My Bonnie

By stephanie

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I pay an unexpected visit...
(The studio is costing 140 dollars an hour. We've been here two days and so far we haven't recorded a note. The drums are wrong, the ambiance is wrong, the fucking room is WRONG...)

After another argument, I leave in a flutter of linen and leather, my hair dampening in the rain as I hail a cab. My hotel is four blocks away, but... Fuckit... I stop the cab at a store on the way.

I arrive at your door unannounced. You look surprised. And pretty. I push the flowers and the wine I bought into your puzzled hands as I brush past into your place.

Collapsing, tired onto the sofa, I beam at you and smile 'hello'. (In retrospect, I should have mentioned I was recording in your city. I should have told you I was here.)

I ask you for a drink and you, flustered, pour me a straight bourbon. I down it in one and proffer my glass again. You fill it once more before you speak.

"Danny... What the fuck are you doing here?"

As I start to explain the situation; a US producer we got cheap, a recording studio we can have for three weeks, cheap flights, the way it all happened within days, I start to look around. The dining table is carefully laid for a dinner for two. Candles burn. The flustered little black girl is dressed like she's about to attend the Oscars, in a little shortie cocktail dress, four inch heels and what I'm guessing are stockings. Lipstick and ear-rings. She looks hot.

The secret of great comedy is timing.

"You have to leave," she says, "I've got a date..."

I put my glass on the coffee table and pick up her 'phone.

"Tell him you have a migraine," I suggest as I light a cigarette.

"Danny, I'm really serious... And don't smoke... You need to leave. Look, I've been seeing this guy for a while and he's nice, he's a lawyer... I LIKE Stanley!!!

"You 'LIKE' Stanley... So you haven't fucked him yet, huh..." I scroll down through your phone and find a 'Stanley'. I press 'call' and hand you the ringing 'phone. You give me the finger as you clamp the 'phone against your ear...

I watch your leggy, dressy ass walk about the room as you tell lies.

"It's a migrane headache and I need to lie down and just go to bed," you tell Stanley as I nod in agreement. Your eyes burn as you wave me away. "No, it's lovely that you'd come over anyway but I just need to sleep it off, Stan..."

I touch my heart and smile as you raise your middle finger and glower at me.

You turn away, (I watch your ass...) before you say, "Baby, I'll call you tomorrow... I'll be fine... Yes, hun... And you..."

You fling the 'phone at me as you finish the call. I catch it an place it on the coffee table.

"No need to be angry, Chocolate Muffin..."

I rise and take the wine bottle and two glasses from the dining table and move again to sit upon the sofa. As I return I place my hands on your shoulders and sit you down on the armchair opposite. I pour us some wine as I watch your angry face frown at me. Your coffee eyes burn. I take my glass and raise it toward you as I look at you over my glasses.

"It's nice to see you, Lady Bournville," I smile as I recline on the sofa.

And you clink my glass and drink as you shake and drop your pretty head.

"You can't just do this," you protest... "You can't just show up like this, Danny... You can't..."

"I know I shouldn't," I admit, "I'm sorry..." (But of course I'm not, and I can.)

"No, you're not," you say, coffee eyes burning, "You're not one bit sorry..."

"You can ask me to leave if you want," I offer. But of course you don't. And I lean over the coffee table, fill our glasses again and I look at you. "You look very beautiful, Lady Bonnie... I'm sure 'Stanley' would have been very pleased."

(As I realize I mean what I say, the cool act evaporates, your eyes catch mine and for a second you see why I've come. I need you. I glance away. Oh dear, we can't have this...)

I unbutton my shirt and look at you as you watch me, across the table.

"Sip some wine, Bonnie," I suggest... (And you do, Lovely...) "Do you love him?"

"I don't know," you whisper.

"In that case, be a good little girl and pull that pretty dress up over your hips as I undress for you..."

I step out of my jeans and boots as I watch you hike your pretty dress over your hips. I enjoy your discomfiture. I take my shirt off and stand in front of you, naked. I turn around and let you look at me. My cock is tumescent but not yet hard. Now quite naked, I recline again on your sofa, looking at you, Chocolate...

"Pull your dress all the way up, Girl," I ask.

And you do, sweetheart, revealing black lace knickers above your stocking tops. Now, my cock rises. I can't help it. You really are very pretty... I move and kneel between your legs.

I lift one ankle and kiss your shoe before I undo the buckle. I uncover a pretty painted foot and kiss you, biting gently through the nylon.. You sigh heavily and lower yourself to let me discover you, lifting and parting your long legs. (What a clever girl...) As I lick and bite upon your toes I remove your other heel... Gripping your legs in my hands, I move you so your feet are pushed up onto your chair, legs up, knees apart, plump little cotton-clad pussy awaiting...

I break and stand above you, splayed girl... (You are INCREDIBLY pretty and I''m hard as a diamond, Baby... A really big fucking shiny fucking diamond...)

"Can I play with you, Bonnie?" I ask.

You look up at me and a soft moan escapes your lips. Our eyes match. You want to be loved and fucked. So do I, Beauty.

I kneel again and place soft kisses all along your legs. Eventually I get to the place where your splayed legs allow me to lick and kiss and softly bite the caramel silky flesh at the tops of your legs, beautiful... Above those lace stockings, just below those moist panties... I'm greedy as I inhale the sweet scent of you... I tease myself as I tease you... Biting gently, kissing and licking my angel's inner thighs, you sighing as I uncover you. Hush, little girl...

Finally, I give in and place my mouth upon that cotton-clad pussy... Hungrily now, I bite and I taste. The scent of you, rich and ripe and wanton, sweet as sugar, sharp as vinegar... My fingers creep beneath your pantie leg as I suck the scent of you from your cotton. Not enough now, my fingers push into pussy as I move your panties aside to taste you.

I reveal your pink, Lady... Luscious lips, a Tulip, an Orchid, My Black Rose... I lick and lap upon you, little button in careful teeth, my Christ how your moves and moans pleasure me... You delight me so, Bonnie...

After you come, (you did) I tell you I want to have you. Properly. You nod like a best girl and take my hand. You lead me to your bedroom. I sit as I watch you undress... You are divine. I climb beneath crisp sheets. (Probably meant for Stanley...) And I watch you undress. You take the dress off and unfasten the bra. You peel the stockings down your long legs. You attempt to remove your wet panties but I stop you there...

"Leave them, Hon, Leave them on for now..."

You smile, come into bed and I kiss you.

A greedy little hand goes straight to my cock, stroking firmly and swiftly.

"Come fucking here," I pant as I drag your knickers off your legs... You lift your bottom to let me uncover you...

What a very perfect girl you are, Lady Bonnie...