a little harder, pressing his asshole to my lips. I sucked and tongued him just as I had done with Lionel, and he loved having his ass aggressively eaten that way.

After sucking his ass for what seemed like fifteen minutes he had me lay on my back on the bed, with my head hanging slightly over the edge. Then he shoved his huge cock into me and began fucking my mouth and throat like a cunt. I couldn’t take all of his cock, but was able to take enough that I felt his huge balls slapping against my head and face on each stroke. He finally tensed up and pulled back a little, so he could empty his big load of semen and sperm onto my tongue. I swallowed and swallowed to get all of his cum down.

I stayed on the bed and talked with Jeremiah as he got dressed and ready to leave. Then he said, “I would like to fuck your face again right now, but one of the other guests at the hotel sucked my cock while you were up here with Brianna. I will stop by in the morning when I get off and before you leave for work so you can suck me again. You did a great job sucking cock for being so new at it. And most of my other cock suckers aren’t as nasty as you are, and don’t have a taste for my balls and ass.”

Those experiences with Lionel and Jeremiah were the first bisexual experiences in my life. I still liked pussy the most, whenever I could get it, but I had also developed an almost insatiable taste for black cocks and cum. I traveled to Atlanta as often as possible to take care of Jeremiah’s cock and ass, but also developed cock sucking relationships with black men in my hotels in other cities. I then understood why the black men in the club were pointing at me. They must have known Lionel and knew that he was breaking in another white cock sucker.

It was fairly easy to find black men who wanted to use me for a cum dump, now that I knew what to look for, all thanks to my experiences with Lionel and Jeremiah in Atlanta.

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