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Midnight Shift

Carrie works the midnight shift with Rick.
A couple of months have passed since the storm, and Carrie acted as if nothing ever happened. Although she felt weak when she was near Rick, her juices starting to flow as he paid her small compliments. Rick knowingly made small advances on her during work, nothing too obvious, giving just enough attention to distract her.

Walking through the store, making notes on changes needed, she bumped into the store manager Shelly. Carrie and Shelly were close friends, which hasn't hurt her position at work. On occasion they've gone out for drinks, confiding in each other, their problems, dreams and desires.

The time came that a reset was due in one of the departments and had to be done when there was the least amount of traffic in the store, the midnight shift. Carrie was pulled aside as Shelly said that she needed Carrie to work a couple of nights that week to make sure the work was completed in a timely manner.

"Carrie, I need you to work for a couple of nights this week, I can't rely on anybody else to get the job done in the required amount of time. Of course you can pick who you'd want to assist you in getting this taken care of." Shelly also was admiring how sharp Carrie's outfit looked. Almost a conservative look, with a touch of feisty in her dress.

Carrie looked at Shelly, thinking for a moment and said, "I'd like to train Rick in on the reset, he's catches on fast and performs all tasks efficiently." Shelly was watching Carrie closely, a knowing smirk showing. Blushing, Carrie turned her head away, acting like she was looking for a paper in her clipboard.

Shelly had suspected that there was something more between Rick and Carrie, but as long as they performed their duties as well as they had, she let things lay. "You better let Rick know immediately of the shift changes this week."

As the parted from the brief meeting, Shelly watched as Carrie walked away. Her own thoughts wandering, imaging Carrie in her own bed with her. One of these days, she'll have to bring Carrie into her inner circle of friends. Shelly smiled to herself, the joys of being bi-sexual.

Carrie searched for Rick throughout the store, only to find him in the warehouse helping the load crew rearrange the inventory. Carrie watched as Rick muscled the last box into place, his shirt showing signs of sweat, his ebony face glistening.

"Rick, do you have a minute? I have some shift changes that we need to go over before the end of the day." Carrie walked towards an office not waiting for a reply.

Rick sent the warehouse crew on a deserved break and walked to the office. Grabbing a handful of paper towels, Rick wiped his face and neck as he entered the office. He found Carrie sitting in the only chair in the cramped office, waiting.

Closing the door, Rick sat on the edge of the desk facing her, his bulge at Carrie's eye level. "What's up Carrie? You mentioned shift changes?" Rick brazenly looked at her breasts, his view slowly traveling to her face.

"There is a modular reset coming up this week, Shelly just informed me of it. We need to be done within 5 days time. That would require working a couple of night shifts to get the bulk of the work done. Are you able to work a couple of nights?" Carrie waited for his reply as she shuffled papers around on her clipboard. Her head tilted downwards, couldn't help but notice the faint outline of Rick's cock through his pants.

Rick looked like he was in thought, trying to decide if he could juggle his schedule to accommodate her. Then he asked, "Who will be helping with the reset?"

Carrie looked at him directly, not making any suggestive ideas, and replied, "I will be helping with the reset, Shelly liked the idea of your being trained in on this, she has taken notice of your work ethics and I've told her the numerous times you've performed all tasks assigned to you so efficiently.

"Of course I can work a couple of night shifts. I'm flattered that you mentioned my work ethics to the manager. When do we start this change?"

Carrie consulted her clipboard, feeling flushed being so close to Rick, his bulge lightly twitching right in front of her.

"The day after tomorrow." She glanced at Rick's bulge. Carrie so badly wanted to just reach out and touch it, to feel it pulse in her hand. Rick could see her indecisiveness and locked the door to the office. Carrie looked up at Rick as she heard the click of the lock and looked up at Rick as he unbuckled his pants.
Carrie's lust took over as Rick released his member offering it to Carrie. She grasped it firmly in her hands, her clipboard falling to the floor.Rick stepped closer bringing his cock to her lips. Carrie felt his cock growing in her hands, mesmerized again by the size.

Nudging the head of his cock against Carrie's lips, he smiled when her lips parted, taking him in her mouth. She lovingly rubbed his cock against her lips, her tongue laviously licked and caressed the head. Moving a hand down, she cupped his balls lifting them feeling the weight, amazed at how much seed they held.

Carrie sucked his cock with slow strokes, taking him to the back of her throat. Rick wanting more, pulled her head against him, sliding a couple inches into her throat. Withdrawing to allow her to breathe, Rick continued his assault on Carrie's mouth and throat. The sight of Carrie's head bobbing on his cock brought Rick to the brink.

After several minutes of fucking that gorgeous face, Rick started to breathe heavily. A light moan escaped as she felt Rick tensing up. Torrents of his saltiness jetted inside her mouth. Swallowing as fast as she was, she couldn't keep up. Rick watched as his cum started to leak out from her mouth and pulled out of her mouth as the last couple of jets splattered on her lips and chin.

Carrie leaned back in her chair, her eyes closed savoring his taste. Rick flipped open his new cellphone and snapped a quick pic without her knowledge. Then he scooped some of his seed from her chin, and brought it to her lips. Carrie greedily sucked on his finger, cleaning it.

Unknown to both of them, a hidden security camera was installed recently due to the high amount of thefts in that department. Shelly reviewed what she'd just monitored, she leaned back in her chair, smiling.

