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My Introduction to Interracial Sex

A story about how an innocent southern white girl having her first experience with interracial sex
As a 42 year old white woman, I must admit that my curiosity and interest in interracial sexuality started way back when I was in high school. However, growing up in rural Texas, it wasn ’t easy to necessarily just go out on a date with a black guy. The prejudices people have about a white girl dating a black guy were and still are quite strong in certain parts of the South.

Having already lost my virginity, I had discovered a few things. Firstly, that I enjoyed sex. Secondly, that my former boyfriend wasn’t all that good at sex based on what my friends told me about some of their experiences, and thirdly, based on some of the moans and screams I frequently heard emanating from my otherwise very conservative parents’ bedroom, I knew that there had to be a lot more to sex than what I had experienced in my initial forays into the world of teenage sex.

I was curious too. I’d heard the stories about the black guys being better endowed than the white boys in school, but I had no proof of it. To complicate matters further, growing up as a true Southern Baptist GRITS (Girl Raised In The South) it wasn ’t necessarily easy to find out about interracial sexuality back then either.

Fortunately, though I seriously didn’t think the day would ever arrive, I was allowed to escape my restrictive surroundings with a college scholarship. I was to learn that I could get a lot of my college expenses paid for if I decided to go into teaching, so that made my career path an easy decision. Maybe that was not the best method to use when deciding on a career, but it seemed like the simplest and easiest way for me to escape my conservative rural Texas roots and spring into the ' 90s.

While at college, I met a delightful mix of people from varying backgrounds and with varying means and abilities. The classroom proved to be, on the one hand, a great equalizer for many; whereas for others, it was on the athletic field. For others, their forte would be found in their ability interact with people from varying walks of life.

While sitting in a rather boring English literature class one warm fall afternoon, I felt a pair of eyes riveted on me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see this black guy constantly looking over at me from just behind and to my left. At first it was a bit unnerving and I felt ill at ease. Then, as the class ended, I got up to leave when this young black man came over to me and in an almost shy manner asked , “Chrissy? Is that really you?”

Astounded, I whirled around and there, standing face to face in front of me was a black guy nattily dressed in a pair of khakis and a plaid shirt. Immediately, I recognized Devon, though I was taken aback that he would even remember me.

Devon was a guy that I had known back in high school; a person that I had given a ride home to a number of times and whose study hall table I had sat at my sophomore year. Devon, was two years ahead of me in school and had always been very nice to me. He had also been an outstanding athlete. Devon was well-liked in high school and had been elected President of his class.

Everyone knew that Devon was the heart-throb of all the black girls in school; they all wanted to go out with him. I knew that Devon had gone off to college to play football, but I had not kept track of where he had gone. In fact, I had completely lost track of him after he had graduated from high school and I was dumb-founded that he would even remember me, much less would single me out and say hello.

After recovering from my initial shock, Devon invited me to go with him over to the student union and get a coke. So we did. Devon was a handsome young man at six-feet-two-inches, 210 pounds with a muscular frame, broad shoulders, thin waist and as one could easily see, powerful thighs.

Devon now had a neatly trimmed mustache that he hadn’t had in high school. As we walked across campus, talking and then while we sat and chatted at the student union, I couldn’t help but be impressed with his manners, his poise, his bearing, his openness and I became readily aware of the fact that he was both well-known on campus as well as well-liked.

I could not help but be impressed with Devon. We talked for hours that day. We talked about home, about former classmates and what they were up to, about teachers, about the university, about our lives, about everything it seemed.

Talking to Devon was as comfortable and as fulfilling as putting on a pair of old, soft, well-worn house slippers. Devon and I carried on our platonic friendship for several weeks after that. He even got me interested in going to his football games and sitting in the chilly Texas winds while watching him dazzle the opposing team with his quick darts and dashes, bringing the crowd to its feet time and again.

We had a rare Saturday night game in late early November as I recall and after the game, I met Devon. We were going to go over to a friend of Devon ’s apartment and meet some of his friends there and relax and party a bit after the game. As we got into the back seat of his friends car, Devon put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. Smiling, I shifted and moved into his powerful arm, smiling at him as I did so. Nestled in the protection of his strong arm, Devon’s friend and his date, a black girl named Keisha, suggested we get some wine and head to the lake instead of going to the party. Devon was all in favor of the idea, as was I.

As we sat in the car, overlooking the placid lake on this dark, starlit night, listening to the tunes on the radio and sipping wine, I felt Devon’s hand lightly touching my blouse, gently outlining the top of my bra as he did so. Turning to Devon, I gazed into his eyes as he leaned forward and kissed me tenderly. Feeling the warmth of his soft lips against mine, I kissed him back. I felt Devon' s strong fingers now lightly caressing my breast as he pulled me towards him, my lithe body melting into his strong frame.

Soon Devon was unbuttoning my blouse and I, showing no signs of resistance, leaned forward so as to help him unsnap my bra as I languished in the depth of his passionate kisses, feeling his thigh pressing harder and harder against mine. Before long, Devon was molding and kneading my supple, 34 C breasts as he kissed me, his free hand now gently caressing my thigh and buttock as I felt his upper thigh.

