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Lunch On Me

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Not the type of Restaurant she was expecting

I met Jackie while I was working in an Accounts office for an engineering firm. She didn't work within the same office as me, which is a good thing in a way, because I don't think I could have concentrated on the job in hand for 1 hour let alone 8 hours a day. She worked just about a few meters outside our office across the corridor. She worked for a parent company of ours in an office all by herself, apart from when she'd have the Finance manager to deal with.

Thank god we had her because the rest of the women in the office and downstairs in the warehouse were not the sort of women who got a lot of looks to be honest. Jackie was different, she was Black, about 5ft 8 and she had a very sexy figure, she was just right and the curves were perfect in the right places. She had shoulder length black hair parted on the right hand side. She had fantastic legs, lovely lips which she used to wear bright colored lipsticks which made her lips stand out you wanted to kiss them even if you were a mile away. Jackie's dress sense is what I really admired about her, she was never afraid to dress how she felt comfortable. She was very similar to myself, I was one of the more well presented staff members out of all of the men, I used to wear suits, different shirt and ties, shoes polished etc, everyone used to give me the compliments, and Jackie was very similar. She used to wear business like suits, knee length skirts, six inch high heels, she'd wear Black, Red, White, Green even Gold colour shoes. On other days she would wear long dresses as if she was off to a cocktail party and even some days a mini skirt as if she was going out clubbing.

She was a lady who I'd describe as having Class, Elegance and sophistication. I never had many chances to talk to her apart from just a few little words here and there, either if we bumped into each other in the kitchen or on the way home at night. She used to walk through our office to go to see the Financial Manager a few times and I used to love staring at her, she always had a smile on her face too. Yes and there's one more thing ! She had a fantastic pair of boobs, I only know that because one day she had to use the type-writer in our office and she was wearing a bit of a loose dress up the top, and while taking reaching for a file on the cupboard behind her, I had the most eye grabbing attention of looking right down her, I'm pretty sure my face must have turned red even if no-one else noticed.

I left the company to go to work for another company, but I always used to go back and visit the folks I had worked with for so many months. This particular day it was rather quiet in the office. The managers had gone to a seminar, I had a few words with some of the guys in the warehouse, then I went up to the main office were I used to work, I had to cross Jackie's office to get there. She saw me and she was really happy, we hugged I gave her a kiss. When I returned from the main office I sat with Jackie all the way till pretty much 5pm. This was great just,  us two in the office together, there was no one else around, she went to make us some coffee and I sat there thinking 'this is a great chance for me to ask her out',  I knew she was married from before. She was admiring me a lot because she paid me a very nice compliment for the smart way I was suited, mind you no where near as good as she was looking ! she had a white shirt, a tight dark green skirt and black heels. Watching her wagging her legs about and sliding her feet in and out of her shoes got me so aroused.

I discovered from her that she was indeed still with her husband but going through a divorce.

'Oh, I'll marry you any day Jackie' I replied.

'Thank you' she replied.

'Do you fancy dinner tonight, I know a very nice restaurant that do good seafood' I asked her, I knew she liked seafood, she was overwhelmed with the offer unfortunately she couldn't make this evening, she did however agree to have a drink with me later in the evening if it wasn't too late. She had some urgent business to get done so at 4.45pm I kissed her and left.

It was almost 8.30 in the evening and I'd given up hope thinking 'She isn't going to ring now' but then about 8.50 the phone rang, I answered and it was Jackie, the sound of her voice bought a big grin to my face, she was near town and asked if I still fancy a drink , I said off course Yes, 'I can meet you at the Newt and Cucumber bar in about half an hour'. I quickly put on a my trousers, a light blue shirt and my blazer and quickly drove to the bar. We sat on the sofa and had a pleasant chat about life in general. Me sitting there hoping this was the sofa at my own place !  Afterwards  we drove in my car to an Indian Restaurant not far away, Jackie hadn't eaten but I had, but I still had the capacity to eat another meal. It was here where we started to come out of our shell a little and started to express that desire we had for one and other. Our shoes started touching each others, we were glaring at each other while sipping our wine, I even started telling her more and more of how I liked her and felt about her. Jackie was rather reserved, rather a bit like myself, I knew she would be sexually minded and that she would get dirty at the right time and the right places, she wasn't the sort of person you could just put you hand down and rip her knickers off, she was more restrained than that.

I pulled up just behind her car, she lit a cigarette,  I loved the way she puffed the smoke in my direction in a very gentle and sexy way, the way smokers do ! I reached out to her chin and with my thumb felt her lips I gently guided her closer and kissed her once, then twice and then I knew I'd got her, we kissed for a few minutes, my hand was around her thighs working my way down her lovely legs. I wanted to take her home but she declined the invite, I knew she wasn't just going to jump into bed with me right now, she was comfortable with this, and i was happy to, it was a start. Jackie was working only up until lunch time the next day, she had some things to sort out with her solicitor, so she agreed to see me after, she said 'How about lunch at that Seafood restaurant you mentioned, you know I love seafood' So i told her to come to my apartment and we would go from there, we kissed a lot more, said Goodnight and we drove home.

