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Old Mandingo Bosses Impregnate My White Teen Wife - Part Two

I work for old black men who convince me to suck their cocks and to let them fuck my fertile wife.
It will be most helpful for you to read Part One of this story before beginning Part Two. But following is a very brief synopsis of Part one:

In Part One we learned that my name is Ed, and I had only been out of high school for a short time when I was accused of a crime that I didn’t commit. I ended up in county jail for six months, and having a record made it hard for me to find a job. I had to work since I was planning on marrying my younger, high school sweetheart, Averee, after she graduated from high school. I finally found a job with a company owned by two, huge, muscular black men in their fifties.

One of the owners, Ben, tricked me into giving him a massage, with me thinking that I would otherwise lose my job. After much conversation at my first time massaging him, I ended up sucking his huge, thirteen inch, Mandingo cock and sucking his ass. From then on I begin routinely sexually servicing Ben and his partner Wendell. This part ends as I convince my then-eighteen-year-old, somewhat-bigoted fiancé Averee to go with me to the company picnic at Ben’s beautiful lake home.

Part Two:

The following Saturday we made the drive to Ben’s lake home, and I was very impressed. He has five acres of well-landscaped land with about three hundred feet of frontage on the lake. His house is a large, modern, and sprawling ranch home with a beautiful, in-ground pool and surrounding patio area. They also have a large guest cottage which is separate from the main house, but still facing and near the pool area.

We walked around to the patio area and saw that most everyone else was already there. Ben and Wendell were wearing knee-length bathing suits with no shirts, and their large, dark, muscular bodies were impressive. I thought I heard Averee murmur ‘oh my’ to herself as we walked up to Ben. He was very outgoing and gregarious, as usual.

Averee recoiled a little when Ben took her hand into his huge hand and said, “Thank you so much for coming today, Averee. Ed sure is a lucky man to have a future wife like you. If you don’t mind me saying so, you are a beautiful and lovely girl.”

Then Ben introduced us to his wife Bessie. She is a big woman and over-weight, but not morbidly obese. I guessed that she is about five feet and seven inches tall and weighs maybe two hundred pounds. Her breasts are huge and the size of small watermelons, and her ass is big, round, and protruding, looking like two large basketballs bouncing around in her bathing suit when she moves.

Bessie was friendlier than I thought she would be, given Ben’s comments regarding her dislike of white folks. She smiled at me in a knowing way, as if she knew a secret about me. It was apparent that Ben had already told her about my hunger for black ass. Next I introduced Averee to Wendell, who was there with his wife Latoya. She is also a big, black woman with huge tits and a big, bouncing ass.

I took Averee around to introduce her to my coworkers, and we noticed that three of the five white couples there had white/black, mixed-race children of various ages. I couldn’t very well tell her that Ben and Wendell had likely fathered those children, so I tried to ignore it.

A little later when we were alone for a few minutes Averee asked, “Did you see those interracial kids? I don’t understand how those white couples could have mixed-race children. Do you think they adopted them, or heaven forbid that the wives were fucking black men behind their husbands’ backs? If so, how could they do something like that?”

I continued to ignore her questions about the kids, and we sat out by the pool to enjoy the nice, warm day. Averee was trying to avoid the black employees so we sat at a table with Tommy, one of the white guys on my team, and his pregnant wife Debra. It seemed like they went out of their way to invite us to sit with them. He had been with the company about a year longer than me, and I didn’t yet know whether or not Ben had tried to recruit him to be a cock sucker like me.

Ben and Wendell walked past our table and dove into the pool to cool off. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Averee closely watched them. They swam around for a few minutes and climbed out using the stairs right in front of us.

Their bathing suits were not particularly tight or revealing when they were dry. But when they stepped out of the water, the semi-transparent, white fabric was clinging to their soft cocks and balls. Their ten inches of thick, soft, black fuck meat was hanging over half-way down to their knees. We also saw that their balls were huge and hanging at least seven inches down their thighs. Averee didn’t notice until she looked to see what I was staring at. Then she froze in her chair with her mouth hanging open as Ben and Wendell turned our way as they slowly walked by, only a few feet from our faces.

It was clear to me that they had done that just to see how Averee would react. Once she realized that she was staring at them, she quickly looked away and grabbed my arm. She leaned in and whispered, “Damn, Ed, did you see that? Could those things be real? Holy shit, honey, those cocks are so huge and look to be the same size.”

