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My Goddess

Two former friends meet again online and then in person.

I was seventeen when I first met Anna. She was sixteen at the time and just moved to Long Island from Canada for a few years earlier to be with her grandparents. She was in my high school as a junior while I was a senior. We barely knew each other then but I knew she was hot. She was a cute five-foot-six-inch black beauty that had long black hair, chocolate eyes, a nice ass and a beautiful face. She had a nice laugh but it was her breasts that I really liked about her when it came to her looks.

She had E sized breasts. I am not even joking about this, they were huge breasts or as she put them, “tig ol’ titties.” I’ll admit that I masturbated in my shower several times over what they looked like and how they would feel in my hands. I wrestled with trying to talk to her the whole year at the high school we both attended but I never summoned the courage to do so. It was the summer before I moved away to college that I finally talked to her.

That summer, one day I went to the local water park with my brother. Who should be there that day but Anna, with her friends. I ended up talking to her because if the worst came to worst, I’d make a fool out of myself but I was going to college anyway. I didn’t make a fool of myself and my brother and I joined her and her friends. She could not wear a bikini due to her massive breasts but she still looked sexy in her one piece and got a lot of looks. Me, I was in simple board shorts to match my five-foot-eleven-inch, two-hundred-and-twenty-pound frame with blue eyes and short black/brown hair. We spent the day together and even rode some tandem slides together with her back pressing up against my belly. She even sat in front of me with her curvy ass against my crotch.

As we were about to go our separate ways at the end of the day, we then exchanged phone numbers. We talked, texted and hung out with each other a few times after that day that summer but not much came from it and sadly we grew apart. I went off to college in upstate New York, while she went back to western Canada after graduation to go to college in her native country. We never got to be anything more than friends even though I really wanted something to happen.

A few years passed. I had a few girlfriends, she had two boyfriends and we both lost our virginity to other people. I then moved to Arizona and went and joined an adult erotica website. When I was twenty-six, I met a girl with the screen name luvlyAnna on the site’s chatroom. Like my Anna, she lived in Canada, but I thought little of it, Anna is a common name after all. We talked a bit one night and got along great with each other.

It was like nine years ago at Splish Splash all over again with having a crush on someone but not being able to admit to it. Unlike Splish Splash with Anna, we did not hide our attraction for each other because we were adults now. As we were both on an erotica website’s chat room, the topics eventually led to sex and we even had cyber-sex as we both got very horny that night. We ended up sending pictures of ourselves to each other while we talked dirty to each other and masturbated to our words, images and thoughts. It was when we showed each other our faces, we realized who were and that we knew each other back in high school.

That was when several years of want, lust, and desire came out between us. A swell of emotions overran me. I knew I wanted her back when she was seventeen and I was eighteen and the girl I saw the pictures of, I wanted as well. I just didn’t realize until that moment that my Anna and this luvlyAnna were, in fact, one and the same, just older. I wondered to myself if I should tell her who I was, that I knew her in real life. It was tough for me to fight because I wondered if it would be a bad thing, due to us growing apart years before.

After we finished our sex chat, I decided to go for broke and tell her. "What’s the worst that can happen, she never talks to me again,” I say to my computer screen as I type away.

“I think you went to my high school,” I type.

She replies, “What grade were you in?”

I typed the dead president name of the school. “I was a senior while you were a junior but we never talked at school, we did it at Splish Splash the summer after,” I typed in response.

At this very moment, I felt a knot form in the pit of my stomach and I had doubts. I fear the worst again that I scared her off and she wouldn’t speak to me. That or I mistook her for someone else. The doubt gets to me and I nearly click out of the chat fearing what she is about to tell me as I see the “luvlyAnna”

“I thought it was you, Michael, in that picture,” she typed adding a smiley emoticon.

I sighed with relief at the thought that she accepted me. I took a few breaths before typing, “It’s great to see you, Anna,” back to her.

