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My First BBC

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My first experience with a BBC and the tease that followed...
He continued to torture me with texts. Dirty, naughty things that might offend some, but did nothing but make me hotter. Finally I responded and said "Tomorrow, Noon, You pick the place."

He picked a new residential development, completely abandoned. There was a tiny part of me that wondered if this was a good idea. In fact, I even realized that something very bad could happen to me and no one knew where I was. I decided I should at least have some security, so I emailed a trusted friend and said where I was and that I was meeting someone I didn't know and gave M's number. At least if I get my throat slit, someone will have a lead. Very sad, right?

Anyway, he was there when I got there, opened his car door and jumped into mine. M is a very good looking man, very fit, washboard stomach and all, I would learn. He was very nice, we nervously laughed and chatted a bit and then he ran his hand up my thigh. I had on a skirt, with no panties and he seemed pretty pleased to find that out. I saw the bulge in his pants instantly grow when he made his way to my pussy. He leaned over in the car and started kissing on my neck, pulling my hair a bit in the back with one hand, while barely touching my pussy lips.

I kept shifting my hips wanting more, but he was enjoying teasing me. Finally he pushed a finger inside of me. He started whispering in my ear, saying how beautiful my pussy was, how much he wanted to fuck me, how sexy I am, how he's constantly thinking about me. He asked me if I wanted to see his big cock, and I really, really did.

He shifted a bit, taking his hand from my hot pussy, to unzip his pants and free what is just about the biggest dick I've ever seen, in person or on porn. My eyes popped open wide. "Holy shit!" I couldn't stand it. It just came flying out of my mouth. He burst into laughter. He seemed to really enjoy my amazement. "I take it you've never been with a black man." No I haven't. Oh my God! I thought maybe it was just something people said. Seriously?!

He asked me if I wanted it. I shook my head yes. Oh I wanted it. I was also a little scared of it. I reached out and began stroking him, watching it grow even bigger. I could wrap both hands around it, one on top of the other and still not cover the length of it. Now the question is, am I really this much of a slut? As it turns out, I am.

I leaned over in the car and began sucking his huge cock. I tried to get as much as I could in my mouth and suck, but only seemed to successfully get to about 2/3 of it, leaving enough room for my hand to keep stroking all the way to the base. He was talking to me the whole time and the more he talked, the more it made me want to work. He asked me if I loved his cock, if I'd take care of it. He asked me if I'd be his bitch and told me if I was I'd take it all. He pushed my head down gently at first and then forcefully causing my throat to open and letting me take it all in. I choked a bit, came up for air and then went right back down. I choked so much I had tears in my eyes and sweat rolling off my neck. I sucked until my lips were numb and my jaw hurt. He told me to take a rest, so I did, and then he returned to my pussy.

His fingers were like magic, moving in perfect rhythm, flicking my clit and then plunging deep inside me, one finger, two fingers, three fingers. He kept saying that I had to be prepared for a dick that big, there was no hurrying that. He kept teasing and then pushing in and teasing some more. He'd bring me right to orgasm and then ease off. I have a love-hate relationship with that feeling. I want to cum so much. I was so wet I was almost dripping. I wanted to fuck that big cock more than I've wanted anything in a long, long time.

I have two rules really in this process. 1. No fucking the first time I meet someone. 2. No fucking without a condom. I was ready to break the first rule.

I looked at him, wanting him, not caring that I was in a car, not caring that I had just met him, not caring about anything except wanting that big dick in me. I asked him if he had a condom. He said no. In fact, he even laughed about it. "You said no fucking the first time we meet. You aren't getting fucked today baby... but I will let you cum."

And he did. Several times. So much so that I'm sore just from his fingers. My pussy aches to be filled.

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