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My Master - Part 1

A rescuded sub serves her master

Chapter 1

You woke up Friday morning before the alarm went off. You did not sleep much last night. Master didn’t touch you at all. Even on the nights that he doesn't use you for his pleasure he will usually rub your pussy or finger your ass before he falls off to sleep, getting you wet and wanting more. Master likes to tease you, to make you want him even more. Even when he teaches you how to be a good pet for him, he leaves you wanting more of the pain he inflicts on you. Your body aches as he disciplines you, cries out in pain, but it still desires more from Master.

As you take out a blue g-string from your drawer, you think about everything that you did on Thursday, playing the day back in your mind, trying to remember if you did anything to displease Master. Master makes you wear just a g-string in the house; he really likes your full ass and always wants it available to him. Blue is his favorite color and you have your panties, like all of your clothes, arranged in your drawer by color so you don't have to turn the light on as Master sleeps while you get dressed. Your nipples harden from the slight chill in the room, Master keeps it cold at night but the heat will turn on soon.

You start to reach for your nipple but as your hand moves towards it, you hear Master’s stern voice in your head, “Your body is for my pleasure not yours.”

But, you cannot help yourself; you think about Master's strong dark hands caressing your breast and his thick broad shoulders that you love to wrap your arms around. Your mind wanders to his muscular chest that presses against your firm breast as you reach down for his thick black cock. You know if Master catches you, you will have the nipple clamps on all day. You touch your nipple anyway, and then cup your breast, you really wanted Master to use you last night, and you wanted to feel his hard leather paddle stinging your ass and then his soft tongue taking the pain away. You wanted to suck his cock and drink his cum, but he did not touch you at all... A gentle squeeze of your tit and a slight pull on your nipple, then you quickly take your hand away. You walk quietly to the kitchen, hoping Master did not see, but you wanted him to catch you, you wanted Master to see, punishment from Master is better than not being touched by him at all.

As you put the coffee on and fix Master’s breakfast, you continue to go through Thursday in you mind. The alarm awoke you and you turned it off within the first 10 seconds, as Master requires. A red g-string from your drawer to wear, next you picked out his black suit, light blue shirt, well pressed, and his black wingtips and laid them out for him. Then off to the kitchen to make breakfast. You fixed coffee, a cheese omelet, and bacon for Master.

After Master finished his breakfast, he put yours on a plate under the table and you ate as he rubbed your butt then finger fucked your asshole. You barely had time to finish eating before he rammed his thick cock in your ass almost knocking you face first on to the floor. The way he forces his cock in your ass is so painful, giving you no time to relax and accept it. But once he starts stroking your hole, the waves of pleasure hit you. You moan loudly as his cock stretches your asshole. The head feels like it is ripping you apart, but it feels so good the harder he pounds it in and out of you.

Master is training you to cum on his command, but his cock feels so good in your ass you have a hard time holding back. You push back to meet his thrusts and take his cock deeper in you, but when his balls slap your cunt it sends you over the edge. You scream as you cum, your body trembling as the orgasm crashes over you. Your orgasms with Master flow through your whole body, they start in your pussy then travel to every part of your being, every nerve ending is exposed to the wave that washes over you as you cum.

No man has cared for you, treasured you, and loved you as Master does. He almost killed your pimp when he saw him beating you on the street, and he didn't even know you then. Master beat him so badly you almost felt sorry for him, no man had ever fought for you before, protected you as Master did. He could have killed your pimp, but he let him live. The way Master broke his legs right at his knees he will always remember Master with ever step he takes. His hand will never slap another woman again; Master broke it at the wrist. When you looked at it you could tell it would never heal correctly.

Master pulled his cock out of your ass when you started to cum. His hand was pulling your hair before you knew it. Your head banged the table as he yanked it towards his cock. You were still cumming as it slid in your mouth, the head of Master’s cock slamming into the back of your throat. He had both hands behind your head on your neck; your nose was buried in his pubes as he began to fuck your face. You began swallowing quickly to keep from gagging. You knew not to try to pull back or choke, Master would not tolerate either reaction when his cock was down your throat. Closing your lips around his cock, you swallow and suck. Cupping his balls in one of your hands as Master fucks your mouth. His cum is hot and sticky as it pumps into you. Swallowing quickly you try to drink it all, knowing none can hit the floor. You hold Master’s cock in your mouth, the tip of your tongue on that special spot just under his head. His cum squirts into you again, you suck harder milking all of it out of him. When he finally releases your head, he looks down into your eyes and smiles. Pulling you up to him, he kisses you deeply. Master was pleased with you…

You wonder if Master is going to fuck you before he goes to work this morning. He tells you about the meetings he has today as he eats the breakfast you fixed. Asks you how your class is coming at the college. Master convinced you to start taking classes at the local community college. He says a dumb pet is not able to serve him, he wants you to learn, to challenge your mind every day. You were so afraid to try college, after high school you became a whore. Not a working girl or call girl, your pimp whored you out on street corners, sucking cocks in the back seats of cars, getting humped in dark alleys like a low class slut. You started to believe you were a dumb slut but Master took you away from that. You are still a slut but you are Master’s pet now, he owns you and you will do anything for him.

