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Only For One Night Ch. 2

Only For One Night Ch. 2

Is one night enough for them?
Naomi arched her back, stretching her naked body out across the bed, relishing the feel of fine Egyptian cotton against her overly sensitive skin and missing the feel of Thomas. She could see the time on the clock beside the bed and groaned like a spoiled child. She had called twice Saturday and earlier today to check on her girls. Missing them, however, did not lesson her desire to stay right where she was. How long had it been since her body felt this good? It was perhaps too long and maybe never. But, she knew that she needed to think about going home soon. She would have to force herself to get up, shower and dress.

They had licked and sucked and fucked all night, then all day and then all night again. She laughed at her own choice of words. Fucked, she whispered to herself like a child with a new word.

Every time they thought of separating their bodies and actually doing something else, they failed. Their earlier attempt at a shower together resulted in Thomas taking Naomi fast and hard against the shower wall. The steam in the bathroom was thick. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, arms around his neck. She took his forceful cock as it plunged into her and then she took it once again. Over and over again he pummeled her. And, she wanted it. He held her close as he bit and sucked the flesh at the curve of her neck. Finally her channel convulsed and clenched on his phallus. They both made their sounds of triumph. She shrieked at fulfillment and he emitted a throaty growl when he felt his release. He filled her with so much of his cum that it crawled down her inner thigh.

There was an attempt to go out for food yesterday. That resulted in Thomas taking her slow and steady from behind as she bent her naked body over the arm of a couch. She had not even managed to get a stitch of clothing on. This time, his lovemaking had been easy and measured. He was so gentle. His cock had moved in her, rubbing all the right places in a rocking motion, creating a smooth rhythm. His strong hands would stretch out and the palms moved from the base of her back to her neck. He would place his hands on her shoulders, easing her against him each time he pushed forward. The push and pull slightly lifted her feet of the floor. Her back arched from the force of her climax as she came. Her pussy grabbed at him and milked him so thoroughly.

Naomi had awakened this morning to the delicious feel of Thomas’ lips suckling her breast. Her eyes had eased open and her fingers slid through his dark hair. She shuddered just before he rose up on his knees, supporti himself with his hands on either side of her. Thomas looked up with those clear grey eyes, smiling devilishly back at her. Her eyes slid down the front of his body to the hard, angry head of his cock—large and demanding. He moved downward laying kisses across her torso. Muscles in his shoulders shifted as he ran his hands unhurriedly up and down the sides of her naked body. She shivered as he bit the flesh at the inside of her thighs. A warm tongue licked the length of her slit, stopping to flick her clit. Moaning sounds escaped her. Opening her inner lips, his tongue dipped inside her, stimulating her further. The flat of his tongue dragged from her opening to the tip of her clit once more. He swirled his tongue around it then sucked it between his lips. The suction caused her to raise her butt off the bed. When he repeatedly flicked that delicious button, Naomi shuddered. She was about to burst open with pleasure.

Then, he stopped and she immediately protested.

“Oh Thomas,” she moaned.

He crawled up her body and hovered over her. They kissed. Naomi tasted herself on his lips and tongue as his cock slid inside her. A play of muscles lay beneath her hands as he bowed his back to push himself in her, bottoming out; then, arching as he suctioned out. She would feel his firm ass flexing.

Naomi knew then that she could never get enough of this man. Her body was his. Thomas molded, stretched and shaped her with his strong hands and perfect cock. Naomi was pliable in his hands, not just in form but in spirit too. She seemed to just melt into him and yet open and expand all at the same time. He made her body plead with want and demand. With every appeasement, she whispered yes in disbelief and pure satisfaction.

Her pussy was still pulsating with pleasure. She should be exhausted but she was not. It was as if someone had shot her full of some illegal stimulant. The culprit was obviously Thomas. That thought made her laugh out loud. He had definitely shot her full of something alright. The man seemed to have an endless supply of it. It infused her with energy and exhausted her at the same time. She felt light and young, almost giddy.

Naomi’s smile was wide.

“It’s rude to have so much fun and not share.” Thomas’ voice broke into her thoughts.

He was wearing a dark open collared dress shirt that fitted him perfectly and a pair of slacks. This, to Thomas, was most likely considered casual weekend attire.

'He is so fine,' she thought.

Naomi’s smile deepened. She moved to sit on the edge of the bed as he lowered himself in front of her. Naomi looked deep into those fascinating eyes of his. Her fingers smoothed over his brow and ran down the side of his freshly shaven face. Touching him seemed like such a natural thing.

