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Neighbors to lovers

Title: Neighbors to Lovers

Author: Starlightstarbright2

Sydney has been watching her neighbor a hired hand of the building cut grass for months and he’s been watching her enjoy watching him. Donovan is ready to do more than watch the voluptuous upstairs neighbor, but how far will straight laced Sydney go?

These characters are mine, any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

I've always been a loner. Keeping the world at arms length was kind of my forte, the only time interacted with people was a work or when I was out shopping. I was the queen of the old defense mechanism other people can hurt you or get you in trouble and I'd rather be exiled of my own choosing than because the villagers got angry and came after me with torches. My sex life is pretty much the same, most men who know me would call me stuck up because I wouldn't let them anywhere near me.

Satisfying myself on regular basis since I was sixteen there really isn't any rush to lose the big v. I haven't met a guy mature enough, interesting enough, or strong enough to form a bond with.

And it's gotten to the point I don't even try anymore, because usually the first few sentences spilling forth from their mouths is always sexually charged. I'm not really interested in making love with a man who isn't my husband. Getting played just isn't in the plan for me. Honestly, I wasn’t ready to tear down that wall, even though lonely wasn’t as hip as it had been before.

So the times when I get a bit hot and bothered I take care of myself. A skill that I've honed since my mid teens. As a rule I dislike fingering, or clit rubbing, but vibrators, dildos, pillow humping, I've tried it all. My breasts have always been sensitive and a focal point for myself and others they attract a lot of attention, especially when I was thinner.

But that's just a little history on me. There happens to be a man that interests me, at least physically, though I would never do anything about it. In every other aspect we're not a good fit. So I don't let him know I'm interested. He's my neighbor and pretty much the building handy man.

On the days he mows the grass I watch from the balcony, a glass of iced tea in hand dark sunglasses and a book. My voluptuous frame spread out on a lawn chair. I'm wearing one of my cleavage bearing sundress and my breasts are spilling out the top.

The sundress has ruched sides which makes my waist look smaller by comparison. My long ebony hair spilling over my bare shoulders as I try to look the picture of nonchalance. I've got my fan pointed at me through the open French doors and coupled with AC I'm actually not sweating in triple digit heat.

We're total opposites, he's tall skinny and pale with just enough muscle on his arms that you wouldn't think they were toothpicks, but I liked his skinny little arms. His chest and stomach are toned, he's got like a twelve pack and I from what I hear around the laundry room he's trying to bulk up.

His eyes are a deep hazel, but masked by sunglasses and his hair is the color of midnight but hidden behind an Texas Longhorns baseball cap instead of falling into his angular face. He's shirtless and though he's just started on this side he's already sweaty. Me likey!

I lick my lips my panties are already growing quite damp. I adored watching him. It nearly made me want to lose all my composure and try to get to know him. The most would come of it was a fuck, and I don't think the reality could beat the fantasy I'd built.

I live on the far side of the complex, the last apartment on the second floor. I don't have anyone living next to me, that apartment has been vacant for a while, and the one just down from that had a whole bunch of junk on the balcony cluttering it up so much I could see over it and whoever lived in the next apartment down couldn't see me over it. If anyone saw me it would be him but he was on the riding mower with his headphones in I was at the back of the building and it wouldn’t matter if I popped my breasts out later when I got down to it.

I watched for a few minutes before untying my dress and letting my breasts fall out completely. I hit the button my vibrating panties sending a gentle buzz to my clit but only enough to frustrate me. I wanted him, I wasn’t going to deny that but making a move could end in disaster, the disaster of rejection, perhaps having to move due to sexual harassment or a quick rough sexual encounter in the laundry room that would shatter my beautiful fantasy.


I’d just gotten out of my first relationship ever, and I don’t think I’m any closer to understanding females. Admittedly, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but I’m smart enough to know when someone’s interested. There’s a woman who lives on the second floor of the apartment building where I live and work who makes it her mission to watch me on mowing day from her second floor balcony, this has gone on for two years. She doesn’t say much, once I came in and fixed her oven. I learned that she was working at a hospital until she got her online business going well enough that she could devote all her time to it.

