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Old Mandingo Bosses Impregnate My White Teen Wife - Part One

I work for old black men who convince me to suck their cocks and to fuck my white teen wife.
Many of us probably grow up believing in the fundamental goodwill of other people. I know that I was raised to think that most people were honest and could be trusted to do the right thing. However, this story describes a couple of situations in my life where I was taken advantage of by others, with very significant consequences.

My name is Ed, and I was born and raised in an average middle-class home just outside of Montgomery, Alabama. I am reasonably intelligent but was only a mediocre student in high school. I graduated in 1971 which was a tumultuous time in the Deep South. The Civil Rights Movement which began in the mid-1960s was still a big source of contention in my area. My parents taught me to never be bigoted towards black people, but many of the people I knew were resentful of the changes.

I got a construction job after graduation, and was looking forward to saving enough money to be able to marry my high school sweetheart Averee when she graduated from school. She is two years younger than me and I considered myself lucky to have her for a girlfriend. I am an average looking guy five feet and nine inches tall and weighing one hundred and sixty pounds at that time.

Averee was and still is beautiful with her natural blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a petite five feet and three inches tall and weighed one hundred and ten pounds when she got out of high school. Her body is fantastic, and by the time she turned sixteen she had firm and full D-cup breasts and a shapely protruding ass.

My trouble started when Jimmy, who I thought was a good friend of mine, lied to the police and blamed something on me that he had done. I wasn’t aware that he had broken into an elderly couple’s home and stolen their jewelry. The victims reported the crime and a description of his car to the police. The police spotted his car later that night and pulled him over. When they found the bag of jewelry, Jimmy told them that I was the one who had actually burglarized the home, and that I left the bag in his car.

Jimmy testified against me and was given a suspended sentence. I was given only a six-month sentence in county jail because it was supposedly my first offense. By the time I got out of jail I was nineteen and a half years old and Averee was seventeen and a half. She was set to graduate in only six months, so I tried to find a job to support us after we were to be married.

I interviewed with dozens of prospective employers, but none of them would hire me due to my criminal record. It was so frustrating knowing that I was innocent, but no one would believe me. I was getting desperate and finally went searching for a job in the black section of town. That’s when I walked into a black-owned business that made wood pallets and other wood products for the transportation and warehousing industries. They had a sign in the window advertising to hire a carpenter’s helper.

The building was kind of dingy and run down, but I noticed that the office was clean and neat as the hot receptionist led me back to the owners’ office. She was a very pretty and well-built white woman, probably in her early twenties. I thought that it was a little unusual that they didn’t have a black person working the front desk, given the perceived discrimination of many black people by whites. I found out later that her name is Kendra, and she is the wife of one of the white men named Jeff who works there.

She knocked on the office door and ushered me in. There was a big, black man sitting behind one of the desks who was introduced to me as Benjamin. I found out later that he and his boyhood friend Kendell had owned the business for over twenty years. Kendell only came into the office a couple of times a week. Benjamin stood up and looked to be about fifty-five years old and was huge. He was about six feet and four inches tall and maybe two hundred and twenty pounds. He was muscular and big, but definitely not fat, and an imposing man. His complexion was dark and his face was ruggedly handsome, with a shaved head. I felt like a boy in his presence.

After our brief introductions he took his seat and motioned for me to sit in the chair in front of his desk. Then he leaned back in his chair and asked in his deep, baritone voice, “Well, Ed, what brings you here today? What can I do for you?”

I thought it was best to just lay everything out on the table to save us both a lot of time. So I said, “Thanks for seeing me Benjamin. I’m here get that job you have advertised in the window. I have almost a year of experience in construction and know that I would do a good job for you. And to be honest, I do have a criminal record, for something that I’m completely innocent of. No one will believe me, but I’m a very honest person.”

He laughed and said, “I’m not too worried about your record or your past. Most of my employees have things in their pasts that they aren’t proud of. I have found that they make the most loyal and obedient employees, even though the work is hard and dirty. I like knowing that my employees have the incentive to stay with me when I get demanding, since it is hard for them to find other work.”

I was a little surprised that he would be so candid about wanting to have that kind of control over his workers, but at least he was honest about it. He was such a big and dominant man that it was easy to see that he was used to being in charge and getting his way. Surprisingly, his apparent strength and dominance were somehow comforting to me.