“Same here,” she replied rather fast.

That night we gave each other contact information so we could keep in contact if we couldn’t find each other on the site again. Emails and instant message names were exchanged and we talked for several weeks.

Then came the most important email.

About four months after the chats, emails and instant messages started, Anna told me she was going to Phoenix for a job interview and asked if she could stay with me rather than get a hotel room. I was immediately happy about this development and could not wait for the few days when she would come out and visit me for it. Sadly, the day she was set to fly in I was not able to pick her up from the airport due to not being able to call off from work due to a project. So I gave her directions from the rental car location to my apartment and made sure for my neighbor with my spare key to be ready to lend it to Anna.

After I was off work, I came home, excited to meet Anna for the first time in nearly eight years. I even splurged and got her flowers at the supermarket. I knew the pollen would affect me with my allergies, but I could deal with it for her. This was something I didn’t even do for an ex when I dated them. I drove as fast as traffic and the speed limit would allow me and all but ran into my apartment and that is when I saw her.

Anna stood in front of me in only a bath towel. Her shoulder length black hair was wet, her chocolate brown eyes looked at me with wonder seeing me in my charcoal suit that I wore to work that day. Her black skin glowed partially from the baby oil she applied after her shower. Most importantly, her smile lit up the apartment. I was instantly hard from seeing her. I put the flowers down on the nearby coffee table along with my work bag and I took her in my arms with a big hug. I didn’t worry about what I would get on my suit I just wanted her in my arms for the first time in eight years.

She returned the embrace before giving me a chaste kiss on the lips, one that I returned. Before I knew it, it had turned it into a deeper kiss, sliding my tongue between her lips and into her mouth. At this moment I started to take off my sports coat like I would normally do when I got home and put it onto the nearby recliner. Anna moaned into the kiss before she tried to wrestle her tongue into my mouth. I lowered my hands down the small of her back to rest on her curvy nice ass. The same ass I felt against me at Splish Splash on a tandem slide. I instantly went from slightly hard to at full mast in record time and Anna felt it, moaning louder into my mouth. She then turned me to pin me against the nearest wall as she started to rip my dress shirt off of me in act of pure, unbridled carnal lust.

She giggled when she saw my build which she would later admit was better than what she saw in pictures I sent to her over the past six months. She started to kiss down my shoulders, chest, and belly to make her way to my belt which she undid at a near world record pace before freeing me from my matching charcoal suit pants. As she removed my pants her hand rubbed along the visible bulge in my boxer briefs from my erection. I smiled at her and she smiled back at me with a cute yet sexy and even a little devious smile as she reached into my boxer briefs and started to feel my six-inch cock with her hand before stroking it. I moaned but only for a moment because she kissed me to muffle the sound.

With her hands on my cock, I moved from feeling her ass through the thicker fabric of the towel to under the towel to feel her bare skin. I moved my hands slowly up the back of her thighs and up to her ass which I gripped pretty tightly. At that moment, I let go of any fear and trepidation that I had that Anna wanted to have sex with me. She had my hard cock in her hand, lazily stroking it and I had her sexy plump ass cheeks in my hands as we kissed deeply, escaping into our sexual embrace.

I pulled away from her mouth and started to kiss her lips then moved away to her cheek and kissed down to her neck and collarbone. My kisses brought more moans out of Anna's lips.

"Mmm, Michael," she cooed, encouraging me to continue my kisses to her neck.

Her free hand grabbed onto my hair, twisting in the short black/brown locks. I started moving her back towards the futon and laid her on it with her towel opening right in front of me. That instant, I saw her glorious naked form for the first time. Her beautiful large E cup breasts with light brown nipples, her sexy belly which led to her sexy thick legs and the mound which had only had a small visible patch of hair between her sexy thighs. I stared at her for several long moments as my cock bobbed up, as I've never seen anything that sexy in person.

"Mmmm you're so hard Michael," my black siren sang to me.

