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Lynn’s first Black Experience

Wife gets a taste of her first black cock
Lynn’s first Black Experience

My name is Snapp and I am your not so typical husband, I would like my wife to take on a black lover, I am just not sure how to go about it, I have dreamed about it for years until it just happened recently, so here is her story. Lynn my wife is 48; she is 5’4” with 38D breasts. She has long brown hair and beautiful bedroom eyes.

She's your typical lady on the streets, wild woman between the sheets. She has never "stepped out" on me, at least I am not aware if she did. I work out of town a lot, I have been doing this for about 5 year now. When I first started working out of town, I gave her the option of finding a part-time lover to keep her occupied while I was gone. Telling her it would be alright, as long as she told me the details afterward.

Regardless, she never did take a lover in all those years, saying she would have no problem waiting until I got home twice a month. I believe her when she says she was faithful, she's just that kind of girl. But, now that I have been home more, we sometimes talk about her hooking up with another guy so I can watch. She says she still doesn't think she could do it but at least we are talking about it.

Like other couples I have read about, we watch porn DVD’s and we talk about her getting a lover, lately I've been getting more porn with mostly black guys doing mature women like her, she seems to enjoy those a lot more. The sex is amazing afterwards, she turns into this wild animal in bed. I can only imagine she is daydreaming about getting fucked by a big black cock.

One of my best friends is black, his name is Desmond. He hangs out with us all the time, mostly on Friday and Saturday nights. Lynn usually runs around the house with an old tank-top that she has cut the bottom 8" off so that it just barely covers the bottom of her tits (she goes bra-less most of the time) and a very short skirt that is so old. You can see thru it if you're at the right angle. She never wears panties. I have mentioned flashing him a short shot of her shaved pussy and firm melons, but she just laughs and says maybe one of these days.

Desmond is about 6' very muscular build with dreadlocks and what appears to be a very sizeable cock from the bulge in his pants. He is a computer gur. He knows how to diagnose and repair them, that's his business right now. She has told me that she thinks that he is very good-looking. So most of my fantasies usually involve her fucking Desmond, and I am sure her fantasies include him as well.

There has been many a times that Desmond is over and we have hung out at my house and I have caught him stealing glances at Lynn, admiring her ass when she bends over in her short skirt. I can tell he wants to fuck her because his bulge grows beyond belief. I just have to figure out a way to make it happen.

One day Desmond called me and asked me to help him move, his Jeep was in the shop and he had to be out this weekend from his apartment and into a new one. Of course I said no problem and even volunteered Lynn’s services.

I drive a '99 Chevy Z-71 extended cab truck so when I went to Desmond’s apartment we loaded up the truck to the max, the truck was so full that there was only room for two in the cab. So we decided that Lynn would sit on Desmond’s Lap.

What I have neglected to tell you was that Lynn was wearing a very short skirt and I got a thrill thinking about her sitting on Desmond’s lap. As we pulled away and started to drive I was disappointed because I could not see anything, the truck was so full there were boxes stacked between us and all I could see of Lynn was from the chest up.

Then I realized I could get a pretty good look from my side mirror, I have one of those small mirrors attached to the larger mirror that increases the view. So I adjusted the mirror toward the inside of the cab, and it wasn’t perfect but I had a better look of what was going on, which at the moment was not much. But as we left his apartment complex, we had to go over some speed bumps and I am sure that every time we hit a bump his cock would grow. At this point I am going to let Lynn tell her side of the story.

So as Snapp mentioned we were going to help Desmond move and when I realized I was going to be sitting on Desmond’s lap I was a little apprehensive and excited at the same time because I was wearing a very short skirt and I never wear panties. I have flirted over the years with Desmond but was never this close to the man and I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle sitting on his lap.

So anyway Desmond got in the truck and I sat on his lap and right away I could feel his bulge, as Snapp drove out of the parking lot I felt his bulge grow every time we went over a speed bump. I could feel it growing and it felt huge. I could tell Desmond was getting excited because his breathing was heavier.

