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My Forbidden Love Story - Part 2

I went wide-eyed, I saw a pair of blue icy eyes looking at me.

Fuck, I was pacing. She said she wouldn't tell anyone, well that's good. That isn't what I'm worried about. I might have pushed her away, too far away. Fuck. 

I just had a mini-make out session with a student, with Ever. And in that moment I stopped pacing, everything seemed to slow as this sunk in.

I know I can't go back; she has to be mine. All mine. I thought back on what we did, how amazing her ass felt in my hands. I was almost instantly hard. I looked at my office door, locked it, and pulled the blinds down. 

With my mind set to Ever I went behind my desk, and did what a man does best. I pulled my pants down, and out came my nine inch cock, almost as thick as a dollar coin.

I licked my thumb and began to rub the head as I thought about Ever's body. I could see her hard nipples through her shirt. Her ass was so amazing and firm, it was as if it were made for my hands to hold. I slid my hand up and down the shaft, fuck Ever. I tried to imagine myself sucking on her breasts, they were perfect to me. I started pumping faster.

I imagined my cock in that beautiful mouth of hers and that sent me over. I came harder than anyone has cum before. And I wanted to feel that again, with her.

As I caught my breath, and grabbed some tissues to clean up, my phone began to ring. It was Claire, my girlfriend.


I practically rushed home. I knew my next class wasn't until 4:00, and it was only 2:30 pm. I went into my bedroom and locked the door and thought, shit. Stephanie would kill me if she knew what just happened. I moved my hand down.

God, I'm so wet. I couldn't comprehend whether I liked Dr. Benson or not. I could comprehend that my sex life hasn't been very existent for awhile now. Bottom line, I needed release.

I began to remove my soaking, black lace, panties. Good thing I didn't wear a bra today, I thought as I lay on my bed. I leaned back and stuck my middle finger in my pussy, moaning a little. I knew I could be loud, Stephanie wouldn't be home until 5:00. I thought of Dr. Benson's cock rubbing against me, and slipped another finger inside of my tight hole.

"Oh God," I moaned out loud. I moved my shirt up and began to pinch my nipple. I imagined Dr.Benson putting his mouth on it, tugging with his teeth, and flicking his tongue over it. I moaned louder. I made my fingers go faster, and I could feel orgasm coming on. I took my fingers out and began to play with my clit, I took my other hand a stuck two fingers in my wet pussy again. I could feel myself building up until I finally screamed out his name and panted. God, I needed that.

What the fuck is wrong with me? First, you don't agree with him in anything. Then, you let him kiss you? I sighed while my conscience and I fought. I turned over and looked at my clock. It read 3:00 pm. I still had time to kill. I lifted my hand to my mouth and tasted myself. God, I was still horny. I had to get my mind off things.

Okay, I'll take a shower and go to the campus gym. That should get my mind off of him.


I answered trying to sound like I wasn't out of breath, "Hey hun."

"Hey, I was just calling to see if we are still on for tonight? I've got a surprise for you," I could hear the lust in her voice, that beautiful voice I had forgotten about in those few moments before.

"Yeah, yeah we're still on. I'll pick you up at 7:00 pm baby."

"Sounds good to me. Bye Love."

"Bye-bye." I hit the 'end-call' button and sat back. It was true, I was in a relationship. For quiet awhile now too. Ever was simply my guilty pleasure... even more so today. What was I to do? 

But I knew the answer to that, I couldn't do what I had done with Ever, ever again. 

And that pained me to say, but I couldn't betray Claire... nor could I tell her.

I looked at the time, 3:03 pm. My day was over. Other than grading papers, I had some time to kill. A late lunch should help me think about how I was going to avoid Ever. Maybe I should have her transferred to another class?

No, you can't do that without a proper reason. And "I want to fuck her" isn't a proper reason. I sighed, and grabbed a bag from my office closet and changed in there.

The gym. Now that's what helps me think.

After I changed, I grabbed my keys and phone and took off.

3rd Person

Carter walks into the gym. He doesn't notice Ever at the treadmill and walks over to the bench press. It's 3:34. 

In the middle of Carter lifting weights, he hears yelling. He hasn't paid attention much, but upon hearing Ever's name he puts the weights down and sits up. 