Benjamin looked at me for a few moments and said, “So tell me a little about your personal life, Ed. Are you married, and if so, do you have a picture of your wife to show me?”

I thought that was a strange question to ask, but I answered, “No sir, I’m not married yet. My girlfriend will graduate from high school in about five months, and we plan to be married then. That’s why I need this job. I do have a picture of her that I can show you though.”

The only picture I had with me was one of her and me at the lake the previous summer. She was wearing a bikini that showed off her gorgeous body, with her big tits bulging out all over. It made me a little nervous to show him that picture, but I felt like I needed to show him something, since the interview was going so well.

I handed him the photo and he smiled to himself as he looked at it. Then he blatantly reached down to rub his crotch as he said, “My goodness, Ed. You are a lucky man. She is a thing of beauty. I’m really looking forward to meeting her. You both might be nice additions to our little family here.”

It was a little uncomfortable watching as he continued rubbing his crotch while looking at her picture. But I tried to put that out of my mind since it almost sounded like he was hiring me. I wanted to be sure and said, “Thanks for the compliment Benjamin. Does that me that you’re giving me the job?”

Benjamin stood up to shake my hand with his huge hand as he gave me back the photo. Then he smiled and said, “Yes, my boy, I am hiring you. I’m sure that you’ll do a great job for me, and you can start tomorrow if you want to. And by the way, you can call me Ben since we’re almost family now.

I was so happy to get the job after looking for so long, and the pay was actually a little more than I expected for a beginning position. I started work the next day and was surprised again to see that seven of the other fifteen workers were white men of various ages. Just like with the receptionist, I would have expected his work force to be mostly black.

The three men that I worked with on my team were white and very complimentary of Ben. It almost seemed sometimes like they idolized him. I often overheard them talking about his big cock and sexual adventures with white women, but they never talked directly to me about that. I even heard mention of a Mandingo party of some kind, but didn’t understand what that meant, at least not at first. I had no idea how they could possibly know things like that, but all of that talk was oddly exciting to me.

Four months had passed and I was making good money with the overtime I was getting. Then the workload lessened for my team and I was only working thirty-five hours per week. One day Ben called me into his office with a serious look on his face and said, “Come on in and have a seat, Ed. I wanted to be upfront and let you know that we’ve lost a little work, and I might have to let a few of you men go. That usually affects the newest men first, and I thought you should have some warning.”

I was stunned since Averee would be getting out of school in just another month and we had been making our wedding plans. I knew that it would be hard for me to find another job, especially one that paid that well. I must have sounded scared and vulnerable when I replied, “Please, Ben, is there anything I can do to avoid being cut? I need this job and don’t know how I will be able to find another one.”

Ben replied, “Believe me, Ed, I know. You have been a good worker and have done everything I’ve asked of you, so far. I hate to be put into this position, but I have needs too. I’ve had to cut back on some of my costly personal services for things that I really enjoy. I just don’t think that I have much choice at this point.”

The reality that I might actually be fired was sinking in and I was frantic. I thought for a moment and asked, ‘Is there anything that I could do for you to help make it up? What kinds of services are you talking about anyway?”

Ben studied my face for a moment and said, “Well, I injured my back about ten years ago, and have been getting professional massages three times per week. They cost me one hundred dollars each since the masseuse works over my whole body. You wouldn’t happen to have any experience giving massages would you, Ed? Saving three hundred dollars a week would go a long way towards saving your job.”

I knew better than to tell a complete lie to Ben, so I fibbed a little saying, “I’ve never had any professional training, but I have given Averee rubdowns when she’s needed them. I’m more than willing to try and you can teach me the way you like it done.”

He thought for a few seconds and his mannerisms made me almost think that all of this was rehearsed. He said, “Okay, Ed. I’m willing to give you a chance if you’re sure. You will need to do everything the professional Korean lady usually does for me though. You can start tonight if you are serious about this. I have my own table set up in my private den behind that door. I have my own oils and towels, so you won’t need to bring anything.”