Master fixes your plate after he is done eating and puts it under the table. You get on your knees, your ass in the air facing him. As you eat, you wait for his hand to caress your ass, to spread your cheeks and pull the g-string aside. You wait to feel his finger probe your cunt or asshole. However, Master gets up, grabs his briefcase and walks out the door. You are close to tears as you finish your breakfast, not even a kiss goodbye from Master. The hurt is almost unbearable. What did you do wrong? Why is Master unhappy with you? After cleaning up the kitchen, you walk into the bedroom. On your pillow are the nipple clamps and your special shirt…

Master saw you.

You shower quickly and apply the special lotion Master got you to your nipples, ass and pussy. You know he will inflict severe pain on you when he gets home for what you did this morning. Your black thong and a pair of jeans go on next. You walk over to the bed and get the nipple clamps. Master knows that after awhile you get used to the pain so he got you that special shirt. You put the clamps on wincing as the teeth dig into your nipples, the chain that connects them is cold on your soft skin. You put the shirt on and attach the chain to it. Every time you move, the shirt pulls the chain causing the teeth on the clamps to dig into your nipples reminding you of Master's displeasure. If you move around too much during the day, your nipples will start to bleed.

Taking out your books, you sit at the kitchen table to study. Master requires you to study for 2 hours on the days you do not have class, longer if a test or paper is coming up. You also have to spend an hour on the internet reading news sites keeping up on world events. Master takes you with him to many important functions and your ability to converse with anyone at anytime really pleases Master. You think he enjoys the look on people’s faces’ when a woman wearing a collar can discuss anything from the world economic crisis to the pirate ships in the Gulf of Aden . You study hard and make the most of your time on the internet you want to please Master.

The three hours go by quickly. As you log off the internet, you mentally survey the house. Each room is neat but lived in. Master did not leave you any chores for the day. He always says we live in a house not a museum, he is not obsessed with everything being in the right place and spotless. He actually gets mad sometimes when you put his stuff away. He likes things where he left them. You would lick the kitchen floor clean if he told you too but he is not that kind of Master. He doesn't make you do things just to humilliate or degrade you. Everything he requires has a purpose or a lesson.

Your mind wanders back to Thursday. After Master left, you cleaned up a bit, took your shower and called Master before you left for class. You told him exactly what you were wearing and how your brunette hair was done. Master does not allow you to wear make up, he says you are beautiful without it. You choose the 2” red collar to match your red g-string. Then you took your picture with the camera phone and sent it to Master as you stood by the door and waited for his text approving of what you were wearing before you left for class.

A few of your classmates have asked about your collar. Most accept your answer when you tell them that you wear it for your Master. One young man told you he was going to make you kneel for him after class and suck his cock, he would be your new master.

He was pretty pissed when you told him proudly “I only kneel for my Master not little boys that think with their cock and not their head.”

You hope that Master never finds out that he called you a fucking whore slut when you told him that. No telling what Master might do to him. One woman in class has asked you so many questions about Master; she wants to see the special room Master has for you, and asked you to talk with Master, to see if he will let her join you in it with him. You don't want to share Master with her, but you will tell him anyway.

Your mind is so occupied with what happened on Thursday you don't hear the phone ringing. Jumping up, you run to answer it. How many times did it ring? Certainly, it rang more than once.

Master says, "Hello," when you answer and you can tell by his tone it definitely rang more than once.

He calmly tells you, “Go to the butcher and pick up six steaks for dinner tonight, then get three bottles of red wine. When you get back home season the steaks with my special rub one teaspoon per side and put them in the fridge. After that you may eat lunch, and then take out clothes for the two of us for the evening.”

You want to get excited about what he has planned for the night, six steaks and three bottles of wine; you know it is going to be a special evening. Master is an excellent cook and his steaks are to die for. His guests must be very important. But there is a brief pause before Master continues and you know what he is about to say.

Your body becomes tense as you hear the words spoken by Master, “When you finish your lunch go to your room.”

The words echo in your head, “Go to your room.”

