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Mistress Sarah - Chapter two - I pay the price

my husband insiststs...
In chapter one, I told you how I formed a ‘friendship’ with a young woman on-line on Lush. Sarah was intrigued by my submissive inclination. I was intrigued by her assertiveness, and her sexual creativity.

Sarah was intelligent, sweet, and she had a keen interest in women, especially submissive women. Sarah seemed to know precisely how to push my buttons and excite me. She also got me to perform some acts of which I was honestly ashamed, but which excited me and amazed me nonetheless.

Sarah’s profile indicated that she lived in South Africa , and as such, she seemed safe. I would never actually meet her. She was a harmless yet exciting fantasy. We had chatted several times over a period of several weeks, before I took a business trip to Chicago in May, 2012.

During these chats, Sarah got me to expose parts of my psyche’ that gave her the ability to ‘control me’ in a manner that no one, except my husband, Jim, could. I felt powerless to resist her.

On that fateful day in May 2012, I checked into my room on the 19th floor of a hotel in downtown Chicago . I immediately went on-line to see I could chat with Sarah. I wanted to see what antics she might make me perform.

Sarah instructed me to open the drapes and strip in front of my window, which faced the adjacent office building. I did not know if anyone was watching, but stripping like this excited me. She ordered me to write ‘Sarah’s cunt’ on my shaved mound. I did.

Submitting to this young woman was exciting me. I expected to be sent to the bar sans panties or bra, or some such embarrassing but manageable antic. I thought I would be compelled to flirt and expose myself in a semi-public place and perhaps dance with some businessmen before returning to my room to report back to my mistress, and masturbate to a powerful orgasm.

But that was not her plan for me. Sarah shocked me when she ordered me to order room service and answer the door naked. I was not prepared to do this. I protested. Sarah was insistent. She instructed me to wrap myself in a towel, run the shower and pretend I was about to climb into the warm spray of water when the delivery person arrived. Sarah instructed me to allow the towel to fall open, exposing me, when the delivery person brought the order. I protested, but under her persistent insistence, I relented. On some level, I wanted to do these things.

I ordered a piece of chocolate cake. I ran the shower, wrapped myself in a towel and chatted on-line with Sarah waiting anxiously. I did not know if the delivery person would be male or female. Since I have never had a physical encounter with a woman, the possibilities intrigued me. My heart was pounding, my nipples were hard and my vagina was leaking as I waited.

There was a knock on the door. I opened it wearing only a towel. A very large, young black teenager wearing a nametag of ‘Denziel’ brought in a tray with a single piece of cake. I could feel his eyes consuming my near nakedness.

As I wrote an obscene tip on the check and signed it, I ‘accidentally’ allowed the towel to slip leaving me naked in front of him as I struggled to catch the towel and cover myself. I had successfully exposed my naked form to his eyes. Yes, this young black male was very intrigued by this 40 year old white woman. He liked what he saw.

He left. With my pulse racing and my lubrication leaking down my inner thighs, I updated Sarah on the computer about what had transpired. My clitoris was on fire and my vagina was flowing as I told Mistress Sarah about exposing myself to the young room service delivery boy.

Then there was a knock at the door. Sarah said ‘answer it’.

Denziel had returned. He handed me a card with his cell phone number on it. He asked me if I would please call him when I was done with the cake, so he could pick up the tray and dishes. I allowed the towel to slip down and expose one of my breasts as we were speaking, but I pretended to not notice my exposed nipple.

He left my room again for the second time in five minutes. I reported the events to Sarah on the computer. Sarah typed, “Call him back now!”

‘But what will I say?’ I protested. This was already going much further than I intended.

‘I will tell you what to do. Call him back, and then come to the computer for instructions. Do it!’ she commanded.

I was leaking on the seat; I was so aroused at this point. I dialled Denziel’s number and he answered immediately. My voice quaked as I said “Denziel, this is Cindy in room 1956. Could you come back here for just a minute?”

He said he would be right there. I could sense some excitement in his voice.

I had just typed, ‘I made the call’ when there was a knock on the door, He had not even gotten to the elevator when he received my call. I typed hurriedly, ‘He is here’.

‘Answer the door and come right back.’

I opened the door, holding my towel in place, and said, “come in, I will be just a second,” as I sat at the computer. I looked over at him and typed to Sarah, ‘He is walking towards me now.’ That was the last thing I was able to type that evening.