I agreed to his conditions and after work went out to eat at a little diner in the area, arriving back at his office at 7:00 pm. He greeted me at the door to the lounge area wearing a white robe. That’s the first time it dawned on me that he might be nude when I massaged him. He led me around the big, leather couch to the massage table. He unfastened and dropped his robe, and turned away from me saying, “Let’s get started, Ed. I really need a good massage.”

His shoulders were broad and muscular, and his back tapered down to a small waist. I was right in previously thinking that he was well-built, but I could hardly believe the muscles on him for a guy his age. He watched me watching him for a moment and then jumped up on the table, lying on his stomach, before I got a chance to see his groin area. There was an assortment of oils next to the table, so I squirted some on his back and touched him for the first time. I started on his neck and upper back, and could feel the strength and tension in his well-developed muscles. He must have liked what I was doing because he moaned as I kneaded his taught muscles and worked farther down to his lower back.

I massaged his lower back for a while and then moved down to start with his feet. I had never before in my life touched a man’s body the way I was rubbing him, and I had no previous attraction to men. But while I was massaging his muscular calf muscles I couldn’t help but stare at his protruding ass as it flexed and shifted as he reacted to my touching his legs.

As I worked farther up the back of his legs to his thighs, he spread his legs and I saw his egg-sized testicles draped far down on the table is his hairy, black scrotum. His hairy ass cheeks were then slightly separated, and I could actually see his asshole. I knew that I was a normal, heterosexual guy, but seeing the raw sexuality of his muscular body, ass and balls was somehow arousing to me. My little, circumcised, four and a half inch dick was beginning to get hard just from looking at him.

I had no idea that he would want me to rub his ass, and my ego wouldn’t let me admit to myself that I even wanted to touch a man that way. So I stopped massaging his thighs right at the base of his ass, and stepped back, signaling for Ben to turn over. After a few moments he realized what I was doing and said, “You’re not finished with the back yet, Ed. Now get busy and massage my ass.”

He opened his legs a little more as I replied, “Sorry, Ben, but I just don’t feel right touching your ass. Please just turn over so I can do your chest.”

Ben looked back at me with a stern look on his face and said, “When you agreed to do this to save your job, you said you would do everything the lady does for me. That means everything, Ed. I don’t want to have to argue with you every time I ask you to do something. Now either get busy on my ass, or get the fuck out of here. And don’t be afraid to get your fingers down in my ass crack to separate and really work my cheeks over.”

I felt like I had saved face a little by making him order me to massage his ass. And there was also something else. I didn’t yet fully understand my quickly evolving emotions, but there was just something about obeying an aggressive, dominant black man that was very appealing and arousing to me. I wanted to please him so I stepped back up to the table and placed my hands on his ass.

He began squirming, flexing and slightly humping the table as my fingers dug into his sweaty ass flesh. Then I applied the oil and got behind him so I could rub his ass in big circular motions. As I pushed up and outward, starting with my thumbs in his crack, his ass cheeks were separated and lifted. I saw his bulging perineum that was several inches long and it seemed to throb as I touched him. He was lifting up and humping the table as I did this which made his huge testicles shift and lift in his leathery, black scrotum.

As I continued that intimate massaging of his ass cheeks, my hands were starting lower and lower on each successive movement. At one point my thumbs rubbed across his balls and asshole. I got so turned on when I realized what I had done, and was hoping that Ben wouldn’t get angry from me touching him that way. I didn’t need to worry though because with his face buried in the towel he muttered, “That’s it, Ed, now you’re catching on. Rub my balls and asshole for me, boy.”

This massage was becoming more sexualized, and I began to focus my efforts. I was not only lifting and fondling his huge balls with my fingers, but also pressing and rubbing my thumbs directly on his asshole. I couldn’t understand how I had gone from being a normal, heterosexual guy, to the point that I would touch a man that way. I’m ashamed to say that I was even thinking what it would be like to press my face between his hairy, black and oily ass cheeks.

Ben was then humping the table and gyrating his ass to my touch. It was more than obvious that he was getting aroused, but at that time I was too naive to fully understand where all of it was headed. I soon found out. He lifted up and began turning over as he said, “Holy fuck, Ed, you’ve taken to this much faster and more enthusiastically than my other white employees have. I think you’re ready to take care of the front now, without even completing the massage.”

