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Online friends share night of passion

This story is a fantasy about an online friend, I hope to meet one day.

     I met a woman online in one of the several erotic sites that I subscribe to; she contacted me after reading my profile and seeing a picture of my 9 inch dick that someone talked me into putting there. We chatted for a few minutes and she told me she was in the process of getting a divorce from her cheating husband. She said that the sight of my dick excited her and made her very horny and made her pussy wet, I like the idea and my intuition told me she was someone worth getting to know. We did some cyber sex that day and the things she said to be really turned me on. I told her how I would love to fuck her hard and asked her to describe herself, she said she was 5’3” and petite, with blond hair but it wasn’t her natural color, she sounded pretty sincere. I told her I was 5’11” and that I was in my 50s; since she was only 29, I asked her if that would be a problem she said no. She said she lived in the United Kingdom and we both commented how it was too bad we lived so far from each other. She said the thought of me and my big dick had made her cum, I asked her to send me a picture if she didn’t mind. She left me with a hard on that day and feeling pretty horny so much so I had to go down the hall for a quickie with my sexy neighbor Jacqui. Anyway I wondered if I would ever hear from her again, I certainly hope so.

     A couple days later I got an IM from her saying I had forgotten to give her an email address she could send the picture to, so I gave her my email address and she sent me a picture. I found out her name is Jill. She looked really hot and I told her this, she was wearing a sexy black dress her skin was pale which we both said would add to contrast of our bodies, I am dark skinned. Well after that day we continued to chat daily, going from cyber sex to phone sex. She told me she was going to purchase a dildo that was approximately the size of my dick so she could see how it would feel to fuck me; she said she would make sure it was a black one. She named it King Albert after me that made me smile. We continued to talk for about six months or more, a couple of phone calls a week plus email and instant messaging. I enjoyed our chat with her my chats with her and found she had a terrific sense of humor and was quite a sexy lady. She was going through her divorce and I gave her words of encouragement when things got rough as we really started making a long distance connection. She told me she had a vacation coming up and since her divorce was final she owed herself a little getaway and coming to see me in New York might be just the cure she needed. She said she would start planning the trip and should be ready to leave the UK in about 3 to 4 weeks when she had it all set she would let me know. Now it was pretty expensive talking to this hot lady on the phone but she could make cum just by her the way she said fuck me with that sexy accent, I could not wait to get with this lady. I was definitely looking forward to spending some real live time with this sexy vixen.

     We had discussed that I have a dominant side and love to fuck a woman roughly and completely, she said she was willing to do whatever it took to please me and you know that made me hard. I knew from her emails she had never been with a man with a dick as big as mine and really did have that much experience with a lot of sexual situations, she had tried anal but wasn’t sure I would fit in her ass, I knew I could.

     She told me she had arranged the trip and would be here in 3 days, she gave me her flight information and I promised her I would be at the airport waiting. I know she was going against her nature making the trip to meet a man she never met but I was going to make sure she was not disappointed. I had grown fond of this lady and I was determined to show her a great time.

     Finally the day arrived when I would get to meet my sexy English hone, Jill, I had spoken to her on the phone before she boarded her flight and I was now at the airport waiting for my sexy lady. I had made some plans for a special, sexy dinner at very nice Italian restaurant, a carriage ride in Central Park; yes I also have a romantic side and just a nice walk down by the seashore. I also had stocked my apartment with a supply of food, her favorite wine and some sexy porn movies, I planned to hopefully relax her with some interracial action, starring some actors with big dicks, she had told me she had never watched a porn so I wanted to let her experience it with me. While awaiting her arrival in the airport I was surprised how nervous and excited I was about finally seeing my sexy English honey in the flesh, finally I heard the arrival of her flight announced and saw the passengers start to arrive in the airport, I had a mental picture in mind of her from all the pictures she had sent me.

     Wow, there she was, she saw me right away and a big sexy smile appeared on her face, I could tell she was a little nervous but also glad to see me. As she approached me, I noticed again how lovely she was; she was dressed as she said she would be a black dress that showed off her sexy little figure. I let out a low whistle as she got to be and pulled her into my arms, “hi sexy lady” which is what I always called her, welcome to New York City, she said “hi Albert”, we kissed briefly and I took her hand and lead her towards my car.

     “Wow you look good enough to eat” I said to her as I held the car door open for her.

     “Thank you, I was thinking the same about you” she whispered as she sank into her seat.

     “Well you’re finally here, what would you like to do?” I asked as I took in her lovely sexy aura, “your wish is my command sexy lady.”

   “Let’s go back to your place and I can freshen up and you can tell me what you have planned for my first day in New York” she said with a smile and definitely a twinkle in her eyes.