I tried to act surprised and also encourage her. So I responded, “I’m surprised that they look so much alike too. And they sure looked real to me. I’ve never seen cocks that big, even in the showers in high school or jail. I have to wonder how long and thick they get when hard. And just imagine how those big cocks must feel in their wives’ pussies. Their balls were huge too and must shoot a lot of cum”

Tommy and his wife were also whispering to each other about those big cocks. After the two men passed completely by, we all just looked at one another and kind of raised our eyebrows. Then Tommy asked, “Holy fuck, did you two see what we just saw? Those guys are something else for being older and having muscular bodies and cocks like that. They almost look like those exaggerated characters you see in black porn cartoons.”

Then Debra chimed in, “Please don’t think I’m some kind of black-cock slut for saying this, but I sure wouldn’t mind finding out what big cocks like those feel like in my pussy. Those bathing suits were so revealing that I could even tell that they are uncircumcised.”

It was starting to look like Ben had arranged to have Tommy and Debra invite us to sit with them so they could stage having us see them coming out of the water and then having them make those comments. I wouldn’t doubt that a bit, since I previously told Ben that Averee is bigoted. I also thought I had my answer about whether Tommy was sucking their cocks. I wouldn’t doubt that Debra is pregnant with Ben’s baby. He’s probably thinking that it won’t take much to get a young white girl interested in their big, meaty cocks.

Debra went one step further when she asked, “What did you think of those big cocks, Averee?”

I held my breath as Averee responded, “To be honest, Debra, I’ve never thought too highly of black people, and it creeps me out a little to be around them. But I have to admit that seeing the outline of those big cocks and balls sure gives me something to think about.”

Our conversation eventually changed to work-related issues and other things, and the afternoon passed quickly. We went over to say thanks and goodbye to Ben and Bessie as we were leaving. I noticed that Averee was much more receptive when Ben took her hand this time, much more so than she was when we arrived. She glanced down at his crotch several times as we talked, but there was nothing to see since his bathing suit was dry.

We were both surprised when Bessie said, “It’s so wonderful that a nice, young couple like you will be getting married in a couple of weeks. Ben and I know how hard it is financially starting out, and we’d like offer you a little assistance. You’re welcome to use our guest cottage over there for your honeymoon, if you don’t have other plans. You’ll have full access to the pool and our boat on the lake. We may be up here with Wendell and Latoya some of that time, but you’ll have all the privacy you want in the cottage.”

It was so nice of them to make that offer, and we told them that we needed to check with our parents to see if they had other plans for us. The truth is that we couldn’t afford any honeymoon without their generous offer, even though I could only be away from work for a four-day weekend. Averee was a little worried about what her parents would think about us staying at a home owned by black people. They were upset about it at first, but then accepted it after realizing our financial situation.

Our parents didn’t have much money, so we only invited our families and closest friends to a small ceremony in our church. We also invited Ben and Wendell and their wives. Averee seemed to have a little better attitude regarding black people after getting to know them at the party, and because of their offer to use the cottage for our honeymoon. Her parents and some of our family and friends were surprised and dismayed seeing them at the wedding. The ceremony went very well, and thankfully there were no open conflicts between the guests.

After our wedding, Averee and I went back to our small apartment and fucked for hours. I just love her big tits, shapely ass and her thick labia covered with blonde hair. She had grown to love me sucking her pussy and ass after we fucked, which was all thanks to Ben teaching me the joy of oral sex.

I worked Monday through Thursday while Averee was looking for work, and we continued fucking multiple times every night. By Wednesday night I knew that Averee was thinking about my bosses’ big, black cocks when she asked, “Ed, would you be upset with me if we pretended that you were fucking me with a huge cock like we saw at the pool a couple of weeks ago?”

That was a good sign of a huge change in her attitude towards black people and I encouraged her further by saying, “No, baby, that doesn’t upset me at all. I’ve been thinking to myself how much better I could make love to you with a cock that big, and those things were still soft. I want you to imagine that you’re getting fucked by even bigger cocks. Can we pretend that they are black cocks and use Ben’s and Wendell’s names in our fantasies?”

She responded saying, “Oh fuck yes, thank you so much, honey! I love your little dick, but I can’t stop thinking about those strong, mature black men with their muscular bodies and those huge cocks. Debra was so enthusiastic about it that it has me wondering what it would be like to fuck them.”