He finished turning over and I was both shocked an amazed at what I saw. His partially-hard, uncircumcised cock looked like a big black snake lying across his thigh. It was coal black with protruding veins all over the surface. It had to be ten inches long, and still growing. I didn’t have anything to compare it to, but it was very thick and meaty, and must have been over six inches in circumference.

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open staring at his massive cock, for what seemed like several minutes to me. Then Ben broke my concentration by laughing and saying, “Good, Ed, good. I’m glad to see that you like my cock. If you think it’s big now, just stroke it for me for a minute and see how big it gets.”

It was like I was in a daze as I reached out to take his cock into my hands. My only previous experience touching a cock was my own, and it is thin and not meaty at all. His cock is so firm and thick, and I loved the feeling of the shaft and the thick foreskin. It was almost like that big thing had a life of its own. My fingers just barely touched while gripping the shaft as I began stroking him. I had never felt an uncut cock before and I was fascinated with the way the foreskin slid back and forth over the huge, moist cock head.

His meat continued to lengthen and harden. Within only a minute his cock looked to be about thirteen inches long and almost seven inches in circumference. It seemed only natural for a smaller, little-dicked, twenty year old white guy like me to be subservient to this big, older, mature black man with such a huge cock. I continued stroking him as his precum starting oozing out of the foreskin. I can’t say that I was totally surprised when Ben reached down, covering my hand with his huge hand, and looking me in the eyes saying, “I think you know what you’re going to do next, don’t you, Ed? Just take it into your mouth. I’m sure that you’ll like it.”

As turned on as I was, and even with the urge to suck him that I was feeling, it was still hard to totally surrender myself and my manhood to him. I tried to resist saying, “Please, Ben, I’ve never sucked a cock before and I don’t think I can do it.”

I expected him to be angry and tell me to leave, and was surprised when he showed some understanding, saying, “It doesn’t matter that you’ve never done this before, Ed. We both know that you want to try it. You’ve already fondled my balls, rubbed my asshole, and are now stroking my cock. That tells me that you are ready and will do anything I tell you to do.”

He paused for a moment as if he was trying to decide whether to say what was on his mind. Then he continued, “I have learned over many years that some submissive white men like you just naturally get off on sexually serving a dominant black man like me. Somehow, your feelings of inferiority to my muscular body and big cock makes you want to please me anyway you can.”

He stopped talking for a few seconds to gauge my reaction to his comments. I knew in my gut that I should be upset with his depiction of some white men as being submissive to blacks. Little did he know that it was actually turning me on to be talked about that way.

He began again saying, “That desire to please black men even extends to the women in your lives. Men like you want to see them fucked by our big, black cocks. Shit, man, why do you think Kendra is my receptionist. Her husband Jeff who’s on your team likes to suck my cock. But even more, he loves to watch me fuck Kendra and then clean my black cum from her slutty, white cunt. Haven’t you noticed how Jeff stops by the office sometimes during the work day? And why do you think I have so many white employees anyway?”

I just stood there frozen, listening to him and not responding. He rightly understood that I wasn’t disagreeing with his characterization of me or some other white people. I opened my mouth and began to ask him a question about Kendra and whether they used any kind of birth control when they fucked, but Ben cut me off and said, “We’ll have more time to discuss things in a few minutes. For now though, “I want your cunt mouth on my cock.”

His big cock was still in my hands so I leaned down and cautiously took his cock head and foreskin into my mouth. I was surprised that it actually tasted good and I loved the texture of his rubbery skin. My mouth was stretched almost to the limit to suck him, and I struggled a little to go down farther on his thick meat.

Ben was smiling down at me with a look on his face that told me I was just another in a long line of his white, cock sucker conquests. He is a strong black man who is clearly used to getting what he wants from those white people who are susceptible and infatuated with his commanding presence and massive genitals.

I had about five inches of his thick meat in my mouth when he grew impatient and pressed down on my head with his hands. At the same time he began pivoting his hips and was actually fucking my mouth with his cock. It’s hard to describe how much I loved the feeling of being used by Ben that way. I tried to please him by sucking his cock as best I could, and my saliva was running out of my mouth and down his shaft. After just another minute he held my head firmly in place as his cock throbbed and pulsed as he filled my mouth with his cum. He groaned as he said, “Oh fuck yeah, Ed. Swallow my black seed, boy.”