“I do believe that you are already quite aware of what has me smiling and my ability to share,” she said, leaning in and kissing him gently on the lips.

Thomas liked that about her, the way she felt the need to touch and kiss him. He liked the way she was looking at him right now. There was a word for it. It was on the tip of his tongue, but he just could not think of it. Then it hit him. Sweetness, he thought. Not, per say, the innocent sweetness often associated with youth or inexperience. Naomi was definitely a woman of many talents and quite aware of how the world worked. When she looked at him, like right now, the look in her eyes was unclouded by agenda or expectation. There was no ulterior motive. It was honest and uncomplicated. Sweet. He could not recall looking into a woman’s eyes and ever thinking that before.

“What?” she asked grinning. He had such a strange look on his handsome face.

“I want…” he hesitated, and then changed his mind. “I wish you didn’t have to leave so early. We could maybe have dinner.”

Naomi kissed him again, letting her lips linger and her tongue taste him. There was something in the way he spoke that touched her heart. She wanted to stay more than anything, to stay in this cocoon that he had created for her. It was warm and soothing, safe and stimulating. However, reality called. She had a life, as unfortunate and tedious as some of it was to return to. Knowing that he wanted her to stay was icing on an already delectable cake. To have a man like Thomas Edelman’s desire was more than she could have imagined for herself.

“We were supposed to go somewhere nice to eat yesterday. Remember?” she laughed in an attempt to lessen the effect he had on her.

Thomas smiled this time, claiming her lips. The kiss reassured her that he had forgotten nothing.

“No,” she moaned, pressing her hands against his hard chest and then curling them around his collar. “The day is almost gone. I have to spend some time with my babies before they go to bed.”

Thomas slid his fingers through her curls and cupped the back of her head, pulling her lips firmly to his. He understood; but right now, he felt like being selfish. He did have to admit that her dedication to her kids only hightened his hunger for her. It made her all the more unique in his eyes. However, he intended to give her just one more piece of evidence to support just how much he wished she would stay.

He parted her legs.


Thomas’ driver pulled into the driveway of the Mitchell home and let the engine hum. Thomas had been watching her. She was so beautiful, makeup free with wild, thick spiraled curls surrounding her face and gracing her shoulders. Naomi smiled during the entire ride. Thomas liked seeing her smile, watching her cheeks rise and her full lips spread. Naomi had little dimples that only formed when she sincerely smiled. Her nose crinkled ever so slightly too. It was most likely something that was indiscernible to most people. It reminded Thomas of something. It reminded him of when she was about to come for him. Naomi’s lovely heart shaped lips formed that perfect O and her nose crinkled as her breath caught. She drew her eyebrows together and the most erotic humming sound escaped from the back of her throat. Thomas’ body let out an internal groan at just the thought. His cock was starting to ache.

In an effort to redirect his thoughts, Thomas took her hand and brought the inside of her wrist to his lips. “I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed you,” he told her in earnest. His voice was deep and smooth. His lips were soft and firm against her pulse.

Naomi blushed with warmth. It spread through her and gathered at the meeting of her thighs. She wanted to tell him thank you. But, how would one say it. “Thank you boss for giving me the best sex I’ve ever had.” That would somehow cheapen what they shared.

Thomas was giving her the sexiest look. His grey eyes were gentle, yet penetrating at the same time.

“Panty dropping”, Naomi thought to herself and sucked in her bottom lip.

Suddenly she remembered something.

“I’m telling you this so that you won’t think that I’m some cheap tease,” she began to explain nervously.

Thomas lifted one eyebrow inquiringly, trying not to laugh. The look on her face was priceless.

“I couldn’t find my panties.”

Thomas’ thick laughter filled the silent car.

“Now Thomas, I don’t want you to run across them,” she paused, “or maybe someone else and you think…”

Thomas held up his hand, halting her. “I’ll think how lucky I am to have something to remember you by.”

Naomi gave him a playful punch on the shoulder. The man she had thought exemplified stoicism had quite the sense of humor. Naomi laughed.

And then, she let the tips of her fingers run across the show of grey above his ear. The thought that this may be last time she had to touch him intimately made her suddenly sad.

“Naomi,” he said in that unique way that made her quiver.

Thomas exhaled in frustration, reaching out to touch her chin and letting his thumb run across her bottom lip. She made him want to bury himself deep within her once more. It was the only way that he could think of to satisfy the urge she created within him.

