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Love Don’t Run ch 2

Tags: bw, wm, collage, kissing
Two find love
Love Don’t Run
By Hisangelbeauty and Ropetease

Waiting for him to answer his cell phone, his image flooded her mind as the phone rang.

“Baby Girl?” Joe’s smooth sounding voice filled her ear.

“Joe, will you teach me to be your slave?” Joy asked him just above a whisper.

His heart skipped a few beats as her words sank in. He had been waiting for those very words from her. A predatory gleam came to his eyes as a sigh of relief left his lips.

“Yes I will, from now on you belong to me and no one else.” Joe replied adding, "But you have to put your complete trust in me to never harm you in any way."

Resting her head on her pillow, her eyes grew wide at his answer. A smile of relief and happiness crossed her face. She knew from searching what a slave was that she was one by nature. Joe was the only person who saw that in her. For the first time in two weeks Joy felt her body tighten as a tremor shook through her.

“I do trust you Joe, but I am scared, really scared. This is so new to me and at the same time it feels so natural,” Joy tried to keep her voice from choking up.

“I know your scared, baby girl. This is completely new to you. We are going to explore this together. I promise!” He replied trying to calm her fears.

As his calming voice washed over her, Joy found a new sense of belonging she’d never felt before.

Joy heard a knock on her door, “Joe there is someone knocking on my door. Let me see who it is. Can I call you right back?” she asked.

“I will wait baby, go see who it is,” Joe casually replied.

“Okay, I will hurry.” Joy said excitedly as she bolted up from the bed and grabbed her satin robe.

Putting on her robe as she ran to the door Joy forgot that she was only in her boy shorts.
Joe could hear her calling out, “Be right there!”

He heard her footsteps racing to the door and her fingers working the locks. Joy held her robe closed and phone with one hand as she opened the door. Thinking one of her roommates had lost their keys again, Joy didn't bother to ask who it was.

A look of shock crossed her face as she stared up at Joe standing in the open door way. So stunned at seeing Joe at her door Joy dropped her phone to the floor causing her robe to open exposing her breasts. Joy stood gasping for breath trying to speak. “How did...”

“Baby girl,” Joe said cutting her off, “I said I would give you time. I never said I would not be close by. Did I?” Joe told her adding, “What a nice way to greet me. Showing off what belongs to me already are you?” Joe stated teasingly as he placed his hands over her heavy breasts.

He backed her into her apartment and Joe narrowed his gaze as it roamed over her body. He flicked her breast and smiled at the moan that escaped her mouth saying, “Just so you know, I don’t share well, baby girl. Lets not make a habit of opening doors without making sure it is me you are greeting half naked.”

When she felt his hands on her breasts, she quickly realized what she was wearing and tried to close her robe. Blushing with embarrassment, Joy lowered her head as heat flooded her cheeks. Joy felt his arm wrap around her body pulling her to him. He raised her chin with his hand and lifted her chin until her eyes looked up in to his. Lowering his mouth slowly to hers, his lips brushed her open mouth. Her hands grasped his waist as Joe deepened the kiss. Joe wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to him as she stood on the tip of her toes.

Her bare breasts touched his chest as he pressed her tighter against him. Joy felt her boy shorts dampen from her flowing pussy. She had never been kissed so hard and deep before. She felt his hand slide down across her ass and the hard squeeze from his hand. Joy moaned in her throat as Joe lowered his other hand and squeezed.

With her shorts drenched now, Joy spread her legs apart as he slid his hand down lower. Joe could feel the heat coming from Joy’s pantie covered sex. Needing to breathe, she pulled away from his hot lips gasping for breath.

Her insides were on fire, her stomach tightened as he picked her up off her feet demanding to know which room was hers and carried her towards the open door to her room. Gently letting her feet touch the floor, he took a step back. Joy stood there trembling on weak legs.

“So, you think you are ready to be my slave?” Joe asked her when he is able to think straight again.

After no contact with Joy for a month Joe needed to see and hear her say the words.

“Yes Joe, I am ready to be your slave,” she whispered.

Her answer caused his heart to go into overdrive ,Joe smiled slyly down at her ready to put her to the test.

“Take off the robe, baby. I want to see what belongs to me,” Joe told her.

