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My Dark Awakening IV

This story is 95% true changed little to make it interesting

In my new position, I was sent back to college, in my class the professor had the chairs arranged around the perimeter rather than in rows like normal. Directly across from me was this pretty black girl. Latisha. She was very short, far from fat, but I call her round. Her booty was held high. She had brown eyes, and lips a man could die for. Her lips were just a little thicker than normal, and seemed to shine with a smile all the time. She had breasts so beautiful and large, they would jiggle and bounce when she walked, or even when she laughed. She was very dark, but seemed almost white with a glow that I cannot explain. Her skin looked so soft and smooth.

She would sit with her skirt just above her knees. Holding her knees together and once in a while she would ever so slightly move a leg and I was glued to the sight. She would look at me and I would blush and turn away. She would smile and close her legs again. Some days her legs would spread wide for a second and I would think I saw her white panties bright against her black skin and in the shadow.

One time I swore I saw her pussy because no white was visible. Sometimes her legs would be spread wide with her skirt drawn down with both hands, protecting her privacy, but as she would raise her hand to excitedly respond to a question I had some very exciting views. I think most all the visions were really just in my imagination, but I was glued, waiting for those visions. I was so embarrassed by the wet spots in my pants from fluids draining from my prick that I started wearing a condom to school just to keep my pants dry.

Some days she would wear a tight sweater and her tits stand out . . . gorgeous. Other days she would wear low cut blouses and I could see deep down her cleavage. She would catch me looking all the time and smile, or once in a while nod and smile. Needless to say I flunked that class, I have no clue what was said or done, but I can remember every move and sight I saw of Latisha.

As the semester was closing, one day, I dropped my books upon the class ending, and had to linger to retrieve them. The rest of the class had left, except Latisha. As I finally was leaving Latisha kind of bumped into me.

She kind of softly grabbed me, looked around to see if any one was paying any attention and said, "Tommy, I notice you looking at me all the time and to be truthful, I like all the attention you give me. I know I am black and you are white, but I don't care. My parents both work and come home late. Would you like to hang out with me for a while today where we can be alone and express what we are feeling?"

I was flabbergasted and tongue tied, but I replied, "Would I, I would like nothing better. Where and when shall we meet?"

She hugged me right there in the hallway with all the people scurrying around. I'm sure she felt how I felt while we hugged and maybe it was my imagination again, but I swear I felt her grind into my crotch ever so softly. I could not concentrate for the rest of the day and the minutes seemed like hours for the rest of the day.

Finally classes over, I'm waiting in the drug store where we were to meet, and here she comes.. She had on a nice low cut blouse with the top button undone, and her tits bounced as she walked. I started to get hard right then. She had a big smile on her face. We hugged again and lingered both absorbing that feeling. I pulled my head in front of hers and kissed her forehead. She immediately raised her face and kissed me deep. Our tongues met and danced together and we each felt the lust of the other.

She glanced around and said "We better go, people are watching."

I couldn't get to her house fast enough. She lived right on the edge of the "ghetto" so to speak. A nice little bungalow, neat and well kept up.

We got inside, made small talk for a bit, kissed and hugged a while, then she said "I have to get out of these clothes."

She walked into her bedroom just closing the door a little. She removed her skirt, and her blouse while walking in and out of my view. Once she looked my way and smiled. She started to remove her bra while walking out of my view. A minute or so later she came back into the room with a pair of jeans and a sloppy loose blouse mostly unbuttoned. As she moved around I could see her clean bra almost as if she was not wearing the blouse.

"I thought you might like to see me like this. You seem to stare at my boobs so much at school," and she laughed a little.

My knees were like rubber, I think if I tried to walk, I probably could not. I looked at her, skin seemed so soft and chocolaty with that kind of special glow. Here was my dream standing before me offering the vision I was hoping to see. Her beautiful black silky skin contrasting with the bright white of her blouse and bra.

We sat on the sofa and talked and held each other, kissing and smooching. Once she brought my head down with my lips between her breasts and let me kind of kiss her there. I touched that beautiful black skin just above her breasts with my tongue. I was in heaven.

I hated to leave that afternoon, but all good things must come to an end and she said, "Tomorrow is another day and I usually don't go this far on the first date but I really like you Tommy."

Class the next day was about 48 hours long. I got ever so many visions, fleeting but beautiful. She smiled at me a lot and winked upon occasion. Finally the 48 hour class was over and we were at her house. She was fidgety and seemed nervous as she walked into her bedroom to change. She did not bother to close the door at all this time. She seemed in a hurry, she looked at me the whole time she removed her skirt and blouse. There she was standing in her bra and panties, that glowing black skin sharply contrasting with her bright white panties and bra.

She stood there it seemed like a long time, her eyes glued to mine. She was kind of round, and her tummy had a small rise of roundness above that. She had thick thighs and those beautiful bony knees I have looked at all year now exposed and naked before me. Dreams come true. I didn't need an invitation, I walked into her bedroom and hugged her. I was now feeling her soft creamy skin uncovered and warm. She grabbed my hand and without saying a word placed in on her bra. I reached around back and tried to unclasp it and couldn't, I just could not get my fingers to move. My prick was straining and draining.

She smiled and said "Let me help you"
Soon it dropped to the floor and the most beautiful pair of tits were released. Ever so large all round, no droop or even a dent. How they stood up like that being so large I don't know. She had rather puffy, not so fat nipples that stood high, with very small aureoles with little bumpy lumps surrounding. She pulled my head down and I kissed my first female breast. I licked at the nipple, scared I might hurt her. She wriggled out of her panties and was standing totally nude right here in front of me. She grabbed my hand and led me to her bed. She lay down and I climbed in beside her.

"Is this your first time?" she asked "You seem so nervous"

I nodded yes and she said, "I feel honored to be your first woman."

She lowered her mouth to my cock and just smeared the clear pre- cum around a little with her tongue and said "You better put it in now or you may lose is before you put it in"

She held it while I pushed it into her love canal.

Once the head was in, I just left it there and it exploded inside her. Not the wonderful convulsive squirt after squirt kind, just a slow continuous discharge till it drained all I had. .

She said ”Relax, it's OK. Just rest a while and we will do it again and it will be better. I feel terrible. I'm honored to be the one to take your virginity, but only wish we could lose our virginity together."

Finally, I calmed down and she sucked on my cock again. It felt somehow better than the gay men, and I did last longer. I did fuck her again that day and finally came like a man is supposed to. After I unloaded, I also licked and sucked on her pussy, probably swallowing my own cum. 

Today was a first for everything, my first up close look at a pussy. Her pussy was tight looking; she was shaved except for a patch below her belly button. I sucked on it and loved it. It was course and wiry sharp, not soft like mine. I think she shaved so no hair would be visible in a swimsuit. Her vaginal lips were tight looking and closed. When I opened them and looked, I saw her clitoris, like a little penis inside her.

She had like layers of folded skin inside but all tight looking and pink. A beautiful sight the pink inside and the black outside and my white fingers spreading those lips. I was in love, really in love for the first time. Latisha was much more worldly than I, but she would teach me so much.

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