I swallowed repeatedly to keep from choking on his big load, and kept sucking him even as his cock began to soften. His thick semen and sperm was still oozing out of his cock and I continued to nurse his thick meat. The reality and just the thought of what I had done with Ben was overwhelming to me, and I felt subservient in his presence.

Then Ben pulled my mouth off of his cock and said, “Damn, boy, you did a great job for your first time on my cock, but that’s enough for now. Let’s sit on the couch for a while so we can talk about what happened. I can answer any questions you might have. By the way, welcome to my family of white cock suckers and sluts who take care of Kendell and me. Some of the men who suck our cocks lose the enthusiasm after a while, and that’s why I need to add a new mouth like yours from time to time. You can ask me anything you want.”

I was still coming down from the high of having sucked my first cock and swallowing my first load of cum, especially since it was a black man. I knew right then that I wanted more, and actually craved the feeling of being used by him. I said, “After hearing about you fucking Kendra, and Jeff sucking your cock, I understand now why the guys were being so secretive when I overheard them talking about your big cock and sexual experiences with white women. But fuck, Ben, I had no idea that they would be having sex with you. They sometimes talked about Mandingo parties, and I was wondering what that’s all about?”

Ben chuckled to himself and said, “Wendell and I don’t have those kinds of parties anymore like we did thirty years ago. Now we have all of the white cunt and mouths that we need here at work, and it keeps the white employees happy too. This might surprise you, but even back before the Civil Rights Movement, when black people were more or less shunned by white folks, there were white men and women who just had to have our big cocks and hard lovin’.”

I chimed in and said, “You have to be kidding. Those bigoted good-old-boys wouldn’t have put up with that shit.”

He continued saying, “You wouldn’t think so, but a lot of those white boys who talked against us during the day, were more than happy to pay us to fuck their slutty-ass wives at night. The conversations to set up those meetings always started by them asking how big our cocks are. Sometimes, two or three white couples would get together to hire Kendell and me to meet them in motel rooms. We’d spend hours in there kissing their wives, sucking their big titties, and of course fucking them senseless. Those seemingly black-hating men would then suck our cocks clean and suck our cum out of their wives. We made enough money doing that to start this business.”

I said, “I still can’t understand them doing that, especially with all od the turmoil between the races at that time. What do you think their motivation was? I’m obviously comfortable around black people, but I’m sorry to say that Averee is somewhat bigoted. I could never even imagine her fucking a black man.”

Ben laughed and said, “You’ve got me, Ed. I didn’t really give a fuck, so long as we got their money and were able to fuck their wives. Maybe it was some kind of latent guilt. Or, it might have aroused them to be humiliated by having black men dominate them and their women that way. But shit, maybe you can answer that question yourself. What made you so eager to massage my ass, balls and cock, and then suck me off and swallow my cum?”

I was a little embarrassed when I looked him in the eyes and said, “It’s hard for me to explain, Ben. I’ve never had any kind of experience like this with a man. When I saw and felt your muscular body for the first time, your strength and raw sexuality attracted me somehow. And when I started massaging your muscular ass, and then your asshole and balls, I became enthralled by it all. My only thought was that I wanted to please you so you would be happy with me.”

He laughed again and said, “Well, if you really want to please me, Ed, you can get down on your knees and suck on my balls for me. I really like having that done, and it’s one of the things the massage lady wouldn’t do for me. I’ll answer more of your questions afterwards.”

Ben was still nude and he leaned back on the deep and wide couch with his ass a little over the edge. Then he spread his legs and lifted them up onto the massage table, giving me full access to his crotch. I got on my knees between his outspread legs and was again impressed with the size of his huge, black balls hanging down in front of the couch. His sweaty and musky aroma was pleasing to me, and I leaned in to take his scrotum into my mouth.

The salty taste and feeling of his scrotum skin was amazing to me, and I sucked one of his big testicles into my mouth. It was no wonder he could produce so much sperm, and it was arousing to me to be sucking the essence of his manhood. He was moaning and moving his hips as I switched sucking between both testicles, which barely fit into my mouth. Ben was stroking his cock, and his movements made his balls swing and shift erotically in the black, hairy sack.