Joy looked up at him as she hesitated a second, slowly her hands reached up and let the robe slide off her shoulders. Joe watched as the robe puddled around her feet. As she tried to cover her breasts, Joe walked up to her and traced the curvature of her breasts with his fingers
halting her movement. Joe was the first man ever to see them. Her head lowered standing in front of him. Joy let a moan escape her lips as his fingers rubbed over her hard nipples, . Joy was shaking as he lowered his hands to the top of her boy shorts. She felt his fingers slide inside the waistband as he went to pushed them down her hips.

“Joe, please no. I am sorry, but I am not ready for this. Can we just take this slow?” Joy begged.

Stopping for a second, he asked, “Baby, do you trust me? I will not hurt you. I want to see what is mine now. We are not going to go any further than that.”

“Joe,” she whispered, doubt seeping into her voice.

“I promise, baby,” Joe replied as he gently pushed her back on to her bed then knelt down and began to pull her shorts towards her ankles. Joe inhaled her musky aroma as he knelt in front of her and a soft moan escaped his lips.

Joy laid on her bed, her hands grasping her sheets tight in her hands. Her heart pounding in her chest a hundred miles a minute. Her shallow quick intakes of air shaking her body like a leaf in the wind. Turning her head off to one side, she tried to avoid making eye contact with him. Joy could not believe she was allowing this to happen so fast between them.

Slowly, Joe rose up from the floor, leaning his body over Joy’s quivering body. His fingers gently turning her head so he could see her eyes.

“Baby, you’re so beautiful,” he said to her adding, “never be ashamed or frightened to show me yourself.”

“Yes Joe,” Joy meekly replied, asking, “Can I get dressed? This is too much for me right now, please Joe?”

“Yes baby, you can get dressed now,” Joe answered.

Joy slowly walked to her dresser for fresh boy shorts. Her hands still shaking as she pulled the drawer open picking up a pair of hot pink boy shorts, her hands shaking as she lifted her leg to slide them on. She could feel Joe watching her movements and it made her more nervous.

Pulling them up her toffee colored thighs to her trembling ass, Joy felt as if her face was on fire. Never had she been naked in front of man before and now he was watching her get dressed. She was having mixed emotions surge through her body as she reached for the matching bra.

“No bra, baby girl,” Joe sternly said.

“Joe, I can’t go out without a bra! My nipples will show through!” she protested.

“That’s right, baby,” Joe replied, adding, “I like the way your breasts bounce when you walk. I noticed when we went to breakfast you weren't wearing one.” Grinning big, Joe said in his smoothest voice, “By the way, cute panties baby,” as he stuffed the ones he removed from her minutes ago in his back pocket.

“You won’t be wearing these any more. At some point you will not be allowed to wear panties, enjoy them while you can,” Joe added. “I will want total access to you whenever I want it. I would really hate to have to rip them off of you if you disobey me. Besides, who said anything about going out hmm?.

Joy stood there stunned for a moment while she watched Joe start to remove his shoes and socks. When his fingers reached for his buttons on his shirt she finally snapped out of her stupor. As he unbuttoned the last button her eyes followed his hands to his belt buckle. Joe unbuckled his belt and opened the clasp of his pants.

Her eyes grew wide before asking him, “What do you think you are doing?”

“Getting undressed, duh,” Joe teasingly replied. About to protest a little more, Joe cut her off by saying, “Do you trust me?”

“Yes I do trust you Joe, but...” Joy tried to explain.

No buts, babe,” Joe stated, “I already had you naked on your bed and I could have taken you then, so no more buts period. Trust me, at some point I will be between those well-toned mahogany thighs of yours and there won’t be any way for you to stop me!” Joe growled at her.

I’m tired so what we are going to do is climb into that very comfortable looking bed and I am going to hold my slave while she sleeps in my arms for the first of many nights to come.

Joy stood there with her arms crossed, trying to cover her breasts with her mouth slightly open knowing he was right. He could have easily taken her when he had her naked before. She nodded, admitting he was right. Joy watched as he finished undressing, soaking in every inch of his body. Joy allowed her eyes to travel from his well-defined chest down to his legs, then her eyes lingered on his silk clad hips.

So caught up with staring at Joe’s body, she almost missed him speaking to her. Blushing hard she asked him what he had just said.

