My First Time To Play Alone was A Hella Treat 4 Me

By NastyDog

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Alone in the House with my Hot Black Neighbor, my desire was raging for him....

Mmmm, as I layed in my empty bed reflecting on the recent times. Remembering the Hot guys looking at me with those lusty eyes checking out my body was making we want more as I tenderly messaged my swollen clit.

I had been introduced into the world of total exhibitionism, and immediately fell in love with it. Put on publiv display in such a teasing manner, never thinking that I would get into it or could get so turned on by flaunting my body at others.

Frame by frame, the pictures rolled through my mind like one mega sexual affair, full of Kodak moments that made me hot, wet and a serious need for satisfaction.

Let the truth be known, I was becoming consumed by the passion of wanting others see me in that manner. At this point it didn't matter to me what I did, as I wanted more and my Poppy was out of town for the next week.

Now I'm laying here with a raging furnace between my thighs, excited by the thoughts running wild in my head. So stimulated by my own touch, my clit so engorged, my nipples so hard, my passion pit slowly being filled by my own penetrating fingers. 

I want to go out and play, but Poppy is not here and I've never done it without him. The thoughts got wilder, as my fingers rythematicly stroked my inner wet walls. With my feet planted on the bed, I began to heave my hips forward onto my invading hand, thrusting my thick swollen lips further onto my entering hand.

What would Poppy think about me playing our game in public by myself?

Would he be ok with it?

Or should I just keep it to myself? We never had any secrets before, but what if I did it just this once?

Feeling that sensation building, I continued slamming my pelvic area, harder and harder until I felt my thick lips tighten up well above my buried knuckles..

Ahhh...ahhhhh as I exploded over and over, leaving the sheets under me completely saturated as my juices flowed like a water hose.

I was still so hot with the desire to go out and play my teasing game, as I heard a knock at the front door.

Quickly jumping up and running to answer the rapid knocks on the door, looking like I just had been fucked.

Thru the peep hole, I saw our next door neighbor,"hold on, I'll be right there I told him.

Dashing to the bathroom, I wrapped a body towel around me, tucking it in between my titties.

Opening the door looking as if I had just been fucked, I was greeted with a big smile by the next door neighbor, George.

He's a hella black hunk, over 6'6", a well defined muscular build and damn hot to look at. Sporting a tank top that showed off all his workout efforts, and a pair of shorts that revealed a set of well cut legs to die for.

I often wondered if he had ever seen us playing our sex games in the backyard, as thin bushy landscape is all that obscures the view of our adult playground. His second floor had a clear view onto our patio and pool.

Hey Tai, how are you he asked?

Uh..Im fine George, what's up; feeling my sexual desires rising as he stepped into the house.

Well uh, my car is ready at the repair shop and my wife is stuck at work and I was wondering if you could take me there he replied while looking down in approval at my full cleavage. 

Well that's ironic I replied giggling, stating that my man is out of town, and I'm just kind of stuck here with nothing to do.

Georges' eyes were fondling my breasts and my well saturated pussy was begining to rage again. He is a fucking hot black man, and he's checking out my tits, as I am only covered with a bath towel.

Mmm.. here I am fucking hot and wet and alone with a sexy black man in my house..mmm.. I thought how far could I take it.

I'd love to, but I have to have coffee first, will you join me?

"By all means I would like some" he replied looking at my towel clad body.

Coffee or me I thought out loud smiling back at him as I turned and walked away.

Walking towards the kitchen, I could feel his eyes burning a hole through the towel. I was getting so turned on with him eyeing me all over and I knew he was looking to see more. I was so turned on that I wanted to show off more than my cleavage.

So hot with desire, and a need to be satified I figured that it couldn't hurt if I was to be a little seductive.

Reaching up to the cabinet for the bag of coffee, I felt the towel creeping upwards. I felt the soft cotton rising, exposing a little of my rounded ass to him. My pussy was hot and wet, I had to touch it for a second, I couln't resisit the fever inside of me any longer. Ah yes I moaned to myself as I touched the budding erection of my clit.

Mmm yes, he's looking at my ass, noticing him from the cornor of my eye as I tried not to be obvious in the fact that I had two fingers inside my fuck hole. Looking back at George, I saw him smiling as his hand was around his growing cock, showing me the already semi hard length and damn it looked so fucking inviting I thought.

Pretending to spill a bit of coffee on the floor, I squatted down facing in his direction so he could have a peak of my freshly shaven pussy. I was lusting for his attention, as we were alone and nobody would ever know. Yes, he saw my pussy as I noticied him stroking the length of his shaft.

Wow I thought, he's hot, beautiful, and I'm fucking hot to play.

Dancing around, I teasingly lowered the towel, slowly exposing one breast at a time until the towel was around my waist. I playfully displayed my melon shaped titties with choke cherry colored erect nipples in each hand. I fantasized about my dark skinned neighbors growing black cock slipping between my already wet thighs as he admired my titties from across the room.

I couldn't take my eyes away from his bulging cock while thinking about polishing his knob nor did I want to, and he knew it. I began to think about his dark hands grouping my breasts and his mouth sucking on my hardened nipples. Oh Damn, he was so desireful, and I was so wet and ready for anything at this point.

Fuck I really wanted him, I didnt care any longer.

His cock seemed to be calling me from across the room, as it grew even longer, and my desires grew deeper. My nipples were aching to be touched, as I pictured him filling my mouth and pussy with his big thick black pole..Damn I was so fucking wet just looking at his hard cock.

Shit what am I thinking I wondered with desire in my mind?

""Tai, your fucking hot and beautiful and making me crazy Girl"  he announced in a sexy lulling voice, while walking towards me armed with that ever present erection.

Standing face to face, he leaned to me and kissed me softly saying "Tai, I want you, and I know you want me" as he pulled me against his torso.

Yes I wanted him to kiss me deeper. I returned the kiss, allowing my tongue to penetrate his as we held each others body close to our own. I could feel his cock straining as we pressed against each other. My raging pussy wanted attention, as my juices were flowing onto my thighs

His hot breath against my skin made me wild. His dark ebony skin against me made me crazy. His manhood pressing against my body, already aching for attention was more than I could resist.

"Hhhmmmm maybe I should take this" I muttered as my hand brushed against his stiff prick.

"Maybe you should" he answered as his big black hands covered my breasts as I squeezed his massive erection bulging in his shorts. It seems as though his cock was saying "here it is, come and get it".

"Maybe we should take this to the patio" I announced in a trembling voice

To Be Continued