I nodded and replied, "I am, Anna and I've never seen anything so sexy in my life."

I slid my dress pants and boxers off, leaving me naked as well. Her smile went wider when my cock came into view. I got on the futon with her and we start kissing again. Her hand once again found my cock slowly stroking it and rubbing my head while I slid a hand down her body feeling up her E sized breasts before sliding it down her side and stomach before reaching her mound and feeling her pussy lips which were already slick with her desire for me.

"Mmmm," she moaned as my fingers work against her lips and dipped in between them before breaking our kiss. "If I knew you were this talented, I think I would have been your girlfriend years ago."

"If I knew you felt the same way I did, we would have been together and stayed that way," I replied before kissing her deeply.

Her stroking increased so I copied it by sliding my fingers in her pussy deeper and in time with her strokes. I felt her lips tremble because of her moans. The trembling drove me to please her that much more. I fingered her harder and felt her pussy on my fingers tighten up.

"Oh God, Michael. Fuck me." She commanded through her moans getting closer and closer to her release.

I nibbled on her ear as her pussy tightened on my fingers as her hand released its hold on my cock.

"Mmmm, fuuuuucccccckkkk." She cooed as she came on my fingers. I continued fingering her, allowing her to ride out her orgasm.

After she came down from her orgasm, we kissed deeply and I pulled my hand away from her pussy giving her some relief.

"Thank you, I needed to cum Michael," Anna said after pulling away from the kiss, as her hand wrapped around my cock again, stroking it hard. "What do you wanna do now big boy?"

I looked into her chocolate eyes and replied, "Eat you out."

"So you want to please me more than yourself?" Anna asked stroking my cock harder and faster.

I nodded and replied, "As you should know from our cyber sex sessions, I am a very giving lover."

"And here, I thought it was just an act," Anna jokingly said before giving me a kiss on my cheek.

I smiled and stated, "No act at all baby."

I then started kissing down her body, starting at her neck and kissing her collarbone. She moaned in approval as I started to kiss down her body stopping at her breasts which I made love to, without touching the nipples, teasing her.

"Mmmm, suck on my tits Michael," she cooed.

I nodded as I started tonguing her large brown nipples. I switched to nibbling on them causing her to moan loudly. She embraced me, wrapping her arms around my head and pulling her hair. I started to pull away and switch to her other breast. She pushed me into her massive breasts, as I gave the other breast the same nibbling and sucking I did for the first.

I pulled away before kissing down her body again kissing her stomach and her onto her mound before I saw her pussy lips up close and in person. Anna’s pussy lips were a dark pink, nearly purple but puffy and wet with anticipation of me eating her out and having sex with me. Her clit was somewhat exposed from her excited state and her previous orgasm. I started to place kisses on her pussy lips which caused her to moan loudly. I then licked the entire length of her pussy lips. She squirmed under me as I spread her lips apart with my fingers so I could start sliding my tongue into her pussy and taste her sweet juices straight from the source.

“Eat me, Michael. God yes, you love eating this pussy don’t you,” Anna moaned, tugging at my hair again.

I pulled away and replied, “I do Anna. Do you like how I lick your pussy?” I slid my tongue into her pussy, fucking it with my tongue as I started to rub her clit with my thumb.

“Oh fuck yes. You are awesome,” she answered.

Anna grabbed my hair tightly, feeling the tingly sensations of being driven close to the brink of orgasm again. “

Keep fucking me with your tongue Michael. Don’t you dare stop.”

I moved, up moving my other hand to finger her while I licked her clit. Anna instantly started to shake as she could not control holding back from experiencing her second orgasm since we started.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cummming!” she yelled at the top of her lungs as licked her clit while I fingered her pussy to orgasm.

Like I did before, I continued to lick her exposed clit and finger her as she moaned and rode out the rest of her orgasm loudly. Her breasts rose and fell as she slowly started to come down from her orgasmic high.