Smirking Joe said, ”I asked if the little slave likes what she sees?” When he sees her nod her head yes, Joe sternly tells her, “ Okay rule one, when I ask you a question, speak up, because I want to know. Now again, slave. Do you like what you see?” Joe asked.

“Yes, I do,” Joy replied having a hard time keeping her eyes off of his covered manhood. Still staring at the bulge under his silk shorts she missed the bemused grin that had spread across Joe’s face.

“Up here, baby doll,” Joe said motioning with his hand.

When Joy looked up at his face she saw tiredness there and it reminded her of what she wanted to ask him when she opened the door to find him standing on her doorstep. “Joe why were you outside my apartment when I called you?”

“Baby girl, like I told you when you opened the door. I said I would give you time, not that I would not be close by. I have been coming by off and on for a few days now. I have had to stop myself from just claiming you as mine. Tonight was one of those nights and to be honest if I had not gotten your call, I might have knocked your door down to do just that.” Joe told her.

“Wow! Have you not been sleeping no the nights you come by here? You look tired.” Joy asked.

“We can talk about all of that later, right now I want to feel you in my arms. Take me to bed, baby,” Joe said to her.

She rushed into his arms and kissed him with all the feeling she could. She forgot about being topless, kissing him and touching his pale skin was all that mattered at that moment.

Joe could not believe it. She had actually initiated the kiss. She got a little bolder allowing her hands to fan out over Joe’s smooth chest and her fingers brushed along his nipples. Joe grabbed the back of her head with one hand then knelt one knee on her bed and gently laid her down on her bed, covering her curvaceous body with his own. He felt her wrap one of her silky thighs around his waist.

Tenderly he began to lick the side of her neck, trailing his way down to her mouthwatering chocolate globes; suckling them one at a time like they were large chocolate kisses.

Joy was so lost in the sensation that Joe’s talented tongue sent throughout her body. All she could do was moan her pleasure, mumbling incoherently while arching her back trying to force more of her breast into Joe’s warm wet mouth.

Joe could feel her body tensing rapidly and her breathing becoming labored. Sure signs that she was going to explode from him just licking and sucking on her hard throbbing nipples. Joe could not believe she was about to have an orgasm just by his tongue on her breast. He knew he would sadly have to end their little make out session if he had any hope of keeping his promise to her. So reluctantly, and with great willpower, he removed his tongue from Joy’s nipple, telling her it was time for bed.

Joe stood above her knowing that she had no idea just how sexy she looked to him at that moment with her thick dark locks mussed from his hands and her lips slightly bruised from his licking and nibbling. Oh and those eyes of hers, damn what a set of bedroom eyes she had, Joe thought to himself. It was too much for him to look at her, so he forced his gaze towards the floor.

Picking up his t-shirt, he tossed it to her saying rather harshly, “You better put this on and cover that body of yours.”

Joy couldn't help but feel like she had been rejected by Joe, not to mention the shame that washed over her when she thought about how wanton she had behaved. She had been ready to spread her thighs for him! Tugging the shirt over her head and down her chest, she fought back tears as she started to climb under the blanket on her bed. She had second thoughts and pulled the t-shirt back over her head, tossing it back at him.

After she threw the t-shirt back at Joe, she angrily yelled, “I don’t need it or you, because as far as I’m concerned we are through! Lock the door on your way out!” She turned her back to him so she didn’t have to watch him leave.

Joe stood staring back at her, seething with rage , not believing what she just said to him. Just who the fuck did she think she was to dismiss him like he was the slave in this relationship? Joe quickly jammed himself back into his pants and snatched up her keys . Walking out of her room he yanked open the front door then slammed it shut knowing if he stayed a second longer he would make her luscious ass black and blue.

Once Joy was sure he was gone she sat up in bed and let the tears she had been fighting fall from her eyes. Seeing his t-shirt on the edge of her bed, she grabbed it and held it against her nose. Smelling the fresh clean scent of him on it she cried even harder feeling as if she had just lost a part of herself and she cried herself to sleep clutching Joe’s shirt.

Joe did not walk far, just to the park across the street to vent his anger. The sun was just rising on the horizon when he decided to head back to her apartment. When Joe returned from his walk to let his anger subside, he let himself back inside and that was when he found her sleeping.