Denziel stood behind me for a moment as I stared at the computer screen, and then his hands slowly reached down and began massaging my shoulders. I just closed my eyes and sat there frozen, not moving a muscle. When I did not resist this initial contact, or complain, he slowly traced his fingers down my front, reaching inside my towel and cupping my right breast in his large black hand.

I sat there with my eyes closed, afraid to move, not knowing what to do. Denziel took the towel and pulled it from my front, allowing it to drop in my lap. By now, he was confident that I would not object to his advances. He was standing behind me, reaching over my shoulder, teasing my erect nipple as I sat there saying nothing. I was very aware that my vaginal lubrication was flowing out of me into my chair. I could feel my pulse in my erect clit.

Very slowly, Denziel spun the chair around so that I was facing him. Without saying a word, he stood back and unzipped his pant without unbuckling them. He reached inside and fished out a large semi erect penis. It was the first uncircumcised penis I had ever seen. It was jet back, about two inches thick, about 8 inches long, and the foreskin partially covered the large purple-black head. It looked like a large black snake.

Although he did not utter a word at first, I knew precisely what he wanted from me. I am ashamed to admit, I became his slut for the evening.

I allowed this young black man to put his large black cock in my mouth. I allowed him to fuck me, three times, without wearing a condom, cumming inside my tiny white pussy each time. Yes, he took me bareback. I allowed him to treat me in a degrading manner that no other man ever had. And I am ashamed to admit that I had several orgasms as he stretched me open with his huge black cock.

After entering me and driving me to my first orgasm, and filling me with his semen, I remember looking at his huge erection as he withdrew from my vagina. I could see the whitish remnants of my vaginal lubrication mixed with his sperm coating his large coal black cock demonstrating precisely how deeply he had penetrated me. There was approximately an inch and a half of ‘unused’ dick that would not fit inside me. He was too large for me to take all of him the first time he tried.

Facing my husband.

That evening was uniquely dangerous and exciting experience. It was degrading; and yet, I came three times.

But most of all, it was stupid. It was irresponsible. It was wrong. I violated one of the fundamental precepts of my marriage. My husband, whom I love dearly, has always allowed me to enjoy any man I fancied, as long as he was made aware of it ahead of time and consented.

Yes, Jim frequently enjoyed sharing me with one, or more, other men. Jim loved seeing other men drive me to orgasm. He loved exposing me to other men. He was not possessive or jealous. In fact, Jim was quite the opposite. Jim wanted to share me widely. However, he insisted on being involved. He was not a ‘cuckold’ husband who allowed his wife take the lead. He was my real master. I knew it, and he knew it.

And I had committed a grave sin. I have violated our agreement. And I honestly feared that it could cost me my marriage.

Why had I been so stupid? How could I have let Jim down so badly? Why was I so susceptible to being seduced by this woman on-line, a woman I would never meet? Why did I obey her in defiance of my husband’s instructions and rules? A man I loved, adored and respected?

I wrestled with how to handle this with Jim as I my plane traveled from Chicago the next morning to my hometown. I knew I needed to tell Jim everything, even if it meant the end of my marriage. Being open and honest with my husband was that important to me.

I just did not know how I could ever tell Jim about what happened. But I knew I needed to do just that. I just did not know how.

I lay there in bed that evening and decided that the longer I put this off, the worse it would be.

“Jim, I have to tell you something, and I don’t think you will like it.”


“I did something bad. Or at least I think you are going to think it is bad.”

“OK, just tell me. What did you do?” His voice took a serious tone.

“I let someone fuck me last night without your permission. I am so sorry. But a situation got out of hand and things went way further than I intended.”

Jim paused before responding. “Tell me what happened.”

I told him about chatting on-line with Mistress Sarah, about her directing me to order room service and about Denziel.

“Did you climax with him?”

I nodded my head, “Yes, sir. I did. I could not help myself.”

“How many times?”

“Three” I said sheepishly. After a moment’s silence, I said, “There is something else.”


“He did not use a condom. He did not have one. And neither did I. I was not expecting to do any of this and I was not prepared. And he wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer. So he entered me unprotected.”

“Did he force you?”