Across the room is Ever, she and Carter make eye-contact, then she continues arguing with the gentleman in front of her.

"You're making a scene Ever, just come with me, where no one can hear us." The young man grabs her arm and tries to pull her without looking like he's forcing her.

"Max, get the fuck away from me. We. Are. Done," she exclaims. She pulls her arm back and tries to walk away.

"No, we are not," he growls grabbing her wrist. In the midst of this, no one notices Carter get up. But he does.

He makes his way over to Max. In a low growl, "She said get away."

"And who's gonna make me? Some lame old man? Look, this isn't any of your business bud, so leave me and the lady alone, k?"

"Or you could leave me alone." Once again Ever pulls away. Max reaches for her again.

Carter grabs his arm. Before Max can react, he's slammed into the wall, with his arm twisted and put behind his back. Carter whispers in his ear, "I can and will break your arm, the lady said leave her alone. So go." 

After he let's Max go, he grabs Ever's hand. He doesn't pay attention to the people staring, and he commands her into the car. Still confused from him standing up for her. She obeys without a word.


My mind was reeling. What if someone knew he was my professor? Of course, it was a big campus. Not everyone had him, he was relatively new. But still. I'm sure Max would've noticed if he wasn't being such an ass.

"Are you okay?"

I looked up, so lost in my thoughts I forgot why I was having them.

"Yeah, I'm fine Dr. B," I rubbed my arms. I had goosebumps. I guess Dr. Benson noticed, because he turned down the air conditioning in his car, "Thanks."

"You're welcome, and please, call me Carter."

"Don't you think that's a little unprofessional?" He laughed. I frowned.

"I'm sorry, but don't you think we're a little past that?" He was smiling, but he seemed really tense, as if asking himself why I was in the car. I stared a bit longer as he refocused on the road. When I caught myself I looked away and blushed rather loud.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, huh?" I stared outside and watching the scenery through tinted windows, "So, what was that back there?" He raised an eyebrow, as if saying, really?

"Um, well. If I see a lady in a... precarious situation, I act. I grew up being taught to help others. Especially who seem like they need help."

"Are you saying I'm weak?"

"I'm saying he could have gotten hurt. This is where you'd say thank you."

"I didn't need help. Therefore, I don't need to say thank you."

He sighed. I have no clue why I frustrate him so often. From day one, when I looked into those green eyes, I felt the need to be mean. I was still doing it. I sighed and looked out the window. I had one final question.

"So, what are we gonna do? We can't ignore what we did Carter."


We broke through the door of my apartment. Pulling her closer I slammed it shut with my foot. I groaned.

I pushed her against the wall and broke the kiss. Looking into her eyes, I licked my lips and lifted her shirt off and onto the floor. She removed my sweater, and my white tank underneath it.

I picked her up by her glorious ass, as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I squeezed and she moaned into my mouth. My cock twitched, and I pressed her into me more.

"You're so sexy," I carried her to my bed and whispered, "Take those shorts off for me baby."

As she did that, I took off my own pants, leaving my boxers. She lay on her back, biting her lip looking up at me. I admired that Goddess like body. We stared at each other for a moment as I hung over her and leaned in for a kiss. I kissed down her body, briefly flicking my tongue over each nipple. I kissed down her perfect stomach, to her clean shaven mound, and left a tiny kiss on her clit. All the while looking at her. She was doing shallow breaths as I stuck one finger in her tight hole slowly. She was ready for me. 

I kept my finger going as I put my mouth on her clit flicking it with my tongue just right. She went crazy, and I loved it. As I hit her g-spot with my finger, and put my mouth and tongue to work, I reached my other hand up and began to pinch her nipple. That was all it took. She began grinding on my face while screaming my name, I didn't slow down with my finger or pinching her nipple. I tried my best to keep my mouth on her clit as she moved and before I knew it, she came. 

I knew she was in ecstasy, and I looked up as she was panting.

I went wide-eyed. I saw a pair of blue icy eyes looking at me.

"Baby is something wrong?" I blinked and Claire was in my sight again.

I looked at her and bit my lip, "No you're just so sexy Claire." Yeah, nice save ass. "Now get on all fours baby, I want you to know who owns that pretty little pussy of yours."

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