He had calmed down enough to think straight. While he was at the park he realized that he’d handled things badly. He knew from the look on her face that she thought he had changed his mind about wanting her. He could even understand why she had lashed out at him the way she had. While he understood it, he could not and would not allow it to go unpunished. Opening the trunk of his car, he took out his guitar and the duffel bag he kept there.

“No!” Joe thought to himself, “Joy will learn her place in my life.”

Hearing Joy sniffling and mumbling his name in her sleep was too much for him. Joe sighed softly to himself as he climbed into bed behind her and gently shook her, trying to wake her. He couldn't believe how she had him all twisted up inside.

She slowly turned her head towards Joe wanting desperately to get lost in his light brown eyes.
Then remembering how rejected she felt earlier, she looked down at the shoulder he was lightly touching. Jerking her shoulder away from his touch, she pulled her knees towards her chest, and curled up into a ball on her bed. “Get away from me , just leave me alone!” Joy sobbed adding, “Just leave me alone! You don’t want me! You made that painfully clear! Just leave, please. I just...” she burst into tears.

Joe pulled her body back towards his chest whispering, “ Shhh, I am here to stay. Baby, don't think I don’t want you or desire you. Pulling away from you was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, next to giving you time to think about being mine. I handled this all wrong and I had to stop. Joy, I promised you nothing would happen tonight and had I not stopped, I would be buried deep inside you right now. I know you’re not ready for that yet. As your Master it’s my job to protect you even from yourself at times. I didn't do my job tonight, Joy. I let things get out of hand and I almost broke my promise to you. Baby, I am sorry for how I made you feel.”

“Please look at me, baby girl,” when Joy did not respond Joe took her closest hand and placed it on his still hard cock to prove a point. “Do you feel that, Joy? That is what you do to me. It hurts like hell not to be inside your warmth right now. I have been like this since I backed off of you. You’re not a fling to me, baby girl. I need you to know that much. Do you understand me?” Joe whispered.

Joy unable to trust her voice, nodded her head allowing her body to relax in his arms as he lightly stroked her hair.

“Just this once I am going to allow you to get away with not using your words when I ask you something,” Joe said to her. “Now give me a kiss, slave,” he whispered into her hair, then moaned deeply as he once again felt her lips upon his.

“Joe,” Joy whispered, “I am so sorry for the way I acted. Thank you for stopping when you did. You’re right, I am not ready yet. Joe, there is something I need to tell you.”

“I’m listening baby girl, talk to me,” Joe said.

“Oh God, how do I tell you this after the way I behaved earlier?” Joy asked.

“Just tell me, no matter what it is I’m not going anywhere,” Joe said as he played with her hair.

“ Joe, I have never been with anyone before. I mean sure I’ve had a boyfriend before, but we never did anything. I was always too afraid. I will try to understand if you want to call this off right now,” Joy said rushing her words, waiting to hear Joe explode or hop out of the bed to leave again.

Joe lay beside her with a big grin on his face thinking of the things he would have the pleasure of teaching her. He couldn’t believe it. Yes, he had been pretty sure she was a virgin by the way she carried herself, but to have her confirm it was something else. Joe’s heart swelled with love for her, he would be her first and only. He planned to make sure no one else had a chance with her.

“Thank you for telling me, baby girl. I already knew you were a virgin. I would be honored to be your first lover when the time is right. I told you already you’re not a fling to me,” in his head he was screaming first and freaking last no way am I letting you get away from me.

“We will take things as slow as I feel they should go, slave. Right now I need you to listen to me.
While I understood why you lashed out at me the way you did, I will not let it go unpunished.
You gave yourself to me. You don’t get to dismiss me or disrespect me, slave.
We will deal with your punishment after we have slept. I know you thought I was walking out on you when I left. I had to get out of here, I was about to make your ass black and blue for the way you spoke to me and I will never punish you when I am not in control of my emotions,” Joe told her.

Joe smiled, hoping that things would be okay after her punishment and he couldn't wait to see her bound to her bed while he taught her a few things. He knew he had to have a serious talk with her about what he wanted from her. Hell, he wanted her to be more than just his slave. He wanted her to be his girlfriend and maybe much, much, more as well.

Wrapping his arm her waist, he pulled her closer to his body. He felt his cock nestle in the crack of her boy short clad ass. Joe’s smile widened a little more when Joy wiggled her ass on his cock and a deep sigh came from her mouth. Joe fell into a deep sleep holding his slave.