She was pretty but she wasn’t my usual type. She was a curvy African American woman, and I’d never dated outside my race, she was pretty and smart. And she didn’t know a damn thing about me which made it so cool.

The first time I caught her getting off while watching me I got off the riding mower with the hugest boner and ended up jacking off in the tool shed before I could make my way to my apartment. It was the sexiest thing ever. I knew she was older than me, and she seemed adventurous which stopped me from making my move. I’d only been with one girl, and I didn’t think I had much skill in the bedroom. Now when I see her I watch and ride the mower over to my apartment, it’s awesome getting one on the first floor. I take a break and rub one out.

When I return she’s usually gone. I made the decision that today I wouldn’t just be an observer, I would do a bit more than that, as soon as I see her untie the top of her dress and those breasts came bouncing out I knew it was time to make my move. I rode the mower closer to the building turned it off got out and took the stairs up to her apartment. I rang the doorbell, waited a few minutes before I heard cursing and shuffling from inside.

The look of surprise on her face was priceless her full lips dropped into an O of shock which led my thoughts down another path that involved her lips and a part of my anatomy that was threatening to break my metal zipper if he got no attention.

“Sydney right?” I asked.

She nodded shifting uncomfortably, too bad she’d tied up her top again I’d have loved to see those huge breasts up close and personal.

“You’re Donovan right?” she asked.

“Yep,” I said, “Anyway, now that we’ve been introduced don’t you think you could invite me so we could talk.”

“Talk?” she asked letting me into the apartment.

“You’ve watched me mow this section of grass for the past year,” I said, “And for the last six months I’ve noticed you touch yourself while you watch.”

She gasped, “I didn’t know you’d noticed. Could you not bring this to the super. I promise it won’t happen again.”

“I’d be sad if it didn’t happen again,” I replied, “When I see you I usually have to go take care of this.”

I cupped myself when I said that letting out a raunchy moan.

“This isn’t happening,” she mumbled.

“I think it is,” I replied, “I’d probably go insane if it didn’t.”

“If you came up here for sex I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed,” she said jutting out her chin, “I don’t have premarital sex.”

“Are you a virgin?” I asked.

“Yes!” she said, “What in the hell is wrong with that?”

“Nothing,” I said giving her another head to toe once over.

I’d never encountered a normal functioning woman of her age that was still a virgin, not even my ex-girlfriend whom I had dated for seven years had been we met. And I thought I was gonna marry that lying tramp.

“The virgin status is sexy as hell,” I moaned again, “How about we do what we usually do? Get ourselves off but this time we do it here together.”

She trembled then and I crossed the small space between us dying to touch her however should allow it. I put my hands on her hips, and she gazed up at me with all consuming chocolate eyes.

“You promise nothing else?” she asked, “I’m not sure how clear my judgment is right now.”

“I promise,” I said moving to kiss her on impulse she moved and my lips grazed her cheek.

“You can take your clothes off and sit on the couch I’ve got to go get something else, the vibrating panties aren’t going to be enough this time around,” she said heading into her bedroom.

I did as I was told a second later she walked out with a little green egg attached to a small cord and a handset.

“I need something inside me,” she said untying her dress and letting it fall to the floor, the red fabric pooled at her feet and she stepped out of it only wearing a pair of tan espadrilles she sat across from me on a leather armchair, all her furniture was brown and the design of the room was animal print which was a pretty sexy setting for her.

She spread her legs giving me an unobstructed view between there. She was completely smooth except for a small patch of black hair above her slit that was shaped like a lightening bolt. Her pink clit was swollen and glistening with desire. I wanted to touch her. But I’d made a deal.

I didn’t see the small dildo in her other hand which she slipped in between her wet lips and rubbed back and forth before slipping it inside herself. She moaned out cupping a heavy brown breast in one hand.

“You are so sexy,” I moaned stroking myself slowly, going faster meant this would be over pretty quickly, but one of the perks of being a twenty one year old male, I’d probably get another stiffy just looking at her.