The next morning I called Jackie at her office, she was really happy about the few hours we spent the night before and couldn't wait to spend the afternoon with me, that I was glad to hear because I was just a little anxious she might cancel for whatever reason. Thankfully she didn't, she was right on time.

The bell rang at just after 2, 'That's Jackie' I muttered. I opened the door, and there she was standing with that smile I like to see on her face, I opened my arms and welcomed her to a big hug, closed the door, we kissed on the lips for moments as I took her hand and lead her into my apartment lounge. I had a chilled bottle of champagne and 2 glasses ready which I cracked open and we enjoyed a glass or two on the sofa. She looked really gorgeous , she was wearing a short white dress with little flowers in places and black 6" heels. She was a little suspicious because of the way I was dressed, in fact I wasn't dressed at all to go out for lunch as I was still in my dressing gown with just a pair of underwear underneath after my shower earlier.

You see I suddenly thought of staying in rather than going out !

Jackie went off the bathroom, and as she was in there, I laid out the coffee table next to the sofa, a bottle of white wine , turned the fire down slightly, changed the love music CD, and went to my room, when I returned Jackie was standing by the window, I walked up to her and put my arms around her and started to kiss her around her neck, she turned round and said

'Your not dressed, are we not going out for lunch, and what's all this on the table'

'No baby' i replied 'we're gonna have lunch at home I've decided'

she smiled and replied 'I'd rather stay in as well'

'Leave your shoes and underwear on, take everything else off' I said

I untied the rope around my gown, threw it to the floor and sat upright across the sofa, Jackie started to undo the buttons on her dress and slipped it down until it hit the floor, she then slipped her bra off as I offered her right hand and helped her to sit kneeled over me, her knickers were right with my underwear with her boobs just about level with my mouth, just how I wanted her.

We shared a toast of a chilled white Chablis, and I took the cover off the table . I had a platter of seafood consisting of, spicy large Prawns, Oysters, Scottish thin salmon and mayonnaise. I took a big prawn and gently started to rub it around her neck, ears and hair, she took a slight lick on it with her tongue I put half of it in her lips, as she rested both her hands on my shoulders our lips moved closer as we both bit it in half and gently chewed the prawn, Jackie reached out for another and rubbed it into the hairs on my chest and while she did that I took a piece of salmon dipped it into a dab of mayo and hung it over her mouth , she tilted her head with her tongue out, I kept dangling it over her teasing her. I slowly scrapped it over her boobs up to her neck, by now her prawn was rubbing its way over my mouth and around my chin, Jackie took the salmon from me and I took the prawn off her, she dipped it into more mayo and rubbed it over my chest she then licked it off me, we both shared the salmon as Jackie grabbed both her boobs and squeezed them, I put the prawn in-between her already mayo covered boobs and watched as she scooped the prawn off her boobs and eat it. I took a sip of my wine and so did Jackie, we did a glass exchange. She took some wine in her mouth then lowered her lips to mine and emptied into my mouth. I took the wine glass and gently started touching it around her boobs, boy it gave her the shivers, she took the glass slowly pouring some down her body straight into my mouth. 

Jackie was by now extremely horny as was I, my cock was rising and getting harder and harder as the head was clearly visible out of my pants. Jackie looked down and gave it a daring look, she took another prawn gave me a nice wet kiss and delicately stroked the prawn around the tip of my cock, she then rubbed it in my pants up and down the shaft, I took it from her hand and made her eat it.

'I'm absolutely full, what's for desert' she said

'I've got a surprise for desert, just wait here I'll go in the kitchen and get it'

I told her to keep her eyes which she did.

She sat on the sofa, her eyes firmly shut I walked up to her stood right next to her face, I slowly peeled off my underwear stroking my cock just about 2 inches away from her face, her eyes firmly shut. I slowly kissed her then positioned my shaft over her mouth, I quietly whispered

'Open your eyes, that's desert'

Jackie licked the underside of my shaft and up and over the head, I pushed my cock down and straight into her mouth as she sucked my cock, I was in heaven she was so good, I could feel everything, her tongue, her lips, her wetness, her silkiness, her smoothness, she was getting faster and faster by now, I felt the head banging away at the back end of her throat. Out it came and she started sucking my rock hard balls whilst wanking away with the other hand. I peeled off her knickers, she turned round resting both arms on the sofa, 1 leg bent on the sofa and the other straight on the floor, I kissed her arse and started to finger her pussy, my cock going straight in her arse and i fucked her hard and fast holding her thighs. Jackie turned round opened her legs and parted her pussy with her two fingers , her way of telling me to fuck her cunt. She wrapped both her legs round my arse as I pumped away, both of us moaning and groaning, Jackie soon heard those momentous screams of a man

Ah Ahh Ahhh Ahhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I pulled out of her pussy directed my cock straight over her and unleashed chunks of my cum all over her boobs, and wanking a second load over her face. She took my cock in her hand and wanked off any excess licking off the last few drops. She looked absolutely gorgeous with all that cum dripping down her. We kissed and cuddled for half an hour on the sofa before dropping off to sleep.

You don't get that in a Restaurant !!!



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