Joy tried to fall back asleep as she heard his slow steady breathing and felt his warm breath blowing lightly on her neck, the firmness of his cock resting in her crack with only the the thin material between them.

Her mind was flooded with emotion. Joe was the first man ever to sleep in her bed. She felt excited and nervous at the same time. The word punishment floated though her mind.

“What did he mean, punishment?” Joy kept asking herself over and over.

When she was sure he was sound asleep Joy carefully moved his arm off her body. Walking topless to her desk she turned on her computer. When the screen came to life, Joy went back to the forum she had found and typed in “Slave Punishment”. Reading what she found to understand what Joe had meant. She was shocked at the results she found. Joy’s heart pounded as she shut off her computer and carefully laid back down next to Joe.

Joe woke up the instant she removed her warmth from him, watching her tip toe to her computer. Figuring she had some work to do for a class, Joe was surprised when he saw the site she pulled up. He saw the banner “Slaves Forum.” He knew the site well. He also knew he would have to explain things to her because that site was sure to make her want to run. Closing his eyes he waited for her to return to the bed. The bed slightly moved as her body slipped under the covers and Joy pressed her ass back against his cock. Carefully he lifted his arm aro und her waist.

She had just closed her eyes when she heard him whisper, “Baby girl, I saw what you were looking at on your computer. You can forget all that you saw.”

Her eyes flew open as his words flowed in her ear, she thought he was a sleep and he saw her looking at her computer.

“But..,” Joy tried to say.

“Ssshhh, baby girl,” Joe giggled, adding, “We will talk about this when we wake up. Now close those sexy eyes and go to sleep.”

Joe pulled her closer and moved his hand up just under one of her breasts, kissing her neck lightly.

They drifted off to sleep, Joy’s ass nestled on his cock, his arm holding her. A couple hours later Joe opened his eyes and Joy was still nestled up against his cock and he inhaled the slight aroma of her.

“Baby girl, time to wake up,” he whispered by her ear and gave her a gentle nudge.

“Huh, what, oh mmmmm. Good morning, Joe,” Joy sleepily replied.

Joy slowly turned her body over placing her arm around his neck. When she opened her eyes his face was close to hers and his eyes gazed back at her. Joy felt his hand on her back, pressing her closer to his lips. Joe placed his hand on the back of her and pulled her lips closer to his. When his lips brushed hers she felt a tremor slightly surge through her. He pressed his lips harder on hers and she opened her mouth when his tongue traced across her lips.

Slowly Joy moved her tongue to meet his probing tongue. Their tongues touched, the slight movements of their tongues exploring each others mouth. Joy could not help herself and moaned as he pressed further in her mouth. She felt his hand glide down her spine sending little shocks up her back as he slowly went down. Joy tightened her arm around his neck when his hand touched her tight ass and moaned again. She felt the wetness in her boy shorts growing.

“Oh god, this feels so good,” she thought as Joe traced his fingers down her crack.

They held the embrace several minutes before Joy had to break their kiss and take a deep gasp of breath; her body feeling the effects of his kiss. Laying in his arms, she felt safe and wanted this to never end.

As he held her in his arms, he felt her chest heaving against his chest and he felt her heart beating.

“That site you were looking at slave, it may be okay for reference, but it is not going to be the way I will be training you as my slave,” Joe whispered. What you need to understand babe is that there is no set way to train your slave or submissive. What works for one does not always work for another each master or dominant will have his on way of training his slave or submissive to mold her the way he wants and needs her to be.

“Oh Joe, I just needed to find out what you meant by punishment, that's all,” Joy meekly replied.

“Later I will give you some sites that I want you to look at. They will explain what is expected of you as my slave,” he told her adding, “right now, we have to get ready for class.”

“Hmm, can’t we just stay here all day? My only class isn’t until later and we are only doing study hall to go over mid terms. Besides, if you say yes I will make you breakfast,” Joy offered and batted her eyes at him.

“Well, I do have a study session later. However, I can’t refuse a home cooked breakfast, now can I?” Joe answered back.

Hearing that he was willing to stay, Joy wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him hard. A broad smile on her face as she jumped up from the bed.

“Oh, slave, remove your boy shorts. You will cook naked for my first breakfast,” Joe ordered her for the first time.

