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Marcus, Marie, And Robert Makes Three

Marcus, Marie, And Robert Makes Three

A bored teenage girl finds a sexy lover on the beach

I was nineteen and on my first foreign holiday. My first ever holiday without my parents, if it came to that. I was with a friend, Lynne, a girl I was at college with. We enjoyed sex with each other occasionally but were not exactly girlfriends in that sense, it was just nicer having a companion to travel with, and have fun with.

We had gone to Majorca, one of the new resorts on the Spanish islands. It was fun, lots of sunshine, wine, sexy girls and good looking boys. That was the best part of being bi, I got to enjoy male or female fun, depending on my mood, and how sexy the other person was.

We had been there about a week out of our ten-night stay. Lynne had formed a friendship with one of the bartenders in a beach-front club and had started spending much of the daytimes with him, usually from about one pm until seven when he started work, but she still got back to our apartment most nights, to spend an hour or so making me happy.

This day, she was off somewhere with him, and I was bored. After doing the necessary jobs in the apartment, I decided to spend the afternoon on the beach. Who knows, maybe I would get lucky. The beach was not too crowded, and I found a nice spot, settling down on my beach towel with an ice cold drink, my tanned skin contrasting nicely with my tiny white bikini.

I pulled a magazine from my bag, starting to flick through it when a shadow fell across it. I looked up in annoyance, to see a gorgeous black hunk, just starting to settle himself on the sand, a few feet away. He noticed me looking at him.

"You do not mind me sitting here?" he asked, in a deep sexy voice, that had my toes curling by the third syllable.

His accent told me he was not English, even though he spoke it with such precision.

"No, go ahead," I told him, "there is plenty of room today."

"You are not with anyone?" he queried. "I would not have expected such a beautiful girl to be alone."

"My friend has gone off with her boyfriend," I smiled, "so I am left alone for the afternoon."

"I am the same, " he said. "I am here with my friend, and he has gone out with a girl he met. Have you not found a man you would wish to spend time with?"

"Not really," I admitted. "I think most men prefer girls to have more up top than I have."

"Up top?" he repeated, looking puzzled. "What is this, "up top" that you say?"

"Here," I pointed to my bust, blushing as he looked where I was indicating. "Most men like girls bigger there."

"Ah, doudounes, boobs as you say, yes?" He smiled, "But yours look so perfect," he told me. "Some men are so stupid."

"Thank you," I said. "You are very kind."

"No, not kind, honest," he smiled at me. "And horny. Why else would I sit next to the sexiest girl on the beach?"

I blushed again, feeling the dampness start between my legs.

"Have you not noticed the effect just sitting near you has had on this in my shorts?" he asked. "If it grows much more, there will not be room enough for it, and me."

I laughed at his look of worry. Actually, I had seen the bulge, and to be honest, had wondered what it would look like set free, and what it would feel like inside me. I blushed again at the thought.

"Do you enjoy sunbathing topless?" he asked, inconsequentially.

"Yes, I do," I admitted, "but not on a public beach."

"Then come back with me to our villa," he suggested. "There you can sunbathe in the yard, by our small pool, drinking chilled wine, and listen to me talk about my beloved France, and if that is all you wish, so be it." He smiled suggestively, "But if you should wish to take pity on a lonely, horny man..."

I could not help laughing, I always love men with a sense of humour. I held out my arm to him, as he stood, and he helped me up and waited while I packed my things into my bag. It was then I realised how tall he was. I stood five foot three, but he was well over six foot tall, broad shoulders tapering down over a flat stomach to a slim waist, and a firm rounded bottom.

We walked along holding hands, while he told me about Dijon, and I talked about Manchester. It was only a short walk, and he led me through the house, into the yard. Perfect privacy, a high wooden fence surrounding the yard, and a small bathing pool in the center, with loungers set around part of it. Beach umbrellas clipped to them for shade, and low metal tables near them at the perfect height for reaching a drink without effort.

