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My Sexy Neighbors, My Fantasy, Part 2

After fucking the daughter it was the Mother's turn

The story continues with the addition of the sexy mother, Jacqui, wow mother and daughter, how hot is that!


     After rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I asked Jacqui where was Jocelyn, “she’s taking a shower, she said she is sore as hell from the hard fucking you gave her”. I looked down at the beautiful mature blonde white woman sucking on my dick, I could see the resemblance between her and her sexy daughter, especially around the mouth. I noticed the Jacqui was naked and had some big firm breast, the nipples were about a inch long, she was thicker around the middle than her teenage daughter but still had a sexy flat stomach. I asked her did her daughter tell her everything that went on between her and me, she said her daughter had told her what she planned to do when they had chat on the phone earlier, “so I guess you’re good with what happened” I asked she mumbled of course lover around my dick. I just laid back and concentrated on this sexy woman that was swallow my whole dick down her throat, Jacqui gave the wettest juiciest blowjob I had in awhile, damn. After about 10 minutes of this I knew I would blow my wad, if we continued like this so I pulled her head off my dick, she gave me a little frown, as she wiped her saliva and my pre-cum off her mouth, I pulled her up to me and kissed her and damn her lips were as sweet as her young daughters. I laid her down as I continue to suck her tongue and lips, I started to rub her breast in a circular motion, wow they were definitely real and they were spectacular. I reluctantly moved from her mouth and began to suck her nipples and they got longer and harder, she moaned softly, telling me how good it felt. As I continued to suck those sexy titties, I reached down to finger her wet pussy, her pussy made a slurping sound as I stuck my finger in to get them wet before rubbing her clit, when I touched her clits she moaned loudly and I felt her juices began to flow, I kissed my way down her belly and placed my lips on her clit, gently sucking them as I continued to massage her pussy lips, damn I love the taste of pussy, she was humping her hips up hard against my hand begging me to continue licking her pussy, she didn’t have to ask twice, I suck and licked her pussy, sticking my fingers inside her for the next 30 minutes straight until she stiffened and began squirting her juices into my mouth until her wetness was running down my face, wow, this was an amazing woman. I raised up and began kissing her again as I entered her juicy pussy with my now hard as a piece of pipe dick, I slid right in and continue to kiss her as I fucked her slow and steady, I wanted to make love to her and fuck her all at the same time.

      I sensed some movement behind me and caught the image of Jocelyn in my bedroom mirror sitting in the chair playing with herself as she watched us.

     I continued to fuck Jacqui’s sweet pussy, I could feel her juices soaking my balls, she put hands on my ass cheeks and pulled me in her, deeper, I now had my full length inside of her. I started fingering her asshole, just on the outside, tapping against the outer rim, mmmmm we had a good motion going, I was fucking her lovely and we both just kind of kept the beat going. She pulled my face close to hers and whispered in my ear, “you are fucking me so good, I came three times already, damn Jocey was right about you.”

     I looked into the mirror as I heard her sexy daughter moaning the arrival of her own orgasm. I told Jacqui I was about to cum and asked here where she wanted it, “deep in my cunt, fill me with your cum”, that was it I came with a deep guttural groan and felt my cum emptying into her, what seemed liked gallons and gallons, running out of her, drowning her pussy. I felt a soft kiss on my back and heard Jocelyn whisper, “you are fucking amazing.”  Sexy mother, sexy daughter, I'm hooked.

      After the 3 of us rested we got up ordered some dinner and talked and fucked for the rest of the night. What a way to start my vacation, I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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