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My Sexy Neighbors, My Fantasy

Mother and daughter, will they fulfill my fantasy!

This is my first story, I have lots more in my head, I love reading erotica and will work hard to make my stories better and better, thanks for reading. Please let me know what you think?




There was a sexy white woman, she seemed to be in later forties, that lived down the hall from me, she also had a sexy daughter that was about 19yrs old. I use to see them in the elevator, both blond always smiling and both fine as hell. I would say the customary good morning and smile, I would watch them walk away always with a saucy shake of their asses. I am a 55year old Blackman, still in pretty good shape and very horny most of the time. I love sexy blond white woman. I use to think, damn I would fuck either one of them, especially the mother. The mother seemed to be in her early forties, nice and thick with big breast and sexy exotic eyes. The daughter was a scaled down version of her mother, not as thick but with a nice slim round ass, she always wore those low cut jeans that showed off a rose tattoo and the sexy curve of her hip. I fantasized about them both and hoped I’d get the opportunity to get to know them better.

My opportunity to fulfill my fantasy came one afternoon, I had taken a week off from work and was just chilling, I’m an Accountant and had just finished closing out the fiscal year at my company so I needed time to re-charge the brain, anyway I was taking trash to the compactor when I saw the daughter sitting on the hall steps looking a little distraught, after saying hello I asked if she was okay. She told me she was locked out of the house and her mother wouldn’t be home for awhile because she was in meeting about 4hrs away, she said was hungry and had to use the bathroom. I told her if she wanted she could use my bathroom and grab a sandwich and wait for her mom, if fact she could call her mom and tell her where she would be and find out if it’s alright. She perked up fast and said her mother wouldn’t mind at all, in fact her mother thought I was a real cool.

Once we got inside she went to the bathroom while I went to the kitchen to make her a sandwich. She yelled from the bathroom, did I mind if she took a shower because she was hot and sweaty, I told her there were clean towels in the bathroom closet and to help herself. A few minutes later I heard the shower running, as I passed the bathroom to go to my bedroom I saw she had left the door slightly open and I could see her through the transparent shower doors, my dick became hard instantly as I could see her small petite frame as she lathered up. Thank god I was wearing some old baggy sweatpants that hid my erection somewhat. As I heard the shower stop I pulled myself away and went to put her sandwich in a plate with some chips and added a soda and put it on the kitchen table. She came out in one of my old shirts, without her jeans, she said she hoped I didn’t mind but since she would be here for a couple of hours she wanted to get comfortable, I told her my shirt had never looked so good on my, she blushed and sat crossing her sexy legs and grabbed the sandwich. She ate like she was starving, she got a little mayo on her mouth, and smiled at me as she licked her lips. We started making small talk, I asked her about school, she said she was freshman at the community college and that she was trying to figure out what she want to do for a career. She asked me why I didn’t have a wife or a woman living with me and I told her I just got out of a long relationship and was just dating at present. She said her mom and her thought I was fine and her mom had thought about asking over for dinner. I told her I thought her and her mom were very fine women, she blushed again. As we were chatting I noticed her legs parting more and more until I was sure I saw her pussy lips. Okay it was now or never I straight out told her that she looked from delicious in my shirt and I would loving nothing more than to make love to her sweat sexiness, she looked at me and said I was wondering when you would ask with a big smile she took of the shirt as she stood, totally naked under the shirt.

My dick created a tent in my sweat pants, I lean down and kissed those sexy young lips and she moaned, I lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom without breaking the kiss. I sucked on her neck and she whispered in my ear, telling me to be rough with her. I sucked on those little perky breast as my finger found her wet blond haired pussy, damn she was wet and moaning loudly. “I want to suck you dick” she said while grabbing my sweat pants tent, I eased her down and allowed her to pull down my pants, I wasn’t wearing any underwear, she gasped at the sight of my 9 inch dick staring angrily at her, she sucked it right in her mouth. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched the sexy temptress go to work on my dick, she sucked it deep into her mouth, getting about 6 inches in her hot little mouth, her mouth looked so small compared to the black dick she was sucking. She was enjoying sucking me but I needed to penetrate that pussy, I lifted her up again, checking to make sure her pussy was wet enough then I sat her down on my dick, damn she sank right down on it, I remained still, letting her get use to it and letting her take the lead. She started to bounce up and down on it, sucking and tonguing my ear and neck, damn I was going to flood this young pussy with a gallon of cum, I lifted her off me and told her to get on knees, I got behind her and began to fuck the shit out of her young pussy, I grabbed hold of her hair and pounded her as she screamed to fuck her harder, I tried to fuck right through her. I felt my balls starting to tighten and I knew I was about to blow, I asked her where she want me to cum at and she answered in her mouth, damn she is a freak, I pounded her a couple more times before I pulled out squeezing my dick to hold in the cum while she got right down in front of me, I started to cum, damn what a release, she clamped her mouth on my dick and swallowed every bit, she did not take her mouth off of my dick until she had drained it. I laid down feeling weak from the powerful cum I just had, she laid next to me and started to kiss me, I could taste my salty cum on her lips, I felt my dick started to stir, damn she was turning me out, I told her I wanted to taste her, she squatted over my face and I licked the sweetest nectar I had every tasted, damn the taste of young pussy! I sucked her for about half in hour tonguing her pussy, licking her clit and asshole, while she moaned and moaned. She asked me to fuck her ass and I told her that’s what I had in mind, I place to pillows under her ass and started to slowly fuck her pussy letting her juices soak my dick, I had my finger in her asshole, while I sucked on her lips and tongue, I loved the taste of this young girl, every part of her both lips and breast and asshole, damn she fulfilled every part of my fantasy. After finger fucking her asshole for awhile, I decided it was time to penetrate that ass, her asshole was nicely lubricated from my licking and the juice dripping down off her pussy. I put my dick against her asshole and she begged me to fuck her, I pushed in took in slow for a minute then I fucked the shit out of her while spanking her hard on the ass, her little ass was red and she was crying, I asked her if she wanted me to stopped and she begged me not to. I fucked this young tight ass for about half an hour until I felt that familiar tightening of my balls signaling the beginning of a big cum, she asked me to stick my finger in her pussy while I fucked her ass and of course I obliged, not being able to hold out any longer I came deep in her rectum as she moaned loudly, all of sudden I was exhausted, I pulled my dick out of her and held her in my arms, my the way I asked what is your name, “Jocelyn” she said just as I drifted off to a delicious sleep.

I awoke sometime later with my dick being sucked I said, damn Jocelyn you at it again, I’m Jacqui, Jocelyn’s mother, I want the same thing you gave her. Sounds like part 2.

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