I must have been sucking his balls for twenty minutes and they were sloppy wet with my saliva. That’s when Ben reached down, lifted his balls and tilted his crotch up, saying, “Fuck, Ed, you’re as good at sucking balls as you are sucking my cock. Now get your mouth on down there and suck below my balls. That feels so fucking good.”

He was telling me to suck his thick, bulging perineum, which is actually part of the base of his cock, and right next to his asshole. I turned my head sideways and began licking, sucking and aggressively mouthing that bulge with my lips and tongue. He just loved what I was doing and started swiveling and shifting his hips to rub that lower part of his crotch all over my mouth and face.

I was getting used to and enjoying sucking him that way, and hadn’t been too concerned about his ass being so close. Then he reached one hand down behind my head to hold my face to his perineum, as he began to slowly pivot his hips in an up and down fucking motion. That resulted in his perineum sliding back and forth in my mouth, as he made his movements longer and longer.

Before I fully realized what was happening, he had moved enough that my mouth and tongue were intermittently between his sweaty ass cheeks and brushing against his asshole. After just a few minutes of that he held my head even tighter in place and made a larger pivot that placed my mouth right over his asshole. He held me there and said, “That’s it, Ed. Suck my ass for me, boy. I don’t get that done very often, and it’s a real treat when I do.”

I remembered thinking about pressing my face into his ass crack when I was massaging him earlier, and I was turned on being humiliated by actually sucking a black man’s ass. He tilted up even farther as I pushed my face into his ass and began sucking his asshole. He tasted sweaty and musky, but not at all bad. I was sucking his anus and even pressing my tongue a little into his sphincter. I couldn’t think of anything more demeaning than sucking and tongue-fucking a black man’s asshole. It was arousing to me in ways I can’t begin to describe.

I continued sucking him that way and pressing and sliding my face in his ass for about fifteen minutes, until my neck got sore from being tilted that way. I pulled away and sat back on the couch. Ben was still stroking his cock, which was rock hard, and he smiled at me and said, “Damn, boy, nobody’s ever eaten my ass like you just did. I’ve never experienced anyone being so hungry for it. A few of the wives will lick me there sometimes, but no one has sucked and tried to push their tongue into my hole. Maybe next time we can find a more comfortable position for you to do that.”

It was getting to the point that I wasn’t even embarrassed by my actions any longer. So after I rested a few minutes I continued my questions. I asked, “Does your wife know about your very busy sex life of having while men and women suck your cock and you fucking the wives? “

Ben laughed and said, “When I met Bessie, Wendell and I were still hosting those Mandingo parties. She made me stop doing that after we were married. It was about ten years ago when she gained some weight. She pretty much lost interest in sex after that, and we only fuck occasionally now. She agreed to let me begin fucking white folks again, so long as she could watch and maybe even get nasty with them from time to time.

I asked, “Why would she want to watch, Ben? And if she doesn’t like sex that much anymore, how would she participate? I would think it would upset her seeing you fuck other women.”

Ben laughed again and continued, “Now don’t you get upset hearing me say this, but she likes to see me humiliate white men and women and put them in their place. It turns out that some white kids were mean to her when she was in school. Now she likes to see them humbling themselves to black people by worshiping my big cock with their cunts and mouths.”

“I guess you could call it revenge fucking, and she loves seeing the white husbands so eager eat my cum from their wives’ cunts after I pound them. When I tell her how hungry you are for my black ass, she might enjoy sitting on your face and smothering you with her fat cheeks, as you suck and tongue her asshole. She’d probably let you suck her hairy cunt too. That would sure be demeaning to you. Knowing you like I do so far, I think you’d love the feeling of being smothered beneath her and worshiping her fat ass.”

I responded, “It probably should be upsetting to me hearing that, but honestly, it kind of turns me on. And what about your big cock? Are women even able to take that whole thing inside of them?

He was still stroking his hard fuck meat as he said, “The whole point of the Mandingo parties was that those while sluts wanted to be fucked by unusually large, black cocks. They especially liked the idea of taking big loads of Mandingo cum into their cunts. Back at that time, anything from about eleven to fifteen inches or more was considered to be a Mandingo cock. But quite frankly, most of the women could only take about seven or eight of my thirteen inches. I did try to push as much as I could into their bodies. It was always fun to find a rare woman who could take it all. The husbands got very excited when they saw my whole cock disappear into their wives’ pussies.”