My God, Naomi thought as her heart began to beat faster. Closing her eyes, she let her senses narrow in on the feel of his touch. She let her tongue run against the face of his digit.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” she whispered.

“I know.” He forced himself to discontinue touching her and looked out the car window. He’d fuck her right here in the car if this continued.

She needed to go.

“I’m married,” she added. It was meant to be a statement, but sounded more like a question.

Silence hung in the air for an uncomfortable moment. She waited for some reassurance from him; she did not know exactly what it should be.

“I better go,” she finally said, forcing a smile as she opened the car door to leave.

Thomas did not say bye. He did not want to. He watched her from the car as she fumbled for her keys at the door and then let herself in. She disappeared behind a door of a house on a cul-de-sac of houses that all looked identical to him. And, they were extremely small compared to the six bed room home he owned, that sat on 3.5 acres just outside the city. He tried to imagine himself pulling into the driveway of one of the homes on this street in one of his cars and thinking “I’m home”.

An older woman, walking not one but two small rat looking dogs, watching the car suspiciously, drew him out of his musings. Her attempt to peer inside the heavily tinted windows was humorous. She seemed rather cartoonish, having no more luck looking into his world than he had looking into hers.

Thomas told the driver they could go. Then he pulled out his phone. He had a client he needed to see and work to do. The weekend had been nice and now… Yes, now, he thought, it ‘should’ be over-- at least for tonight.

But then, he pronounced the name Bryant Lamar Houston. Thomas had done his research long ago when she had first caught his eye. After college, the man had failed as a pro basketball player. He had even failed at playing basketball overseas. The man had gone without a job for a considerable amount of time, doing something every now and then. Naomi had been the financial source in their family, even when she was in college. Recently he had acquired a job as a sports agent for a sports management firm that just happened to be one of Thomas’ firm’s accounts.

He knew what kind of man Bryant Houston was. Men like Houston were hardly a threat, not worthy of Thomas' energy--let alone consideration. Houston was type that you did not have to destroy. All you had to do was give him enough rope and time, he would destroy himself. The man did not even have enough sense to hang on to the hand that fed him. No, Thomas need not worry about him. As a matter of fact, it would be amusing to have the man think he could stand in Thomas' way when Thomas wanted something.

Right now, Thomas wanted Naomi. 


When Gloria Johnson brought her grandchildren home, she took one good look at her daughter and grinned ear to ear. She knew Naomi better than Naomi knew herself. Naomi was never a good liar, even as a child. She could be mighty evasive when the mood hit her though. Gloria knew immediately what she wanted to ask Naomi: Who was it and how was it. But, the girls seemed to sense something too and looked between the two of them with large innocent eyes. Gloria just filed her inquisitive nature away for later reference. Her baby had her glow back and that was all Gloria needed to know, for now. Naomi had been walking around like a ghost for months, only a shell of a woman. As far as Gloria was concerned, no woman should let a man bring her that low—especially not her ass hole of a son in law. It had gone on too long. The man was gone. Gone. Thank the Lord, Gloria sung a spiritual in her head. She had to force herself not to do a little quick step and say hallelujah. This was something worth shouting for. For her daughter, this was a good thing.

“Mom,” Naomi was suddenly exasperated, holding up a little plastic baggy full of eye shadows and lipsticks.

“Don’t worry,” Gloria began explaining, “I didn’t buy that for them. I just simply let them play with it.”

“Mom, now you know I don’t let them play with make-up!”

“Well,” Gloria dismissed her daughters attitude, gathering her purse and coat, “if I had known that they were going to put their little fingers in everything and crush my lip colors beyond recognition, I wouldn’t have let them play with it either. As it stands now, it’s theirs. I’ll have to go shopping for myself tomorrow.”

Naomi laughed sarcastically. “Oh, I know how you hate that.”

“Daddy said that I was the prettiest clown he had ever seen,” Lillian, her daughter, exclaimed, dancing in circles around Naomi.

Naomi looked at her mom in disbelief.

Gloria drew up her shoulders dramatically. “He was looking for you. And, then he suddenly remembered that he was a father. I let him take the girls out for ice cream yesterday.”

“Don’t worry mother,” the oldest of the two declared, taking the bag of make-up from Naomi. “We did just like Nana said and told him you were spending the weekend with a friend.”