I excitedly asked, “So are you saying that you would fuck them given the chance?”

Averee came up and kissed me deeply and said, “I can hardly believe that I’m telling you this, but yes I would suck and fuck them if you wanted me to and you were a part of it. I’m a lot more excited about having sex since you started sucking my ass and your cum out of my pussy. That’s so nasty, Ed, and I don’t know what got into you when you started it. I sure like it though.”

Ben gave me the key to the cottage and boat house after I sucked his cock, balls and ass on Thursday evening. He was very pleased to hear about Averee’s new mind-set, and said that he, Wendell and their wives would be up to the lake about mid-day on Saturday. He told me to just go with the flow and I would soon see his big cock in Averee’s cunt.

Averee and I drove up to the lake early on Friday to begin our four-day honeymoon. The cottage was very nice and comfortable, and we wasted no time going out to enjoy the pool. Since we were alone we didn’t wear our bathing suits, and enjoyed our full exposure to the sun. Averee is so young and beautiful and I loved her luscious body with her big tits, firm and full ass, and of course her wet, fat-lipped pussy.

We fucked by the pool three times on Friday, and I pretended that I was either Ben or Wendell. I shoved my little dick into her pussy, which was still tight to me, saying, “Take my thick cock, you fucking black-cock whore. When Wendell and I get through fucking you, you won’t even be able to feel Ed’s little dick in you anymore. I’m filling your young, fertile cunt with a massive load of my cum right now, and I hope you two will be happy with a black baby.”

It sounded like Averee had the biggest orgasm that she had ever experienced with me. I couldn’t tell if it was because of the talk about the big, black cocks, or if somehow the whole fertile cunt comment had her turned on. After we came down from our post-orgasm euphoria, she said, “Damn, honey, that was so hot talking about me being young and fertile. You know that I am unprotected now since I stopped taking the pill before the wedding. I want us to start a family right away. It’s probably a good thing that we’ll never be able to live that fantasy.”

In my fantasies I wanted very much to watch and participate in Ben and Wendell fucking my wife. She seemed to be enthusiastic about it too. In my heart though, I wasn’t so sure that either one of us would go through with it. That’s why I wasn’t really worried that she had stopped taking the birth control pills. We had been fucking so much in the past week anyway, that if she was fertile, I probably would have already impregnated her.

We went to a local restaurant for dinner on Friday night, and then went straight back to the cottage. We fucked three more times that night, before getting some much-needed sleep. We didn’t set an alarm clock and it was almost noon on Saturday, when we were awakened by knocking on the door. I threw on a t-shirt and some shorts and answered the door. Ben was standing there and I said, “Good morning, Ben. Thanks again for letting us use the cottage. Everything’s been wonderful so far. What can I do for you?”

Ben was shirtless and wearing a bathing suit. I saw behind him that Wendell and their wives were already out by the pool. Ben smiled and said, “Well, good morning to you two love birds too. But it’s actually almost afternoon now. You two must be worn out to be sleeping this late.”

He gave me a kidding punch on the shoulder and winked as he continued, “I just wanted to let you know that we are here and will be using the pool this afternoon. We usually like to take advantage of the privacy up here and swim and lounge around nude. We didn’t want to strip down until we warned you two. Averee and you are sure welcome to join us. It’s up to you whether you take off your swim suits or join us at all. We’ve got plenty of wine and fun, summer refreshments. I sure hope that four, big, naked black people aren’t too big of a shock for you guys.”

I winked back at Ben and said, “I’ll have to talk with Averee about this. I don’t know how she’ll feel being around mature, black, naked adults. It would be a new experience for sure. You guys are in your fifties, and I think you know that she just turned eighteen.”

Averee overheard our conversation and excitedly ran up to me after I closed the door. She said, “Fuck, Ed, it will be fun being able to see those big cocks without swim suits being in the way, especially after the way we have been fantasizing about them. We can just watch them from the cottage, as far as that goes. You know that I’m not a prude or anything, but I’m not so sure it’s a good idea for us, and especially me, to be out there nude with them. What do you think, Ed?”

I wanted to encourage and flatter her without being too pushy and turning her off to the idea. So I thought for a moment and said, “I know how you feel, baby. But at least you have a beautiful body. Imagine how embarrassed I’ll be having them see my less-muscular body and small dick.”

