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My Wife and a Black Trucker

Another one of our fantasies comes to life, my wife with a black truck driver.

My wife and I both had a hard week at work and were looking forward to the weekend where we were going away to enjoy a nice dinner and meet some friends.   We decided to leave early Friday afternoon and I watched her getting dressed and ready for our time away.   I was pleasantly surprised to see Lisa put on a short skirt and a white, almost sheer blouse with no bra.   She knew I couldn’t keep my hands off her when she was dressed in these short skirts and I knew this would be a great night and weekend.   The first part of the trip was filled with small-talk and it wasn’t until we had driven about two hours that the conversation turned to sex and the things we liked and wanted to do.   As we talked, all the erotic ideas were having an effect on both of us, my cock was very uncomfortable against my jeans and Lisa was casually rubbing her boobs and glancing at me seductively while I drove. We continued talking about our different sexual experiences and desires and then without warning she reached over and started to rub my cock through my jeans and then unzipped my pants and took out my cock.    Gently sliding the head of cock through the opening in my jeans, Lisa slid it between her lips and with one motion had buried it in her hungry mouth. I was in bliss, my cock was buried in her mouth and then with my left hand controlling the SUV I slid my right hand down to her skirt.   I slid the skirt up her legs and saw that she wasn’t, as usual, wearing anything underneath. She slid her hips around so she got get a better position on my cock   and in doing so her entire bounty was displayed to any passing trucker as we traveled down the interstate at 70 miles an hour. I looked over as we passed truck after truck and I could see the eyes on the truckers get wide as they saw Lisa’s shaved pussy staring back at them. She didn’t realize the erotic show she was giving to the passing truckers and continued to suck my cock and was getting me ever closer to orgasm.
In one of the passing trucks I saw a big, burly black man staring into the SUV and the driver was definitely impressed with the sight before him. I told my wife that she had an audience and would she like to live out one of our fantasies, that of her having sex with a black man. She paused, looked up at me, and slowly said yes in a primal groan that was barely audible.   She straightened up and got her first glimpse of the black man that would soon be filling her pussy for her first time with his black cock and she liked what she saw. He was a bigger man, but had a pretty smile and what looked like a nice size sleeper to have fun in.   Lisa turned slightly and opened her legs to show him more of her pussy and mouthed the words “do you want me?” to him.   He grinned and excitedly nodded yes and motioned for us to follow him at the next exit.
I spotted the truck stop sign and saw him turn into the parking area and slowly we followed him and let the semi lead the way around the lot. Lisa was so excited that she didn’t even let the SUV stop, or pull her skirt down, as she hopped out to join the black man in the truck.   She looked back at me wondering if I was going to object or follow her into the truck but looked at her and nodded my approval and didn’t get out of the SUV, I wanted to let her experience this sexual adventure on her own knowing that she would tell me about it later, which she did and this was what she told me.
My sexy wife climbed the steps on the big rig and the man had climbed into the sleeper and was in the process of removing the rest of his pants when she saw the 10-inch monster that hung between his legs. It was hard as a rock and made her orgasm on the spot, she’d never been with anyone that big and knew it would give her all the pleasure she could have ever imagined.   She dropped in front of him and began to suck his cock, but he had other ideas and quickly lifted her to the bedroll slid off her skirt, tore off her blouse and started running his cock head against her slit. She was begging him to stuff it inside her and he did in one quick motion. The feeling was almost more than she could take, the huge cock inside her was filling her in ways that she had never felt before and she felt her second and third orgasms flood through her body without any resistance. Being on a tight schedule, the black-man pounded her hard and fast and within a matter of five minutes he was filling her tight, hot pussy with his spunk.   As she felt his cum shooting deep in her pussy Lisa wrapped her arms around him, kissed him deep and told him over and over “I love you, I love you” and he said “I love you too babe.”   Lisa felt his cum filling her pussy like she had never experienced before and she felt it leak out down to her ass and as he slowly slid out of her she felt even more cum rush out onto his bed.   He smiled, reached over and grabbed her skirt to wipe the mess from the bed and she didn’t even mind. The black-man had taken her to heaven with his monster cock,   she slowly climbed down from the semi-truck naked, with her skirt, filled with their cum, in her hand and her bare pussy leaking juices for the world to see and slowly walked back into the SUV where I waited.   Seeing her this way and knowing she had this man’s cum in her pussy made my cock rock-hard and I couldn’t stop from fucking her right then and there.   My cock wasn’t nearly as big or long as the black-man but as she was my wife and having fucked her countless times I knew the buttons to push and quickly had her climaxing for the fourth time in the last half-hour. I couldn’t hold out for long and soon added my sperm to the black-man’s in her waiting pussy. After a few minutes of   just sitting there looking at her naked, her body smelling of the black man and both our cum   and loving her even more than ever I started the SUV and we pulled out of the parking lot heading on towards the city, but she didn’t move.   She just laid there in a state of complete relaxation as two men‘s cum slowly leaked from her pussy and thinking about one of her fantasies that had just come true, she could only wonder what the rest of the weekend would bring.   She looks over at me and says “thank you” and I smile and say “anytime,” and she said she had left her blouse in the truck and I told her it would be a good memory for him.    She then said she would never   wash the skirt either, she also wanted a reminder of his cock and cum in her and I agreed that she shouldn’t.    I love Lisa and I know she loves me with all her heart and she has a great capacity to love men so I feel it an honor to be able to share her with other guys and let them feel of her love and of her body.    And this is something she wants also, she wants to give love and pleasure to all the men she can and I love her for wanting to do that.

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