On the way to his new place there was road construction going on and the ride was a bit rough, which in my eyes was perfect because I could enjoy the bulge I was sitting on while acting all innocent. Every bump in the road was a direct hit to my pussy and I was very wet, so wet that I am sure I was leaving juices on Desmond’s shorts.

The bouncing of the seat caused his cock to glide back and forth over my lips and when we hit a big bump it would drive his cock into my pussy, only his shorts prevented him from entering me.

Slowly and almost imperceptibly I felt Desmond moving his hips and I could feel his cock pushing against my pussy. Oh my god, it felt so good that I had to push back, he realized I was enjoying it and put his hands on my legs and slowly started to caress them, moving them up and under my skirt, so his fingers were near my pussy.

I was lost in the moment and didn’t realize that Snapp was pulling into a gas station. I composed myself and told the men I was going to the bathroom. As I entered the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and I was flushed. I just kept staring at myself not believing what was happening.

Finally I went back to the truck and the guys were waiting for me, when I got into the truck, I looked down and noticed that Desmond had unzipped his shorts and I saw a humongous cock staring at me. What was I suppose to do, at this point I didn’t want to make a scene and alert my husband so I sat down on Desmond’s lap and immediately felt the heat of his cock near my lips.

Thank God my husband couldn’t see anything because of the boxes in the way. Desmond picked right up where he left off and his hands were back to caressing my pussy and the next time we hit a bump he lifted me off his lap and when I landed, his cock was wedged between my lips and I felt the head of his cock enter my pussy.

He was so huge I let out a small gasp, Snapp looked at me and I mumbled something about a big bump caught me off guard, but it was not a bump, it was a huge black cock slipping deeper inside my pussy. Desmond was slowly fucking me, I could feel his cock deep inside me and I was stretched to the max, I never dreamed of fucking anyone besides my husband but now that it happened, I can’t believe I waited this long. If Snapp only knew what was going on sitting right next to him.

Just as I was starting to get use to it, we arrived at Desmond’s new place and I had to withdraw from that amazing cock, the rest of the day was uneventful, we helped him move and I never got another opportunity to feel that black snake.

Snapp's version of events.

So Lynn thinks I have no idea what was going on, but knowing her all these years I know when that woman is horny, and from what I could see in the mirror I am pretty sure my wife had some cock in her. I was overjoyed but felt sort of empty, my dream was to watch her get fucked and this is not exactly what I had imagined. So I decided to set a plan in motion where I could watch her fucking Desmond, and neither one would know I was there.

Since I do travel in my work quite a bit I called one day and told Lynn to invite Desmond over the day I was getting back so we could all have dinner. I told her I would be arriving around 7pm and to tell Desmond to be there around the same time so we could all have a nice evening hanging out. I asked her to please wear something sexy, I told her I knew nothing would come of it but I like to see Desmond get teased.

In reality I had already arrived back in town and waited till my wife went out. Then I carefully adjusted the blinds in the living room and bedroom along with cracking open the curtains in the bedroom so I can sneak back to the home and peer through the window and get a good look. I also cracked the window so I could also hear what was going on.

I left again and waited for Lynn and Desmond to arrive. My wife came home first and she got ready for the evening. I peaked through the window and saw her putting on a very sexy outfit, black stocking and garter with a very short skirt, that barely covered her cheeks and a tank top that barely covered her tits. She looked fantastic and at that moment I realized my dream was coming through, finally I was going to watch her get fucked and she had no clue.

I waited for Desmond to arrive and get comfortable before I called, I was afraid if I called to early, the evening would be over before it got started. So about 15 minutes after he arrived and they were sitting on the leather couch having a drink.

I called Lynn and told her I was running late because of work and left a little later then anticipated but should be there in about two hours. I told her not to let Desmond go home but to wait for me so we could still have some fun when I got there.

I hung up the phone and I peaked through the window and saw my wife explaining to Desmond what I had said, he nodded in agreement and then I saw him place his hand on her thigh. She gently pushed his hand away and I heard her tell him, “We can’t do this, it was a one time thing”

Desmond persisted, he slowly caressed her thigh, slowly massaging it, she put her hand over his as to push him away but she wasn’t pushing very hard. It slowly turned into her resting her hand on top of his as he slowly inched his way inside her thighs and getting closer to her pussy. As always, Lynn wasn’t wearing any underwear and I watch their hands disappear under her skirt and I watched my wife’s head tilt back as Desmond fingered her pussy.