"Go and relax, pretty girl, " he said to me. "By the way, I am Marcus, I am 27, single and I am completely under your spell."

Oh God! I had come with him without even asking his name?

"I am Marie, " I told him, "nineteen, single and unattached."

He took my hand, then surprised me by kissing the back of my hand, inside my wrist, and inside my elbow, while his hand stroked up towards my armpit, bringing me out in goosebumps.

"I will bring the wine," he stated and vanished inside.

I eased myself onto a lounger, then debated with myself as to whether I should remove my bikini top. A few seconds thought told me that it did not exactly hide much anyway and that I was no more at risk without it than I was keeping it on. Besides, I admitted to myself, I had not come here just for sunbathing.

I pulled the thin straps loose, and let it fall off, leaving me in just tiny tie-sided bikini briefs. A gentle pull on the bows and they would fall free, but he would have to convince me to let him do that. I lay back, sunglasses protecting me from the glare, and revelled in the freedom of topless sunbathing.

Marcus came out with a bottle of wine in an ice bucket and two glasses, and poured the wine for us, then moved a lounger closer to mine before sitting, the glasses on the low table between us.

We sat sipping the chilled liquid. Marcus looked over at me from time to time.

"I was right," he stated eventually, "your boobs look perfect, Marie, my sexy girl."

"Be careful," I warned him, "we do not want that thing in your shorts growing any bigger, do we?"

"It is under control." He laughed. "I hope you have put sun lotion on them," he warned, "I would not want them having the sunburn."

"Good idea," I conceded, reaching into my bag for the sun cream.

I applied it liberally, boobs, nipples especially, and then from neck to where the bikini reached up to. Marcus groaned theatrically.

"I may have been wrong about it being under control," he said. "If it should break free, save yourself, my darling, leave me to fight it alone."

This sent me into helpless laughter, only easing after more wine was poured. I was growing hornier by the minute.

"Anyway, this is a private yard," Marcus stated. "If it grows too much, I can always remove my shorts, so they at least will survive."

"That is a coincidence," I told him, "I was just thinking of removing mine."

We grinned at each other.

"If you need any help with the bows," he announced, "I am at your service."

"Thank you, kind sir," I replied, and stood up, arms outstretched to the sides.

He came over eagerly, kneeling in front of me with hands on my hips, and used his teeth to tease one bow free, holding the flimsy fabric in place with a thumb, while he turned his attention, and teeth, to the second bow. This one came free, and he let the scrap of material fall to the floor.

I could feel his warm breath on my exposed pussy lips as he knelt there, then a firm pressure on my hips to turn me, and then the cheeks of my bum were being caressed and squeezed. More pressure and I completed the turn. He stood up, head lowered to my tits, teeth scraping gently over nipples.

Then he was standing tall, lowering his head to kiss my lips, tongue teasing its way inside, teasing, tantalising, lips pressed hard to mine, taking my breath away, along with any inhibitions that may still have been hiding. I hardly reached up as far as his chin, as he towered over me, and I knew he could take anything he wanted. And I knew he would only ever take what was offered freely.

Without any urging, without any hint of pressure, I kneeled before him, hands reaching up to the waistband of his shorts, that tempting bulge inches from my mouth. I pulled, overcoming the slight resistance, and slid the shorts down, unleashing his beast, and the description was pretty accurate.

It almost seemed to leap free, uncoiling, and standing tall and proud. I felt a twitch deep in my wet pussy, as I wondered if I could take it. It looked around ten or twelve inches long, maybe more, and thick, like a broom handle.

I put my hand around it, feeling it twitch as I made first contact, and my fingers could not fully meet around the girth of it.I could feel him trembling as I squeezed it slightly, and he lowered himself onto a lounger. I knelt at his side, head bowed, as I took him into my mouth, jaw aching a little as I engulfed him, one hand caressing his balls while I moved my mouth up and down the shaft. His hands went to my head, fingers curling in my hair, as I stimulated him until he pulled me away.