“No, not physically; nothing like that. But he commanded me and insisted. I tried to ‘get him off’ with my mouth, but he did not want to cum in my mouth. He insisted on entering me. And, eventually, I let him.”

“Cindy that is just stupid. You don’t know what he has. Goddamn it, we agreed to the rules. Goddamn it.”

“I know. I am sorry. You have no idea, how sorry I am. You have always let me explore anything I wanted. And I knew the rules. I am sorry.” I said with true contrition.

Jim was furious with me. And he was hurt and disappointed. But he was also erect. The vivid image of the young black delivery boy stretching my lily white pussy open aroused my husband despite his anger and disappointment with me.

“You know. You will have to be punished for this?”

I nodded in agreement. “I know. I will do anything to make this right. Just tell me what to do” I said. I was relived that Jim was not talking about ending our marriage. Any punishment short of that was a relief to me.

“First, I do not want you chatting with Sarah any more. She is a bad influence on you.”

I shook my head in agreement, I knew he was right. But this was a significant punishment in itself. I had really grown to have a real connection with this young woman from South Africa . I had a genuine affection for her, and she knew how to arouse me.

But Jim was right. She had far too much control over me. If I continued to chat with her, she would get me to do some truly unthinkable acts. She had that much power over me. In fact, I was afraid she would get me to live out a deep seated fantasy I have. Something I really wanted to keep as a fantasy, not make a reality. I knew that she could push me closer and closer to a dangerous edge until I crossed a line I did not want to cross.

But I also knew that ending this relationship would be difficult for me. I really enjoyed, and liked this young woman. She was intelligent, sexy and charming. I have never been with a female sexually, but Sarah could seduce me. I often fantasized about her being my first bi-sexual experience.

But I agreed with Jim’s conditions. “OK, what else can I do to make this right?”

“I will have to give that some thought. I want the punishment to fit the crime” he said. “But now, go to my dresser and get a condom and put it on me.”

“You are going to wear a condom?”

“Of course. You are soiled now. Until we can get you tested, you need to use condoms with anyone, including me. You will have to go to the doctor and tell him you have been a bad girl and get tested.”

I knew that this was more about shaming me than it was about real fear that I had contracted a disease. I knew that Jim was going to make me admit to some of my very close friends, with whom I occasionally have unprotected sex, that I had violated his trust. He was going to insist they use condoms with me for the foreseeable future.

As I walked to the dresser to retrieve the rubber for my husband, I knew that part of my punishment was the constant reminder that I was a bad little slut and I would not get to enjoy his semen, or anyone else’s, inside me for some period of time.

And I knew I would comply. I would comply because he told me to. And I would comply because there was something in my warped psyche’ that aroused me to be shamed this way. I cannot explain it, but the humiliation of being shamed for being the naughty little slut that I was with Denziel actually aroused me.

And Jim knew this about me. My punishment was going to be a series of humiliations which would embarrass and shame me, but would excite me at the very deepest level.

I placed the latex prophylactic on my husband’s rigid erection. He then instructed me to ‘make him cum”.

I started to climb on top of him when he saw it. He saw the remnants of where I had written “Sarah’s cunt’ on my mound.

“What the fuck is this?” he asked.

I told him the details of how Sarah had instructed me to write this on my vulva. I explained that the felt tip pen would not wash off this morning.

“Fuck me and tell me the entire story of last night,” he instructed.

I climbed on top of Jim, straddled him and slid myself down on the lubricated condom sheathed erection and proceeded to tell him the story in arousing detail. I told him how Denziel came back to the room to give me his cell number. I told him how Sarah instructed me to call him back, and how upon his return he fed me his huge black unprotected cock. I also told Jim that Sarah had ordered me to leave my large vibrator in plain sight on the night stand so Denziel would see it.

With Jim’s erection deep in my pussy, I began to tell my husband the details of what happened the previous night.

“Jim, when he came back to the room, I let him in, asked him to wait for a moment as I returned to the computer. He stood behind me and reached down inside the towel and began feeling my breast. I just froze and did not say a word as he felt me up. When I did not object, he knew he was going to fuck me. I guess I knew it too.”

“Honey, he led me over to the bed and pushed my onto my back, climbing between my legs. Jim, he did something no man had ever done before; he took his erection and used it to slap against my vulva several times, slapping against my erect clit. It was degrading and stimulating at the same time. He mad no pretense about respecting, or liking me; or even caring about what I wanted. He was treating me like a nasty little whore who would answer the door naked and tease the room service delivery boy.