The girl lifted and moved her fingers to indicate quotation marks around the word friend.

“All I could say is ‘I don’t know’ because I don’t know noth’n,” Lillian, the five year old, sang out. “Noth’n, noth’n, noth’n.”

“Well, now I must go,” Gloria announced with a conspiratorial smile as she watched the little girl dance. “It seems like you have everything under control. We’ll chat tomorrow my love.”

Naomi was not sure what bothered her most, her ten year old calling her “mother”, Bryant, her husband suddenly wanting to spend time with the girls or her mother giving him a reason to be suspicious and question the girls.

“What did you tell him,” Naomi followed behind her mother whispering.

“I pretended to be shocked that you were not home.”


“Then I told him that you must be with your new friend.”

“What new friend?”

“Yes,” Gloria turned and faced the younger version of herself, “what new friend?”

“Mom, you didn’t?!”

“I didn’t. You see the mind of a low life, cheating whore comes to its own conclusions. It assumes what it wants. Besides, he doesn’t deserve for you to be laying around waiting for him.”

“I’m not.”

Gloria sucked in her breath and rolled her eyes.

“Well, this weekend you definitely didn’t. And, I, for one, am glad that he had his nose rubbed in it. I couldn’t have planned it better even if I tried.”

“This isn’t a game.”

“Honey…” Gloria started, placing her palm lovingly against her daughter’s cheek. Then, she thought better of what she had begun to say. Her oh-so-bright, lawyer daughter was not ready. Naomi had yet to discover that the court room was not the only place for strategy.

“I’m glad you had a good weekend,” was what Gloria finally settled on.

Naomi closed the door and leaned her back against it.

“Did you have fun?”

Her oldest daughter, Isadora (Izzy), stood at the other end of the hall watching her mother. Naomi thought that she looked so much like her father when she wore that serious expression. Izzy had her father’s dark coloring and was obviously going to be tall like he was. She had inherited Naomi’s thick mane of hair, but not its natural curliness like her younger sister had. Naomi’s oldest child was born with an adult’s face and mannerisms right from the start. She was what they call an old soul. It made Naomi sad to think that her daughter was growing up so fast. She never knew what to expect from her.

Naomi smiled, remembering a little. “Yes, I did.”

Izzy suddenly smiled back at her mother and moved closer.

“Did you have fun with Nana,” Naomi asked her.

“I had Starbucks,” she said with pride.

“No,” Naomi laughed.

“So did Lilly.”

“Well, that explains a lot.”

“Espresso with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkled on top,” Izzy announced and started laughing. "Not really. I had vanilla cream."

Izzy laughing was a beautiful site. Naomi wrapped her arm around her daughter and they began their new Sunday night rituals. Things had changed since Bryant had moved out. Not all of it was good, but Sunday nights were. Sunday night was girls’ night. They had nails to polish and a movie to see.


Hours later, a tired Naomi slipped into a tub of steaming hot water. Her tub seemed small when compared to the luxurious one she had bathed in with Thomas. She smiled to herself, running her hands up her toned torso and cupping her full breasts. She loved how his hands massaged and squeezed them. She remembered the way his lips covered her dark areolas. The way his mouth pulled, his teeth teased and his tongue whipped across the stiff pebbled nipples felt so good. He had a way of touching her. It was more than just the weight of his hands on the surface of her skin or the pressure they applied. He did not just touch her, he really felt her. The sensations he created ignited an ache for him. Thomas would grab her firm round ass. As he kneaded it, he would plunge deep inside of her.

Naomi had not realized that her hand had moved down between her thighs and she was touching herself, parting the lips of her pussy. Her body was slick from the scented oil she had slipped into the hot water. She remembered Thomas’ mouth there too, the feel of his teeth teasing the base of her clit. She strummed her forefinger across the solid nub. The sensation of her touch and the recall of Thomas’ created a boiling force within her. She closed her eyes, arched her back and moaned.

She was just about to come when she heard someone clear their throat.

Naomi flew straight up in the tub and attempted to stand, almost falling. Her husband, Bryant, reached out, catching her by the arm.

“Bryant,” she demanded in shock, snatching her arm back. “What are you doing here?”

“Knock, knock,” he said positioning his hand in the air as if knocking on an imaginary door. “I never imagined you ‘played’ like that. There are toys for that kind of thing.

Bryant looked her over her. There was a familiar light in her husband’s eyes. The sarcasm in his voice and the embarrassment of being caught pleasing herself made Naomi ignore it. Things had changed.