"Sorry, Marie," he told me, "you are too good at this. A few more moments and you would have made me come, and I would prefer to save that for when I am inside you."

He moved off the lounger, and lay me down on it. Reaching under it, he brought out a bottle of baby oil.

"I find this ideal for dealing with sunburn," he explained, "but it has many other uses."

He rolled me onto my front, and I squealed as the cool oil hit my spine. He massaged it in, caressing every muscle, and running his fingers into the crease of my bum, using some on his little finger to oil the bum hole, then turned me so he could do the same to my front.

Every inch of my front was caressed, rubbed and oiled, with my tits getting special attention until they were tingling, and then finally, between my legs, oil being poured into the slit, thumbs rubbing it all along the pussy lips, and inside the tight cunt, two fingers sliding in and out, while thumbs massaged the oil into my clit.

At one point, it seemed he was going to stop until I grabbed his arm.

"Don't," I gasped, "don't even think about stopping now."

My legs opened even wider, and he continued massaging, again sliding fingers in and out of my pussy, watching as I started thrusting up at his hand, clutching the sides of the lounger until I came, yelling and then falling back in a trembling heap, pulling him onto me for wild kisses.

After a while, he stood, lifting me, as he carried me to the pool. He sat me on the edge, while he went in, the water not reaching his waist, then lifted me, a hand under each armpit. Effortlessly, he lowered me slowly, my naked body sliding down his dark muscled chest, until I felt something between my half open legs, stopping further downward progress.

I opened them a little more and felt pressure at the entrance to my pussy, then I was sliding down, being impaled on his cock, feeling it sliding smoothly into me, filling me totally. I threw my legs around his waist, as his hands cupped my arse cheeks, while my arms went around him, hands gripping his back.

Then I was being bounced on his big black monster, shafted as my body was slid up and down on that huge pole until I was coming, screaming and bouncing myself even harder, as I came and came, until I felt a warm, wet explosion deep inside me, and his cock was jerking, almost driving me out of my mind as it was rammed into me again and again, until it finally stopped pumping cum into me.

Marcus lay me on the side of the pool, with me gasping for breath after that incredible fuck, then he got out and lifted me, putting me on a lounger while I recovered. A glass of wine was handed to me and I drank it eagerly.

"Are you all right, Marie?" Marcus asked anxiously. "I am so sorry for being so rough, I got carried away."

"I am fine, Marcus," I assured him, "and you were not too rough. I just had such an intense climax, it was wonderful."

His kisses covered my mouth, while a huge hand caressed my tits so gently, starting me squirming again. I reached out a hand to grip his cock, and my eyes widened, as I felt how rigid it was already. I squeezed hard, forcing a groan from him.

"Somebody feels ready for some more," I told him, "how would you like me this time?"

"Are you sure you are ready?" he asked, smiling as I nodded, "then what about over here?"

He led me to a metal-framed table, putting a long cushion off a lounger on the top of it before bending me over it, so I was standing, legs apart, with my upper body lying on the table, supported by my elbows. He stood behind me, cock rubbing against my bum, then slid into my pussy from behind, holding my hips to steady himself.

I gripped the sides of the table as he started pumping in and out of me, grunting at each thrust of that monster prick into my tightness, then moaning in sheer pleasure as he increased speed slightly. I had never felt this horny, this aroused before.

"I might have known you would find some sexy cunt, to amuse yourself with."

The strange voice came from behind me, and I heard Marcus mutter something, as he stopped shafting me.

"Oh God," he said softly to me, "it is my friend, Robert. I had thought him to be out all day."

A hand smacked my bottom, and I squealed in surprise.

"Well, are you going to share the goodies?" Robert asked. "I am so horny I could fuck a hole in the wall."

I was still partly impaled on Marcus's cock, squirming at his slightest movement, and growing increasingly desperate for him to continue. I wriggled slightly to get his attention.