She thought about that for a minute as I continued, “Those men will go berserk seeing your tight, young, succulent body and huge, shapely tits, especially when compared to their overweight wives. Their cocks will probably get hard just from looking at you. I don’t think we should go out there unless you’re totally comfortable with it. But who knows, it might be fun for you to get that kind of attention from Ben and Wendell, particularly after the way we’ve included them in our fantasies.”

I knew Averee well enough to know that she would probably end up going out there nude with them. She was still trying to get comfortable with the idea and said, “We should just watch them for a few minutes and then decide how we feel about it. That way, we’ll avoid embarrassing ourselves for nothing.”

We pulled a chair up to the slightly parted curtains and Averee sat on my lap so we could both see out of the small gap. She was still nude from being in bed. I pulled down my shorts and my hard dick sprung up between her legs as we started watching my nude, black bosses and their wives. We were only about twenty feet from them. As they moved around getting drinks and talking, we could see their big cocks and balls swinging between their legs. Averee watched intently and reached down to rub my dick and balls, before lifting up slightly and sitting back down impaled on my dick.

It was obvious that she was thinking of their huge, black cocks as she began moving up and down on my dick and said, “Oh fuck, Ed, those cocks look even longer and thicker than we saw in their swim suits. They’re so big they almost don’t even look real. I’m starting to think that we should go out there and get a closer look.”

I kept fucking her with my little dick and said, “You’ll look so fucking hot out there compared to their wives. They are really big women with huge asses and tits, but I have to say that they don’t look all that bad. I’m surprised that their mocha skin is so smooth, without a hint of cellulite, even though they are so heavy. And those huge asses really sway and bounce when they walk around.”

Averee laughed and said, “I don’t know what it is with you and asses lately, but if that’s what you’re into, they sure have some big ones for you to look at. I’m ready now, Ed. Let’s go out there and join the party.”

We walked out of the cottage door and all eyes were on us. They were staring at Averee’s body and even glanced at me momentarily. When we reached where they were sitting in the oversized, cushioned lounge chairs, Bessie said, “We’re so happy you decided to join us. Averee, what a beautiful, young girl you are. We’ve got all sorts of snacks and beverages here, including some sangria that we thought you might like.”

Averee and I only rarely drank alcoholic beverages, since we were underage and booze was so expensive. Though, I did know that Averee and I liked sweet drinks. We felt more grown up being able to drink with the adults, and the sangria was fruity and sweet. We had several glasses of it as we sat around and talked and could barely taste the alcohol. We were sitting on lounges between those two muscular men.

Ben and Wendell were just sitting there with their huge, black cocks and balls on display. They were stealing glances at Averee’s beautiful tits, pussy, and ass just as she was looking at their huge cocks and balls. After an hour and our fifth glass of sangria, she was becoming even more blatant at staring at their cocks. The fruity wine had definitely mellowed us out, and she was being less and less cautious.

The conversation had drifted between our wedding, work, and how nice their lake home and cottage are. When Ben realized that my young wife was beginning to slur her words, he said, “Averee, sweetie, you sure seem to be staring at and are very interested in our cocks. Are these the only cocks you’ve seen besides Ed’s little one?”

Averee blushed and replied, “No, Ben. I’ve never seen any other boy’s or men’s cocks besides you men’s and Ed’s. I’m sorry for staring; both of your things are so huge that they almost look fake. Besides, you two have been staring pretty hard at my tits and pussy too.”

Ben laughed and said, “You can’t blame us for looking at your gorgeous body. It’s been over thirty years since I’ve seen an eighteen year old white girl nude like this. I can assure you that our cocks aren’t fake either. If you want to prove it to yourself, I’m sure that Ed and Bessie wouldn’t mind if you came over here to feel it. I have to warn you though, that I might just want to feel your big tits too.”

Averee looked at me with a lusty smile as she moved over to sit on next to Ben. She cautiously reached down to grip his cock. The contrast of her small, white hand on his thick and hardening black cock was amazing. She had never felt a foreskin before and smiled as she began to slowly stroke him. The foreskin was sliding back over his big, wet cock head. His cock had grown to its full thirteen inches. As Ben reached out to fondle her tits, she said, “Oh fuck, Ed. You should feel this thing. It’s even bigger now and is so warm, heavy, meaty and thick. I can feel it throbbing in my hand and it’s leaking precum just from me touching him like this.”