All pretence was gone as his fingers, with her help, fucked her pussy. He pulled his hand away and stood up and asked her to unbuckle his pants. Lynn sat on the edge of the couch and unbuttoned his jeans till they fell to the floor and then she hooked her fingers on either side of his boxers and lowered them slowly, his cock sprang up, inches from my wife’s mouth.

Lynn grasped his cock and slowly jacked him, watching his cock slip between her fingers. She wanted to taste him but was frozen in place. I guess Desmond couldn’t take it anymore and he put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her toward his cock, she was mesmerized as his cock grew nearer, she parted her lips and she felt the head slowly enter her mouth, and I had a perfect view of the whole thing.

I watched my wife with her pretty little mouth devour that huge black cock, she was insatiable, and I had never seen her give such a great blowjob. I guess she was doing pretty good because I saw Desmond’s knees buckle as he exploded into her mouth, he must have been saving it because cum was dripping from her mouth as she sucked him off.

He fell into the couch but Lynn never let go of his cock, she kept playing with it, he never actually got small, her hands kept him semi hard until he was back at full mast. At this point I saw Lynn stand up and faced Desmond, put her legs on either side of his and lowered her pussy onto his cock. I watched as she slowly lowered herself, inch by inch I watched his cock enter my wife, until she was fully impaled on his cock.

Lynn then started to bounce up and down and I was so horny watching her taking that black cock into her pussy, they fucked like that for twenty minutes until my wife lowered her head on his shoulder and came harder then I have ever seen her. Desmond was still going strong, he kept fucking her till about 5 minutes later he explode inside her pussy.

That was my cue, I called her and told her I was ten minutes away, I saw them get dressed and when I arrived they acted like nothing had happened. We had fun that evening like we always do but things had changed forever and I was going to be the lucky recipient of many more nights like this. Next time though I would be better prepared; I would video tape it, so I can watch again and again.

But this is not where the story ends, since that night we have gotten together many times and Desmond and my wife have gotten friendlier. It was nothing for her to either sit on my lap or Desmond’s lap while we watched some movies. She always played it off like she was teasing Desmond and of course I approved.

Which leads me to the next time I watched them together, I came home one Friday night a few minutes late and Lynn was sitting on Desmond’s lap, neither one made any move to get up so I sat on the recliner and watched the movie they seemed so engrossed in. I sensed there was something else going on because even in the dark, with just the glow of the TV I sensed some light movements coming from Lynn.

I saw Lynn adjust herself and was sitting with her legs on the outside of Desmond’s legs, she was wearing that short skirt, but it wasn’t short enough because I couldn’t see anything. I kept looking back at them and what I saw next floored me, Lynn and Desmond both had their heads back with their eyes closed.

Suddenly Lynn opened her eyes and looked directly at me as her hands caressed her own thighs and slowly slid her skirt up. I watched intently, and there right before my eyes, my beautiful wife of 26 years was revealing to me her pussy. As she lifted the skirt up I saw Desmond’s cock buried in her pussy.

"Snapp, take off your pants and jack off while Desmond fucks me." I was stunned and turned on, I got up and did as she said and jacked my cock while my best friend fucked my wife right in front of me.

She got up and I finally got to see how big his cock was - it was huge, I can’t believe she took all of that. She got on the couch on her knees and beckoned me over. I went over to her and she took me in her mouth and sucked my cock while I watched Desmond get behind her and guide that huge cock back into her pussy.

He shoved it in so hard she almost gagged on my dick. Desmond and I got into a rhythm and we both fucked Lynn till we all exploded.

Well that night all was revealed and since that day we have invited Desmond over for many fulfilling nights.

I hope you all enjoyed my story. It has been a several years since I wrote my last one. I wrote this because a reader enjoyed my story telling and asked me to write one for him and yes the people described in the story are real people. Hopefully if enough people like I won’t wait so long to write a new one. I appreciate all your e-mails so let me know what you think of it and please don’t forget to vote.

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