She almost fell again, trying to reach and quickly grab a towel.

“What do you want?” She wrapped the towel around her.

Bryant eased down the lid on the toilet and sat down. “You didn’t pick up your car Saturday. Manny gave me a call.”

“Well, unless you were planning on paying to get it out,” Naomi returned sarcastically, “I don’t know why you care.”

“Then I found the kids at your mother’s.”


“Next time you decide to take a little vacation, you could call me and let me know.”

“Why? You asked me to stop calling you so much several weeks ago. Remember?”

Naomi remembered begging and pleading to talk things out with him. She had wanted to forgive and forget. She had belittled herself.

She stepped out of the tub.

“I could have kept the girls for the weekend,” he said.

Naomi rolled her eyes and walked out of the bathroom. “We both know that wouldn’t have happened. You told me that you would let me know in advance. That was seven weeks ago. And, your girlfriend doesn’t seem to like children. At least that’s the impression she gave your daughter.”

“That’s not true. Besides, we need to be on the same page as far as this separation is concerned.”

“What is true this week Bryant?” she spitted out.

“Careful,” he warned, a little taken back by her attitude.

That was usually the point where she calmed down. She was the one that had to be cautious of his temper and the result. And then, there was the chance that the children would hear. But, she knew that it also was his way of avoiding any type of serious exchange.

She had been doing that for too long.

“No,” she said flatly and feeling her own power, pulling from her work persona. “You’re the one that needs to be careful.”

“What is that supposed to mean.”

“I’m a lawyer Bryant, you figure it out.”

“So,” he said confused.

They were in the entrance hall now. Naomi was subconsciously moving him toward the door. When she finally turned to face him, she felt strong and determined for the first time in her personal life.

“What’s really going on?” he smiled and flicked a breast.

Naomi hadn’t realized what she was doing until it was done. She slapped him hard across his face.

Anger flooded his features. And at first she felt the hint of fear and stepped back. Her strength dissipated.

“You don’t get to touch me ever again,” Naomi declared with a shaky voice. “You don’t get to use your key as if you live here. And you don’t call any shots as far as the kids are concerned. I’ll be fair, because I am the better person here.”

“What?” he scoffed. “I’ll divorce your ass. You want that?” he added.

His words were meant to put her in check, to hurt her. He knew that she had a little hope that they would get back together eventually.

She did feel hurt, but she also felt done.

“What did you think would happen Bryant? You said it yourself. You aren’t in love with me anymore. You are living with another woman. That’s something I had to hear from her, by the way. And, I’m tired. I’m sick and tired of you.

She tried to fight it, but tears were welling up in her eyes.

“All these years I’ve wasted my time with you. All of it was just wasted. I’m tired of wasting my time. I deserve better.”

“Oh, is that what you were doing this weekend—looking for something better?” he laughed sarcastically.

Oh, he had no idea.

“All this time I wondered how you could forget all that we have been through. How you could just throw away our love, everything that we worked so hard for. Why this one? Out of all the others, why would you let this one destroy our family? How could you just stop loving me? How does one go about that?”

Then, a small sense of self worth sprung up inside her.

“But you know, why just doesn’t matter anymore. You’re just you. And now, maybe I just don’t want you.”

He looked at her for a moment unsure before muttering, “Whatever. I want my kids this weekend.”

“I’ll let you know. Now get out.”

“It’s my house too, remember that,” he threatened. “They better fucking be ready when I get off work.”

He stalked past her and after a few minutes she heard the door slam. The sound made her drop to the floor, short of breath. Something was clutching at her heart again and she wanted to cry. But she knew in her very soul that one thing was for certain, she needed to pull herself together and start thinking about what she was going to do. He had decided. Now, it was time for her to decide. Maybe she was better off.

She was on her way to bed when she heard her phone. At first she thought it was Bryant calling to get in one more stab. However, the voice on the phone made her heart jump and beat a little faster.

“I’m sending a car for you in the morning and it will be at your disposal as long as you need it,” Thomas simply said. No hi or hello, his tone was business like. “It will arrive at eight.”

“Okay,” she replied a bit surprised.

“Naomi...I…,” he paused for a moment.

“Sleep well,” was all he finally managed.

“Thank you,” Naomi whispered with a smile unconsciously creeping across her lips.

“No,” he said, his sexy voice returned. “I want to thank you.”

And, she could feel him smiling too.