Chapter 2

You miss Master, one of the hardest things you do each day is wait for Master to come home. He gives you a lot of freedom, but even when you are out doing things, you are still waiting for him to come home. It is hard enough to wait for him as it is, waiting for him in your room is pure torture. You look at your watch, 10:15 AM; it will only take an hour to do Master’s shopping, a few minutes to season the steaks and 15 minutes to eat lunch. You will be in your room by noon and Master is not home until 6 PM. 6 hours of waiting in your room.

After doing a few quick things around the house you call Master back and tell him what you are wearing, send him a photo, wait for his reply, and leave. At the butcher's market, men and women turn their heads as you walk by. At a petite five feet four inches, you carry yourself with a level of confidence very few people have. Master has instilled this in you from the first time he took you home, but there is something else as well.

Ever since you had your first black man there was something different about you, the way you walk, how you look, the way you hold your head when you enter a room. Other white women who have had a black cock know immediately that you are one of them, a Black Cock Slut. You still have sex with men of all races, when Master approves, but when you want to be fucked; it takes a long, hard, black cock deep in your tight white pussy to satisfy your desires. The things Master does to you with his hard, thick cock, always pounding your cunt or asshole; it feels like your insides are being stretched apart. It does not matter if he fucks your pussy, your ass, or your mouth; you have the most intense orgasms you have ever had with him. After he finishes fucking your asshole, the whole area is purple and blue and it seems like it takes days for it to close tightly again… Just thinking about it causes your juices to flow; you feel your wetness on your thong as you think about Master abusing your asshole.

The butcher stares at your collar while you order the six New York strip steaks. As you reach for the bag he put them in, the nipple clamp digs into your left nipple, the teeth scraping the flesh. Your face says it all as your wince in pain.

The butcher says softly, “You’ve been a bad girl.”

Embarrassment and shame sweeps across you, he knows you have displeased Master, that you are a slave not worthy of Master’s love and attention.

You lower your head in shame and humility for a quick second before you hear Master’s words in your head, “You are my pet don’t ever lower your head in shame in public. You belong to me and are a strong woman, never bow to anyone but me."

His words bring back your confidence and you stand tall and proud again in spite of the pain.

The butcher nods his head in approval and says quietly, “Please him.”

You pay for the steaks, swing by the wine store, then head for home. Looking at your watch as you walk in the door, its 11:30, you know Master will call around 12:15. After quickly seasoning the steaks and eating lunch, you pick out your clothes for the evening. A white linen shirt and pants for Master, purple corset and black mini skirt for you. Your palms start to sweat, as you get undressed, your mouth is dry as you prepare to walk to the basement. Slowly you head downstairs; fear grips you as you think about what Master has waiting for you in your room.

Master will have already decided which equipment you will use, the horse, the cross, or the stockade. He designed them all so you can lock yourself in them by yourself. You walk into your room in the back of the basement, written on the chalkboard is “YOUR BODY IS FOR MY PLEASURE, NOT FOR YOURS.” The cross is in the center of the room facing the chalkboard. The electric pussy clamps are laid out on the floor in front of the cross.

Slowly, your hands trembling, you attach the clamps to your inner pussy lips then lock yourself in the cross; legs spread and in the ankle lock first, then your left wrist over your head, and finally the right wrist. The lock is spring loaded so it snaps shut when you place your wrist in it. 12:10 PM, you wait for the speaker phone to ring, for it to answer automatically on the second ring and to hear Master’s voice. As you wait, you try to decide if being able to see the clock on the wall is a good thing or a bad thing. The clock moves so slowly, but would not knowing what time it is be even worse?

12:17 PM, the phone rings twice and answers automatically.

You answer, "MASTER,” your voice cracking, “I am sorry, my body is for your pleasure not for my own," tears streaming down your face.

He does not ask about the steaks or wine, he knows that you completed your tasks, he simply says, “When will you learn?”

You know not to answer; it will only make the training harsher.

Master says, “On,” the generator for the pussy clamps turns on, and it delivers its first shock to your sweet pussy lips.

As the shock travels through you, you cry out, "I am sorry Master."

The generator is on a random timer, the next shocks could be 10 minutes, 35 minutes, 17, or even 2 minutes apart and they will vary in duration and intensity.

Master says, “Stretch,” and the cross begins to spread ever so slightly.

He will have already programmed where it will stop, at some point just before it feels like your hips and your arms will pop out of their sockets.

“Please Master, please,” you beg, “I am so sorry, I will not touch myself again.”

You hear Master hang up.

One of the hardest things about serving Master is waiting...

