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N's Weekend Adventure

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N’s Weekend Adventure

N looked great getting off her 90 minute flight.   She had worn conservative clothes that the travel pass rules required.   I gave her a welcome kiss and a bug hug at the bottom of the “Passengers Only” escalator, grabbed her carry-on and headed out the door.  

 At the ladies room she took the bag and the dress I brought and went in to change.   What emerged was the luscious, gorgeous, sexy N of my dreams.   The new dress that I had bought was becoming but definitely not conservative.   The deep red fabric stopped 8 inches above her knee.   While not tight, it gripped and accentuated her high round afro ass.   The full row of buttons stopped mid-chest highlighting her ample cleavage.   She looked good enough to eat and I planned to.


N was in town for a short vacation of fun, frolic and a libation odyssey but first we planned an exceptionally sexy kickoff.   On the way to our first adventure, I fondled N’s knee and unbuttoned the top buttons of her dress.   This was not lost on the truck and high profile drivers passing on the right.   As N arched her back and stretched, they looked down with lustful envy.   She had removed her bra when she changed in the airport and it was easy to reach across and fondle her nipples.   Our only concern was distracting the big rigs and causing an accident.


The parking lot of the adult complex was not crowded.   There couldn’t have been too many patrons in the store, arcades or theater judging by the number of cars parked in the lot.   It was mid afternoon.   If the action was slow, we could always return after dinner.   All eyes focused on N as she sauntered into the video store.   The clerk smiled knowingly.    Two twenty-something patrons followed her in.


  I called N’s attention to a video on the lower shelf and told her not to bend her knees when bending down to check it out.   The resulting view from both front and back was glorious.   The dress – although buttoned back up – dropped open to reveal her large, loose breast.   At the same time her perfect brown thighs – all the way up to her thong clad fanny – came into view.   The clerk and both patrons froze to look at N’s display.   We wandered around the store, pretending to shop.   N casually smiled at each of the patrons.   When I asked the clerk for two theater tickets he said, “The lady’s is on the house.”


We entered the pitch black theater and stood against the back wall while our eyes adjusted to the darkness.   On the screen was the usual.   A blonde with big tits was on her knees sucking a thick, long black dick while getting plowed from behind by another equally endowed participant.   We settled in on a large bench – me against the wall with N on the outside and two empty seats between her and the aisle.   There were theater seats in front and standing room between the back of the bench and the back wall.  

We began watching the movie while our eyes became accustomed to the dim light from the screen.   The only other patron was a tall, well built blond guy sitting a few rows down, rubbing his crotch while watching the movie.


I put my arm around N and she laid her head on my shoulder.   I unbuttoned two more buttons on her red dress and fondled her right breast.   She moaned and looked up for a kiss.   As I gently massaged her now pert nipple, she turned toward me giving me better access to her breast.   N’s groans and sighs had our other theater occupant looking back occasionally.   During an unusually long stare, I beckoned with my right index finger– which was out of N’s sight—inviting him to join us.  


After several times, he got up and moved a row closer.   He was in his fifties, tall, and handsome.   I whispered to N asking her what she thought.   She sighed and focused on our activities.   After watching us continue our heavy petting, he ventured into our row.   I motioned for him to leave an empty seat to N’s right.   When he sat down, she noticeably tensed but didn’t look at him or say anything.  


I moved my attention to her knee.   After stroking and squeezing it for a while, I unfastened two more buttons and moved my hand upward.   Our new friend moved a seat closer, unzipped his pants and started stroking his large white cock.   This was not lost on N.


  While staring straight ahead pretending to watch the movie, she excitedly whispered, “He has his penis out!!”   I could tell she was sneaking glances at his play out of the corner of her eye.   I took her right hand from around her neck and placed it on the arm rest of one of the seats between them.   She gripped it with an iron grip, never letting go.  

 At my repeated urgings, she briefly turned her head and coyly smiled at the big stranger.   He gently touched her hand and lifted her arm from the arm rest and placed it in his lap.   Gone was any sign of rigid resistance from N.   He guided her hand for a few strokes and soon, still staring ahead at the movie, she expertly began moving her hand up and down, jerking off the stiffening cock.   He joined the party at N’s crotch lightly rubbing her thigh and teasing her thong covered pussy.


By now the two younger video store patrons had come into the theater and seated themselves in the row directly in front of us.   N commented that one of them was very cute.   Both were intently watching the amorous activities.   The “cute” one was boldly stroking her calf.   N was climbing her excitement curve but was not there yet.   She was moaning and twisting.   I unbuttoned the last button on the dress and started sucking her left tit.   I cupped and offered her right one to our blonde buddy.   He quickly accepted and started to tease her nipple with his lips and tongue.


I whispered to N, “To get to climax you’ll have to get those panties off.”   She nodded, stood up and said to “Cutie”, “Will you take my panties off?”   He wasted no time reaching under her short dress and dragging her now wet thong off her gorgeous ass.   She spun around, knelt on the bench facing the back wall saying, “Will one of you bastards please fuck me?”


Then the fun really started.   N was unbelievably sexy.   She knelt on the seat of the bench with her head hanging over the back.   When I flipped up her skirt over her incredible ass, there were four eager volunteers to fulfill her request.   Her magnificent round ass was shiny, glistening with sweat.  

The Swede was closest and the first to accept the challenge.   He knelt down and licked her cunt, up her crack, stopping at her clit and over her sensitive asshole.   On his second pass, N shivered and shook with sexy excitement.   He then stood and sunk his stiff member into her well lubricated hole.   He started gently pumping back and forth causing N to groan loudly.  

The two patrons, now blocked from the action, went to the back row and presented their almost full blown cocks to her open mouth.   N grabbed both and took turns inserting each deep down her throat.   I had been tweaking the nipples of both of her now hanging tits.


By now two others had joined us.   The tall one had a flash camera and was busy taking close-ups.   His friend had a low light movie camera and was filming the action.   N would soon be a movie star.


I told the Swede to slip under her and sit on the seat.   He was now facing her, sucking on her breast.   She climbed onto his big cock and bounced up and down.   When I stood her beautiful butt was right in front of me.   I asked my new friend to pull open her cheeks.   With a dab of KY I deeply fingered the target.   She disengaged from one of the cocks, looked over her shoulder and said, “Please put it in!!!”   I thrust deep into her rectum.   The other cock insisted for its right in the back of N’s throat.   It didn’t take long.   She was air tight.   The cocks in her hand, her mouth, her pussy and her ass were all pumping together.


It started with a deep low groan.   The shaking went from her legs to her hips and on up her body.   Soon she pulled both hands back to massage her own tits and then froze in a stiff trance with her eyes shut and her mount drooling around the cock.   She shook for almost 30 seconds and then collapsed on the Swede in utter exhaustion.   She was smiling and sobbing gently at the same time.


After a few minutes of being held tight, N stood up on shaky legs, put on her dress and found her shoes.   The Swede asked if he could keep the tong and she agreed.   She lightly kissed the two patrons and deep tongued the Swede.    That kiss lasted two minutes.   She took my hand and we walked to the door.   N looked at the people in the theater and said, “See you after dinner.”   The clerk smiled, thanked her and hurriedly picked up the phone.



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