“Goodnight Naomi.”


The car had come to pick her up as promised exactly at eight. The driver had held the door open for her. He asked if there was anywhere she needed to stop on the way. It made her feel a little uncomfortable; but, it was the kind of thing she could get used to. She informed the driver that she would not need him tomorrow.

The week was gruelingly slow for Naomi.

On Monday, Naomi did not cross paths with Thomas all day. She had no idea what she would say or how to behave if she had. By Wednesday though, she was a bit irritated. Her mind posed questions she did not want to think about. Was he avoiding her? Should she go by his office under the guise of business? Could what had happened negatively impinge on their working environment, or her career? Had she made the worse mistake of her life? This job meant everything right now. Bryant had just started a new job--not that it mattered. Naomi knew just how selfish he could be. Receiving any type of support from him would be sporadic at best.

On the other hand, she had no reason to believe that Thomas was a spiteful man. She felt that with him business was business and private was just that, private. She had to keep her senses and put things in the right prospective. After all, it was a mutual act between the two of them. She had been in need of something and was pretty sure that Thomas had been too.

Other thoughts were at the back of her mind. Would he ever touch her again? Would she ever feel that incredible again? It was just one night that happened to turn into two. Naomi needed to look at this like a mature and experienced adult. It was just sex.

Anyway, Naomi had a case in which she was not only the lead, but left totally on her own. It involved a tremendous amount of preparation on her part and could possibly be a major money situation. She had to cover all her bases. There could be no surprises. This was a test and she felt the pressure. She had to stay focused. It helped when Wednesday she finally discovered through the grapevine that Thomas simply had not been in the office this week. She came to terms with the situation and chose to focus on the task at hand.

Then Friday, out of nowhere, Naomi heard the smooth sound of his voice in the main office. It was from the far side of the office, and distinctly his. Her heart did speed up just a little. She also felt the need to run. He was in his usual uniform, standing amongst a group of men who were totally focused on him. When he spoke all other conversation ceased abruptly. He was definitely a man of authority. Nervously, she made her way to her office, but not before stealing another look. She watched him smirk and make some comment to the group. Then he looked across the room, focused those cool grey eyes directly on her, holding her gaze. Naomi froze. Then he turned his attention back to the group and spoke again. That look seemed like it lasted forever, but she knew it was only for a moment. It was full of the power and heat that only he could generate.

Back in the safety of her office, she gripped the edge of her desk and questioned the look. Was his reaction only in her mind? It was so brief.

“Are you alright,” Alice asked from the doorway. Alice was a paralegal, considerably older than Naomi but the best, one of the few faces of color in the office.
“I’m fine,” Naomi supplied a bit too quickly. She forced a smile.

“I have something for you,” the woman said, walking in. “I thought that you could use it.”

Naomi shook her head and responded without hearing or thinking while the woman went through some finer points of the file she had presented.

“Thank you,” Naomi told the woman as she moved to leave. And, Naomi meant it. She and Alice made a good team.

“You’re going to do fine,” the woman said holding up the fist of solidarity.

Naomi laughed.

Unfortunately, the case was the furthest thing from Naomi's mind right now. She had no idea how she would make it through the rest of the day. She had finally seen Thomas and he looked good enough to eat.

Then at 5:10, Naomi received a call from Thomas’ secretary. He wanted an update when she had a moment. Naomi had planned to leave at 6:30. This could take longer. Then she thought about the past week. Thomas had his nerve. She was not some toy he could pick up and put down at will. Still, she was eager to see where they stood and what she could expect from this point forward. She was just eager to see him period.

However, it could be purely business.

At six Naomi made her way to his office. Thomas’ secretary was present this time. She informed him that Naomi was there. Naomi entered the office with her back straight, her expression friendly but void of all the emotion. That changed the moment he raised his head and their eyes met. Even the distance between them could not dull the clarity and seriousness of his eyes. She collected herself and made up her mind that she would not weaken.

Thomas closed his computer and stood to his full height. Naomi watched him toss a silver pen onto his desk. He came from behind the imposing desk and leaned against it, legs crossed at the ankle and both arms spread beside him as his hands gripped the edge.

He wore an impeccably stylish dark grey suit that accentuated his strong shoulders, fitted his waist and long legs perfectly.