The door to your room opens at 6 PM; it smells of sweat and urine. When Master walks in you are physically exhausted. Almost six hours of shocks and being stretched to your limits has taken its toll on you. You cannot remember how many times you peed; your legs and feet are covered in urine. Your body has gone numb hours ago.

Master lifts your head and looks into your eyes and gently says, “Your body is for my pleasure not your own, your are my pet, your holes are for my cock to use as I see fit and your breasts belong to me. I decide when you are to feel pleasure.”

You cry uncontrollably, not from the pain you are in but from the knowledge that you disappointed Master.

Your throat is so sore from the screams caused by the electric shocks you can barely whisper, "Yes Master, my body is for your pleasure,” your voice cracking, “not for mine."

Master tilts your head back slightly and holds the cup of warm tea with brandy, honey, and lemon to your lips. You sip eagerly as the soothing tea coats your throat; Master holds the cup to your lips until you are finished. Next, he unclips your nipple and pussy clamps then releases you from the cross. You collapse in his arms, too weak to stand. He carries you up to the bedroom and into the bathroom where he has already prepared a hot bath for you. Placing you in the tub, he washes your body, massaging your shoulders and hips as he washes you, cleaning the urine from your legs and feet.

 “We will have four guests for dinner tonight. We will eat at 9:30 PM and you will entertain our guests after dinner, my beautiful pet.”

After bathing you, Master towels you dry and carries you to the bed. He rubs his special salve on your nipples and pussy lips. His hands caress your ass gently as he softly tells you to go to sleep.

"I will be back in two hours," he says as he walks out the room quietly…

The warm tongue on your pussy wakes you two hours later. Master’s face is between your legs and his tongue is covering you. He licks your outer lips first, up one side then down the other alternating from side to side. His hot breath on your lips feels almost as good as his tongue. His hands slide under you ass as the tip of his tongue parts your inner lips; it slides along your slit tasting your wetness. He licks you slowly from the bottom of your slit to the top just barely touching the hood covering your clit before traveling back down your slit. Master is waiting for that little button to pop out from under its hood before taking it in his mouth. He licks and sucks you sliding his tongue in your cunt enjoying your flowing juices. You want to buck, to thrust your hips in his face, guide his mouth to your clit but your pussy is for Master’s pleasure...

Your now swollen clit peaks out from under its hood and Master sucks it into his mouth, his tongue slides under it and holds it on its tip. When he sucks on your clit, your knees jerk closed, and you wrap your thighs around Master’s head.

“Don’t cum” he commands, as he slides a finger into your asshole.

You rise up to accept his finger and press your cunt against his mouth.

Again, he commands you, “Don’t cum,” but you feel the wave starting inside you.

You bite your lip hard almost drawing blood, temporarily stopping the wave. Master releases your clit and slides his tongue back into your pussy sucking your inner lips.  He works his finger deeper into your asshole, sliding it in and out of you, finger fucking your ass. You look down at his clean shaven head, his dark skin an erotic contrast between you milky white thighs as it moves in rhythm with his tongue.

Finally, he commands you, “Cum,” in a firm voice, as he sucks your clit back into his mouth.

The orgasm hits you instantly and spreads through you like hot fire; you thrust your hips up raising your ass off the bed, you asshole squeezes his finger as you close your thighs tightly around Master’s head.

"Yes Master" you scream, "Oh my god yes, Master…"

When your orgasm finally subsides, you release Master’s head from between your shaking thighs, lying on the bed, basking in the glow of your orgasm.   The smile on your face is a reflection of the pleasure Master just gave you and for the pleasure he will give you later on this evening.

As you sigh contently Master says, “Our guests will be here in 30 minutes, get dressed.”

Chapter 3

Putting on the clothes Master told you to lay out, a purple g-string, black mini skirt, purple corset, black collar, and your leash with the black handle you get ready to meet your guest. Master is on the deck preparing the grill for the steaks when the doorbell rings. You wait for him to take your leash and lead you to the door where you kneel beside him as he opens it. Two handsome black men, Rob and Steve and their wives Megan and Vicky walk through the door. Master will have you taking care of their cocks before the evening is over. After the introductions, Master gives you a quick tap on your ass with his crop, letting you know to stand. He leads you and the guests into the living room giving you instructions on what drinks to get for the women, you slide into the role of host and serve the women as the men go out on the deck.

 As soon as they leave, the two women begin to quiz you about the collar, the leash, and Master. You answer all of their questions and get to know them a little; you hope Master will let you lick their pussies and allow some strap on play before the night ends. Out on the deck Master goes over the rules with the men while the steaks are cooking, he will not allow another man to fuck your ass, anal sex is very special to Master. Also, he put all the whips and the more hardcore items under lock and key, he does not want some inexperienced wanna be Dom doing bodily harm to you. The leather paddles, cuffs, ropes, smooth nipple clamps, vibrators, and dildos will all be out and ready for use.