"Marcus, if it means you get to finish fucking me, the way I need you to, then let him," I said shakily. "But for God's sake, fuck me."

"Are you sure?" Marcus asked, which as a top and shorts had been hurled past my head, was rather a late question.

"Thanks, sexy girl," yelled Robert, as he went to the front of the table. I noticed he was almost as well-endowed as Marcus. My shoulders were at the edge of the table, so it was easy for him to hold my chin, and slide his rampant prick into my mouth, as Marcus resumed fucking me from behind.

Robert's hands slid under me to find my tits, squeezing and teasing them as the two got into a rhythm. Then my legs were lifted by Marcus as he pushed further between them, and I was spit-roasted, a prick at both ends, supported by Robert's hands under my tits, Marcus's hands on my hips, and two rigid cocks pumping me, as I came, clamping down with mouth and cunt, and feeling two explosions as cum surged into me at both ends.

I was lowered to the ground as the lads pulled out of me, and I could feel the cum dripping from my well-fucked pussy, running down my legs.

"There is a bidet and a shower inside," offered Marcus. "Do you need help?"

"I will be fine," I told him.

I made my way inside on rather unsteady legs, and used the bathroom, including the bidet, and decided to have a quick shower, while I was there. I was enjoying the warm water on my skin, the shower gel sweet smelling, as the bubbles ran down me, dripping from tingling nipples, and running between my legs.

I was lathering my hair when I heard a noise behind me, and felt strong arms wrap around me, and hands squeezing my tits. I rinsed my hair quickly, and as I finished getting rid of the lather I was lifted by strong hands holding me behind my knees, then lowered, a huge cock sliding slowly into my tight virgin bum.

I screamed out, partly in pain, but mainly in pleasure as I was filled.

"Are you alright, Marie?" Marcus called, but not from behind me.

As Marcus came into the shower, I realised it must be Robert behind me, inside me.

"Marcus?" I called, "I thought you were behind me."

"It is all okay, sexy girl," Marcus told me, "I should have warned you that Robert enjoys his games."

Robert kissed my neck, nipping gently.

"However, " said Marcus, "as Robert already has you in such an inviting position..."

He grinned mischievously and came towards me. It took me a few moments to understand what he meant.

"Oh no, Marcus, " I babbled, laughing, "you can't think, I mean, there is no way I could, you wouldn't..."

My words ended in a long drawn out moan, as he slid his already rigid monster smoothly into my pussy. I had not thought it possible for it to fit, with the other already filling my arse, but somehow it did.

I hung there, impaled on the two biggest cocks I had ever had, scared to move. Not that I was given any choice in the matter. With his hands under the cheeks of my bum, and Robert holding behind my knees, they started bouncing me slowly up and down on their cocks.

Slowly at first, then higher, harder and faster, and I was coming already. They were still bouncing me, until I was screaming as I came even harder, still being double-fucked, still helplessly coming and coming, and then Robert yelled as he shot his load, and Marcus was coming, at last, pulling out to send jets of creamy come over my belly.

We showered together, then a glass of wine, while Marcus tried to find where the top half of my bikini had got to. Then I was strolling back to my apartment, with promises to look for them the next day, in the same spot on the beach, and I was promising to drag my friend, Lynne, along as well if I could. She would love having two big black cocks in her.

I was half dozing on the bed, still in my bikini, when Lynne got back. She came over to me, a hand stroking my tits, as she kissed me.

"Well, you will be pleased to hear I finished with him, " she announced, knowing I had not liked the guy, "so I am all yours for the rest of the holiday." She smiled suggestively as she said that. "So, how about a few drinks in the bar, a meal in that outdoor restaurant, an hour or two in the club, then back here for some sexy girly fun?" she asked. "And tomorrow we can go out, and see if we can find any decent cocks to amuse us."

"Sounds wonderful," I told her, "And I think I know just where to look tomorrow for those cocks."

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