MIL goes black Pt2

By SIL50

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My Mother in Law called a few days ago obliviously very upset. It seems her two black lovers had called and told her they were ready to fuck her again.   She also said they had some surprises for her this time.   I told her   I thought she should meet them and try to work out a settlement and that she would probably end up fucked again, but maybe this would be the last and remember the camera.   She was upset but said she thought I might be right.

When the video came on my MIL like last time was sitting on the bed fully clothed, but nervous. It wasn't long to there was a knock at the door, she opened it and in walked her two lovers with their own camera.   She tried to hug and kiss them but they told her she was just   their white whore and a place to drain their balls and to get on her knees and suck their dicks. She obeyed sucking one and masturbating the other.   Actually it was more like getting her mouth fucked than sucking.   After several minutes they changed places. Once they had enough they stripped her and got a big laugh pinching and tugging her nipples and spanking her ass so hard it was turning red.   The one with the big dick told her to lay down and spread her old pussy. She protested   saying she wasn't wet enough but he climbed on her and in one push buried himself to the hilt.   He was driving that almost foot long dick in her like a jackhammer.   From the video I could not tell if she was moaning in pain or pleasure. Soon they   got her positioned on the bed so her head was positioned in away the smaller one was fucking her mouth and throat. They used her like this for about 15minutes then changed positions.   After a few more minutes they said they needed a break so they wouldn't cum too soon   and told my Mil to play with her pussy so it would stay wet, but she had better not have an orgasm.   I know it was hard for her but she managed much to their pleasure

When they started back my MIL was on top of the smaller one ridding him hard, I guess the masturbation got   her going.   He was pinching and pulling her nipples again.   His friend was running the camera getting good close-ups   and telling the one fucking her not to wear the whore out before the fun got started.   Finally he rolled her on her back pumped her a few more times pulled out and shot all over her face and tits.   Then the other mounted her fucking her hard and fast.   While he was fucking away there was a knock at the door and in walked 4 more black males ranging in ages   from late teens to about her age.   It didn't take long for the one fucking her to blow another large load on her face.  

He told my Mil to clean up that the youngest one was still a virgin and   his first pussy didn't need to come from an old whore with cum on her face and tits. After he stripped off his   clothes, my MIL approached   him, hugged and French kissed him and began to stroke his semi erect penis. He was sucking one tit and   fondling the other, tugging and pinching her hardening nipples. Then his hands began to the lower half of her body. He quickly found her pussy.   She spread her legs allowing her easy access to her. They told the young guy   that she would do whatever he wanted and she really enjoyed a black cock in her mouth. My MIL obediently dropped to her knees and started to suck his now fully erect cock and balls.   The crew started taking still pictures along with the video. Next they told her to lay   on the bed and help him get in her pussy. Two of the men got her by the ankles and spread her   legs opening her wet pussy ,she took his virgin cock in her hand and guided it into her woman hood. He was fucking her like crazy, and I guess they thought he would cum too soon so they made her change positions and he mounted her doggie style.   All the spectators were cheering him on like a sporting event or something.   He pumped her as crazy as before and it wasn't long before she ejaculated all over his stomach.   He seemed scared to death   but all the others laughed and told him that showed how much she liked his young dick.   Next they told him since it was his first piece to go ahead and fuck her in the ass.   I felt so sorry for her he just jammed it   in   her ass and started fucking again. After a few strokes he stiffened and shot a load of virgin cum deep in her ass and all over her back.   Her original lovers told her to roll over and lick him clean.

  After that they all took turns,   fucking her in every hole and position , at one time she was servicing 5 of them at once. They came on her coating her smooth white skin with their cum.   They fucked her so many times she couldn't fuck back just laying on the bed with her legs, pussy and ass wide open. They called it letting her rest while seeing what   objects they could stick in her stretched cunt and how many clothes pins from the closet they could get on her areole. They were laughing and cheering every time something longer and thicker went in.    Finally they sat   her up in a chair   stood around her and masturbated till   they shot and unloaded more jism on her tits and face.   When they finished they took her back to bed and told her they had another   surprise for her.


One guy   left the room and came back with another guy who must have weighed about 350 or more.   They all told him she was his and to fuck her.   He took off his clothes and mounted her missionary style. His bulk and fat rolls   almost hid her from the camera.   It was hard to tell how hard he was banging her but, it didn't take him long to cum .   He pulled out   straddled her chest, stuck his cock in her mouth and shot a wad large enough that it ran back out.

After some more tit abuse, the old man of the group said her pussy was so loose he bet he could get his whole hand in it.   With a little work he did and wanted his picture taken soon they all got similar pictures.  

After the fisting the virgin boy said he wanted one last fuck. He said he didn't want to lay in all the sperm so they drug her to the edge of the bed so he could just walk up and pump her. He fucked her like a madman and shot cum all over the outer lips of her pussy.   He said he hoped that every white woman wasn't so loose and sloppy.

They left her laying totally humiliated and exhausted in a pool of the same cum that covered her.   She laid there a long time before getting up and going to the shower. She looked totally drained   when she turned off the camera, but I think she paid her debt.