“But Joe,” Joy turned to look at him with terror filled eyes, “I will be cooking bacon,” Joy whined a bit.

“Bacon hmmm, you can wear an apron. But keep that sexy ass exposed,” he replied, his face looking serious.

“But what about my roommates? They might come in and I don’t want them seeing my naked ass,” Joy whined.

“Yes, that will be a problem. However, they might like it and get naked as well,” Joe said adding,
“Oh my God, babe, you should see the look on your face right now.” Joe smirked, “I am kidding, slave. I want to explore those lovely toffee kisses of yours and there is no way I want those marred. I don’t share well, here put this on,” Joe said tossing her his t-shirt from last night.

Joy arched her well manicured brow at Joe, telling him without words that she didn't find it funny at all. Quickly pulling the t-shirt over her head and down her body. Looking down as it reached her mid thigh.

Joe sat on the bed speechless when he saw what she looked like in his t-shirt. He didn’t think he had ever seen a t-shirt look so sexy! Just looking at her wearing it, made his cock twitch.

Giving her an evil smile Joe told her, “Hand over the panties,” the look on his face told Joy just how serious he was.

As Joy reached under the shirt to pull the boy shorts off, Joe stopped her and told her to go slow and to lift the the shirt up some because he wanted a show.

“Now lower those boy shorts down those awesome toffee thighs. Next time I tell you to remove your panties you will do it instantly! Never hide what’s mine from me, slave!”

Joy could tell how serious he was by the tone of his voice, “Okay, Joe,” she meekly replied.

“That is another thing we need to discuss, slave. This is lesson number one. When we are alone or in private you will always address me as Master or Sir. When we are out in public it will be Yes, Joe,” Joe sternly told her adding, “Understand slave?”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied.

“Now slave, your Master wants a show. Remove those shorts,” he added.

Joy was nervous and shaking like a leaf as she reached under the t shirt grasping the waist band of her shorts.

“Go slow and lift up that shirt above your waist. I want a sexy show from you,” he told her.

“Yes, Sir,” Joy said as she raised the t-shirt slowly up her thighs.

Her legs parted slightly as the shirt slowly uncovered her body. Tilting his head, Joe saw the nervous smile on her lips as her fingers slid under the waist band of her shorts.

Pushing one side down , Joy looked over at Joe and saw the effect she was having on him. Her smile widened as she pushed the other side down while giving her hips an exaggerated wiggle. Joy slowly pushed them inch by inch teasing him with her movements.

His cock was throbbing as he watched her little show. As her boy shorts touched her knees Joy tuned her body sideways, quickly bending over, pushing them to the floor. With a wide smile she wiggled her ass and as she straightened up, the shirt fell over her ass. She flashed a smile at him as she walked to the kitchen to start breakfast. Joe sat there on her bed, his cock straining against the fabric of his shorts. Shaking his head, Joe tried to clear the image of her wiggling her ass at him from his head.

Standing up, Joe walked to the bathroom. He splashed cold water on his face and tried to catch his breath. Joe thought about how close he had come to almost losing her a few short hours ago and now she was cooking breakfast for him wearing his shirt.

Joe sat at the kitchen table watching as Joy quickly worked around the kitchen as she cooked for him, her naked pussy on display each time she bent over to grab a pan or get something out of the fridge. Joy was so into what she was doing that she didn't realize she was giving Joe another cock hardening show.

While Joy flipped pancakes, Joe couldn't help himself. He came up behind her and placed his hands over her breasts and gave them a hard squeeze.

When she felt his hands squeeze her breasts she let out a sultry moan then shivered when Joe applied more pressure. Joy pushed her firm ass back against Joe’s hard cock grinding into him as if her body knew what she wanted and needed even if her head told her otherwise.

“Easy, slave. We don’t want to start anything you aren’t ready to finish. I just needed to touch you,” he moaned into her ear, his cock getting a little harder from her grinding into him.

Hearing his words, Joy let out a soft sigh as he cursed his lack of control when it came to her . Thinking it was for the best, Joe snagged a piece of bacon off a paper towel and popped half into his mouth teasingly ordering Joy to open wide then popped the other half into her mouth.

Telling her, “I’m starving,” his eyes feasting on the pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausages and cut up fresh fruit,allowing his eyes to wander from her pink painted toe nails up to her mussed hair adding, “Everything looks yummy.”
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