Ben was smiling at me as he continued to rub her breasts as he placed a hand behind her head and started to pull her mouth down towards his cock. He said, “That’s it white girl, stroke my big cock for me. And if you think it feels good in your hand, just wait until you get a taste of it.”

Averee looked over at me and said, “I’m sorry, honey, but I’ve just got to taste his cock. I can’t let this opportunity pass. I won’t let it go any further than that.”

Wendell, Bessie and Latoya gathered around to sit on the lounges next to Ben’s, as Averee lowered her mouth to Ben’s cock. Her mouth was stretched to the limit as she took the massive head and thick foreskin into her mouth and began sucking him. She was sitting on the edge of his lounge in a position where Ben was able to rub her ass and slowly work his hand down below her ass to finger her pussy. She sucked more of his thick meat into her mouth when she felt his fingers in her cunt. From where I was sitting I saw that his black fingers were shiny with her pussy juice as he aggressively began to finger-fuck her.

Wendell was sitting next to me and he pulled my mouth down to suck on his hard thirteen inch cock. Bessie and Latoya were talking about what was happening, and Bessie said, “Damn, Latoya, would you look at that. We’ve got us a young, white husband and wife, both sucking our husband’s big, black cocks. Some of these white folks just can’t seem to help being used by our men. Seeing how eager they are, I know that this will be an interesting afternoon for us.”

From my position sucking Wendell’s cock, I could still see what Ben and Averee were doing. She was now fondling his heavy balls as she continued to suck his cock. His coal black meat was shiny with her saliva. At one point Ben pulled her off of his cock and said, “Now that I’ve felt your mouth on my cock, I just have to feel my cock in your tight, young pussy. Come on, sweetie, let Old Ben show you what a real cock can do to make you feel good.”

Averee looked up and saw me sucking Wendell’s cock. She looked angry and determined to show me a thing or two as she said, “Okay, Ben, let’s do it. If my husband is sucking black cock too, then I might as well feel your black meat inside of me. We’ve been fantasizing about what it would feel like to be fucked by you men anyway. Be careful though. I don’t know how Bessie can handle your big cock, and she’s a bigger woman than me.”

I stopped sucking Wendell’s cock as Ben got up and Averee laid back on the lounge. He got on his knees between her wide-spread legs and leaned down to kiss her as he pressed his cock head against her hairy pussy. I was immediately aroused as I saw his thick, black lips kiss my wife, and from their movements, knew that he was kissing her deeply with his tongue. I heard her moan into his mouth and he pushed his big cock head and parted her labia. He soon had worked four or five inches of his thick cock into her and paused to give her time to adjust to his size. Then he began a slow, shallow fucking motion, and I saw that his shaft was shiny with her fluids.

Ben pulled away from their kiss and was smiling as his cock was soaking in my wife’s young cunt. He looked down at her and said, “Damn, girl, your pussy is so fucking tight. I’ve just got to feel more of my cock inside of you.”

He continued to press his meat into her as she swiveled her hips and pushed back against him. His huge, black body looked massive on top of my petite, white wife. His muscular ass was flexing and his balls were swinging and shifting and he continued his onslaught. It was so erotic seeing his thick, black cock stretching her white cunt to its limits.

When it looked like he had about eight inches of his cock in her, he seemed to hit bottom. Averee must have loved the pressure of his cock filling her pussy and pressing against her cervix. She wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him hard against her saying, “Come on, Ben, push that thing into me. I want to feel the whole thing inside of me.”

Ben said, “Only a very few women have been able to take the whole thing, and I sure wouldn’t want to hurt you, girl. Sometimes it works though if I keep pushing while you swivel your pussy around my cock. In some women that will cause the uterus to shift upward, allowing me to get deeper into you.”

I watched spellbound and Ben’s ass began flexing and Averee began to swivel her hips. It only took a few minutes before he sank another three inches of his big cock into her. They continued pressing and finally, she had taken his whole thirteen inches of wrist-thick, black cock meat. It was almost surreal as he began withdrawing and then pushing that big cock back in her to the balls. Averee was hysterical with pleasure as he continued to take those long powerful strokes.