Like him his office oozed class and masculinity. It was both inviting yet intimidating. A sitting area off to one side was deceptively comfortable. On the other side of the room was a thick glass conference table surrounded by chairs. There was only one chair at the end. Of course, there would only be one because in this office there was only one head of the table. Behind him, floor to ceiling thick glass allowed one to look out over the city and feel like a god from this position in the sky.

Naomi thought of how Thomas looked like a Greek god. Flashes of their night together suddenly assailed her. The memory of his body and the feel of his defined torso fluttering under her lips made her close her eyes for a moment. On her skin, she could feel the residual sensation of his touch, a kiss. Her thoughts made her clit swell. He had let her look inside of him. It was not just a figment of her imagination. Naomi knew that Thomas was just a man, an extraordinary, beautiful, powerful man, but nonetheless a man. She buried the images that were making her lose her resolve.

Thomas’ eyes suddenly softened. Only then did Naomi see it. They were open windows that saw her and let her see him. It was both relieving and familiar. Her resolve vanished.

Still, Naomi stood in one spot, not too far from the door.

“Come to me,” Thomas requested in an authoritative tone.

Naomi could not help herself. His words amplified his power. This strongly appealed to her. She moved forward a few steps.


She spoke in a low tone. “You could have called me.”

“You are correct,” he returned. “I could have called you.”

“But you chose not to.”

“Actually,” he added, “you could have called me. I used my personal number to call you. I'm quite sure it showed on your phone. Remember?”

She lowered her eyes. Naomi knew this but had been afraid, not wanting to deal with possible rejection.

“Closer,” he told her.

She took a few steps closer.

Thomas stood. He lowered his head, tilting it to the side and raising one eyebrow. “I bite.”

“I know you do.” She blushed and a full smile lit up her face.


She moved closer to him.

Thomas reached out, grabbing her by the waist as he pulled her against him. He took a moment to take her in. Her face was so beautiful, the gentleness of it, the perfection of her almond shaped eyes, her high cheek bones. He appreciated the caramel tint of her creamy skin. He loved her button nose and the lush perfection of her lips. They were so soft, inviting and parted now, waiting. It was all he could think about while he was gone. He lowered his head to claim those lips, but Naomi drew back.

It took quite some effort on her part to deny him what she herself wanted so badly. There had to be guidelines though. “If you planned on seeing me again, you should have contacted me. It’s been a week.”

“Four days to be exact counselor,” he grinned, “four long days and three lonely nights.”

“I’m serious Thomas.” Naomi tried to sound forceful.

“I am too,” he said, lightly kissing her on the forehead, then the brow, her temple. With his warm breath at her ear, he whispered huskily, “If it makes you feel better to know that I’ve been thinking of you all week and hoping you would dial the number I left you, feel better.”

Her voice was weak. “You wanted me to?”

“Very much so,” he responded and kissed her fully, drawing her out and taking her breath away.

When he released her lips, he reached down and drew her skirt up. She had worn thigh high stockings and panties that barely covered her behind. Thomas slipped his hands up under the lace and firmly grabbed her bare ass. He lifted her off her feet. Naomi instinctually drew her legs up and wrapped them around his waist.

“I was trying to be a gentleman and wait on you.”

“Are you being a gentleman now?” she teased.

“I am trying. Apparently, it’s not working. I have to regroup, strategize and try something different. Go after it,” He kissed her again. “possibly from another angle. I’m not one to give up.”

Naomi cupped the sides of his face with her hands and she gave up. Her kiss was desperate, needy. Thomas moaned in appreciation of her aggressiveness. She wrapped her arms around his neck tighter, her fingers in his hair. So lost in the feel of his lips on hers and her tongue discovering everything it could, she did not feel him carry her across the room.

Thomas sat her down on the conference table.

“Mr. Edelman, if there is nothing you need,” His secretary’s voice sounded from his desk, “I’ll be leaving for the evening.”

“Yes, that’s fine Martha,” he called out. “Have a good night and enjoy your weekend.”

“Well,” the older woman said in a conspiratorial tone, “enjoy yours. You deserve it.”

“I do at that,” he said, running his hand along Naomi’s thighs.

“What is this,” he teased, snapping the lace around her thighs.”

“Stockings,” Naomi grinned.

“I like these,” he groaned.

“I bet you do,” she told him. She stretched out her legs so he could get a good look at them.

He let out a playful growl as he lowered his head and kissed her long and hard.

“I need to be inside of you,” he groaned out seriously.

Naomi boldly spread her legs.