I pulled my fingers away from her pussy and licked the girl cum off of them. The taste of the girl below me was the best-tasting thing in my life. It had a sweeter taste than any candy you can think of. I then licked the pussy of the sexy dark-skinned girl lying on the futon in front of me, tasting her girl cum straight from the source. Anna moaned again.

“Mmmm, you sure you weren’t a god in another life?” Anna asked, before giggling like a schoolgirl.

I looked up at her and smiled back at her and replied, “No, but you are my goddess, and I hope I’ve pleased you.”

“Yes, you have,” she said with a smile on her face. “Now lie back, it’s time your goddess, pleased you.”

I got on top of her and kissed her, letting her taste her juices and I rolled over allowing her to be on top of me.

She scooted herself down so her face was at eye level with my cock. “Has anyone ever told you that you have such a yummy looking cock, Michael?”

I looked at her and nodded. “Yes,” I replied. “But none as sexy as you.”

Anna smiled as she licked my cock from the base to the cherry red tip. Anna swirled her tongue around the head. Anna then slowly slid my cock into her mouth. Anna then started bobbing her head up and down, taking my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. She moved her mouth along my length sucking and sucking it deeper. The feeling of her mouth on my cock was unlike any blowjob I ever had. It felt much more natural and loving in a way it was from any other ex I had in the past. I looked down at her and saw her eyes look back at me and saw in them the same warm, loving look I saw when we became friends at the waterpark all those years ago.

“Mmmm, you enjoying this, Michael?” Anna asked before she returned to sucking.

I nodded and responded, “Yes Anna.”

I then grabbed her hair and soon I was humping her mouth in time with her bobs. She increased her speed and took me deep inside once again. She bobbed her head up and down for several minutes and then she slowed at the tip and just rimmed my head. I shivered from the sensation of her licking my cock head. I sensed she was watching my reaction carefully as she had a smile on her face. She went back to sucking my cock, trying to deepthroat it this time. It wasn’t long until I felt the familiar feeling of the cum churning in my balls and starting to slide up my cock. I knew I was about to cum. "

I'm gonna cum, don't stop, Anna," I said turning into a moan as I came.

She had me deep in her mouth again. My balls were right against her chin as I grunted. She wrapped her arm around my butt, holding me in place as she sucked and swirled and tongued my cock. As I slowly subsided, she resumed breathing and she slowed the sucking and eventually slid off. I ran my fingers through her hair one last time before she got her off her knees to go to the bathroom to spit out my cum. I was somewhat let down by this. She returned seconds later with a little concern on her face.

“Sorry, Michael,” she said before kissing my cheek. “It’s not that you tasted bad, I just don’t like to swallow. I had some bad experiences. Nothing personal you know.”

I kissed her lips tasting a faint taste of myself. I smile and reply, “I understand Anna.” I kissed her again deeply and she kissed me back.

“Oh goodie,” Anna said, breaking the kiss, before deepening the kiss again. We kissed for another minute.

"Well, there's more to come," she said breaking the kiss before it became another make out session. She then started stroking my softening cock, coaxing it back to life.

“Come on Michael, don’t you want to slide your cock into my tight wet pussy?” I instantly felt my cock twitch to life in her hand. “I guess you do.”

She pushed me back down on my futon. She got on top of me and lined up her pussy and my cock. My cock met her wet pussy and she started to slide it against me. As she did this, I reached for her breasts and started sucking on them again.

"Oh yes," she moaned from the pleasure she was receiving from me.

"C'mon cowgirl, ride me, I really like the view," I panted.

"Mmmm, I know you do sexy," she said and the rest was lost as she slid my cock deep inside her tight pussy.

I tried to reach for her breasts to continue my teasing of them again, but she was moving too fast, for me to grab them so I held onto her hips before grabbing her ass as I met her thrust for thrust, thrusting up into her. Her hair which was loose from her earlier shower, flew around as she swung her head in ecstasy as she rode my cock frantically, picking up her already fast pace. I pumped in and out of her pussy like never before, struggling to keep up with her, as her pelvis banged against me and she slid herself up and down my hardness.