She bounced on the dildo and switched on the little egg, it made a hell of a noise but she did too.

I love watching her breasts sway the areolas huge and they were a darker brown than the milk chocolate of her breasts and the nipples sat like Hershey’s Kisses on top of Reese’s Cups. I wondered if she’d let me touch them.

She changed tactics after a minute or so she was no longer sitting on the dildo bouncing on it but she’d stopped touching her breasts and began to violently thrust it in and out of herself.

“Donovan!” she cried my name and sank back on the chair.

Hearing my name triggered my own release I was going to have to clean my cum off the hardwood. Seeing the puddle in front of the chair that she’d made it wouldn’t be the only thing I’d have to clean. I’d never seen a woman squirt in real life, and I’d especially never been the cause of it.

When my heartbeat returned to normal she was looking at me with a curious expression her legs shut tight. I knew she was embarrassed.

“Sydney that was awesome!” I said excitedly, “You came like the girls in the movies.”

“I’ve only done it a few times,” she said, “I’m totally embarrassed that it happened in front of you. It’s never been this much and I’ve never been this wet. I’m still leaking.”

“It was fucking sexy as hell,” I said, “I’ve never directly or indirectly made anyone cum that hard it’s quite the ego boost.”

“I’m glad I could oblige and I’m glad it didn’t gross you out,” she said.

“Let me clean up the mess we made,” I said, “after all I started it.”

“What is this?” she asked after she’d helped me clean the mess we’d made with Clorox wipes and her mop.

“I don’t know,” I said honestly, “I can tell you I’m not seeing anyone and I would love to take you out to dinner.”

“I don’t date,” she said.

“Fine,” I said, “Did you like what we did today?”

“Yes,” she answered quickly.

“We can do it again whenever you like,” I said, “here’s my number text me whenever you feel the need. And I’ll take your number and do the same.”

“It’s a deal,” she said, “No strings attached.”

“Only your vibrator cord,” I chuckled.

“Ha, har,” she laughed.

I was getting another stiffy watching those big breasts bounce we still hadn’t gotten dressed.

We exchanged numbers and I sent her text.

Feeling the need right about now.

She didn’t respond via text she took my phone and pressed her body against mine for split second.

“Come on silly boy,” she said leading me back to the couch.

I stroked myself to another orgasm while she rode the dildo after hiding it in the cushions. Watching her bounce on that thing made me think about the inevitable we couldn’t keep this arrangement going for long before nature took it’s course. I was going to have her.
It was me who cried her name this time, and I actually caught my load with a paper towel.

She didn’t squirt as much this time only a small amount fluid came out after she’d changed positions again positioning herself above the hard wood and ramming her toy in and out of her pussy while pressing the other against her clit.

The smell of sex in the room was over powering, I couldn’t get enough of her and I’d barely touched her.

“Can I kiss you?” I asked after I’d pulled my jeans on and she’d put on her dress.

“I guess,” she said sliding over to me on the couch.

I leaned in and she tilted her head and our lips met, sparks rippled through me this was the one. I’d never had so much sexual chemistry with anyone.

“You should go once it’s it gets past ten am, you can hang up mowing that grass until dark,” she said fluffing her dark hair out around her.

“You’re right about that,” I said, “I will text you later.”

“I will respond,” she walked me to the door.

I gripped her hips and kissed her again more soundly than before running my tongue along her full lips, I almost wished I still had my tongue pierced I’d had to take it out when I was living with my grandmother in Texas a couple of years ago.

She parted her lips and let me I pressed myself closer to her than ever. When I broke the kiss we were breathless.

“I’m gonna stop by tonight if you don’t have any plans,” I told her, “We’re gonna have more fun and I’ll even bring takeout.”

“Sounds nice,” she said with lidded eyes as she licked her lips, “just so long as we don’t play too late. I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow. Five AM wake up calls are horrible.”

“Fine by me,” I smiled, “I’ll see you later.”

I pecked her on the cheek and left wondering what fun we would have tonight.
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