Then Devon took my breast into his mouth and began to suck on it, gently biting my now very taut nipple before taking my orb and sucking it deep into his hungry mouth, nursing from it like I’d never experienced in my life. By now I was more than just a bit moist and Devon, knowing this, held me tighter to him, caressing my cheek as he kissed me tenderly.

Taking my hand, Devon gently rested it against the crotch of his trousers. I immediately felt the outline of a monster now in my hand. It was the biggest penis I had ever felt in my life! I began to lightly rub it and feel it’s girth, surprised at how big and hard he was as I felt his experienced fingers slide my panties to the side as he began to lightly rub my exposed clit.

I about jumped out of the seat when he touched my clit! No man had ever taken the time to truly play with and make love to my clit in such a way before! I was nearly breathless, my panties soaked by my own juices, as Devon unzipped his pants and took out his thick, nine-inch, cut penis and, placing my hand on it, he gently wrapped my fingers around his now throbbing cock.

As we looked at each other, silently approving, we gazed into each others eyes. Devon then tenderly held my hand on his cock as he moved his hand and mine up and down on his rigid manhood, showing me how he liked for me to stroke it. I was breathless, excited, my pussy gushing in lustful anticipation of this black monster now filling my hand, my fingers unable to fully encircle his massive hardness.

Then, Devon put his arm around my neck and slowly guided my head down to his lap, holding my hand on his hard shaft as he whispered for me to put his pulsating penis in my mouth and suck it for him. This being only the second cock that I had ever held and played with for such an extent, I was not at all sure that I would be able to get his thick manhood very far into my mouth. Leaning down, I felt Devon's fingers on the back of my head, gently guiding me down to his throbbing cock. Concentrating on the soft head of his penis I began to lick and suck it, feeling the distinct ridge of his cockhead on my lips as I eagerly, yet anxiously, began to suck on his thick joy stick, hoping that I was doing it right and it was what he wanted. Unsure of myself and my cock-sucking abilities, but seeing how much Devon enjoyed my sucking the head of his penis, I especially worked the rim of his black cock, circling it with my tongue, then taking the rim of his cock head into my mouth as I gently pumped his throbbing member with my fingers.

As I slipped my lips up and down over his hard black cock, I began to bob my head up and down on it, feeling the softness of his dark skin covering the hardness of his penis as I explored and sucked with increasing passion, now trying to take as much of his thick, hardness into my mouth as I possibly could. Coating his cock with my saliva, I began to speed up, my head bobbing up and down on Devon's throbbing bone, taking more and more of his pulsating cock deeper and deeper into my mouth and throat. As Devon sat there, moaning loudly, I sucked and milked his twitching cock, purposely slipping my warm, wet lips over the ridge of his prominent cock head repeatedly as I sucked and licked his massive tool.

Then, gently, Devon shifted and laid me down on the back seat, spreading my legs wide, fully exposing my treasure to him. As he carefully positioned himself between my spread thighs I saw Devon take his twitching, dark steely shaft into his fingers as he rubbed his penis up and down my now very wet vagina. Laying there, under his powerful frame, I smiled up at Devon, slightly nodding my head in approval as I slipped my right leg over the back of his left leg and gently pulled him to me, feeling his hard cock slipping deep up inside me as I held Devon tightly in my arms.

At first, I was shocked at how readily his massive tool slid into me, gasping as he entered me. I could feel him stretching and filling me like I’d never been stretched and filled before. The length and thickness of Devon’s massive penis was far more than I had even begun to imagine. Yet, it felt so good and so right to be so filled, to have Devon so deep inside of me. Then, increasing his tempo, Devon began to slide in and out of me at a faster and faster pace. I suddenly found myself wrapping my legs around Devon's back as I tried to pull him deeper and deeper into me.

I could feel Devon reaching places in me that no man had ever touched with his cock before. My eyes were closed as I moaned loudly, biting my lower lip as Devon slid in and out of me in long deep thrusts, his body slamming off of mine as we rocked together in total sync, in complete harmonic bliss for longer than I could even begin to think possible. As I laid there under Devon, both hearing and feeling that tell-tale slap, slap, slap of skin-on-skin, I could feel his thick hardness practically coming out of my throat as he pounded my tight pussy with his magical wand, I knew then that this had to be the ultimate in sexual bliss. Exploding in one mind-blowing, body-wracking orgasm after another, I was delirious with joy and sexual delight, never wanting this heavenly moment to end.

Then, suddenly, Devon pulled out of me and holding his gleaming black cock in his fingers, Devon shot stream after stream of his white, sticky sperm onto my tummy, coating me with his creamy batter before collapsing on top of me, our bodies melding into one as he held me in his powerful, protective arms, showering me with kisses.

It was a most wonderful introduction into the mind-blowing, beautiful world of interracial sex! Ever since that blissful night with Devon, I've loved interracial sex and I highly recommend it to other white women who may be thinking about joining my special ‘sorority.'

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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