I responded, “That sounds so fucking hot, Ben. But I’ve never heard you say anything about wearing condoms. Do you fuck the white women bareback?”

Ben said, “Wendell and I refuse to wear condoms. We like feeling our big cocks bare in the wetness of those cunts. They’re the ones asking to meet and to be fucked, so it’s up to them to take care of their own birth control, if any. Some of the couples even tell us that it is a major fantasy for them to have such large loads of virile, Mandingo sperm shot into their possibly fertile wombs. Some of them even want to get pregnant by a strong black man.”

He paused for a few seconds and then continued, “I don’t totally understand that fantasy, but many of them have it. Though, I must admit that the possibility of impregnating them does excite me. I usually hold my cock head right against the cervix and pump my load right into their womb. Then I hold myself inside them for as long as possible. I take great satisfaction in watching those wimpy ass husbands gobbling down my semen and sperm. It’s almost as if they think if they eat it all, their wives won’t get pregnant. That’s kind of fucked up logic, but I don’t care so long as I’m breeding their wives.”

I had been there for almost two hours, with the massaging, cock sucking, ball sucking and eating his ass. It was getting late and I had one more question for him. I asked, “Do you mind telling me whether you have ever impregnated any of the white women?”

He smiled and said, “Yes, Ed. Back when were having those Mandingo parties, I knew of five white wives that I impregnated. I frankly liked knowing that those racist white couples would have to find a way to explain to their friends and families that they had a black baby. And when we have our company picnic in a couple of weeks, you’ll see firsthand that I have impregnated several of my employees’ wives too.”

I went home that night and could barely sleep thinking about the things I had done with Ben and everything he told me about having sex with white people. His dominating strength, presence, genitals and attitude were intoxicating to me. I found myself fantasizing about what it would be like to watch Averee being fucked by his long and thick black cock. I knew that she was bigoted against black people and I’d never get to experience that with her. At least I had my fantasies.

My love making with Averee changed after my first experience with Ben. She couldn’t understand why I suddenly wanted to suck her ass and my own cum from her pussy. She thought it was nasty and disgusting, but after a few days she looked forward to me sucking her ass and pussy that way.

Ben continued using me for his massages, and of course they always ended with me sucking his cock, balls and ass. Wendell also stopped by from time to time and I sucked his cock too. Their bodies and cocks were almost exactly the same. I had originally suspected that he made up the loss of work scenario, just as an excuse to pressure me into massaging him so I could see his big cock. I think I was right about that. My team soon got our work back, even as I kept massaging Ben.

I was getting very good at massaging Ben’s whole body, but sometimes never made it through the whole thing before I sucked him off. We even found new positions for me to suck his balls and ass. My favorite was with me sitting on the floor with my back to the couch, and lying my head back on the seat. Then Ben gets on his knees on the couch, facing the back of the couch and straddling my head. In that position he can lower his big balls to my mouth, and continue to sit back until my face is in his ass. He just loves having me suck him that way, as he moves back and forth fucking my face with his hairy, black ass.

One week before the company picnic I invited Averee to go there with me. I explained that Ben lived in the city, but he had a vacation home about an hour outside of town on a lake where he would have the party. Her first reaction was to tell me no, saying, “I hate to sound this way, Ed, but I just wouldn’t feel comfortable being around that many black people. From what you said, your bosses are not only black, but they are old. I still don’t understand how you can work for them and be around them all of the time.”

Little did she know that I was an eager cum-slut for those men. I tried to reason with her by saying, “Come on, Averee. You know that with my criminal record, it was hard for me to find any work. I am making pretty good money working there, and my bosses treat me very well. I like them a lot and wish that you would try to get over your prejudices. At least come with me to meet them since working for them is how I’ll be supporting us.”

She finally relented and said, “Okay, Ed, I’ll go with you and put in an appearance. But don’t expect me to like them or want to hang out with them or anything.”

Please read Part Two of this story, where Averee finally meets my old, Mandingo bosses at the company party. They end up fucking her after we are married and on our honeymoon at Ben’s lake cottage.

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