Before dinner is served, Master orders you onto the coffee table; you get on all fours and lower your head, your ass high in the air, and exposed. Master plays with your ass rubbing it, spreading your cheeks, exposing your hole to the guest. After lubing your asshole, Master slides his finger in you, stretching you open a little, preparing you for what is to come. Relaxing, you push back on his finger taking it all the way in.

As the guests watch he inserts one of the larger butt plugs into your asshole. You let out a soft moan as your ass accepts the plug. It stretches your hole wide open as he slides it into you. The thick end is three inches in diameter and it hurts as Master pushes it all the way in. Groaning as he forces the base against your cheeks you accept the discomfort knowing the pain will soon turn to pleasure.

Megan eagerly asks, “Can I have a plug for my ass too, please?” Begging Master for it.

Master takes out a smaller plug for her and tells you, “Lick her asshole to get it ready, my pet.”

Megan kneels in front of the couch, places her face on it and spreads her ass cheeks. You slide your tongue along her crack, rimming her asshole before inserting your tongue in it. Master gives you a stinging tap on your inner thigh with his crop and you spread your legs open. Steve slides under you and begins to eat your wet pussy.

As Master hands you the butt plug for Megan he tells you, “Don’t cum,” his voice stern and full of authority.

You lick Megan’s asshole until you feel her start to relax, working your tongue in and out of her, massaging her ass with your hands to help her. Sliding two fingers into her pussy, you stroke her g-spot, rubbing it while you lick her asshole until you feel her orgasm begin. Her pussy starts to contract, as the orgasm flows through her, trying to push your fingers out as she cums. You lube the plug and begin to work it slowly into her virgin asshole.

You calmly tell her, “Relax,” as you slide it in, working it in deeper.

Steve jerks suddenly as you grind your pussy into his mouth, unable to control himself he spills his load in his pants.

With the plug all the way in Megan, Master tells you, “Clean Steve up and we will eat”.

You eagerly obey, undoing Steve's pants, licking and sucking his cock and balls, cleaning up every drop of his warm cum...

Dinner was fantastic; the steaks were perfect and Master lets you eat on the floor next to him instead of under the table as usual. Megan is clearly into what is about to take place, Rob, her husband, is a little shy and nervous. Steve is embarrassed over his premature ejaculation and even more so when Master gives him a Viagra tablet to make sure he can perform after dinner.

Vicky is hard to read. Unlike Megan, whom you know needs to be dominated by Master, Vicky is quiet, not shy, just quiet, observing everything as if she is trying to process the situation. Did she agree to be here or did Steve make her come? Is she ready for Master to take her to places she has never been before or is she too conservative? After a few minutes, you stop trying to analyze Vicky and move on to the two cocks you will fuck and suck for the rest of the evening.

Steve is well hung and you hope he can last long enough for you to feel his big cock deep in your pussy. Master has always made the weekends special. On Friday nights, two or more cocks are always guests. Two weeks ago, nine black men pounded your pussy as you lay spread eagled, tied to the bed, one after the other. Your pussy was stroked raw, as soon as one came another filled your hole. Throughout the night, each man fucked you two or three times squirting their cum in your soaking cunt. Sometimes Master has some women over for dinner as well and lets you use the strap on toys and vibrators. Saturday nights through Monday mornings, always belong to Master though. You smile as you look at Rob and Steve knowing you will make them cum more times than they ever have in a night, sucking their cocks and allowing them to fuck you…

Master orders Megan, “Remove your clothes and clear the table.”

Her pink nipples harden and standout on her pale white breasts as soon as she removes her top, you notice the damp spot on her skirt that she tosses on the back of chair before she picks up the plates.

“Vicky, refill the wine glasses,” Master says persuasively.

She obeys and begins to fill the glasses walking around the table. When Vicky stands next to Master you already know what is about to happen, he moves so quickly and with such force, there is nothing she can do. As Vicky puts the wine bottle down, Master’s arm is around her waist and she is lying across his lap before she knows what happened. Master has her skirt is up, her thong is pulled aside and he rams a rather large butt plug in her ass.

 “AHHHHHH” Vicky screams.

She tries to fight but Master can put on handcuffs faster than the best police officer ever could, the ball gag is next, after the ball gag, her legs are tied at the ankles. Vicky struggles to get free, a look of pure terror is on her face, but no one escapes Master.

Master grabs your leash and says, “Let’s all go downstairs.”


to be continued...

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