They both looked down, watching Thomas undo his pants. He let them hang low, atop his thighs. He pulled himself out. His impressive cock looked up between them. Naomi raised herself slightly and he slipped her under wear off, making sure to run his hands down her legs. Slowly, she began to undo the small pearl buttons of her blouse. The entire time he was gone on his little business trip, Naomi had chosen only her best lingerie for work. Each morning she chastised herself, but never the less slipped into tiny thongs and lacey demi bras, things she had not worn in ages. She had remained hopeful. Now, she was glad that she had. Today’s choice was a burnished gold, almost flesh toned, tease of a bra. Her dark nipples were barely hidden. She ran her hands up her torso and cupped the under swell of her own breasts. She spread her fingers wide across herself, squeezed them and pulled the lace down, exposing her nipples.

Thomas’ hand slid up and down the length of his cock slowly as he watched, hunger in his eyes.

When she was finish, Thomas let out a low throaty growl. She leaned back. He sucked on her nipple using his teeth to stimulate her further as he positioned himself at her opening. He took the tip of his head and slid it down her slit, opening her inner lips as they kissed his cock. When he drew back, ever so slightly, a delicate line stretched between the tip of his cock and the tip of her engorged clit’s head.

She was so wet and ready for him.

Thomas pushed himself inside her in one swift movement, driving home. The look on her face was so erotic, along with the way she bit her lip to stifle her cry. Her canal was tight, just as he remembered. Thomas held himself still, enjoying the feel of her insides tightly gripping him. It was as if her body was made specifically for him. He could not think of anything more perfect than this. While he was away, he had barely slept. Each time he closed his eyes, images of her body, her smile and her kisses flooded his head. He could look down at his hands and suddenly the memory of how her skin felt would overwhelm him. What was wrong with him? This woman was driving him crazy. Thomas could not remember being as taken with a woman.

He pulled out only to immediately plunge deeper within her, fiercely hunting his pleasure.

Naomi kissed him and their lips met wildly, each one wanting to fully claim the other. His hands gripped her hips, his fingers digging into her and holding her still. Her body was his completely. With each desperate movement he made inside her, Naomi made a sound from the back of her throat. Carnal by nature, it highlighted the slap of their flesh meeting. Naomi’s eyes began to roll back in her head as she held on tightly. This was not making love. This was fucking, pure and simple. It was about gratification, hers and his. She had wanted him so deep inside her all week. Each day that went by only increased her need and desire for him. His feelings only harmonized with hers.

Thomas pummeled her pussy. He whispered strained encouragement in her ear, dark words of hot uncontrolled sex. Naomi relished his roughness just as much as she did his gentleness. He dominated her and she wanted it. He loved her willingness to experience all he offered.

Naomi gasped for air as her pussy spasmed around his phallus. She reached that amazing sensation that shot through her body like lightening and tore at all her senses.

Then he did something that was unexpected and mind-blowing. With his cock never leaving her entrance, he gripped her ass and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around him once more as he stood tall. Thomas actually lifted her along the length of his shaft and slammed her down on his cock. He impaled her. The feeling was unbelievable. It seemed impossible that he could go so deep. Each time, he went in deeper, hitting something within her that both hurt and brought with it the strongest sense of utter relief. It made her want more. And, Thomas fucked her with an animalistic fervor.

For the first time in her life she cried out the words “Fuck Me”. The sound of her own voice added to that glorious feeling that racked her body. Her pussy clenched his cock and her climax took her again, this time greater than the last.

Just when it seemed that her climax was beginning to ebb, a retreating wave of small spasms rocked her.

“Oh shit,” Thomas growled his cock expanding and his balls tightening painfully.

He emptied himself deep inside her.

She could feel his cock pulse as one spurt after another drenched her insides. This brought on a new wave of sensations for her.

It took quite a while for both of them to recover.


When she finally returned home, the babysitter did not seem fazed by the time. Naomi lovingly kissed her kids, checked their homework and put them to bed.

Alone in her bed, she struggled with her feelings for Thomas. He was addictive and she wanted him. But, wanting a man like that could be dangerous. He played on an entirely different plane then she. He would get bored with her eventually. It was just sex. He had asked for only one night. She had willing gave it to him. She would give him more when and if he asked for it. She was not stupid enough to even think about love. But God, when he looked at her with those eyes, and when he touched her, and when he was so far within her, Naomi felt like the only woman on earth. It was worth it. Her body experienced things she had never before. She wanted more.


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