Mutual Giving

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Multiple orgasms are given to this interracial couple
A knock at the door, Mel answers, seeing Jay. Jay looks so fine, his white dress shirt showing off his broad shoulders, going nicely against his dark chocolate skin.

He greets Mel with a huge smile, "Hey baby, how have you been?"

Mel responds, "Good, I have missed you, come here love."

Jay leans in for a teasingly soft kiss, pulling at Mel's bottom lip. He grabs her and pulls her closer enjoying the sensation of her breasts to his chest.

 "Mel, baby, are you not wearing a bra? I feel your nipples hard already you naughty girl"

Mel looks at him and bites her bottom lip, she grabs his firm toned ass and pulls him in for a passionate kiss. Lips locked, Jay's hands go for Mel's tits, rubbing the nipples through her sheer red tank top. Mel runs her hand thru Jay's kinky hair, and down his muscled back. Jay brings Mel to the bed and has Mel straddle him.

"Baby, I love your ass" Jay moans.

He grabs her juicy ass through her yoga pants, rubbing and massaging, tantalizing her with his touch. He runs his fingers up and down her thick thighs, leaving a tingling sensation behind. Mel starts grinding against his huge black cock and pulls off his shirt.

"Ahhh," Mel admires his chest.

 She leans down and kisses his neck, and he slips a hand down her pants. He starts pulling her ass harder against his straining cock, wishing the jeans weren't on. Mel starts down his chest, leaving a trail of butterfly kisses, and focuses on his taunt hips. Jay watches, enjoying the contrast of Mel's white skin, to his chocolate color.

She unbuttons his pants with her mouth, and pulls them down along with his boxers. She looks up at him with a knowing glance, she knows he is all hers. She heads down to suck his beautiful cock, but instead kisses his thigh. She comes up again, smiling at him, going down their eyes locked, and enters the cock into her mouth. Jay sighs. Perfection. She bobs up and down, slowly deep throating his huge cock. She watches him the whole time, enjoying his pleasure. His eyes roll back and his mouth is open, pure sensations of pleasure wash over him.

Jay takes off Mel's shirt, only to reveal her large white titties. He massages the nipples before she gets back to work on his piece. Mel grabs his large sack and massages his balls while sucking his cock. He loves this. She takes his balls in her mouth while jerking his off at the same time. Jay goes nuts. He is moaning and moving his hips, he loves watching her tits bounce while she is sucking him off. She feels his balls tighten, and she goes up to suck on his cock while massaging his wet balls so she can swallow all of his cum.

"Ahhhh ohh Mel, oh baby"

His hot load hits the back of her throat, and she swallows every last drop. She looks at him with a satisfied smile.

"My turn" says Jay.

Jay flips her around, takes off her pants and thong and pulls her hips towards his mouth. His tongue darts out and starts on her clit. She writhes around in pleasure. Jay feels that she is already soaking wet, he knows that she loves sucking his black cock. He fingers her pussy, feeling for that G spot. He fingers her in a come hither motion, while licking her clit, and feels her squirt.

 "Oh Jay, oh baby, oh, oh, oh god, yesss."

Jay intensifies his pace, fingering her faster, bringing her to a second orgasm.

"I'm good baby" Mel says, trying to get away.

She always does this. He kisses her mouth, while fingering her pussy, her hips grinding nicely against his hand. He sucks on her nipple while fingering her. Biting her nipple, then swirling his tongue around her teasing her til she cries out his name, then he goes in, sucking her nipple and fingering her pussy harder til she squirts again. He goes back down to licking her clit, and inserts three fingers into her pussy.

"Come for me again Mel, come baby, come, pretend it's my hard cock inside you."

Talking gets her every time, she soaks his hand with her juices. He flips her over, and her ass looks perfect. Her juicy white globe shaking in his face, he smacks it, watching her ass jiggle. God damn I love that ass he thinks. He puts his fingers into her pussy and she bounces up and down on his hand, her ass jiggling everywhere.

Jay's dark cock is rock hard and he can't wait much longer. Mel cums again, and while she is cumming, he slips his cock into her hot wet pussy.

"Ohhh Jay!" She cries out-her orgasms intensifying.

He pounds her hard, seeing her ass ripple with every thrust. His black cock drives Mel crazy. She is bucking all over the place, making it difficult for Jay not to cum. He pulls on her long blonde hair, and thrusts deeper. He is hitting all the right places and Mel is in heaven. She loves how deep his cock can go, it feels amazing. He reaches down and fingers her clit while he rides her. She loves the dual sensations, and cums all over his cock.

The wet contractions on Jay's cock send his over the edge, and he shoots his load into her pussy. Mel turns over and cleans Jay's cock for him. A lazy satisfied smile playing at her lips.

 "I love you Jay."

"I love you too baby."