“Mmm, yes Michael,” she moaned.

I moved up and start to suck on nipples again.

“Suck that tit, suck it good,” she encouraged me as I continue nibbling on her tit.

I bit down on the nipple had in my mouth. Then she exploded in orgasmic bliss, "God, oh yes! I'm cumming! Fuck me! Fuck Me! Fuck meee, Michael!"

She was right on top of me, balancing herself on her hands as her pussy pole-danced around my cock. Her already tight pussy got even tighter as she rode me to orgasm. Wrapping her arms around me, she kept me sucking her tits as she slowly came down from her orgasm.

I let her come down a little, lying on me catching her breath.

“I want you doggie style,” I said.

She then got off of me and re-positioned herself so I could be behind her. I got behind her and teased her running my cock against her pussy. I followed up with a hard but playful smack on her nice ass.

"C'mon Michael, Fuck me already!" She yelled swinging her hips running her lips against my cock before sliding it in allowing me to thrust in deeply. “Oh yeah, That feels soooo good. Just like that, baby”

Her breasts swung to the rhythm of my thrusting. I was trying to work my fingers on her clit and had one tight against my cock, making it feel wider as I sawed them both in and out. I'd even pulled out and ran the head up and down her opening and she hadn't resisted.

I moved my hand around her hip, and let it around her mound and on the hood of her clit. I was starting rubbing it, timing it as the head came almost all the way out of her wet pussy. I sawed faster and faster as I worked at the hood, trying to push it aside, but didn't think I was making any headway when suddenly it popped free. The button felt like a velvet knob. I caught it with my index and middle fingers and stroked it gently, or at least as gently as I could.

Anna was on fire. Her legs were becoming jelly as I continued driving my cock inside her. She was pounding back at me as well, trying to keep up with my hard and fast pace.

Banging into my pubic bone, she yelled, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

My orgasm was coming close and I knew it.

"I'm close Anna, I’m gonna cum too, oh Anna—" and I blasted my cum back into her for the second time that night.

Except it was in her pussy this time. I continued to thrust against her as the spurts of cum slowed down. When I was done, I collapsed onto her at an angle, bringing her down with me jamming her onto the futon on her side. My cock slid out of sheath that was her pussy.

Despite the emptiness, she didn't stop and continued to hump against me while I rubbed her clit. "Oh fuck, Oh Fuck, Ohhh Fucucckkk! Michael!" she wailed.

With my cock withdrawn from its sheath, I could concentrate on rubbing her clit letting her down from the orgasmic high she just had been on. She wouldn't stop, she just kept thrusting against me, even though I wasn’t inside her anymore. She was thrashing on the futon like a woman possessed trying to have yet another orgasm.

“Mmmm, Oh God! I’m cumming again!” Anna screamed as she has her fifth orgasm of the afternoon and the second from the doggie style fuck.

She collapsed beside me, being spent. I rolled off and lifted her up, bridal style, carrying her to my bedroom. I paused and looked back at the scene of the crime seeing my clothing all over the place and her towel on the futon as well as a few wet spots and smiled. I turned back and laid her on the futon as she fell asleep in my arms. I kissed her on the forehead before tucking her into the futon.

I then exited the bedroom to gather my clothes, so I wouldn’t have to worry about them later. I took my torn up dress shirt and threw it in the garbage while my socks and boxers were in the hamper for dirty clothes. My suit, I put it together so I could take it to the dry cleaner's later. I returned to my bedroom to see my black beauty, my goddess, on my futon. I smiled at the thought and joined her. I cuddled up with her, taking my usual role as the big spoon, wrapping my arms around her and closed my eyes remembering what we just did and how it took me nearly ten years to live out my fantasies.

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