Averee looked over at me and said, “This is fucking unbelievable, Ed. I never in a million years thought I’d be able to take his big cock to the balls. I was planning on having Ben pull out before shooting his load, but now I just have to feel what it’s like to have a big load of black cum injected so deeply into my cunt. If I was fertile, you would have already knocked me up anyway, since we’ve been fucking so much since the wedding.”

I knew that her logic was flawed, and that it was hard to tell when a woman was fertile and able to be impregnated. I was just about to protest, because I knew that Ben sure wouldn’t hesitate to ejaculate into her young cunt. Before I could say anything, Wendell got up and Bessie sat next to me saying, “It looks like your wife is going to be busy for a while, taking my husband’s big cock, Ed. So why don’t you show me what Ben was talking about when he said you have a taste for black ass. I’ll even let you suck my big, old, wet black pussy too. Ben thinks that performing oral sex is disgusting, so my opportunities to be eaten out are few and far between. So lie back and get ready, boy.”

It was hard to know what to expect since Bessie is such a big woman, but I was not disagreeable to trying something new. I laid back on the lounge and she straddled me, squeezing my head between her thick, sweaty thighs, facing my feet. I looked up and saw her massive globes of ass flesh, and pressed my face between her cheeks. She was sweaty from the heat of the day, and I liked the aroma of her musky ass and pussy. The surprisingly arousing humiliation that I felt the first time I sucked Ben’s ass was now amplified as I felt the smothering weight of her mocha flesh enveloping my face. I struggled to twist my face for an occasional breath as she began moving back and forth over me, fucking my face with her crotch.

After a minute or so getting settled on my face Bessie lifted up and back a little. There was just enough light that I saw her long, fat, black, hairy vulva and pink inner labia pressing back down towards my mouth. With my ears covered by her thick thighs I could just barely hear her when she said, “Go on now and suck Bessie’s smelly pussy, boy. I want to feel your white mouth making love to my black hole. Suck it, boy, and drink down all of my nasty juices.”

With my mouth on her pussy, my eyes and forehead were pressed into her ass, and I felt her sweaty flesh enveloping my face. I sucked her pussy like a man possessed, and felt her thick, kinky pubic hair on my face and in my mouth. I lost track of time under her like that. But it seemed that after only five minutes sucking her cunt, she collapsed forward onto my torso and had a massive orgasm that flooded my mouth with her cunt juices. I swallowed as fast as I could to drink down her tasty ejaculate. With her leaning forward like that, the light gave me a perfect view of her huge, black ass cheeks right in front of and surrounding my face.

Bessie leaned forward only momentarily, and after recovering she sat back up on my face and moved forward, saying, “Damn, white boy, that’s the best pussy sucking I’ve had in years. Now you can get busy on my ass. Eat it, boy, worship my shit hole for me.”

She shifted her ass back and forth across my face as I licked and sucked her damp and aromatic crack. Then she pressed down harder when she felt her sphincter right on my mouth. I was struggling to breathe as I licked, sucked, chewed and tongued her asshole. She was writhing above me, bouncing up and down on my face, which gave me intermittent opportunities to breathe. Just the idea that this overweight black woman was was sitting on my face and using me for her pleasure this way was enough to keep my little dick hard and dripping.

Bessie stayed on my face with me sucking her ass for what seemed like another fifteen minutes. It was hard to hear what was going on next to me, but I heard enough to know that Averee was receiving the fucking of her life from Ben. I periodically heard her scream for joy as he continued pounding my wife’s previously-tight, white pussy with his massive, black cock.

She finally let me up and I realized that Ben had been fucking Averee for over twenty minutes. I sat there in awe watching his black, thirteen inch cock disappearing into and reemerging from my wife’s white cunt. According to what Ben told me earlier, she is one of the few women who could take a cock that large to the balls, especially since she is so petite. It only took another couple of minutes before Ben started making grunting sounds as he quickened his strokes and then held his cock fully in Averee’s cunt.

I saw his ass clinching and the base of his cock throbbing, as his huge balls pulled up in his scrotum. I knew that he was filling her vagina with a massive load of black cum. When Averee realized that he was ejaculating into her unprotected womb, she was filled with joy and clamped her legs even tighter around his hips and ass to hold him firmly inside of her. She saw me watching and said, “Sorry, Ed, but I just had to feel his big load of cum shooting into me.”

