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No Hands

Bet I can make you cum with no hands!
My husband, Luke, and I had just gotten into an argument and now he was trying desperately to make it up to me. I wasn’t in the mood for it.

“Oh, come on, Reina! Let me love you!”

“You can love me all you want, Lucas, from your side of the bed.”

“Fine. You’re gonna want it, I know it.” We got into bed, and to further prove my point of annoyance with him, I went to sleep with my favorite stuffed animal, a panda Pillow pet, in my arms. “Cock-blocked by a panda.” I laughed at him.

“Goodnight,” I sang as I cut the light off.

I figure now would be a good time to introduce myself. My name is Reina, and I’m married to Lucas, yeah, that asshole. I’m just kidding. Luke is my BFB, for all intents and purposes, I married young, at 18, and Luke was 24. Now I’m 20, and he’s 26. I picked the perfect guy to marry, kind, sweet, and amazingly sexy. I took the most wanted guy right out of the dating pool. He has the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen, and brown hair that he likes to wear in a buzz cut, and his body, oh God, he’s 200 pounds of pure muscle in a 6’3’’ frame. As for me, I’m quite different. The biggest difference between us? Our races. He’s Italian, I’m of African descent. Long deep brown hair, brown eyes. An average body. I was 5’6’’ and I had size 38 D boobs, so I guess I’m okay.

On a normal night, Luke and I would be going at each other with no rest, but tonight was fairly different.

I heard it then, the soft slapping sound, and the moaning. I snuggled closer, just to tease him. He growled a bit. It was extremely sexy. I reached to play with his inactive hand. “Get off.” He panted, he moaned again. “Aw shit.”

“You’re getting too much pleasure from your own hand,” I pointed out.

“Simple explanation, I’m pretending that it’s you,” he admitted.

“Awwwww,” I plucked his dick and turned over. “Keep dreaming.”

My dream, was vivid, very real. Every sight and sound and feeling. It was glorious. I was back at Luke's and my wedding.

It looked just like that day. Blue and white. It was seemingly more beautiful. Luke stood before me, as glorious as a god. An Adonis in the flesh. His beautiful, soul seeing eyes looked down at me, filled with love and lust. His smile, just perfect. He leaned in to kiss me, and it was perfect, as perfect as can be. It felt so real to me, and I wanted it to be real. Safe, never wanting to let go. I wanted him to hold me, caress me, kiss me. I wanted to be the absolute only thing on his mind. The one thing that he never wanted to end.

I woke up then and turned into his arms. ‘Hi.”

“Shhh,” I hushed. “Just hold me.” I felt him kiss my forehead. He tightened his hold on me, and I lifted my mouth to his.

“I don’t want this to end.”

“Me either. What time do you go in for work?”

“Three.” I smiled in the darkness, and burrowed into his arms even more.

“Let’s stay up.”

“Alright. What do you wanna do?”

“Food and movies.”

“Let’s do it.” It was nearly midnight, I threw food into the oven and went to lie in Luke’s arms. He’d put on a scary movie, great. “You’re feeding me! I love you.” He laughed. 

“Oh, Lucas.” I joined in the laughter. “You’re allowed,” I said simply.

“Huh?” I rubbed over his crotch. “Oh! Feed me first.” What a man!

“That’s gonna be a good 45 minutes, can you wait that long?” I teased.

“I waited four years, I’ll be good for 45 minutes.” I shrugged.

“Kay.” I bit at his nipple gently.

“You’re going to make this very hard for me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, these are going to be the hardest 45 minutes of your life.”


Damn me for marrying such a young woman! It’s nothing but tease, after tease, after tease! We’d cuddled up together on the couch with our food beside us. I wish we hadn’t. Reina is just a pure ball of sex! I mean, of course, I love it too. But when she’s horny, she lets me know it with every single thing she does. For instance, she eats with the most seductive actions ever. She’s literally the only girl I’ve been involved with that could make eating pizza turn me on! She ate whole, long fries, and extenuated how good it all was by moaning. I was hard as a rock, and my God was it painful! Since we were watching a scary movie, Rei was leaned into me, and that was not helping. The final straw came when she finished her cinnamon roll. She ran her finger around the bowl, getting all the gooey, white icing. Then, in the sexiest, most painfully teasing way, she sucked it off of her finger. My mouth watered.

“Oh my God!” I slammed her onto the couch and bit her chest and neck. “Is this what you wanted? You want me on you like this? You want me to go crazy? Congrats, sweetheart! You got it!” I wasn’t thinking with my head anymore, or at least, not with the one on my shoulders. We made out intensely, and she grabbed me hard, wrapping her legs around me. She ground and wanted nothing more than to just cum! But I held off, I waited. I savored this time, enjoying her every curve, her gentle touch. She kissed me tenderly and stroked my hair. She started kissing down my jaw line, going down my neck to my chest, then back up. She left a hickie on me, I could tell by the way she sucked at my neck. I went in to bite her neck, too. Lightly, I traced a finger down her thigh and she shuddered. She rubbed my cock through my boxers.

“What does Luke want? Does he want what he always wants?”

“Meep.” She flipped me on my back.

“Bet I can make you cum with no hands.” She flirted. I stripped.

“Go for it.” She winked and put her hands behind her back. She got down on her knees and licked my cock. When she took it into her mouth, my eyes rolled back in my head a little bit. She’d almost gone balls deep, when she choked. Not the kind of choke that means, “holy shit, I killed her!” The kind of choke that made you think, “is my cock really that big?” She coughed a little, smied up at me, then went back to it. Her tongue wiggled on the underside of my dick, and everything inside me tingled all over. She grazed over with her teeth very gently and I moaned intensely, my whole world was pleasure. “Ah! Babe, stop! I’m gonna cum! Stop!” She pulled her mouth away and I started panting harder than hard. “Your turn.” I got up and kissed all over her lifting her shirt. She giggled as I kissed down her body undoing her shorts. “Someone needs to shave,” I teased.

“Oh shut up! You haven’t man-scaped in a while, either!”

“I’m a guy, that’s how it’s supposed to be!”

“Just get to work, I’ll shave later.” I spread her and kissed her clit. Nothing like the taste of pussy in the morning. She moaned as I ate her out, and pulled my face in, wanting more. I sucked on her clit and she went crazy, moaning my name out. Nothing could make a man feel better. Pleasing the woman you love while she cries out for more. “Baby! Oh, ah! I’m gonna cum!! Aaaaaah!” Okay, I lied. That made me feel better. I kissed her clit again and wiped her juices from my mouth.

“Fuck me?” I asked, “No hands though. Remember.”

“Easy.” I lay on my back and helped her as she lowered herself onto me. “Hold my hips, don’t let me fall.” When I put my arms around her, she ground on me. Got it felt so good! Her pussy was warm, and soft, and snug. I loved it. Maybe Reina being a pure ball of sex isn’t so bad. She knows exactly how to work me. “Can I use my hands for leverage?” I nodded. She put her hands on my chest and bounce faster. Her boobs bounced everywhere and her face was full of pleasure. She moaned, lust filled. It was a sexy masterpiece. Everything inside me froze for a second, and then I started cumming harder than I ever had in my life.

“Holy fucking hell! Don’t stop!”

“What’s my name?”


“Can’t hear you!”


“Say my fucking name, Lucas!”

“Fuck! Reina Nicole Palmer!” She stopped and kissed me. “I’ve never cum so hard before.” She laughed.

“Guess what!” I raised an eyebrow. “I definitely just made you my bitch!”

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