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Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (4)

“Hey Sexy, remember, naked chef… apron and heels only allowed. Mwah!” It started with a text msg

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth

Part Four: Horny Naked Chef

Shirley had planned to put in some work in her garden at the weekend, and she had stopped over at the mall to pick up a few things for the job. As she drove back to her place her cell phone rang. From the assigned tone she knew it was Jamal. She felt a sliver of wet heat rise in her loins as she clicked on her hands free button to take the call. “Oh sweetie that’s great news, I’ll see you at 6p.m. then,” she said at the end of their phone conversation.

Jamal’s aunt had travelled that afternoon out of state for yet another evangelical convention, and he just told her he could spend the night at her place from that Friday evening through Saturday night. Shirley was so excited she giggled like a naughty school girl. She had asked him to stay the night a few times but he had always declined, and now he was going to do it. She happily hummed a tune as she weaved through the traffic on her way home. She couldn’t wait to get home and start making dinner for her young lover.

As she unlocked her front door, her phone beeped alerting her to an incoming text message. Once he was inside, and free of her shopping bags, she read the new message.

“Hey Sexy, remember, naked chef… apron and heels only allowed. Mwah!”

Shirley smiled as she reread the message a second time; they had discussed their fantasies during one of their post coital spooning sessions, and one of his was taking a sexy mature woman from behind while she’s wearing nothing but an apron and a pair of fuck-me heels.

Swapping fantasies with him had been so much easier than with anyone else she had even known. Despite his seeming impatience during sex, he listened very attentively and was so non-judgmental and simply un-shockable as he silently coaxed her deepest secret fantasies from her.

She was so horny from the events of the past thirty minutes she was tempted to go upstairs and masturbate, but she knew it would be a very bad mistake to make herself cum as it would ruin her chances of experiencing one of those intense multiple orgasms that Jamal blessed her with each time he fucked her. She smiled and blushed as she turned the word over in her mind; ‘Yes… that’s exactly what he does, he fucks me like some cheap slut… and I absolutely love it too.’ A rush of excitement coursed through her as she tightened her thighs and squeezed her pussy until she felt her panties soak through with her juices. And then she rushed upstairs to take a cold shower.


Shirley looked quite tempting in her sexy apron with lace trimming; the piece of garment fitted her perfectly. From the front it looked like a mini halter dress and the tightly fastened bows accentuated her generous bust, showing off her awesome cleavage from the low cut neck line. A glance at the swell in her chest would immediately tip a spectator to the fact of her arousal by the persistent poking of the fabric of the apron by her erect nipples.

It was a totally different story from behind however, a more tempting view of her gorgeous body, as the neatly tied bow of the apron straps that rested beautifully on her big round derriere framed it perfectly. Her ass looked fuller thanks to her black 3 inch patent heels. Her naked silken thighs looked so deliciously thick and inviting too.

Shirley paused to taste her cooking for salt, and then bent over to reach inside the dishwasher for a plate when the kitchen’s rear door opened. She knew it had to be Jamal; the man had adopted the habit of sneaking up on her through the kitchen’s back door whenever she was cooking or doing some other chores in there.

Jamal paused to drink in the cock provoking view that greeted him as he sneaked into the kitchen; he knew of course that Shirley was only pretending to be oblivious to his presence in the room, and so as his cock strained hard against its restraints in his pants, he decided to play along. ‘Dayum!’ he thought as he caught a glimpse of her slick juice coated pussy lips through the parted thighs of her bent over body.

‘Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about… this cougar rocks!’ he thought as he freed his raging cock and pounced on the seemingly unsuspecting lady, unleashing his raw youthful sexual energy on her needy mature body.

He covered the distanced between them with lightening swiftness and grabbed her roughly around the waist plunging his throbbing black cock into her dripping wet pussy right away. “Aghhhh!” she gasped out loud as she rocked on her high hells from the brute force of his animal possession of her needy sex. She recovered quickly enough and parted her legs a little wider and grabbed on tightly to the edge of the work surface for balance as she prepared to better absorb the impact of his fast and furious pounding thrusts.

Whether it was the advantage of his youth, or the size of his cock, perhaps even the result of some skill he picked up from the stories he read on the internet she would never know, but there was something special in the way he fucked her rough and hard that was beyond a mere careless unleashing of raw youthful energy to sate the raging fires of her sexual desire.

He simply fucked her like a man who has lost his mind, yet she couldn’t help but conclude that there seemed to be a method to his madness; and she was loving every bit of it. “Aghhh… yes baby, hit it harder… please!” she moaned as he pounded her pussy to a squishy slurping sound, until the bows of her apron came loose from the wild impact of their intense bump and grind. Shirley’s big breasts swung and jiggled in the air as she threw her ass shamelessly at her much younger lover who never seemed to show any signs of tiring at all.

Jamal obviously wanted even more as he spanked her hard across her butt cheek and said, “Let’s change.” The mature slut knew exactly what he meant, and she welcomed the respite too. He steered her towards a chair in the dinning area and asked her to kneel on it and rest her arms and head on the back rest.

He stepped back and admired the breath taking beauty of her gaping cunt which was slick and slippery from the hard and deep sexing her had given her so far. His cock kicked in his grasp and he inched forward ready for another round of pleasure giving, juice releasing, and mind blowing penile assault on her pussy.

Shirley’s gorgeous ass hung in the air with her lust swollen cunt lips looking so inviting like a special offering to some god of fertility and sexual pleasure. Her young black Moses extended his rigid rod and parted her red lips wading through her sea of pleasure giving juices as they both raced towards the freedom that came with intense sexual gratification.

Jamal fucked Shirley even better than he previously did, perhaps doing it in the kitchen held a special appeal for him. Whatever the reason, he did a great job of thrusting deeper and touching her in ways and places inside her that she never even realized existed. “Ohhhh…. Aghhhh… Ohhhhh!” Shirley moaned and gasped as she was overwhelmed by a sudden explosion of the tension that had been building up inside her core. Her climax was deep as she shuddered hard forcing the chair to shift on its firmly planted legs.

“Aghhh! Yeah baby... cum for me,” Jamal breathlessly urged her on just as he also began to feel the impact of her shuddering climax. Her voluptuous ass shook like jelly and then her pussy walls tightened up around his shaft, squeezing and kneading him towards his own release.

To be continued...

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