We all watched as they remained joined for another ten minutes, before Averee released her legs and Ben slowly pulled his spent cock out of her pussy. Her vulva was red and swollen, with Ben’s cum oozing out and becoming matted in her blonde cunt hair. Ben saw me staring at the mess he left and said, “Go on and clean her up for us, Ed. Do you remember what I told you before about white husbands loving to clean up their wives’ pussy after we fuck them? Wendell’s ready to fuck her next, and he wants her pussy to be as clean as possible for him.”

They continued watching as I moved between her spread legs and covered her vulva with my mouth. I had eaten plenty of Ben’s cum before, but it tasted different and more was more demeaning for me, coming from my wife’s well-fucked pussy. I looked up as I munched her oozing cunt, and Averee was looking down at me with a strange look on her face. At that moment I knew that our relationship would never be the same as it was before she fucked Ben, and saw me sucking Wendell’s cock and Bessie’s pussy and ass. I had become her small-dicked, cuckold husband and an oral submissive to these black people.

After I cleaned her pussy and inner thighs of his cum, Ben pulled me to his slimy cock and balls to clean him with my mouth. Then we all at around and had another drink, before Wendell took his turn in my wife’s unprotected pussy. Just as he started fucking her, Latoya walked over and pushed me back on the lounge. She looked to be even heavier than Bessie is, and she swung her thick thigh over my face and lowered her fat, black pussy to my mouth, saying, “That’s it, boy. I want you to suck me just the way you sucked Bessie. She told me that you did a wonderful job on her pussy and ass. I don’t think we’ve ever had a white boy who is as much of a revolting pervert as you are.”

There was another round of fucking and sucking before the end of the afternoon. Before we went back to the cottage, Ben invited us to join them for a barbeque on the patio for dinner. We gladly accepted and went back to the cottage to clean up. Averee and I got into the shower together, and she pushed me to the floor so she could sit on my face and have me clean the remnants of Ben’s and Wendell’s cum from her sore pussy. She sat on my face for the longest time, rocking back and forth, eventually pressing her asshole to my mouth to suck and tongue her there.

As we were getting ready to go to dinner with our hosts, with no clothes of course, she asked me to tell her the truth about what happened by the pool and whether it was a surprise for me. I thought it best to tell her everything that happened with Ben and Wendell previously. I also admitted that I wanted to see her fuck those big, black men, but I wasn’t sure that she would do it. She just looked at me, smiled, and said, “Well, Ed, you’ve started something now. I’ll never be satisfied with your little dick anymore; not as long as I have Ben and Wendell to fuck me.”

We had a great cookout by the pool, and those men fucked Averee three more times each before we called it a night about 2:00 am. I could hardly believe the stamina of those men. Their last loads of cum, after fucking my wife five times each over a nine hour period, were still bigger than my loads of cum. Averee and I both sucked their cocks and I continued to clean her pussy and their cocks with my mouth after each fucking. Their wives also used me to suck their cunts and assholes two more times that night.

It was almost noon before any of us got up. Then we had a nice breakfast together by the pool, before the sucking and fucking started all over again. Even though I had watched it many times by then, I just couldn’t get over the sight of my petite, white wife taking those thick, black, thirteen inch cocks to the balls in her once-tight pussy. Ben and Wendell and their wives went home in the late afternoon on Sunday. Averee and I still had one more day of vacation, and we enjoyed a good night’s sleep and plenty of rest. We were both exhausted from being little more than sex toys for our black hosts.

I got back to work on Tuesday and continued giving massages and blowjobs to Ben and Wendell, whenever they wanted me to. We also began a routine where Averee came by the office to fuck them, at least twice a week, and they also stopped by our apartment whenever they had a desire for some of her young, white pussy.

It was only two weeks after we got back from our honeymoon at the lake that Averee missed her period. She went to the doctor and confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. The men continued fucking her right up until two weeks before she gave birth. Of course they had to be careful not to injury her or the baby with their big cocks.

The baby was a big, healthy black boy. Ben and Wendell were happy beyond words that one of them was the father of our child. My family was still supportive of us after learning that we had a black baby, but Averee’s family grew more-distant from us as time went on. They just couldn’t seem to handle the embarrassment of their daughter being fucked by black men and having a black baby.

So now we are enjoying our lives of being a cuckold couple to Ben and Wendell. We have joined the other white employees in being little more than cum dumps and ass suckers for our black, Mandingo bosses and their wives.

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