Returning to their assigned tasks, Carrie seemed to be lost in thought for the rest of the day, her focus not so much on work, but with Rick. She knew deep down that she'd submit to his desires anytime he wanted, and just wished it was a bit more frequent. Her sexual appetite has increased tenfold since that blizzard. Her husband couldn't keep pace and wondered what had changed recently that made her so vivacious.

"Did you have a good day at work hon?" asked her husband.

"Yes, it was a very informative day, but at the same time, no. I was told by the manager that I have to work 2 - 3 night shifts for a modular reset starting the day after tomorrow." Carrie acted busy so she didn't have to look her husband in the eyes.

"Well, you do what you need to do for your job. You wouldn't have been picked for this task if you weren't up to it." Looking at the calendar, her husband started making plans for a fishing trip to a local lake during her midnight shifts.

"Since you're going to be busy and fishing isn't your forte, do you mind if I go camp at the lake and get some fishing in for a couple days?" Not suspecting his wife was being an unfaithful slut, he readily accepted what she said without question.

"That sounds like a great idea, I'll be busy with work and sleeping during the day, I won't have to worry about being woke up as you putter around the house." Feeling relieved that things were going smoothly, she smiled at her husband as he walked away making his plans.

Arriving for the first night shift, Carrie went through the inventory to verify they had all the fixtures before tearing apart the old ones. Rick monitored the removal of the current shelving, helping here and there. Carrie approached Rick and mentioned a key part was missing. Rick deliberately hid that key part outside in a box container on the property, looking for an excuse to get Carrie alone.

As they walked out towards the containers located in a dark corner of the lot, they reviewed what was completed and what was left. They agreed that they were ahead of schedule for the first night. Rick opened up a container he knew that held extra mattresses. Walking inside he motioned to Carrie to follow him. As she approached, Rick grabbed her, pulling her against his body. His tongue invading her mouth before she could get a word out. Cupping her cute ass with his hands, he ground his cock against her as his tongue danced with hers.

Stepping back, Rick unbuttoned her blouse. Her bra unfastened in the front, giving complete access to him. Carrie stripped off her pants as Rick laid down on a mattress.

Carrie crawled onto the mattress stopping as her head hovered over his semi hard cock. Lowering her mouth to him, she licked the length of the shaft, sucking the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. She felt him grow inside her mouth as she continued her ministrations upon him.

Rick getting close to cumming, flipped her on her back, crawling between her legs. Carrie spread her legs wide, anticipating the sheer size and length of that monster invading her depths. As Rick slid in a couple of inches, Carrie gasped. 

"Rick you need to pull out before you cum, it's a very bad time of the month for me." Carrie got so hot and horny just before her period. Rick continued his assault and slid deeper, causing a moan to escape from her mouth. Sawing into her, he covered her mouth with his muffling her protests. Buried to the base, his balls slapped against her ass as he began increasing his tempo.

Carrie held him tightly against her as she climaxed, his continued pounding spurring her onto another orgasm. The contracting walls of her pussy gripped him tightly. Rick started to withdraw but her tightness milked him to the point of no return. Carrie realized that he wasn't pulling out, and started to worry about pregnancy as jets of his seed coated her womb.

God, he must be pumping a quart into me, thought Carrie. As they lay entwined and still locked together, Rick looked into Carrie's eyes and told her how great her pussy felt and to fill her with his seed. Remaining hard, he continued to thrust into Carrie, determined to plant one more load into her. Carrie, realizing it may be too late now, accepted the inevitable and pulled Rick close to her, enjoying the rythmn and pace.

Reaching down with a free hand, Rick lubricated his fingers with their combined juices and probed her virgin ass, massaging the ring as he gently slid in one finger. Continuing to pump his hardening cock inside her, Carrie found the stimulation bringing on another orgasm. Inserting a second finger into her ass caused Carrie to start bucking hard against Rick.

As Carrie's climax subsided, Rick rolled off of her. Motioning for her to roll on her side, he rubbed his cockhead up and down her slit, coating it thoroughly then placing it against her anus. Nudging it in with constant pressure, the head finally entered as Carrie's breathing became spasmodic.

Reaching over her leg, Rick started to manipulate her clit as he slid more of his cock inside her ass. After 20 patient minutes, Rick had 8 inches inside her. Almost withdrawing out, Rick quickly plummeted his cock deeper, eliciting a gasp then loud moan from Carrie. Her hand joined his as she got close again to yet another orgasm.

Rick whispered into Carrie's ear softly, "Baby, you are mine forever now. Once I plant my seed in your ass, I'll have enjoyed every inch of your body, just as you're enjoying every inch of my manhood. From now on, you'll be my slut, and I, your master."

Carrie was shocked at what Rick had said to her, but turned on too. She readily accepted what he told her, since she didn't object to it. Carrie jammed a couple of fingers in her snatch and felt his cock quickening it's pace.

Rick reached the point of no return and whispered into her ear, "You are so tight, I can't hold back any longer." Then he thrust deeply as spurt after spurt erupted inside her.

Lying locked together in a spoon position, Carrie lay there sedated from the awesome time they spent together. After separating and straightening themselves up, they checked the time. They were both surprised to see that 3 hours had passed since they'd entered the storage container. Carrie walked slowly back towards the store, she could feel his seed dripping from both her ass and her pussy. She felt like she was glowing.

Rick stopped her before they entered the store. "Follow me home after work, we have much more work to do."

Carrie looked at his face, seeing the devious smirk. Smiling back she nodded her head, yes.

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