     “Let’s do it I said” as I stepped on the gas and pulled out of the parking area, after moving through some New York traffic we made it to my place.

     As I unlocked the door to my apartment she put her arms around me and told me how good I felt to her, I complimented her on how she smelled and how soft her skin felt pressed against me. Inside my apartment I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply, sucking on her tongue as my hands explored her sexy ass, she was small and had to tiptoe to reach my lips, I lifted her in my arms and pressed her against the wall as I continued my assault on her lips and felt every each of her sexy little body, I finally stepped back and little and put her down so that she could breathe.

     “Wow, you have me soaking wet, I know I said I wanted to get to know you before we had sex but I think I know as much as I need to, please Albert, fuck me now” she said to me with lust in her eyes. I responded my pulling her dress over her head and lifting her into my arms and taking her to my bedroom, as I laid her down I saw she was wearing some sheer, sexy black underwear , she looked so sexy with her pale skin lying on my bed, my dick was hard in an instant.

     I’ve never wanted to fuck any woman the way I wanted to fuck Jill, I kissed her lips again, tasting her sweet elixir, I could get enough off her lips but I tore myself away and move to her lovely breast her nipples were at attention and I showered them with my tongue, one and then the other, sucking on them as I squeezed them , I swear they taste like wild strawberries, I rubbed my hand down her belly as I continued to love her breast with my mouth, I moved her panties to the side as I felt her trimmed pussy and slid my finger into her moistness, her pussy lips opened on command from my probing fingers and stuck them deep into her, I heard moan as I pulled my finger out and then ease them back in again and again, I lowered myself down and began to lick her pussy lips while my finger continued to probe her, I sucked gently on her clit which was well lubricated, her love juice tasted like apricots as she came in my mouth, this was one sweet woman, my English honey.

     “Please can I suck your dick?” she said, her breathing getting faster and faster. I answered by finally getting naked and letting her have her first up close look at my dick in all its glory, she reached her tiny hands out and took hold of my black snake, she had to use both hands to encircle it all. I lay down, she kissed me, sliding down my bodies, stopping to pay tribute to my nipples which are a turn on for me and very sensitive, I gave an approving moan. She looked into my eyes as she started to lick my dick head and stretch her mouth trying to suck it in her mouth, “easy baby, take it easy, we’ve got all night” I said.

     She smiled at me and continued sucking until she had got the first couple of inches into her mouth, she eased of and licked the shaft from top to bottom, sucking on my balls and licking that little sensitive territory between the balls and the anus, she had me moaning and raising up on my toes for more, damn.

     Finally, after sucking on my dick, she got this wild look in her eyes and said “I want to ride that dick right now”

     She got over me and lowered herself down on my hard dick slowly, I could feel the layers of her pussy opening to take me inch by inch by inch until I was buried in her to the hilt, I held her still as I felt her cumming, her juices trickling down my dick onto my balls, “oh my God she moaned, oh my God!” After her pussy stopped convulsing and she got some of the composure back, she started to ride me, she was taking my entire dick and looked amazing she was a tiny thing but she rode my dick better than any woman in recent memory had. I whispered in her ear.

     “Now I’m going to fuck you my sweet sexy lady, I’m going to own you.” I lifted her off me and laid her down, putting two pillows under ass to lift her up, I pulled her to the edge of the bed and I stood on my feet and buried my dick deep in to her, I stopped for a minute to make sure she was alright, when I felt her humping up at me, I began to fuck her like I owned every part of her, I fucked her hard, unleashing all the lust I had for the sexy woman, to her credit she hung with me she put her legs on my shoulders as I lifted her off the bed with my thrust, we fucked like that for a long time, both of us dancing to the rhythm of our own private drums, all the chats and phone sex and fantasy manifesting themselves in our libido, we fucked like two crazed animals, “fuck me , make me your slut, drive your dick through, oh my God, I’m cumming again” she screamed.

     I was so turned on to have this sexy lady under, writhing back and forth and moan, trembling , laughing and crying, begging me to continue to fuck her, then she seemed to just faint, but she was still murmuring, I think she was just momentarily drained.

     “Damn baby I’m going to cum, are you sure you wanted me to cum in you” she answered my pulling me deep into her. I yelled as my dick began to jerk like an out of control fire hose, as I dumped what felt like gallons upon gallons of cum into this sexy little petite woman. I finally collapsed on top of her and we laid like that for awhile, neither one of us having the strength to move.

     “Are you hungry baby? We will do pizza tonight and hit the town tomorrow, you can take a shower if you like, I bought you a robe and some things there in the bathroom.

     The sight of her walking to the bathroom with my cum dripping down her legs looked so hot, she looked back and we both smiled, finally my cum running down her legs, this was the thing of fantasies.

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