“Jim, I moaned slightly each time he slapped his large cock against my clit. I was so aroused, and wet that I would allow him to take me bareback.

I could feel Jim’s erection grow firmer as I spoke indicating that he found the story stimulating.

“Honey, Denziel then did something else that was new to me. He started rubbing the head of his cock against my opening without even opening me with his fingers. No one has ever tried to enter me with their penis without stimulating me with their fingers first. But Denzel was going straight for the gold.

“Oh, Jim, he was so big; actually too big. I was not ready for that. I was afraid he would hurt me.

I was rocking myself back and forth on my husband’s erect penis as I tried to recreate the previous night’s debauchery. I knew that my best hope at getting out of trouble with my husband was to make this memory sexually stimulating for him. If I could make him cum while mentally visualizing me being fucked by my room service boy, he would begin seeing my mistake in a different light.

I continued to verbally stimulate my husband, “Jim, I was so embarrassed… he looked at the big red vibrator on the nightstand, grabbed my vibrator, and held it next to his cock. My 8” long, 2” thick, phallus was virtual identical in length and girth to his cock. He mocked my concern about his size telling me that I had been getting myself ready for him with my ‘phony dick’. Then he returned to his position to mount my tight little pussy.

“Jim, this young black man started to work himself inside me. I felt his stretching me wide. He may not have been any bigger than my vibrator, but he sure felt bigger as he began to enter me.

“He was stroking in and out of me and I started to respond. I was so full but I had not even taken all of him. I pleaded with him to pull out before he ejaculated, but he just laughed and kept pounding my pussy. This black teenager just pulled my legs up, over his shoulders and began stroking into my tiny little white vagina.”

Jim’s breathing began to become more labored and his erection felt like it was growing inside me. He was close to cumming. I just needed to finish him off.

I reached down and pinched my husband’s nipples as I continued to rock on top of his cock.

“Jim, I could feel my vagina opening up to accept him. He was all the way in. I could feel the head of his cock bumping up against the front wall of my womb, deep inside me. I could feel the orgasm starting to build in my core as he balls slapped against my upturned ass. He was going to make me cum despite the fact that he did not seem to care if I did.

“He was plunging into me with a vengeance now, evoking a loud moan from me each time he ‘hit bottom’. I was fucking him back, trying to trigger my own orgasm.

“Baby, he had me pinned with my legs over his shoulders, my heels by the side of his head, my ass high in the air and his large boner plunging deep into my womb, I started to cum. He was fucking your naughty wife and he was fucking her good.”

Jim moaned, “Baby, you are going to make me cum…I can’t hold back much longer…”

“Oh baby, cum for me, just like Denziel did. Only Denziel wasn’t wearing a condom.” I hissed, knowing that this would excite my husband. “I knew he was going to cum, and I begged him to pull out, not to cum inside me. But he kept me pinned underneath him as he shot rope upon rope of his thick viscous semen into my waiting womb. Pinned as I was under his weight, with my legs above his shoulders, I lay there accepting his black seed into my cunt.”

Jim tensed up and let out a long guttural moan. I felt his cock pulse inside me. My husband was ejaculating inside his condom. I truly felt cheated that I did not get to take his semen inside me.

I climbed off him, removed the rubber, and kissed the head of his cock. I discarded the condom and returned with a warm wash cloth to wipe Jim’s penis clean.

I slept that evening with my head on his chest, grateful that my inappropriate behavior did not cost me my marriage.


Chapters 2 & 3 have been a long time in the making.

The reason that it has taken me so long to write this is that doing so forces me to relive some events, and choices, I made in Chicago almost 2 years ago. These events are not only embarrassing, they are humiliating.

Unlike most of my real life adventures in which my husband shares me with very fortunate young men who admire and genuinely like me, the two evenings that comprise this story (Chapters 1, 2 & 3) involved me allowing myself to be degraded and used by two young black men who had little regard or respect for me. However, despite the fact that I cannot explain why, the entire situation aroused me nonetheless. And as you have read, being used like a nasty little slut caused me to respond in the most profound manner.


Coming soon: Chapter 3 – My punishment – I am forced to face my assailant

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